The Best Sit and Stand Strollers for 2022

Best ​Sit and Stand Stroller

Being a parent or a guardian is a tough job, especially if there is more than one child. Taking kiddos for a day out or when you have errands to run could be very hard for some people. If one of your children can walk, it’ll be a challenge to keep eyes on both of them.

This is where a sit and stand stroller comes in. It’s much easier to run errands quickly, and have your children safely under your watch. Like anything, some strollers are better than others. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the best sit and stand strollers currently on the market.

​6 Best ​Sit and Stand Strollers Comparison Chart

​6 Best ​Sit and Stand Strollers Reviewed

Here are our favorite picks that we think are very comfortable for both the parent and the children.

​Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller

​Although the stroller is extra light, only 22 pounds, it has a weight capacity of 90 pounds, 45 on each seat. The stroller’s design distributes the weight across the stroller making it stable. You won’t need to add any stroller boards in order to be able to navigate easily.

A great feature of this stroller is the car seat adapter that comes with it. It could work well with most models. That way it becomes very easy to carry your child in and out of the car.


  • Easy to control 
  • ​A lot of space in the front seat
  • ​Stable
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Easy to fold and store
  • ​Extended canopy


  • Small sitting space for the older child

Graco Roomfor2 Stand and Ride Stroller

Graco Roomfor2 Stand and Ride Stroller

This stroller has a lot of storage place. For parents, there is a parent tray that has two deep cup-holders. Another tray is placed in front of the baby’s seat which also has two cup holders. There is also a large basket beneath the stroller that could contain several different things the parents and children need.

This also works as a car seat adapter. Many people fail to click connect it because they don’t remove the food tray. Remove the tray and follow the instructions. Besides that, the stroller could be used in several different ways. There are 5 riding options to be exact.


  • 100 pounds weight capacity
  • ​5 ways to configure
  • ​Big basket
  • ​Good suspension
  • ​Could be easily folded and stored
  • ​Budget-friendly


  • ​Changing the modes could be a little difficult

​Joovy Caboose Too Graphite

Joovy Caboose Graphite Stroller

This stroller is very comfortable for both the older child and the younger. The large canopy extends long enough so that the child at the rear if they’re sitting is protected from the sun too. The stroller takes up to 90 pounds, 45 pounds each child.

The car seat adapter could accommodate most car seat brands which makes it very convenient if you already own one. It’s compact and that makes it very easy to manage and maneuver. Don’t mix them up, this stroller is the original model of the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller


  • Compact
  • ​Easy to maneuver
  • ​90 pounds of weight capacity
  • ​Easy to fold
  • ​Comfortable space for the older child
  • ​Compatible with most car seat brands


  • No cup holders

​Chicco BravoFor2 Stroller

Chicco BravoFor2 Stroller

What’s great about this stroller is that it’s very easy to fold the stroller. All you have to do is twist the handle and the stroller will automatically collapse in on itself. On top of that, your baby will be comfortable during all the seasons. The knit mesh fabric is reversible which makes it easy for you to change it according to the weather.

Despite its weight, Chicco BravoFor2 Stroller is easy to control and maneuver, as far as sit and stand stroller go. It’s easy to park the stroller anywhere thanks to the parking brakes. Basically, you don’t run the risk of the stroller rolling on its own when it’s parked.


  • Spacious
  • ​Includes parking brakes
  • ​Easy to fold and store
  • ​Large wheels
  • ​Large basket
  • ​Weight capacity of 80 pounds
  • ​Click connects to Fit2 or KeyFit car seat


  • ​Heavy
  • ​The front seat doesn’t recline

​Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller

​This stroller works as a double stroller or a sit and stands one. An infant seat could be added to the rear area, where the older child could be standing. Using a car seat, which is sold separately,  is also applicable. The stroller could taker up to 100 pounds, 50 pounds for each child.

This budget-friendly stroller works well with different positions. It could be used for many years to come because the positions and seats could be switched up often. This gives the children some space to grow and still use the stroller. They’ll love how comfortable the padding of the seats is.


  • Affordable
  • ​comfortable
  • ​5 cup holders
  • ​Could be used in several ways
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Comfy
  • ​Easy to maneuver
  • ​Easy to fold


  • Made out of nylon, not breathable
  • ​A little tricky to access the storage basket

​Baby Jogger City Select Lux Stroller

Baby Jogger City Select LUX Stroller

Although this stroller is 4 or even 6 times the price of the other strollers on the list, we had to mention it. If you’re able to spend a sum of money on the stroller then you definitely check this one out.

This stroller is extremely versatile, it offers 20+ configurations, both rear and front. Also, it could take up to 3 kids at a time, two infants, and a standing toddler. Although, you need to buy a glider board that is sold separately in order to do so.


  • Easy to fold
  • ​Small when folded
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Can take up to three children
  • ​Big canopy
  • ​20+ configurations
  • ​Easy to push for tall people too


  • Expensive
  • Needs a lot of accessories

​4 Benefits of Buying a Sit and Stand Roller

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying a sit and stand stroller.


​If your older child outgrows the stroller, you’ll still use it for your younger one. They could continue to use it even when they become a toddler.

You can also arrange the seating so that both of your children are facing the front. It depends on what type of stroller you have.

Configurations are important when it comes to these strollers. Your baby will be happier when they change their position often. Sometimes your children will want to face you or the road. Being able to change the way they’re facing is a great advantage.

​Bring Family Together

Older children tend to feel lonely and jealous when a younger baby arrives. They go from having your undivided attention to not being cared for like before. It’s not the parents’ fault but they should do all they can to eliminate those feelings.

Having your older child face you the whole time you’re pushing the stroller is great. You can keep an eye out for the baby and still be able to maintain eye contact and a conversation with the older child.

If you buy two separate strollers for each, taking care of the children would be divided between you and your partner, which separates the family. 

Buying a Sit and Stand Roller

Taking turns pushing the stroller with both kids is much better. The kids get to spend time with both of their parents. 

Being in the same stroller is good for the bond between the children too. When they feel like their sibling is close to them it creates a sense of security which is great for building a sense of intimacy between them. 

​Saves Money

​Don’t mix this up with being budget-friendly. Most of these strollers are expensive. When you compare this to the alternative it’s more cost-effective.

To put this simply, buying two separate strollers for each child will be expensive. Not only that, but your older child will grow out of using a stroller eventually. You’ll have a stroller that you don’t even need. Which brings us to the next point. 

Can Be Used for a Long Time

​A sit and stand stroller will be able to accommodate both of the children at the same time. When the older child stops using the stroller, your younger one will still be using it. Speaking long-term, this is the best choice if you have two children who have a small age gap between them.

​2 Issues Worth Noting

​Although it’s a great stroller, it still has some setbacks that could be tackled easily.

​Sun Protection

​It’s a little hard to provide sun protection for the older child if they’re standing and squirming all over the place. However, if they’re sitting, some sit and stand strollers have their canopies extended all the way to the back to cover the older child’s head too.

​Limited Space 

​There isn’t a lot of space for your older child to move around, which is good news for you but bad news for them. They may be a little uncomfortable when sitting because there’s only a little bit of space. This may make them agitated to some extent.

​Things to Consider Before Buying a Sit and Stand Stroller

There are some important factors to consider before buying your sit and stand stroller. After careful consideration, you should be able to decide if this stroller is the right choice for you.


Since your babies are your most cherished people in the world their safety is your number one priority. Look for safety straps, belts, or other security measures in the stroller. Safety first!


Sit and Stand Roller Comfort

Probably one of the hardest things in the world is trying to control a child that’s throwing a tantrum or a baby that’s having a crying fit. If your baby isn’t comfortable, then you have the wrong stroller.

In order to avoid this, pick a stroller made with breathable fabric. The seat should also be wide enough for your baby.

For the older child, make sure that nothing would be in their face when they’re standing, or sitting. If they’re sitting, a canopy above their heads would be great to protect them from the sun.


​Since you’re reading this article, chances are you have a squirmy toddler that likes to run off. When your toddler is standing in the stroller, you have more control over them. However, should you make the mistake of stopping and checking the wheels, then they might run off again.

Rubber, 360° wheels are great for strollers. The rubber wheels will make it easier to maneuver the stroller on uneven terrains, where there are stones and pebbles. Moreover, having 360° maneuverability will allow you to twist and turn easily. Try to make sure that they’re not stiff beforehand.


​Your sit and stand stroller could serve another important purpose, which is being a car seat. Most of these strollers work well as a car seat which makes it easier to transfer your baby in and out of the car.

Brand and Vendor

Buying from an unauthorized dealer would most likely mean that you won’t get any money-back guarantees or warranties. Not to mention that the strollers themselves may be of bad quality.

Buying from Amazon is a good idea since they have great customer service and support.


Does the stroller take up a lot of space when stored? Can you fold the stroller?

Where should it be stored? 

These are all questions you should be asking yourself before you decide on which sit and stand stroller you’re going to buy. Bonus points if it comes with its own cover. 

Sit and Stand Roller Storage


This is very important for your older child. The stroller’s height should correspond with your older child’s height so that it’s not too short or too tall for them. It would be great if the height is adjustable so that you can keep using the stroller for years to come.


It’s important to know the price of anything you’re going to buy, that’s a given. However, when we’re talking about the stroller I don’t just mean you should check the price. There are often hidden costs that you’ll have to pay besides the original price. These could be accessories or seats, for example.

​Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some questions that may be going through your mind.

When should I buy a sit and stand stroller?

You could do yourself a favor by buying the stroller during your pregnancy. It would be best to do so in your 36th week of pregnancy. That way, you have time to assemble the stroller and to try it out.

It would be a hassle if you have the baby with you. It’s hard work as it is caring for an infant child, so preparing it before the baby arrives will be helpful.

​When should a child stop using the stroller?

​Children should begin to depend on themselves from the age of 3. Some kids take more time some take less, it all depends on the child’s capabilities. It’s important to do this transition slowly and not rush your child.

When could my child start using strollers?

For infants, they should only be put in fully-reclined strollers. Basically, they could be in a stroller the moment that they’re born.

Although it’s recommended that your infant doesn’t go out much in their first few days, because they’re sensitive, and the weather could be a little harsh on them. Make sure that the stroller is protected from the sun too.

​What makes a sit and stand stroller different from a double stroller?

​For starters, a double stroller is much wider than sit and stand stroller. This means that it’ll be much harder to control and steer. That’s not something you would want with two of your children in the stroller.

Also, bigger kids might not fit in a double stroller or they’ll be really heavy to push. A sit and stand stroller is a much better choice when there’s a small age gap between the children.

​Bottom Line

Sit and stand strollers are a great way to bond with your older kid while simultaneously running errands and getting out of the house. With the new baby on board, you can get a little too busy for your older child. Take this time to make amends.

If I was to recommend only one sit and stand stroller I’d pick the Baby Jogger City Select Lux Stroller because it’s very versatile. Not only that, but it also takes up to three children. This is the best choice if you’ve had twins too!

Unfortunately, the stroller we’ve just mentioned is more on the expensive side. A great alternative is the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller. I feel like this is the closest thing to the Baby Jogger City Select Lux Stroller, plus being budget-friendly. The Baby Trend Stroller has several configurations too and is comfortable for the children.