Best Cat Stroller Options Review for 2021

best cat stroller

It’s not just dogs that like going for walks with their owners, you know – cats love it too! These light-footed felines enjoy going for strolls with their owner.

The difficulty cat owners often face is the logistics of taking their fur baby for a walk. What if they escape their collar and leash? What if they get tired or bored along the way? Thankfully, just like babies, cats can be put in a stroller.

No need to coax your cat if they can ride from the comfort of a cozy stroller! Cat strollers are safe, comfortable, and convenient, so you never have to miss out on a walk with your precious kitty cat. In this article, we’re going to review the best cat strollers on the market, why you might need one, and what to look for when you buy a cat stroller!

Top 4 Best Cat Strollers – Comparison

Best Cat Strollers

Purchasing the best cat stroller means considering everything under a cat’s nose. To give you a better edge in choosing between the many available cat strollers for your pet kitty, we went ahead and researched some of the best cat strollers on the market. It’s worth the effort to check out the features of different cat stroller models since cat strollers can be a costly investment too.

Pet Gear No-Zip AT3 Pet Stroller for Cats/Dogs

Main Features

Is this the best cat stroller? Well, this wheel cat stroller is a model by the Pet Gear brand. It weighs around 30 pounds and has a maximum carrying capacity of 75 pounds. This pet stroller design is applicable for both cats and dogs, featuring pet gear no zip entry, and an easy one-hand fold configuration.

Other Stroller Features

Compared to other cat strollers, the Pet Gear stroller is very easy to use. With its handy pet gear no zip feature, this pet stroller is easy to lock. It is water-resistant, too. Its design includes a mesh window at the top and front to let in air.

It has useful storage features so that you can bring pet gear and additional items with you when taking your cat on a walk. This pet stroller is an ultra-lite travel stroller that won’t weigh you down. It has a basket underneath, and you can help yourself to a drink with the installed cup holder.

SKISOPGO Dog Cat Pet Gear 3-in-1Foldable Pet Stroller Detachable Carrier

Main Features

This pet stroller is a model from SKISOPGO. It has a sophisticated gray color, with Oxford fabric for its main material. It is recommended for small and medium pets only, however, which justifies why its maximum weight capacity is 14 pounds only.

What’s notable for this pet stroller is its 3-in-1 feature. Aside from being foldable, it also has a detachable carrier, and this makes it easy to bring along whenever you are traveling.

Other Stroller Features

This cat stroller has a storage basket that you can use to store your pet’s food and a cup holder to hold your drink. Simple one-button folding saves space. The pet stroller has a permanent hook that prevents loosening after folding and can be simply stored in the car or interior space. Ultra-lite features and its compact size make it easy to move and transport.

This is suitable for dogs and cats weighing less than 27 pounds. You can get your cat purring in seconds with the smooth and quiet ride experience. The wheels are sturdy and safe, featuring shock absorbers and line brakes on the rear wheels for further road safety.

Ibiyaya 5-in-1 Pet Carrier with Backpack

The Ibiyaya 5 in 1 pet stroller is an ideal carrier because you can easily convert it into a backpack, and a pet cat seat.  This offers you the convenience to take your pet to places other pet strollers can’t. This cat stroller has sturdy wheels to make your pets comfortable and calm as they travel in style. The sturdy wheels also offer easy maneuverability

The one-hand fold makes it convenient for you to fold without using much effort. This compact cat stroller is manufactured according to baby stroller standards, thus assuring you of the utmost safety for your fur babies. This ultra-lite travel stroller has large openings to allow your pet to get in out. This pet carrier has mesh windows with perforated holes to ensure ventilation and view for your pet. When your cant wants time alone, you can roll the flap to give them privacy.

This pet stroller has a dual cup holder to hold your drinks.


  • Machine washable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has 5 in 1 configuration
  • Has a pet tether
  • Has rear safety breaks and 360 degrees swivel wheels.


  • Small storage underneath

Pet Gear 3-in-1 Travel System

Main Features

The most notable feature of this cat stroller is the 360-degree view for your pet. It has a lightweight design and is foldable for easy storage. When it comes to high-quality pet gear, ultra-lite features are almost always the main go-to feature for fur moms.

Other Stroller Features

This stroller for cats includes an interior tether that can be hooked into your pet’s harness. It also has a removable and washable comfort pad.

Its pet gear no zip feature allows easy access and instead has a push-button entry that allows quick access to your pet from either side of the stroller.It is also a detachable carrier for easy installment to your car seat. It accommodates all life stages for your pet and can hold a capacity of 20.5 pounds at maximum. This cat stroller is ideal for a more thrilling adventure with your fur baby.

3-in-1 HPZ Pet Rover Prime Luxury Pet Stroller (Travel Carrier, Car Seat, and Stroller)

Main Features

This four-wheel pet stroller for cats has won Editor’s Choice Award for 2020 Dogster and Catster Magazines. It features a 3-in-1 travel system and is one of the best cat strollers on the market. The fabric material is 100% polyester.

But head’s up, paw pals – while it is also versatile, it is unfortunately on the costlier side of the stroller spectrum.

Other Stroller Features

This handy stroller features a detachable carrier and can be attached as a car seat, too. It is portable with an easy-fold mechanism so you can easily bring it wherever you go.

It uses pump-free rubber wheels.

With shock absorbers for the front wheels, your pet is sure to enjoy a stroll. It can truly face any terrain with its front suspension and heavy-duty automotive-grade, maintenance-free tires on its wheels.

Like all trustworthy cat strollers, this stroller is made of rust-free aluminum with anodized gold color. This model cat stroller features durable construction and an impressive range of other functional pet gear features.

This stroller has an ergonomic design. The handlebar height can be easily adjusted, as well as the canopy openings. You can change them according to how wide you want your pet’s view to be.

This premium pet stroller is installed with reflective lines on its design, making it suitable for nighttime travel. It also comes with an interior tether in the basket to hold your pet snugly.

It is machine washable and easy to clean, and even water-resistant!

HPZ Pet Rover Premium

Main Features

This pet stroller is bulkier than other models, but this means it can be relied upon for its sturdiness. It can be used for dogs or cats. With its one-hand mechanism feature, you can easily fold and unfold it in seconds.

Other Stroller Features

The Pet Rover Premium uses a human-grade suspension system. It is specifically designed to be easily maneuvered with its 360-degree rotating front wheels and rear braking system.

This stroller is durable and water-proof. The mesh windows used for its canopy are breathable and made of high-density, odorless, sunlight-reflective material. It has 2 pads for the pet compartment which are both comfortable and stain-resistant.

This pet stroller is convertible and can even accommodate a double pet feature! If you’ve got more than one fur baby to stroll around, this stroller is the perfect choice for you and your pets.

Whether you travel, shop, or stroll with your beloved cats, there is plenty of storage space since this stroller includes a large-volume storage basket, three smaller accessory bags, and a bottle holder. There’s more than enough space for your pet gear.

Why You Need a Pet Stroller

Cat strollers come in handy for a number of reasons. Not only do they keep your pet happy on long walks and rides, but they also allow you to walk without worrying about whether your cat will wander off or escape. Here are a few other excellent reasons to invest in cat strollers:

Mobility Issues

There are many reasons why a cat stroller or pet stroller may be the best option for your cat. From older cats with mobility issues to kittens with a tendency to scratch, a cat stroller can provide your pet with the support they need to stay mobile, safe, and comfortable.

Places You Should Not Walk Your Cat

Unlike a dog, a cat does not usually like to walk on a leash. Going for a walk with a cat means that you run the risk of your cat getting away from you. By putting it in a cat stroller, you can ensure that your cat is safe, but can still enjoy a short stroll outside.

Extra Protection

If you take your cat outside, they are susceptible to attacks from other animals, such as dogs and other cats.  The best cat stroller should offer your pet protection from the dangers around them.

Pros and Cons of Having a Cat Stroller

We’ve given you the lowdown on cat strollers, but you may be wondering – what are the biggest pros and cons to having a cat stroller? Let’s break down the advantages and disadvantages you may face when buying a cat stroller.

Cat Stroller pros:

  • It’s a safer traveling option for your cat.
  • Having pet strollers makes for easier walks or errands.
  • It’s multi-functional since many also have a storage compartment for your things.

Cat Stroller cons:

  • Pet strollers can be costly.
  • Dogs and cats could potentially damage the material of the stroller.
  • Additional gear to think about when traveling or going outside.

What to Look Out for When Selecting the Best Cat Stroller

There should always be criteria to review when selecting the best cat stroller. Certain details can be vital in the proper handling of a pet. Review the points below when looking for your next pet stroller:


One should remember that, unlike babies, cats have claws, paws, and sharp teeth that make them more capable of wearing and tearing the fabric – not to mention the rough terrain you might be walking over! Select a durable cat stroller that will last for many walks (and scratches!)


How many pets are you bringing with you? Two cats, you say? As long you know that there’s no catfight that’s going to happen, then you could always bring more than one – you could even bring your dog! For this to happen without a hitch, size matters. Choose a pet stroller that can handle the weight of your combined pets.

Water-Proof Features

Water-proof features will ensure your cat stroller has no stains from rain, spills, or cat pee. Select a cat stroller with material that guards against liquids and stains so that you’ll avoid the hassle of cleaning them. When it rains, you can always install a stroller cover to avoid your pet getting wet.


Budget is always an important matter, and some models will certainly be more expensive than others. You don’t always need to sacrifice quality for a lower price, however – there are some high-quality cat strollers that are budget friendly if you do the research to find them.

When buying a cat stroller, it might be wise to anticipate how many kitties you’re planning to own as early as you can. As smart paws pals, you can adjust your preferred design for the pet stroller accordingly.


You should also consider the different ways you’re going to be bringing the pet stroller with you. An easy-to-handle cat carrier is the best pet gear. A great pet stroller should offer a smooth ride with sturdy wheels.

In terms of functionality, the best cat strollers on the market are those that come with a pet backpack, because backpack designs can convert in many different ways to suit your activity.  These pet strollers may be more costly, however.

Portability of pet stroller

Safety Features

The cat stroller should have scratch-proof mesh windows that will keep your cat safely inside and offer a view so that your cat can stay calm when you take them out.


Before buying your cat stroller and starting your strolling journey with your cat, you need to consider if your cat likes to be in the stroller too! It might take a few days or even weeks for your cat to adjust to a pet stroller. You can help it settle in by giving it treats in the cat stroller.

Enjoying happy trails with your cat on pet strollers will depend on the cat stroller you choose. Get your cat a high-quality, comfortable, and durable stroller, and you will thank yourself for many walks to come!