What’s The Best Dog Stroller? The Top 5 Pet Strollers Ranked

Best Dog Stroller

​Owning a dog stroller means that you no longer will have to compromise your long walks or social situations that your dog can’t accommodate. Dog strollers will spare your dog the strain of trying to keep up with you.
Dog strollers are lifesavers when it comes to injured dogs. They can enjoy the walks while being safe and comfortable.
It didn’t take us much to conclude that BestPet Dog Stroller Foldable 3 Wheels is what we recommend as the best dog stroller. This 3-wheeled stroller delivers on all that you need while being unique in design and colors.

​5 Best ​Dog Strollers Comparison Chart

​5 Best ​Dog Strollers Reviewed

​In this list, we brought you some of the quality-based strollers from the market’s most renowned manufacturers. The products listed below feature different sizes and benefits so that you have the room to choose what best suits you and your pet.

​BestPet Dog Stroller Foldable 3 Wheels

Dog Stroller Pet Stroller

The BestPet 3-wheels stroller is a lightweight stroller suitable for dogs or cats that weigh up to 15 lbs.
One of the main reasons why this product is our top pick is the durable material. The stroller is designed in a way that maximizes ventilation for your dog while keeping the pup secure.
There are multiple mesh windows for your dog to enjoy the ride and not feel captivated. The mesh windows also help keep insects away from your pet. With the use of Oxford cloth, the stroller is made to last, it’s water-resistant as well.

​Moreover, the cushioning is exceptional in the way it provides a removable pad for your dog to lay down comfortably. There is also the retractable waterproof hood to provide additional protection in rough weather.
The manufacturer has equipped the stroller with some accessories for the pet parents. The stroller comes with a cup-holder and an extra-large undercarriage to make your trip even more enjoyable.


  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • ​Variety of colors
  • ​Minimal storage space


  • Hard to control over uneven pavements
  • ​No seat belt to hold the pet
  • ​Reported problems with front wheel

​For a smoother ride, people at BestPets have added some features that add up to the whole experience of this stroller.
The availability of safety brakes on the back wheels, and the 360-degree rotating front wheel, have all made for a convenient and secure ride for both the pet and the pet owner.

Hauck TOGfit Pet Roadster – Luxury Pet Stroller

Hauck TOGfit Pet Roadster

If your dog is having a medical issue or it’s a senior, this product fits your needs best. It is one of the most meticulously manufactured strollers out there.

 The edge of this pram is being designed around the concept of maximized comfort. You can find a proof of convenience in the padded mattress and the removable seat cover.

​Multiple tear-resistant mesh windows allow for air circulation and a better range of visibility for your dog.

Another significant feature of this stroller is the large zippered back door from which the dog can easily ride or exit the stroller. The door can be rolled back or kept closed.

​The large front wheels of the stroller offer a locking position and the ability to rotate 360 degrees. The back wheels include touch brakes that lock both the back wheels. This makes the stroller more stable and resistant to wear and tear caused by rough terrains.


  • ​Locking hinge to keep it folded during transport
  • ​It quickly folds into an ultra-compact size
  • ​Large undercarriage


  • Not very light, weighing 24 lbs
  • ​Single color
  • ​Pricier option

​The sturdy steel body of this stroller has the ability to hold pets that weigh up to 70 lbs. This is better than many other strollers that hold less weight while being heavy themselves.

VIVO 4 Wheel Pet Stroller

VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller

This pram has one of the largest compartments on this list. It can host up to 30 lbs-pets while providing optimal ventilation and comfort. This stroller can hold up 2 pets, however, because of the weight limit, they have to be small.

​Since this product is suitable for larger dogs, the security has to be maximized. That’s why there are brakes on all the 4 wheels. The front wheels spin 360-degrees for easy movement and turning.

When it comes to the pet’s comfort, the stroller has a cushioned mat on which the dog can sit. There are also mesh windows all around the stroller.

​The one on the rear allows you to check on your pet, while the one on the front is for the pet’s enjoyment.

The tethers inside are removable and washable for easy cleaning.


  • ​Easy to fold
  • ​Stability with the 4 wheels
  • ​Proper airflow inside compartment


  • Hard to control on rough terrain
  • ​There’s only one access-point with a zipper

With the big compartment comes a spacious undercarriage that allows you to store everything you need on your long walk. This model comes with 2-cup holders and a tray at the center for your convenience.

​​Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Pet Stroller

Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Pet Stroller

When it comes to design, this stroller is the best-performing on our list. The most significant feature of this product is the panoramic mesh-made window that allows for the best visibility for your dog.

​Besides the aesthetic value of the mesh window, this material provides the compartment with adequate ventilation necessary for your dog’s health and safety.

​The overall material of the stroller is water-resistant. To protect the pet from extreme weather conditions, a 3-positions canopy has been added.

The sturdy body of the stroller makes it suitable for dogs that weigh up to 30lbs. Traditional zippers are replaced with easy-locking latches. This allows for easy entry.

​The manufacturers paid attention to the pet owner’s convenience and added a cup-holder, tray, and a spacious undercarriage.


  • Easy to fold
  • ​Removable and washable tether
  • ​Sturdy frame


  • No weather cover included
  • ​Plastic tires hard to steer on some terrains
  • ​Issues with stitching were reported

​With front shock-absorbing wheels and brakes on back wheels, this stroller is safe and easy for you to use. The No-zip Happy Trails stroller comes in 3 distinctive colors: emerald, pink diamond, and sapphire.

Pet Gear NO-Zip Stroller

Pet Gear NO-Zip Stroller

​This stroller is for large dogs. It’s also the manufacturer’s largest product providing a comfortable ride for your pet.
There are 2 doors from which the pet can be loaded. There is one on the back and another on the front so that your pet won’t have to turn around to get out. Both doors come with easy locks.

Since this stroller is for bigger dogs, it might be hard to push and control.

That’s why the manufacturer has equipped the stroller with a multi-position handle to give the owner more control over the stroller. The handle is also adjustable in height.

​The fabric used all over the stroller is mostly the mesh material to give the best visibility to your dog. Moreover, the design of these mesh windows allows for the optimal flow of air inside the compartment.
For your dog’s safety, the stroller comes equipped with 2 interior tethers and brakes on the back wheels. The interior liner is washable and removable for cleaning.


  • Stable and durable
  • ​Water-resistant material
  • ​Easy to fold


  • Small cup-holder
  • ​Thin mat on the bottom

Despite the big frame to accommodate your big buddy, the stroller is still easy to fold and store.

When it comes to assembly there are no tools required and it’s very easy to put together. This model comes in different colors: boysenberry, candy red, dark platinum, fog, midnight blue, and mountain lilac.

​What to Consider Before Buying

When buying a new pet stroller, people have different priorities. However, there are certain things that should remain on top of the list for everyone.


This is the most important thing to consider when first buying a stroller. Many products are now implementing easy-lock brakes on either all 4 wheels or at least the 2 rear wheels.
Safety is also reflected in the manufacturing material, it should be durable enough to protect the dog from falling out or other dogs coming at your pet.
The terrain on which the stroller will be used is a decisive factor. The wheels should be wide enough to be easily pushed on grass or pavement. However, if you plan to take your dog on rough terrains, you probably should consider replacing plastic wheels with air-filled ones. These are more durable and tear-resistant on rough terrains.

Dog Stroller Safety

Easy Storage

​Owning a stroller should not be a hassle. Before you decide on which one you will buy, make sure that it’s easily foldable. Most strollers will make for 2 umbrellas when folded.
Keep in mind also that you will be carrying it around a lot, to and from the car, over pavements and to the apartment door, that’s why you should pay attention to the weight of the stroller and how it will be stored.

​Compartment Space

​A suitable stroller should be spacious relative to your pet’s size and weight. They should lay down or sit in the compartment comfortably. However, make sure it’s not too large that they get anxious about it.
The compartment’s interior should be properly cushioned so that your dog can sit in it comfortably and without whining throughout your long walks.

​Overview of Brands Included

All the products that made it to this list are from the most reputable brands. Here’s a quick statement about each.

Hauck TOGfit

This German manufacturer is famous for producing high quality and luxurious products. Their line of products is not limited to dog strollers, they make kids strollers and other fine products as well.

​Pet Gear

​This brand has been in the business of pets products since 1936. They developed their own identity by consistently delivering on quality and innovation. This brand is a go-to because it succeeded in bringing together good quality and affordable prices.


​While the previously mentioned brands are strictly pet-related, the VIVO 4 Wheel Pet Stroller comes from an ergonomic products company specializing in office solutions. They became known for high-quality products, outstanding service, and affordable prices.


When exactly are dog strollers needed?

​Going on long walks is not the only use of dog strollers. There are some situations in which a dog stroller becomes a necessity. It’s important that you get acquainted with these situations so that your mind is adjusted to using the stroller when needed.

 This might also help when you have a friend or a relative who might be in need of a dog stroller.

Evacuation Situations

​Dog strollers are essential in times of evacuation. The whole process becomes easier with a stroller.
Your pet should be kept inside the stroller with toys and food. This will keep him away from harm and anxiety. Moreover, it will spare you the running away, and the hassle of keeping an eye on your dog.

Old-Age and Injury

​The stroller becomes an essential item if the dog has been injured or just got out of surgery. While being immobile for the time being, you can’t keep your dog locked inside for endless days. The dog stroller seems to be the perfect solution for this problem.
With this item, the dog can enjoy the outdoors and long walks without risking health or safety.
Moreover, as dogs get older, their ability to go on long walks diminishes. Therefore, if you own an old dog, it’s important that you have one for the days when you feel like a long stroll.

​Old Owners

​Dogs can be hard to keep up with, especially those breeds which are full of energy and friendly by nature.
With elders, the dog needs to be controlled either by a leash or by some sort of pet carrier. However, the leash can still be hard work, given that the dog might run impulsively causing the owner to lose the leash or tumble over. This is why a stroller is the most convenient solution for older pet owners.

What’s the difference between strollers and other pet carriers?

​Out in the market, you will find all sorts of dog carriers. There is the backpack, the hard-sided crate-like carriers and there are the strollers.
Dog strollers are unique in how they provide convenience for both parties. These are strain-free carriers that put the owner’s safety and well-being in the foreground. Pushing a stroller will spare you neck and back pain usually accompanying the other types of carriers.


So, if you are on the lookout for the best stroller, you could either buy one that adds to your problems or one that makes your life easier.

We believe that the ​​BestPet Dog Stroller Foldab​l​e 3 Wheels provides convenience for both you and your dog. It employs a number of features such as the durable fabric and the flexible design that make it our favorite choice.

However, if you are looking for a different design and an equally affordable product you can check the VIVO 4 Wheel Pet Stroller.