Best Baby Monitor Apps Review for 2021

Baby Monitor Apps Review

Baby monitors have become essential baby gear, allowing you to see your baby anytime, during their playtime in their room alone or whilst they are sleeping. Baby monitors are also useful to see how long your baby is actually asleep, so you can check whether they have had enough sleep or not.

A baby monitor can be a significant investment, it is worth considering simply utilizing an app, and using the technology you already have around the house, like your phone or tablet.

Check these best baby monitors apps that would help monitor your baby.

Top 4 Best Baby Monitor Apps – Comparison

Our 8 Top Baby Monitor App List

Nanit Wifi Baby Monitor

Although Wifi Baby Monitor is an app purchase, still you can get some free features that would be helpful to monitor your baby through the day and overnight. 

How it Works

Firstly, you have to install the Wifi Baby Monitor on your first phone or tablet then put it in the baby’s room. You also need to install it on the second phone or laptop that will be used as a parent device, and simply enter the IP that is shown on the baby’s device.

You can only use the Wifi baby monitor with Wi-Fi, hence the name, so make sure you have a strong connection, otherwise it won’t work properly. However, you don’t need to worry about the security because the Wifi Baby Monitor uses end-to-end encryption, and it automatically encrypts all of the data and audio with a custom password, so no one can access it but you.

Real-Time Alerts

The Wifi Baby Monitor will transfer any audio data when it detects any noise, so you will be immediately alerted to check on your child. One user review said Wifi Baby Monitor is one the best baby monitoring apps because it’s easy to use and gives immediate alerts when it detects any noise from your baby’s room.

Conveniently, it also alerts you when it’s on low battery, so you can plug in your devices. It will also alert you about connection problems, hence you won’t miss a second of monitoring your child.

Cloud Baby Monitor

Featured on Wired’s list of “The Best 8 Baby Monitors”, Cloud Baby Monitor has a lot of modern features that you won’t find on other baby monitor apps. It is easy to use on Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Your Baby’s First Video Call

The two way-video and audio feature mean you and your baby can see each other anytime, so soothing your baby is so easy you don’t even have to be in the room. The Cloud Baby Monitor also works with any internet connection, whether 3G or LTE, so you don’t need to worry about unstable connections. The app works best though if you have stable Wi-Fi.

The super-sensitive audio means that you can hear your baby breathing just like you could if they were sleeping next to you, so you will know whether they have slept well or not. Plus, it has night-light features, and watching your child without waking them will be much easier without having to turn on the light.

Super Adaptability

You can also activate white noise and lullabies to create a comforting atmosphere, and to ensure your child sleeps well. You can change the volume, playback, or even set a timer so your baby won’t get annoyed with the noises.

The Cloud Baby Monitor app will alert you immediately once it detects any noise, whether when the baby is babbling, crying, or simply waking up. The Cloud Baby Monitor is protected with industry-standard encryption, so no one else can access data or stream the data of your baby monitor app.

BabyCam – Baby Monitor Camera

babycam app

BabyCam is known as one of the best baby monitor apps because you can use a lot of the features for free.

Standard Two Phone System

Similar to other baby monitor apps, you need two phones to monitor the baby: one in the baby’s room and another for the parents to watch on. BabyCam does not only work on a computer or phone but you also can monitor your child on your TV through Chromecast.

This baby monitor app still works without an internet connection, so you will always know how your baby is doing in their room. Keep in mind you need to connect both of your phones to the same Wi-Fi.

Sound Support

You only need to activate the night vision feature to see your child at night. You can listen to your baby’s noises anytime, and talk to them, through the app, whenever they cry. Plus, you can play lullabies to soothe the baby and promote good sleeping habits.

BabyCam also has a zoom feature so you can see your child closely and reassure yourself that they are safe in their bed. It is also easy to switch between the back and front camera, so you can take pictures and videos of every corner of the room.

BabyCam shows the battery level of your baby device, so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery when monitoring them. Moreover, you can connect two or more devices into BabyCam, so you can watch your baby from everywhere – whether in the kitchen, bedroom, or your home office!

Dormi Baby Monitor

Different from other baby monitor apps, Dormi includes all standard features that allow you to monitor your children, plus it works from any distance. It works perfectly whether with or without Wi-Fi.

Extra As Standard

Dormi has a lot of special features, and one of them is the listen button. This baby monitor app allows you to hear any sound from the child’s device whether that’s crying, gurgling, or waking. You can use the talk button to soothe them and they can settle without you even needing to be in the room.

Not only that, Dormi will notify you whenever you miss calls or texts on your child’s device, so you won’t miss any important alerts. It will also start to vibrate and give a small beep when your child is crying, so you can check them immediately. A great plus point, it works perfectly in the background without consuming a lot of battery.

Never Miss A Moment

When the connection is lost, Dormi will give an immediate alert so you can continue monitoring your child again. Although Dormi is an app purchase, you will get free 4 hours of monitoring every month.

One review said they have been using Dormi for over 4 years, and it’s one of the best baby monitor apps ever because they can monitor their children all around the house for a full 24 hours.

Baby Monitor 3G

Baby Monitor 3G is one of the best baby monitor apps for those who want to monitor children from a computer, tablet, or phone. More than 500,000 parents trust Baby Monitor 3G for monitoring their baby for 24 hours non-stop.

Never Out Of Signal

One of the best features of Baby Monitor 3G is the unlimited reach, so it still works perfectly even your Wi-Fi is weak. Baby Monitor 3G also transfers live data right from your baby’s room to your devices so you can monitor them constantly, even at night when you can activate the night vision feature.

However, keep in mind if you need two devices to use Baby Monitor 3G. You need to keep one phone in your baby’s room, and the other phone with you, so you can get alerts immediately and calm your baby whenever, through Baby Monitor 3G.

You can simply talk to your baby with a press of the main button and your baby will be calmed by the sound of your voice.

Sleep Log

Another special feature is the activity log, which reports your baby’s sleep cycle. You will also know how often your child is awake at night and during the day when you are away. It also replays any sounds from current and previous baby monitoring.

Baby Monitor 3G works perfectly both in Android and iOs, and it has a 4.2 rating review in the app store. 

Baby Monitor Saby: 3G & Wifi Video Baby Cam

The Baby Monitor Saby app is the answer for parents who want to know what their child is doing in their room alone.

AI Recognition

This baby monitoring app features Al Recognition that automatically detects your child waking, so you will get notification immediately and can check on them in their room or just through this baby monitor app.

Saby records every motion in HD quality so you can see your baby clearly and closely if you activate the zoom feature. This baby monitor app doesn’t use camera flash when monitoring your baby at night, so it won’t disturb them while sleep.

Extra Features

A great feature of the Saby app is an automatic silent mode, which automatically mutes all notifications on the device in your child’s room. You can monitor your baby through the app, without the fear that your child could be woken or disturbed by unexpected messages or calls.

Saby alerts you immediately when the battery drops to 20%. This baby monitor app also features an activity log where you can analyze your child’s past or current sleep patterns, so you will know when is the best time to tuck them into their bed. 

Super Security

No one can steal your app data because Saby encrypts all of the data and it also guarantees that your personal data won’t be used by the company.  Saby only needs a few minutes to set up, all you need is two Android devices on the same Wi-Fi, and you can start to use your Saby anytime.

Bibino: Baby Monitor & Video Nanny Cam for Parents

With its claim as the best baby monitor app for modern parents, Bibino Baby Monitor is ready to soothe your children anytime with lullabies or your voice. As long as you have Wi-Fi and mobile data, you can monitor your baby anytime.

No Limits

The Bibino baby monitor app is also not limited by distance and it works perfectly even when traveling. When your baby starts crying, you simply play some audio from Bibino, whether it’s white noise, lullabies, household sounds, or animal sounds. You can adjust the volume too until they stop crying and go back to sleep.

One of the special features of The Bibino app is you can connect it with multiple devices simultaneously, so you can watch your baby from every room. It also records any noises, takes videos, and photos from each monitoring which you can replay anytime.

With Bibino, you don’t have to worry about your children’s safety because this baby monitor app alerts you through visuals and sound. The motion detection mode helps you to notice any movements and you still can see them at night with the night light feature.

Make use of your old phone

Bibino is simple to set up since you only need two devices to monitor your baby. You won’t need a pricey baby monitor because Bibino also works on older phones and tablets. One review said Bibino is a great baby monitor app because it still alerts them even when they are on call or away from their phone.

Alfred Home Security Camera, Baby, & Pet Monitor CCTV

More than 30 million families in the world have chosen the Alfred Camera to secure their homes, especially parents who have a newborn.

Unrivaled video

Alfred features a crystal clear live stream, so you will always know what’s going on in your baby’s room. It also works 24/7 and you can watch high-quality live video from anywhere.

The low-light filter helps you to monitor every room at night without disturbing your baby.  The Alfred camera also provides unlimited cloud storage so you can playback, share, or even download all of your video footage whenever you need it.

With the Alfred Camera, you won’t need an expensive baby monitor at all because it is so much cheaper, and you can even use some features for free. If your baby starts crying, you only need to use the walkie-talkie feature to soothe your baby so they will feel closer to you. 

Parent’s Best Friend

Parents love the Alfred Camera because of the easy installation, you only need around 3 minutes until it’s completely ready to use. This baby monitor app works smoothly with every connection, whether it’s Wi-Fi, 3G, or even an LTE.

Bottom Line

Baby monitor apps make your life much easier. They help you to watch your baby and alert you to any problems or issues which might arise. Most baby monitor apps have live stream features which detect every movement, so you will know what and how they are doing in their own room.

Although you have to pay for certain features in some baby monitor apps, the price is a lot cheaper than using a traditional baby monitor, a great option for the budget-conscious.  Most baby monitor apps also guarantee the safety of your personal information, so no need to worry about privacy either.