Graco Click Connect Literider Stroller Review

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The Graco Click Connect Literider Stroller surprised me – I was looking for an easy-to-steer stroller that would fit in my car, and I wasn’t disappointed. We’ve tried jogging and full-size strollers and needed something smaller for quick trips.

Extremely easy to put together

This Stroller is only a little bigger than an umbrella stroller but brings the power and durability of a much larger stroller. Its smaller size makes it a breeze to put in a trunk or smaller car, and I think this will be good to take along on car trips because it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Even with a smaller frame, there is plenty of room in the seat. The stroller can hold a child up to 40 pounds, so it can get you well through your little one’s early years.

Graco Click Connect Literider Stroller

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It was extremely easy to put together. The canopy shade, front wheels and rear axle simply snap into place, and I put on the rear wheels in three quick steps.

Comfort and Safety for Baby

This stroller makes traveling enjoyable for both parent and child. A padded two-level reclining seat means your little one can sit up and look around,

but with a quick switch, shifts to a reclined position for naps or resting.

Graco Click Connect Literider Stroller Review

The included child’s tray has a cup holder and space for snacks or toys. It pops open to let older children in and out of the stroller or comes off completely if you want.

Comfortable for Parents

Best Graco Click Connect Literider Stroller

My favorite part of my jogging stroller is the ability to steer – this stroller steers just as well, if not better.

the Graco Click Connect LiteRider Stroller has front-swivel wheels that make it easier to turn sharp corners or avoid something in front of me. It has fantastic maneuverability.

I like that it has four front wheels. They give me more control and make the stroller feel much sturdier when I’m turning a corner.

Amazing Portability

Weighing in at less than 17 pounds the Graco Click Connect LiteRider Stroller is incredibly easy to fit in the car. It’s designed to unfold with one easy step, one of my favorite features.

Lift the handle up, and open the storage latch at the same time. Once it’s fully open, a click sound ensures the stroller won’t fold back down.

Graco Travel Stroller

Putting the stroller away is even easier. Push a button and turn a piece on the handle, and with a slight push down, the stroller closes and can be put away.

Provides Years of Use

Graco Literider Stroller

All Graco Click Connect products are compatible within the line, and this is no different.

The Click Connect car seats give parents peace of mind that their child is safe and secure from car seat to stroller.

Additionally, a five-point harness is the safest option for younger children and is included in the Graco Click Connect LiteRider Stroller. 

Once your baby has grown, the safety straps can be converted to a three-point harness for older children.

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A few of my favorite features:

  • Sufficient Storage: The extra-large storage basket under the stroller makes trips easier – I can fit my diaper bag and several other bags underneath the seat
  • Secure Harness: The straps are easy to adjust to fit your child’s size, lay flat, and buckle quickly.
  • Parent Tray: One of my favorite features that sets this apart from lightweight umbrella strollers is the parent tray that gives you room to keep your drink, keys and cell within reach.
  • This Graco LiteRider Stroller is Compatible with all Click Connect Infant Car Seats
  • It also has 40-pound Capacity and Two-level Recline Feature.
  • I can easily push the stroller by Parking Brake what makes my trips more smooth.
  • The Stroller is available in several colors; FinchBear TrailKyte, and Play.


When you’re thinking about purchasing this stroller, there are a few things to remember:

  • The Graco LiteRider Click Connect is a small stroller. If you’re expecting or need a larger stroller, this might not be the stroller for you.
  • The reclining feature is great, but it does only have two levels. Some strollers let you adjust the degree of seat recline with a strap, but a bar at the back of the seat controls the recline for this seat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Q. Will this work with my Click Connect car seat?

​Ans. Yes, the Click Connect line is designed to be compatible so that all Click Connect products will work together.

Q. Can I use this with my newborn?

Ans. It comes with a padded headrest to help maintain your baby’s head position. There are shoulder straps, but I recommend keeping the stroller reclined until your baby has good head control.

Q. How does the seat recline work?

Ans. Clips on the back of the seat hold the seat in the upright position; it can be moved to recline the seat.

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Final Verdict

The colorful fabric, the padded headrest for younger children with less head control and the attached canopy are great additional features. The seat cover is easy-to-clean in case of spills, and the frame can be wiped down with household soap and warm water.

From navigating shopping to a quick walk in the park, purchasing the Graco Click Connect Lite Rider was one of the best choices I’ve made.