Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Review for 2021

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Review

Night feedings can be rough. Waking up to a crying child when it feels like you just closed your eyes mere seconds ago and then having to put together a bottle half asleep whilst your child continues to cry. Making formula in the middle of the night can be an annoying chore, and it can take time to get it just right for your baby.

Baby Brezza has created the perfect product for those midnight feeds and parents in a hurry. The Formula Pro Advanced Baby Formula Dispenser is here to help you get your baby formula ready in less than one minute.

Baby Brezza, a well-known and trusted brand in the United States,  has created a formula maker that could fast become a favorite in any household that’s light on time and enjoys its sleep.

What Is The Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced?

A fully automated machine that produces the perfect formula every time, the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced is exactly the innovation time-crunched parents need. Baby Brezza has always been at the forefront of developing new ways to help parents spend time nurturing their babies. Always intuitively designed, the Formula Pro Advanced aims to help save parents hours in the preparation of baby formula. 

This machine has 3 temperature settings and automatically makes a warm, perfectly mixed, formula bottle in less than one minute. You set the amount of formula and water to use, between 2-10 ounces, so your baby will always have exactly what they need quickly. It works well with all formula brands and every bottle type. Not only that, your formula bottle will be more hygienic because the baby formula is dispensed from an airtight powder container.

Keep in mind if Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced is totally BPA-free and it is completely safe for your babies’ health. Baby Brezza also gives you an 18-month limited warranty, should you need to use it.

What Makes The Formula Pro Advanced So Special?

Aesthetic Design

The sleek modern design is compact and space-saving, suitable for even the smallest kitchen. That’s good news for parents looking to save space. The Formula Pro Advanced is available in three different colors.

Its three parts are easy to assemble and reassemble after cleaning and daily sterilization.  You only need around half an hour to do that, and the instruction manual provides you with clear instructions and pictures.

Formula Pro Advanced powder settings

Unlike other formula makers, Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced can mix any formula brand. That’s very useful when there are more than twenty major formula brands in the United States! The versatile machine is programmed with powder settings for each brand to ensure every formula powder will be perfectly mixed with warm water. You will never have to manually measure formula and boil water again with a crying baby on your hip: you just reach for your warm formula bottle instantly.

If you are not in the United States, you can change the formula settings for those appropriate for your country. It is simple to change the country on your machine on the Baby Brezza website.

Helpful alerts

Problems with the machine will be identified by an icon on the main screen. Usually, this will merely be a reminder to clean the main funnel which if not done frequently could cause further problems with your machine.

The manufacturer would recommend you clean the funnel at least after every fourth bottle. It is simple to do with clean soapy water.  The tunnel separates into two parts, for the ultimate ease of cleaning.

The machine will also notify you when there are any small problems, such as if the water or formula dispenser hasn’t been installed properly. You will also know the water tank is empty simply because of the icon on the digital screen.

Multifunction buttons

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro has clear and simple buttons that any sleep-deprived parent will find easy to use. Before you know it a warm bottle, ready for your hungry baby will be right there in front of you.

Its features include three temperature variations: warmer than body temperature, body temperature, and room temperature. This means your baby will get their formula exactly how they want it and fast. There is also a bottle ounces button, and you can set it from 2 to 10 ounces depends on the size of your baby’s appetite and the size of your baby’s bottles.

Baby Brezza power setting

It’s even simpler to use than a coffee machine: put the baby bottle under the dispenser, press the start button and wait for less than a minute for a bottle filled with baby formula. The machine will stop automatically, but you can also press the stop button when you want to. Either way, the baby formula won’t go all over your kitchen.

Removeable dispenser

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced works in a similar way to a coffee machine. Simply unlock the dispenser and fill it with your baby powdered formula. The machine does all the heating and mixing meaning you get the perfect bottle every time.

The dispenser has clearly marked minimum and maximum lines for formula, so no need to worry about the amount that goes into each individual bottle. The machine does all that for you.

The dispenser holds 700 grams of formula and 50 ounces of water – that’s enough for 9 six-ounce bottles of water. If your baby needs more baby formula, then the tank can hold up to 25 six-ounce bottles.

Huge water tank

Baby Brezza water tank

Although Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced comes in a minimalist design and a compact size, the water tank is large and capable of storing enough water for several bottles at any one time.

Like the dispenser, this water tank is removable and can be easily reassembled when filled.

Adjustable bottle holder

Before you put any baby bottle under Baby Brezza Formula Pro to get your baby formula, you can be reassured of the sturdiness of the bottle holder. It is strong enough to hold even glass baby bottles.

The sturdy bottle holder is also fully adjustable for all sizes of bottles, great for your growing child it is also removable for ease of cleaning. There are 4 adjustable levels that you can use depending on the size of your baby bottle.

Recommending the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced

The easiest way to make a bottle of formula

With a push of the button and you get a bottle filled with the fully mixed formula of the correct temperature. All you need to do is attach the nipple and feed your baby. The Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced makes making bottles a whole lot easier. Less than one minute with a crying hungry baby to a happy baby with a bottle.

The perfectly mixed and heated formula will provide comfort to any baby and be infinitely less stressful to make for a tired parent.

Constant temperature

Babies can be choosy when it comes to the temperature of their bottles. Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced has three available temperatures so you can choose the one that your baby prefers.

You can keep some water in the tank for days without worry it would get contaminated with any bacteria or virus. The water will be at constant room temperature, which is around 70 degrees, meaning you will get a warm bottle in under a minute every time.

Easy to clean

Cleaning is simple with the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced. It comes apart easily and has large pieces that can be washed by hand and reassembled quickly. The funnel should be cleaned after every fourth bottle because the formula can cause a build-up over time, but this can be quickly done in a few minutes with soap and water.

The water in the tank should be refreshed every 1-2 days, and it should be cleaned at least once every two weeks.

Using mineral, pure, or distilled water is best to clean the machine as it will avoid build-up and keep the entire machine clean. All parts of the machine should be hand washed using soap and water and carefully rinsed to avoid soap in the baby bottle. Additionally, make sure all the parts of the machine are completely dry before reassembling.

No more boiled water

With Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced, you don’t need to boil water anymore, especially not in those tired early hours of the morning, saving time to spend with the family and maybe get a little more sleep.

Simple first installation

As mentioned earlier, the Formula Pro Advanced comes in three parts, making it easy to install anytime, even right before use. The first thing you need to do is to put the dispenser on the top of the Pro Advanced Formula and set it until you hear a “click” sound.

The second step is to install the funnel under the formula dispenser. Keep in mind to check the funnel is installed perfectly, so the machine works smoothly once you use it. You can continue to install the baby bottle holder that you need to place any baby bottles on, adjusted to fit their size of course. 

And the last thing you need to do is install the water tank at the back of the machine. After everything is installed perfectly, your Formula Pro Advanced is good to go, and you can get your perfect bottle anytime, day or night!

Affordable Price

With all of the benefits, you can get from Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced, you might be surprised by the price. This wonderful formula maker is available for under $300.

This purchase is absolutely worth the price considering the quality and lifespan of the machine. It can be used for several years. It can also be used for other babies who require different formulas because it is so versatile in how many formulas it works with. No need to spend so long in the kitchen in the middle of the night making up a bottle, simply press a button, and your bottle is ready.

Final Thoughts

Making a bottle can seem like a complicated task especially when you haven’t had much sleep. But the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced could be your answer. This helpful formula maker mixes formula for you and makes warm bottles in no time.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced is worth your money from day one because it works perfectly for any baby formula and any baby bottle’s size. It is durable and can be used for more children as your family grows.

Customer reviews of this formula machine often award 5 stars on a star rating, and it’s easy to see why. Besides all of the good reviews on YouTube and blogs, Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced is highly recommended for new parents and experienced ones, especially parents of twins. No parent wants to keep a hungry baby waiting for a warm bottle. We hope that this Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced review has been useful to you in deciding whether you make this addition to your life.