Best Stroller Rain Covers in 2017

No one wants to get caught in the rain without any protection, especially when strolling with young children. For people who have children and own strollers, a stroller rain cover is probably an item commonly seen on online shops as well as the baby product section at the mall.

Rain covers for strollers are much like umbrellas, except they are more resilient and protective. If you already have all the gear you need and still lack a rain cover, the following information should enlighten you as to why you need it for your child as well as yourself. Be the end, you should be able to pick out which is the best stroller rain cover for you.

Benefits of Stroller Rain Cover

  • Cost Effective : You don't need to spend a fortune on this product, unlike most other items for children.
  • Compact and light : Space and weight are not a problem with rain covers, because they are easy to store and are never as heavy as anything else you need to carry when traveling with a child.
  • Washer-friendly : No need to tackle this with your bare hands as it can be washed along with the rest of your child's clothes.
  • Easy to secure and remove : rain covers are easy to use, even when fastening it for the very first time. It is not fiddly or complicated so you won't spend more than a few seconds putting it in place.

Types of Stroller Rain Cover

1. Universal RC :

It fits most standard strollers and enough ventilation while your child is protected from moisture and cold temperature.

Features :
  • Complete coverage- Full body protection to ensure
  • Provides protection against snow
  • Accessible- Front zippers make it easier to access your child
  • Reflective stitching for safety purposes
  • Better value for money
2. Umbrella Stroller RC
Features :
  • Full coverage for the baby and your belongings
  • Fits most umbrella-type strollers
  • Excellent wind protection
  • UVA/UVB protection
3. Double Stroller RC
Features :
  • Double coverage for both riders
  • Convenient pocket for essentials such as phone, bottles, etc
  • Storage bag is included in the package most of the time
  • Quick installation is guaranteed and storage is a breeze

Top 10 Stroller Rains Cover Review

1. BOB Weather Shield for Single Revolution

This sleek rain cover provides protection against rain and the wind without the extra bulk or weight. The clear front allows the child to experience and see everything around him/her while riding. This also doesn't feel constrictive, even with its snug fit. This is best to use for cold days when the wind is particularly chilly. It has a staid dark gray look, but it does get the job done and is very easy to clean.

2. BOB Motion Stroller Weather Shield

All-weather protection is the mantra of this product. Regardless of whether you are looking to protect your child from rain, wind, or sleet, this is worth a closer look. The full coverage it provides ensures that your child stays dry from head to foot during the entire journey. The cover itself is very light at merely 10 ounces, but it is quite durable.

3. Jeep Travel System Weather Shield

This rain cover is made of thick plastic and is compatible with most travel systems on the market. What it lacks in finesse, it more than makes up for in simplicity and affordable price. A storage bag (which will come in handy when traveling with children) is included when purchasing this item.

4. Jolly Jumper Stroller Rain Cover

The clear vinyl cover is designed especially to provide protection without preventing your child from enjoying the view. At 94%, its UVA and UVB protection capability is pretty impressive, despite its modest price. The design itself is not too inspired, but it does get the job done.

5. Mountain Buggy Nano All Weather Cover

This dual purpose cover does not only provide protection from rain and wind but the harmful heat of the sun as well. It also provides adequate breathability so your child remains comfortable the entire time. The downside is that this is heavier than most other rain covers and it is compatible only with the Mountain Buggy Nano. Its price is also a bit steep compared to other covers.

6. Peg Perego Stroller Rain Cover

For a full coverage from front and sides, this product makes for a good choice. In addition, it is one of the versatile covers on the market, as it fits various seats. The top-of-the-line materials used to make this cover are durable and can be expected to stand the elements longer than other products.

7. Maclaren Raincover

Parents who are looking for a rain cover that is safe to use around their children even for extended periods should seriously consider this none. The Maclaren cover is Phtlate-free, which means it does not have harmful additives that are normally used on plastics to make them more flexible. The material is dirable enough, but a few customers have reported having to replace their Maclaren after a few months due to wear.

8. Joovy Caboose Ultralight Rain

This is among the easiest covers to install, and also highly convenient because of the front slit. You can pass anything to your child, i.e. bottle, toy, pacifier, without any difficulty even when the cover is on. The ventilation and breathability of this cover is also top notch, although the design is a bit too simple and unimaginative.

9. Britax B-Agile Double Stroller Rain Cove

This is a bit more pricey than most other covers on the market, but it practically pays for itself. It eaisly fits over both seats, including the canopies, which translates to excellent coverage when you need it most. The opening on either side makes it easier to check on each child and pass them their bottle whenever needed. It is not the lightest rain cover either, but it is a great choice for double strollers.

10. Manito Elegance Plus Stroller Weather Shield

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Verdict and Recommendation

There is no single best stroller rain cover, as it depends largely on what you need and how much cash you are willing to shell out. Opting for more durable options, even if they are slightly more expensive that what you originally intended to buy, might very well save you more money in the future.