Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas: Girl Edition!

girl baby shower

When parents are expecting a baby girl, they will want to get everything ready for their new arrival! You can help share the load, and share the joy, with the baby shower gift you choose. But how do you select the perfect baby shower gift? In this article, we look at how to pick the perfect gift, and some helpful ideas to give you inspiration!

How To Choose A Baby Shower Gift

When contemplating baby shower gifts, pick an item within your budget from the parents’ baby registry. Scan the invitation card for all the particulars you will require. Many invites include details on the baby’s gender, theme, and location of the baby registry. Check for the inclusion of a wishing well, where guests come with additional knick-knacks.

As you research the best baby shower gift, reflect on what the new parents would most wish to receive. The baby registry will give you an idea of what is expected as to their preferred styles and colors. You can also deviate from the baby registry and find unique baby shower gifts on your own or from this list. Keep the following points in mind when searching for a gift for the new baby girl and her parents.


Consider gifts that will be useful to the parents by making their lives easier. If you are a parent, you can think back to the one item you couldn’t do without in those first few months, or you can ask parent friends for their thoughts to help guide you. Things that help baby sleep, make it easier for the family to get out of the house, and will last a long time are all great ideas!


Personalization shows how much you care, and will last the child well into her teenage and adult years. Choose gifts that will create long-term memories, such as those with photos or somewhere to record milestones.


It doesn’t matter how great your gift is: if the parents-to-be don’t like it, it won’t feature in their day-to-day life with their new baby girl. Offer gifts that match the parents’ style and will fit well in the aesthetic of their home.

Baby Shower Gifts: Nursery


Baby crib

If you decide to buy a crib, try to identify one that would most appeal to the future parents. There are various factors to consider when choosing a crib, but safety should be a top priority. You can also opt for crib accessories if the parents already own a crib. Accessories include a waterproof cover, mattress, feminine crib sheets, crib skirts, a baby comforter, a crib net, and crib mobiles among others.

Changing table

A changing table is another nursery essential item that makes a lifesaving gift. Mom and dad may have particular preferences on color, functionality, etc., so it is important to consult friends or family to understand their tastes.

Rocking chair

A well-made rocking chair keeps a mother comfortable when feeding her baby. Although this is a big-ticket item when it comes to baby gear, your friend will think of you every time she rocks her baby in this chair!

Nursery accessories

Changing pad

Changing pads are very helpful for their portability. With a changing pad, mom can convert any part of her home into a diaper-changing station, complete with diapers and wipes.


Dim nightlights allow the baby girl to stay calm. They also simplify a mom’s nightly feedings by keeping her from fumbling in the dark.

Handmade art

If you are creative or have a talent for arts and crafts, try making some beautiful décor for the baby girl’s nursery. A handmade painting, dreamcatcher, or mobile will look fantastic in the little girl’s room and be appreciated for years to come.

Sound machine

This is a white noise machine that stops the baby from crying and lulls them to sleep. The popular Baby Shusher uses a human voice to soothe babies and calms them down. Another option is the Cloud B Sleep Sheep. This is an adorable sheep-like toy that produces calming white noise to help the baby girl sleep.

Baby monitor/baby alarm

This is used to check in on the baby from a distance so parents can have a little free time. Classic versions are audio-based, but modern baby gear can include video monitoring for added reassurance.

Baby Shower Gifts: Garments and Footwear

Baby clothes

Buy clothes the little girl can wear over the first year instead of just the first few months, as she will outgrow them very quickly. If you have a knack for sewing, knitting, or crocheting, you can make multiple gifts for the baby girl such as clothes, sweaters, hats, socks, or mittens.

From hospital fashion

This is a five-piece set for a memorable first public appearance. It consists of kimono pants, a onesie, a snap sleeper, a reversible blanket, and a hat. If desired, pick one from Snugabye Baby Set as it can also be a great gender-neutral gift available in a variety of colors.

Burp cloths

These prevent mom or dad’s clothes from getting soiled after feeding. You may pack a few of them into a decorative bundle as your gift, or simply put them in a baby shower gift basket.

Swaddle blanket

This is one of the best baby shower gifts you can offer to new parents. A super-soft, lightweight, and highly versatile blanket, it is used to tuck the baby girl in at night. It can also be used as a nursing wrap, a car seat cover, and many more. Since this muslin blanket is a multipurpose essential, a three-pack would be a great gift option.

Booties with gripper

These are gender-neutral infant shoes that prevent the baby from pulling off her socks. Usually coming in various color options for your little fashionista’s wardrobe, the gripper booties also help prevent your baby girl from slipping while they are learning to walk. The Zutano Cotton Gripper Booties are also made of cotton so your baby’s sensitive skin is protected.

Bandana bibs

Baby bibs keep drooling babies dry and come in a variety of patterns and colors. Consider adding 4-Pack Bandana Baby Bibs to a gift basket or giving them separately.

Baby Shower Gifts: Travel

Travel crib

Before purchasing, be sure to check for safe and lightweight cribs. Always go for those that are easy to assemble and dismantle, as they are more convenient and portable.

Play mat

A portable play mat helps keep the baby girl active and engaged, whether she is playing at home or being watched by relatives.

Diaper bag

Buy a classic, spacious and versatile bag to suit her needs during the baby’s first few years. One that’s machine washable would be a plus. If budget permits, include an emergency diaper bag. It is a smaller bag with all the fundamentals for use in the car or on a shopping trip.

Baby carrier

A baby carrier allows mom’s hands to be free while shopping, cooking meals, or doing chores. This is a perfect baby shower gift idea for busy parents. The ErgoBaby Omni360 Baby Carrier has padded shoulder pads, four distinct carrying positions, and a wide waist belt. It works with any parent and fits all babies above 7 pounds. It also has a cool-air version to keep the little one comfy and refreshed.

Travel changing mat

This gift is highly convenient for changing the baby girl during a journey. Some versions fold neatly to fit in a compact diaper bag, meaning parents have less to carry in their already-full hands!

Stroller and accessories

A stroller is one of the essentials. Keep in mind parents may want to choose a design they love. Alternatively, if you know their preferences well, you can buy one for them. Along with the stroller, consider buying some accessories such as stroller covers, umbrellas, or cup holders.

Baby Shower Gifts: Entertainment


For your baby shower gift, present a collection of the best children’s books that parents can read to their baby. This will keep her entertained in the future and help stimulate her intellect. If you want it to be extra special, look for a box-set of books or a bath book!


You can present toys for the little girl to play with as she grows up. Be sure to choose a variety of toys suitable for many ages. Parents will gladly select from the stored toys when their girl is old enough. Cute stuffed animals are a favorite that will last until she is several years old.

Play mat

This is designed to capture your baby’s attention and trigger learning during the first year. Options are dependent on the child’s age and development stages. Many play mats have a classy design to add aesthetic value to the parents’ living room.

Baby Shower Gifts: for the New Mom

Parents who already have other kids may be prepared with most of the essentials for the new baby. In that case, this is a great opportunity to shop for gifts for mom.

Pajamas or robe

Taking into consideration the night trips she makes to the nursery, you can buy mom some snug pajamas or a stylish but functional bathrobe. Be sure to choose machine washable and nursing-friendly items. Mom can already start using this gift in the last months of her pregnancy.

Personalized jewelry

Jewelry or pendants inscribed with the baby girl’s name or date of birth are a special and thoughtful gift for mom.

Home-cooked meals

You can opt to use your cooking skills and deliver your home-cooked meals to the family for the first few weeks of the newborn. New moms will really appreciate your efforts since they lack time for cooking during the first days of the newborn’s arrival.

Pamper gift set

This gift set includes relaxing products offering some tender love and care (TLC) to the new mom post-delivery. The Tubby Todd Mama Gift set includes an organic nipple balm, hand cream, belly oil, and a lightly scented spray.

Baby Shower Gifts: for the New Dad

Comfy slippers

These will keep the new dad warm and relaxed as he wakes up in the night to check on the baby girl.

Matching daddy and baby girl shirts

A dad will love a set of daddy’s T-shirts that match the baby girl’s bodysuit. Choose a set with different color choices and sizes for the dad and baby.

Daypack bag

This is the dad’s go-to bag with all the baby essentials during his day out with the little girl. The zippers open downward for him to see everything at once.

Dad hoodie

This hoodie has lots of pockets to stow additional wipes, diapers, or baby bottles. It is made for men who detest moving with bags.

Baby Shower Gifts: Keepsakes

Memory book

This can provide space for parents to store photos of the baby’s achievements and write small notes about events marking her progress. When the little girl is fully grown, the family will love reliving those special moments.

Professional photo shoot

New parents will always treasure a family photo shoot by a professional photographer. They can capture those precious moments with their newborn that they will value forever.

Constellation growth chart

This is a gender-neutral gift hung on the nursery wall to trace the child’s height on a yearly basis. With its beautiful canvas print, you can be sure this star-decorated chart is as durable as it is museum-worthy!

Other Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Diaper cake

Making a diaper cake is an enjoyable activity. Consider using diapers of different sizes to match the baby’s growth stages. Parents can never have too many diapers!

Cleaning and babysitting service

You can personally offer the babysitting service or hire a trusted agency. Nighttime nanny service can take care of the baby girl and even finish some chores while the new parents rest. Hire a professional cleaner to conduct a thorough, one-time cleaning or weekly cleaning for the first few months after the baby girl’s arrival. Nothing is as appreciated as a clean and organized home!

Gift vouchers

If you are struggling to find the perfect gift, a gift card is an easy solution. Gift vouchers or cards allow mom to choose her favorite items or experiences. A trip to the salon or discount on her favorite treat can go a long way! Make sure the vouchers are accessible and come from stores within her reach. Otherwise, you can purchase gift cards for online-only stores such as Amazon.

Baby shower gift basket

If you want to go practical but still make a big impression, a gift basket is a great option. This contains many small but necessary baby items in a sturdy basket. Your basket may include diapers, baby wipes, toys, pacifiers, diaper creams, and a whole host of other options. Check out the Fridababy Baby Basics Kit. This is another excellent gift idea that new parents would really value. It has a snot sucker to unblock a child’s blocked nose, as well as a cradle cap brush, a nail clipper, and a gadget that aids the little one in expelling gas. Plus, after removing the items parents can continue to use the basket.

You can also assemble an “oops” kit perfect for mild medical emergencies and will save mom and dad in a pinch. It contains items such as a thermometer, calamine lotion, tweezers, and antibiotic cream.

Final Thoughts On Baby Shower Gift Ideas

A baby announcement is always full of excitement whether the news came from a friend or a relative. Happy tears are shed and you only wish them to be the great parents they can be. How? Giving the perfect baby shower gift idea based on your budget, the items’ practicality, and the family’s taste. The best baby shower gifts are those that are thoughtful and useful both for the new mom and dad, and their new baby. Our baby shower gift ideas will help make your purchase as easy as shopping for yourself.