Best Rattles For Babies for 2022

Best Rattles For Babies

A rattle is one of the most common toys given to babies and is beneficial for baby development. Noisy and colorful, it must also be strong and safe for when baby starts teething and chewing on their toys. This toy will keep your baby busy whilst also developing their fine motor skills.

Top 4 Best Rattles For Babies – Comparison

5 Reasons You Need a Baby Rattle

Eye Coordination

Before your baby is big enough to grasp the rattle themselves it can still be used to help develop your little one’s eye coordination. Dangle the rattle in front of your baby, then slowly move it side to side or up and down to see how far your little one can follow it. Colorful and noisy rattles can hold your baby’s attention for long periods.

Hand Coordination

After their fine motor skills develop, babies will be able to hold the rattle themselves. Grabbing, shaking, and bringing the rattle to their mouth to suck and chew are all part of developing their hand coordination.


Babies need toys that that are safe to chew on when they are teething. A rattle-teether combo can be a great toy for babies, whether made of plastic, wood, or softer materials. They give the stimulation that your baby needs at this time.

Natural Sounds

Besides helping to develop fine motor skills, baby rattles are the best toy for developing a baby’s listening skills. Rattles come with various sounds, from jingling bells to clacking wooden balls. You also can choose rattles with multiple textures that provide crinkling noises.

Cause and Effect

A baby rattle is also a beneficial toy for teaching your baby about cause and effect. Shaking the rattle makes a gentle noise, but banging a rattle on the floor makes a louder noise! Rattles with buttons for light and sound will help babies make the connection between cause and effect too, by simply having fun.

Factors To Consider In Finding The Best Baby Rattle


As with other baby toys, parents need to be assured that the rattle they give to their child is safe. A light baby rattle will be easier for a small child to hold, won’t hurt should they hit themselves with it, and won’t make too much noise when it inevitably gets dropped. It’s safer to give a baby rattle that is at least 2” in diameter, so it is not a choking risk.


Babies like to explore their toys, usually by putting them in their mouths. Consequently, parents need to choose a rattle that is made of non-toxic material. Look for BPA-free products and if you want to make a more environmentally friendly choice too choose an eco-friendly one.


Colorful rattles and those containing colorful beads will stimulate your baby and make them more likely to play with their baby rattle. Newborns find black and white pictures and patterns the most stimulating, and most children will appreciate a bright toy over a more muted one. Extra features such as lights, music, buttons, and mirrors would also catch a baby’s attention.


Baby rattles have different features depending on what age group they are intended for. Small infants or babies of less than 6 months tend to enjoy a rattle that has various colors and patterns. When babies can hold the rattle themselves at 3-6 months, they are developing their fine motor skills, and as they start teething, rattles can also help as something to chew on.


Babies enjoy toys that come in different shapes and styles, ones they recognize like animals or fruits especially. A colorful and interesting rattle will mean that baby will want to engage more and is less likely to cry when their parent is away.

Fun bright colors and multiple textures of rattles are helpful to develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The best baby rattles are small enough to grasp, but not small enough to be a choking hazard for teething babies.

Easy to Clean

Since a rattle can spend a lot of time in your child’s mouth it will need to be cleaned frequently. Plastic rattles can be sanitized with wipes or spot cleaned, whilst others can be put in the dishwasher or washing machine.


One of the benefits of choosing a rattle for your baby’s toys is there is a wide range of styles to choose from, and they are all very cute! You can decide which rattle will suit your baby best and keep their attention, whether it’s in the shape of an animal, musical instrument, or flower. It also never goes wrong to have two or more baby rattles on hand to keep your little ones entertained during playtime.

9 of the Best Baby Rattles on the Market Today

B. Toys Rain-Glow Squeeze Light-Up Cloud Rattle

This cute rattle comes in the shape of a cloud. Whilst the rainbow of beads creates a pitter-patter rattle sound, the soft cloud lights up whilst your baby plays with it. It also features raindrops made of soft silicone, perfect for teething and for tiny hands.

Recommended for babies 3 months and up, the handle is easy to grip, meaning your baby can easily shake the colorful beads. You will need to fit one AAA battery to keep the cloud lit up. Because of this, the toy must not be submerged in water, it can though be easily spot cleaned.

Bright Starts Oball Shaker Rattle Toy

This rattle is lightweight and small enough for little hands. The colorful beads rattle with every shake in the transparent handle. This BPA-free toy has teething Oballs on either end of the rattles, so you won’t need to worry about buying separate teething toys. It is easy to clean with soap and water.

The innovative design makes it easy for even young babies to grip and enjoy. It may not have the loudest of rattles but it is one of the best baby rattles available and one that can be enjoyed by both you and your baby.

Fisher Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas

This Fisher Price rattle set includes two “Rattle ‘n Rock” maracas which are great to help develop the baby’s listening skills in their first years. They are light, easy for tiny hands to hold and grab, and made from hard plastic and cotton which are both safe for the baby to put in their mouth.

The rattle comes in three different colors with rattling beads on one side and soft pom poms on the other, to grab and keep your baby’s attention. Your baby will love to shake their maracas while increasing their fine motor skills.

Fisher Price Selfie Fun Phone

The second Fisher Price rattle on our list looks just like a cell phone. This toy does much more than simply rattle: it’s BPA and toxin-free so also great as a teething toy. It is small in size and easy for little hands to hold. You can keep it in your pocket or diaper bag.

Suitable for babies 3 months and over, it also features a realistic grip stand on the back of the rattle that can be used to prop up the toy so your little ones can gaze at themselves in the mirror during tummy time and build their self-awareness. Easy to clean with a simple wipe, this cute rattle is surely going to be a favorite with your little one.

iPlay iLearn 10 pcs Baby Rattle toys

This set of ten different rattle-type toys is perfect for a baby who wants a rattle and teether at the same time. They come in a large jar that can be used to store rattles and other toys. Safe for children from 3 months old, the range of rattles and toys included means that your baby is unlikely to get bored of these toys.

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

Over the last 25 years, Sassy has worked with developmental experts and created developmentally inspired toys that captivate infants. Their toys feature contrast patterns, unique materials, and interesting textures for your child to experience.

This bumpy ball features bright colors and bold patterns, and the chunky size makes it suitable for children from 6 months up to 3 years of age. Made from a range of soft tactile materials, your baby can enjoy more than just a rattle and explore a variety of sensations. Learning to reach, grip, and transfer the ball from hand to hand is useful in developing motor skills. A downfall of the ball is that it cannot be submerged in water for cleaning: the surface must be cleaned by hand.

Skip Hop Explore and More Hedgehog Rattle

This cute hedgehog-shaped rattle toy is part of a range of animal-inspired rattles from Skip Hop. The soft silicone body has easy-grip holes to encourage your baby to explore, and bright colored beads to look at. Suitable from 3 months of age, this makes an ideal first rattle for your little one.

SmartNoggin nogginStik Developmental Light-up Rattle

Different from other rattles, this adorable toy comes with three lights: blue, green, and soft red which are designed to promote visual stimulation. The lightweight handle makes it easier for your baby to hold them and explore their sense of touch.

The base of the nogginstik makes a soft rattle sound, the fun textures will promote your baby’s tactile interest, and the mirrored surface on the bottom encourages their self-awareness. BPA, PVC, phthalate, and lead-free, this product is a safe choice for your child from birth.

SSK Soft Baby Wrist Rattles & Foot Finder Set

Made from soft plush cotton with a velvety feel, these wrist rattles and foot finders can be used by all babies. The pattern comes in four animals: monkey, elephant, pig, and dog – which is good for baby to explore their imagination! The wrist rattle features velcro making it easy to wear and remove.

The cute animal faces encourage your little one to grab at them and the rattle will keep their interest. These rattles are good for developing their foot, eye, and hand coordination, as well as self-awareness of the cause and effect of moving their hands and feet. The wrist rattles and socks can be hand-washed when necessary.

Final Thoughts

Giving a baby a rattle is a good decision as a parent or caregiver. A rattle has multiple benefits for your child developmentally, from teaching hand-eye coordination to fine motor skills and learning about cause and effect to sensory development. Traditional rattle design focuses on the simple noise-making aspect and maracas style of the toy, whilst more modern rattles have additional features to keep your baby entertained. They also come in a variety of materials and textures to suit the age and developmental stage of your child.

From simple natural wooden toys to those with eyecatching bright designs you will be able to find something for those little hands to shake and play with. Find a baby rattle that your child enjoys and watch them take the next natural steps in their development.