Best Stroller Handlebar Extenders for Taller Parents Review for 2021

stroller handle bar extender

Strollers are comfortable for babies to ride in and convenient for the parents. Strollers have been evolving gradually to maximize comfort for the rider and the parent pushing them. Modern strollers come with height adjustable handles, but a few have fixed ones. Height-adjustable strollers are more costly than their non-adjustable counterparts.

Although relatively cheaper, strollers with fixed handles are uncomfortable for tall parents to push since they leave little walking space for their strides. You’ll have to bend when walking or jogging, a habit that can cause back pain as time goes on. The good news is you can purchase stroller handlebar extenders to alleviate your pain and discomfort.

Stroller handlebar extenders are accessories you can use to extend your stroller handle to a comfortable height for you. They come in many brands with different sizes, designs, and shapes. There are a few parents who use DIY stroller handle extension procedures, but with the range of extenders available on the market today, buying is much simpler than making do!

In this article we’ll go into the details of three of the best extenders on the market today, to help you decide which one is best for you.

Top 3 Best Stroller Handlebar Extenders – Comparison

3 Best Stroller Handlebar Extenders

Englacha Cozy Stroll Handle Extension Bar

The Englacha Cozy Stroll Handle extension bar is a quick and easy-to-install handlebar extender that doesn’t require any tools. The extension bar has a universal extender fit, making it is suitable for an umbrella stroller, a twin jogging stroller, a buggy, a stroller, or a pram.

Although the Englacha stroller handle extender is designed for the Englacha Easy Rider Trailer, Englacha 2-in-1 Cozy X Rider, and Englacha 2-in-1 Cozy 4-Wheel Rider, it can also be used with single our double strollers of other brands.  You can use it to raise the stroller handle bar of Britax, Graco Chicco, BOB, Baby Trend, Baby Jogger, Uppa Baby, Joovy, Kolcraft, Peg Prego, Cosco, and other popular stroller types.

Englacha’s Cozy Stroll Handle extension bar is one of the most convenient stroller handlebar extenders for tall parents giving an extra 12-15 cm of walking space at the back of the stroller. The Englacha universal handle extension bar has a soft cushioned handlebar for a comfortable grip and is versatile enough for use on curved handlebars.

Englacha Cozy Stroll Handle extension bar comprises an aluminum tube, making it lightweight but sturdy. It allows you to push your stroller with one hand so that you can multi-task with the other. You can attach it at the top of your stroller to keep it from looping when not in use.


  • It is lightweight at 1.5 lbs
  • It is universal; fitting numerous stroller brands
  • It is sturdy and durable since it’s made from an aluminum tube
  • It gives you ample walking space of 12-15 cm
  • You can seamlessly install it without using any tools, and it is easy to uninstall
  • It is easy to use with an ergonomic design
  • You can control it with one hand


  • Turning tight corners can be a challenge; the original stroller handle is more efficient for that.

Customer Reviews for Englacha Cozy Stroll Handle Extension Bar

Parents with multiple kids hailed the Englacha stroller handle extender as the perfect solution for their jogging needs. It fits perfectly on twin jogging strollers and allows the addition of a buggy board behind a stroller where a toddler can ride while standing. The ability to multi-task with the free hand as you control the stroller with the other is a mind-blowing convenience for parents with multiple babies.

Although many customers credited the Englacha as the perfect solution for umbrella strollers and short stroller handles, others could not use it due to their longer footboards. When using the footboard, the extender didn’t leave space for the standing toddler’s head. A few parents were unable to install the extender as it couldn’t fit their strollers.

Origin8 Compe Lite Bar End

The Origin8 Compe Lite Bar End is a versatile handlebar extender for use on strollers and bikes. It features a lightweight alloy construction forged with a clamp to increase durability and enhance style. You can get the short (ski bend) or long (L-bend) version depending on your preference. You can also feel free to modify the extender a little to suit an umbrella stroller.

The Origin8 stroller handlebar extender allows you to extend your stroller in three positions to choose the most comfortable. The easy to install extender also offers a firm grip. The extender is affordable and comes in various colors to match your stroller.


  • You can use it on your stroller or kid’s bicycle and an umbrella stroller with a bit of modification
  • It is lightweight and easy to install
  • It comes in two options, long and short
  • It has three installation positions
  • It is durable and nice-looking
  • It is a low-cost extender available in various colors


  • You can only use it if your stroller has two handles

Customer Reviews for Origin8 Compe Lite Bar

Many parents found Origin8 an easy-to-install, sturdy, functional stroller handle extender worth its price. They used it on umbrella strollers and bikes. However, other parents disregarded its use on umbrella strollers as it was challenging to install; it required complicated modification. A few parents also observed that the handles were not proportional to each other.

Peg Perego Handle Extensions Connector

Peg Perego handlebar extender is easy to install on your stroller frame. You can add 5.75 inches to your stroller by removing the handle, inserting the extension, and replacing the handle. The increased height gives you more walking space at the back of the stroller. You can use it with the Booklet, Book Pop Up, or Book Cross stroller.


  • It’s easy to install and fits seamlessly on your stroller frame
  • It gives you an additional foot space of 5.75 inches and eases stress on your back
  • It is sturdy, affordable, and durable


  • It is stroller specific

Customer Reviews for Peg Perego Handle Extensions Connector

The handle extender fits in as if they’re part of the stroller and make it comfortable for tall parents to push the stroller. Parents also love the extender’s durability and ease of attachment. As good as the extender is, it also had some negative reviews. Some parents had to buy two, while others found it couldn’t fit their old model strollers (earlier than 2014).

Generally, the extender’s drawback is that it changes the stroller’s folding. To keep the folded stroller standing, you’ll need to position the handle at an angle of 45 degrees.

What is a Stroller Handle Extender/Handlebar Extender?

A stroller extender is an accessory that helps you add the length of your stroller’s handle. Stroller handle extenders attach to strollers with two holding handles, while stroller handlebar extenders attach to strollers with one handlebar.

Stroller extenders are most important to tall parents as they offer more walking space behind the stroller, preventing them from kicking the underneath compartment. Most of the extenders are universal; they are compatible with various stroller brands.

Stroller Handle Extender

Benefits of a Stroller Handle Extension Bar

A stroller handlebar extender offers a comfortable grip and one-hand pushing, essential for jogging or running.

A stroller handle extension bar is easy to install and uninstall.

An extension bar provides a comfortable height for pushing or jogging with your stroller.

A stroller handle extension bar is convenient since you don’t need to remove it before folding or storing your stroller.

An extension bar is often lightweight and universal. It doesn’t add any strain to you or your stroller and fits in almost every stroller brand.

Stroller handle extension bars are affordable.

DIY Stroller Handle Extension

You can also use PVC pipes to extend your stroller handlebars at home. You’ll need to cut the pipes differently for an umbrella stroller with curved handles, a stroller with single hand padded handles or one with a padded handlebar.

Use a tape measure to determine the radius and length as specific points. Then, you can use cement or Velcro straps to join. Using PVC pipes is a cheap way to extend your stroller handlebars but purchasing ready-made extension bars is more convenient.


  • It’s a cheap method of extending your stroller handle
  • The procedure is simple
  • You can customize the handle


  • The procedure could compromise the stroller’s safety
  • The process can be time-consuming

How are Stroller Handlebar Extenders Classified?


A universal handle extension bar is compatible with various stroller brands and twin jogging strollers. With a universal fit, the handle extension bar fits stroller handlebars of different sizes and shapes. It installs easily and does not require extra tools for installation. A good example is the Englacha Cozy Stroll handle extension bar.


Handle extension bars are lightweight accessories that make it convenient for a comfortable push. They attach seamlessly to your stroller’s frame like a part of it. An example is the Peg Perego handle extensions connector.


Despite its convenience, a stroller handle extension comes at a budget price. Strollers with height-adjustable handles can be expensive, but you can buy one with a fixed handle and then buy a stroller extender to reduce the cost.

Factors that Determine the Best Stroller Handlebar Extenders


A good stroller handlebar extender is safe to use for both the baby and the parent. It does not rust or release toxic chemicals and meets the set safety standards.


An easy-to-clean stroller handlebar extender is preferable for the maintenance of hygiene. You can clean such an extender using a damp cloth or with soapy water.


You need a long-lasting handlebar extender to take you through your baby’s stroller years. You can check on the manual to find out if it is made of durable materials.


strollers extension bar

The principal aim of buying a stroller handlebar extender is to make your stroller more convenient for use. A good extender will give you the right height to keep you from hunching your back; some give an extra 12-15 cm space. The extender should also be lightweight to avoid straining you or the stroller.

Best Use of Your Stroller Handle Extender

Compare your stroller’s measurements with the extenders and use if it’s compatible. Consider the amount of extra space you need and whether you’ll use a trail board. Determine whether you need a single-hand extender or two separate handles. Install correctly and ensure it is firmly attached.

If you and your partner use the stroller interchangeably, the short partner can use the original stroller handle, ignoring the attached extension. Note that every stroller handle extender has its advantages and disadvantages. It would be best to analyze your stroller’s compatibility before purchase to avoid disappointments. Where applicable, you can also test before buying.

It is also best to read the instruction manual keenly to avoid improper installation or use.

Bottom Line

A stroller handle extender is a useful stroller accessory for tall parents and when you need to attach a trail board on your stroller. You can cut down costs by shelving the purchase of a height-adjustable stroller.

Instead, you can buy a stroller with a fixed handle and a stroller handle extender separately. You can then install the extender on your stroller and enjoy walking or jogging with your baby on board. There are various stroller handle extenders on the market, but the three discussed in this article have proven themselves with reviews from satisfied customers!