How to Get Your Child to Sleep Better and Longer?- 10 Recommended Products!

How to get your child to sleep better

How to Get Your Child to Sleep Better and Longer?- Ten Recommended Items!

Bedtime battles are, unfortunately, a real war for many parents. They may struggle to get their children to go to sleep. Or they may have trouble getting their children to stay asleep.

The challenge for parents is finding a baby product that actually helps the child get to sleep and stay asleep.

Here are 10 Items to Help Your Baby Sleep Better

Product 01: Sleep Sacks

Sleep sacks are a kind of sleeping bag that you zip your child into. The child’s arms may be inside sleeves or left free. The main benefit of the sleep sack is that the child is warm and snug inside of it.

This may not eliminate the need for a blanket in the crib, but it reduces the need for it. Now your child won’t wake up cold because they accidentally kicked a blanket away or rolled over and were left exposed.

Sleep sacks also allow you to unzip them and change the child’s diaper with minimal disturbance.

Product 02: Foam Wedges

Foam wedges can solve several root problems that keep your child up or cause them to wake up. A gently sloped foam wedge in the crib could ease drainage from their nose, reducing the number of times they wake up choking on snot.

It helps them to drink from a bottle but not get fluid trapped in their inner ear. It reduces acid reflux from a late night feeding. In short, this baby product treats multiple reasons that children wake up in the middle of the night.

Product 03: Pacifier Plushies

Pacifier plushies are pacifiers with a stuffed animal attached. How does this help your child sleep at night? The answer depends on how often your child wakes up at night because they lost their pacifier. If the pacifier is attached to a stuffed animal they hold onto all night, they won’t lose the pacifier.

On the flipside, a child who holds on tight to the pacifier all night won’t lose the stuffed animal that they feel better holding onto. A side benefit of the stuffed animal is that it makes manipulating the pacifier by moving the stuffed animal easier.

We recommend this plushy because the pacifier can be swapped out with a teething ring, and the entire thing is machine washable.

Product 04: A Forehead Thermometer

Is the baby fussy because they’re sick? You want them to sleep so that they’ll feel better and possibly get better.

At the same time, you need to know if they’re developing a fever so you can treat it. This is why you want a forehead thermometer instead of sticking a traditional thermometer in your child’s rear.

We recommend a forehead thermometer that can double as an ear thermometer. Then you won’t make the wrong decision because something threw the forehead reading off.

Product 05: Head Support

Our children don’t always fall asleep in their cribs. They may fall asleep in their stroller or their car seat. Unfortunately, they may wake up as their head slumps off to the side or falls forward.

That’s why we recommend a car seat support pillow. The challenge is finding one that fits is nearly every car seat, baby swing or stroller. We found one by Boppy Noggin, and that’s why we’re recommending it to you.

A side benefit of their design is that it helps prevent flattening of the head if the child leans against it for hours at a time.

Product 06: Swaddling for Dummies

They say that swaddling your baby in blankets will make them remember the soothing sensation of being in the womb. It also has the practical benefit of preventing a baby’s arms from flailing, hitting them in the face or scratching an eye.

The hard part for parents is swaddling them well without doing it too tight. Swaddling has a tendency to come apart overnight, too. This is why we offer the SwaddleMe swaddle set. You get three swaddling blankets that are attached with hooks and loops.

You don’t have to worry about how to play origami with the blanket. Also, You can easily undo it to change the child’s diaper or tighten it. And it can be tossed in the wash whenever necessary.

One point in favor of the version we recommend is that it can be used though the child is in a car seat.

Product 07: Night Light and Sound Machine

Parents benefit from products that combine several functions into one. Then they have fewer items to set up before the child goes to sleep and fewer things to keep track of.

Along these lines, you can find the Bubzie white noise sound machine. It can generate white noise to drown out outside noises, or it can play a number of lullabies. It doubles as a night light.

Product 08: Portable Noise Machine / Night Light

We’ve already mentioned that children often fall asleep away from home. Whether you’re driving or walking through the store, you probably want the child to stay asleep.

This is why the Soiay brand portable white noise/shusher and night light was made. It can sit in the strollers or car seat, making it easier for the child to ignore environmental noise and stay asleep.

If you buy this model in addition to the larger owl white noise generator and night light, your child will benefit from the sense of continuity. Then it will be easier for them to sleep in an unfamiliar place.

Product 09: Teethers

Babies like to put things in their mouth. A child that is teething is in need of teethers, while young children at all points in life want toys in the crib. This is why a set of toy keys that double as teethers are a great thing to pick up.

The Nuby brand gel teether keys have the added benefit of being able to be stored in the fridge or freezer and then given to your child. It will stay cold for hours. Your baby could fall asleep teething on it.

The rest of the time, they’ll just play with it.

Product 10: Medical Remedies

Sometimes the child is having trouble sleeping because of tummy troubles. It may be gas. It might be something else. There are a ton of colic remedies out there.

We recommend the Little Remedies brand fast acting “gripe water”, since it is safe enough for newborns but works well for babies at all stages.

Final Words

We’ve shared our top ten baby products for helping your child go to sleep and stay asleep, whether they are sleeping in their car seat or their crib.

We’ve explained why these products beat the competition and how they’re of benefit to parents and children alike.