Foundations LX4 Quad Stroller Review [Video]

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Foundations LX4 Quad Stroller Review

Foundations LX4 Quad Stroller Review

Speaker 1: I am doing a review on the Foundations LX4 Quad Stroller. This is not sponsored. This is just purely me doing a review because we have been eyeballing this stroller for about two years and going on YouTube trying to find reviews on it, there just weren’t any, so public service. Here you guys go for all of you mamas of lots of littles or anybody running a daycare center.

We’ve had this for about a week so it’s still all shiny and new. So far so good. I actually really like this thing. It’s got four seats, obviously, because it’s the Quad. I was pleasantly surprised how tall the front seats were.

Just for your information, we have four kids. Our oldest is six and then we have four-year-old, a two-and-a-half-year-old, and a six-and-a-half-month-old baby. Our six-year-old is 48 inches tall and weighs about 54 pounds. Technically, the ratings on this say you’re not supposed to go over 50 pounds, but he seems to fit just fine. Usually, we have him back here and he sits next to the baby to take care of him and actually fits quite well, so that’s nice.

This canopy on top is great. It doesn’t quite shade the front seat, but it keeps the back seat very well-shaded and folds up quite nicely, actually. Folds up in a few different places, see if I can show you. This folds down. It’s got two hinges right there. Then it comes back over here. You’re going to want to put it up and over this back part. Kind of tuck it down. Sorry, camera’s solo. Then push it back about like that. Works nicely.

Back here, this was one question we had, it does have a safety break. In order to move the stroller, you do have to hold this down and then it moves quite nicely. It can be a little bit of a pain to hold it down when you’re walking for a long time on a flat surface, so we just got some of these. They are just Velcro strips for wires and then just fold this down, wrap it around, and it works quite well.

There is also a safety break down here. That’s a foot brake, so you push it down and this thing isn’t moving. It’s a little tough to lift up but it’s doable. Yes, you can push it with one hand if you strap the safety break down. It’s a little tough but it’s doable. The back brake connected to the safety brake is a cable system, if you can see that, that works really well and it makes me happy. It just sticks a little thingy into the little cogs. It’s kind of hard to see but you can see that coming down now. That’s the safety brake. Works great.

One thing I’m disappointed on with this is the storage compartment underneath. That’s it. It’s very small and if you can see, it splits in the middle and then the storage just goes underneath the feet of the two kids sitting in the back and there is no footrest in the backseat. It just goes straight down to the canvas, so we have to keep an eye on that, try not to let the kids sit in it. Yeah, I know. Tell kids not to stand on things and sit in things is an invitation for them to do it, they’re going to do it, anyway. But so far, it seems pretty sturdy. But yes, again, there is no footrest, so if you have any stuff down there, their dirty little shoes are going to get on it and that’s a bummer.

Over here in the front, the cool thing about these is they are adjustable, so you just lift to wherever you want and then there’s this piece down here that just connects to whichever setting, so they can be straight up or you can take it down one. Oops, that’s the same one. This is why I need someone else filming. There we go. It’s slightly inclined or just let them hang flat down. My girls usually sit in the front and they have a little bit longer legs, so they like them straight down. Either way works.

Front wheels are doubles. These are the ones that rotate. Nifty little thing, if you want to take this jogging, which you can, I wouldn’t super-duper recommend it, but it’s doable, this little thing will lift up and lock the front wheels in place so you don’t need to worry about runaway stroller problems.

Now, folding this thing up is a bit of a chore, but it’s doable. There are two safety releases. One is right here and the other is here. This one does not have a button. In order to fold it down, you’re going to depress this all the way and then lift up on this tab right here at the same time as you’re lifting up on this tab here and you pull them both back and then the whole stroller will fold like this.

Now, when it’s collapsed, it’s still a good probably two to two-and-a-half feet thick. It’s pretty big and it is heavy, so not for the faint of heart. Now, I’m 5’4″, I’m kind of small, but I can lift this by myself. It just takes some oomph.

I fit it here in our ancient Ford Windstar minivan. Here’s the back. I don’t have measurements, but the back of this van is a little on the small side and the stroller does fit inside of it. That was something we were really worried about, but yes, it does fit. Nothing else is going to fit back there except for our little umbrellas, but yes, it does fit.

This thing is heavy but I’m short and I can still get it out. Then when you set it up, you’re going to want to yank on it a couple of times, otherwise, it’ll fold down on your kids.

Speaker 2: That’s a funny dance. You should do that again.

Speaker 1: You don’t want it to fold down on your kids, that would be bad. Anyway, ready to go. The seats do recline. These front seats, you’re just going to lift up on this. It goes back to about there.

The back seats, you come around here, are these buckles. These are currently reclined, the kids like them reclined. If you want them set up, then you just buckle these here and then there’s another on that side. The back seats don’t he back seats don’t recline very far, but it’s enough that it makes a difference.

This is the crash bar that came with it. It attaches with a flap attachment which folds over and clicks in place and that goes here. You’re just going to slide that through, which it’s easier if you unsnap this and then you can wiggle it through. It’s still kind of a pain to get on. Then you want to make sure that this is fully engaged and this, which it doesn’t like to go on straight. This plastic is pretty flimsy. There it is. Let me do the same on the other side.

Speaker 2: It’s already detached on this side.

Speaker 1: Yeah, see? They never stay on. All right, we’ll reattach this right through there. It does have these.

Speaker 2: Except that I fastened them under.

Speaker 1: Of course you did. Okay. We had fastened them under there because we never use them. These come up and loop over and snap there just as a little extra leg holder, I guess. Problem with this is barely any pressure and it pops right off, so we never use it. This is the one very poorly designed bit of this stroller, if you ask me.

Now, fortunately, this serves no real purpose, so we don’t use it. You don’t need it. It’s not important. It’s just one extra thing to drive you crazy while you’re pushing the stroller, so we just tuck these into here and away we go. There you go.

Four kiddos sitting in the stroller. This one is six, this one’s about six-and-a-half months. This one is two and this one is four and they fit quite nicely. Aiden, I’m going to put this back. Can you sit all the way back, please? He ducks a little bit in order to fit under the canopy, but once it’s down, then he can sit up.

Speaker 2: Aiden, can you sit all the way back with your back on it so it doesn’t look like you’re scrunched? I want to show them how comfortable you are in this.

Speaker 1: I think he’s scrunching on purpose, but he does actually fit pretty well. Okay, now sit up straight.

Speaker 3: Aiden, Aiden, Aiden. [inaudible 00:10:35].

Speaker 1: His seat is leaned back, so there is that bar there, but he does fit.

Speaker 3: You [inaudible 00:10:40].

Speaker 1: Yep.

Speaker 3: Daddy, you.

Speaker 4: You.

Speaker 1: ‘Kay, let’s go for a little walk.

Speaker 3: No, no, no, no, no.

Speaker 1: Pull the safety bar down. Honestly, this thing is smooth as can be.

Speaker 3: [inaudible 00:10:55].

Speaker 1: Even with, what do we have, over 150 pounds worth of kids in here, it handles really easily. The turning radius is really nice, which I love.

Speaker 3: [crosstalk 00:11:00]. Let’s do this. Yahoo!

Speaker 1: Even going up and down hills in our neighborhood is not hard. It’s pretty easy. So, there it is.

… find for the sad lack of cargo space is it came with these little straps, which they’re kind of hard to see. I’ll show you the one on the other side. They’re just sort of there. It’s just through a loop. There were two of them. I have no idea what they’re intended for. They were just there. I use one as a bag hook and it works pretty well. If you put it here, then you can still pull the hand break down with no problems.

‘Kay, this is to show the stroller does fit through doors. We’re just coming out of church.

Speaker 3: [crosstalk 00:00:11:50].

Speaker 1: It is a tight squeeze. Sometimes, it takes a little shimmying, but it does fit. Barely, but it does fit.

Well, I hope you enjoy the review of the Foundations LX4 Quad Stroller. If I had to give it a star rating at the end, I would say probably 4.5 out of five stars. So far, we really love the stroller. It’s great for our needs. The kids are comfortable, easy to push, not too horrible to haul around, and we are excited to take it to Disneyland next week, so maybe we’ll post an update video on how that goes.

Just FYI, for Disney fans, we did look up the stroller size restrictions for Disney and yes, this stroller fits. It is within just a couple of inches of their maximum size allowed, but it does meet the requirements, which is always good. You got to love Disney. Need that stroller. Anyway, thanks for watching.