7 Extra Benefits of A Travel System Car Seat Stroller – Read Our Things

Benefits of A Travel System Car Seat Stroller

7 Extra Benefits of A Travel System Car Seat Stroller – Read Our Things

Travel systems let you take the car stroller seat and strap or otherwise connect it to a stroller frame. This eliminates the need to have a completely separate stroller while a car seat base remains in place inside the car. Let’s look at 7 major benefits of a travel system car seat stroller over the alternatives. 

01) Extra Comfort for Baby and Parents 

One benefit of the travel system is that once your child is comfortable in the car seat, they’ll stay there and happily remain there throughout the trip. You don’t have to worry about the extra time and hassle of bundling up a baby and making them comfortable in the stroller after taking them out of a car seat.

Toys in the car seat or attached to the carrier remain with them the whole time, reducing the odds the child will be disturbed and cry as you cart them around. 

02) Easy Transfer 

Travel systems are designed to keep the child in the infant carrier the entire time. Whether you move the child to the stroller frame or carry them in an infant carrier is your choice.

The entire process requires a few clicks as you remove and replace items. There’s no need to remove your child from their own infant carrier straps. There’s no hassle of trying to lift a child out of a rear facing car seat in a tight back seat. 

For some parents, this simplicity is one of the biggest benefits of travel system car seat strollers. You don’t have to figure out how to get a child in and out of a car seat, set up the stroller and firmly and securely settle in the child. You could save five to ten minutes of work with each transfer. 

03) Extra Safety 

Travel systems typically have a car seat base that only fits one particular brand of stroller. A potential benefit of travel systems is the ability to put a second car seat base in the other parent’s or a grandparent’s car.

Now you know that they have the exact same car seat as you do when the child’s infant carrier is attached to it, and there’s no fumbling around hoping that the other person has properly secured the child’s car seat.

And the car seat base is compact enough that they can still haul groceries or passengers in the back seat. 

04) Ready for Sleep on the Go 

Travel system strollers are invaluable for parents who are transporting a tired or sleeping infant. You don’t have to lift the baby out of a car seat and then lower them into a stroller.

Instead, you simply disconnect the infant carrier and slide it into the stroller frame. Since the child is hardly moved outside of minor shifts that mirror the movements of a car, your sleeping infant will probably stay asleep.

If your child falls asleep in the stroller, the entire process can be reversed. Simply disconnect the infant carrier from the stroller frame and plug it into the car seat base. 

05) One Click Latch System 

Car seats are among the items parents fail to install properly. Once you’ve got a properly installed travel system base, you’re good to go with the infant carrier.

Since many infant travel systems are designed for a maximum of 40 pounds, you might appreciate the one click latch system that connects just as well to the next size up travel system if the manufacturer offers it. 

Another benefit of the one click latch system is that it is hard to mess up. Whether you’re rushing to the emergency room with a sick baby at 2 in the morning or struggling to get everyone out the door at 7 AM,

the fact that you can’t secure the child incorrectly is a major plus. The one-click latch system is invaluable whether you’re distracted with an older child or simply exhausted. 

06) Side Impact Protection 

An infant lying enclosed in a secured infant carrier has far better side impact protection than they would if lying in a backward facing car seat. The infant carrier holds them in place whether the car is hit in a T-bone accident or actually rolls.

A side benefit of the infant carrier is that it tends to protect them better from flying debris than the conventional infant car seat. 

07) Other Reasons 

It is easy to find travel system strollers with tons of features like storage space or cup-holders. In most cases, the stroller frame has features like shades and handles that make it as convenient as a mid-market stroller. 

Another benefit of travel systems is that they can often be used interchangeably with a variety of infant carriers and car seats.

In some cases, you could keep the same car seat base in place and stroller frame as your child moves from a rear facing infant seat to forward facing car seat to booster seat. 

This means you could use the same travel system for years, only changing out perhaps the infant carrier instead of everything you own.