The No Fluff Lillebaby Carrier Review for 2021

Lillebaby Carrier Review

Parenting becomes a lot easier with the right baby gear. Whether you’re taking a stroll at the park, or grocery shopping, having a baby carrier can help you to keep your baby safe and close and your hands free for other things.

Slings and carriers are plentiful in the market. There are a lot to choose from, with different features, accessories, and materials. You have to consider these carefully: making the wrong choice, you can end up with straps, buckles, or belts in the wrong places, which can make it less comfortable for you and your baby.

Don’t worry, though, we’re here to provide you with a no-fluff review of Lillebaby baby carriers to help you with your purchase.

Top 4 Best No Fluff Lillebaby Carrier – Comparison

The Lillebaby Brand

Lillebaby has its roots in the Scandinavian values of quality of life, honesty, and a love for nature’s beauty.

They promote comfort and style, parent and caretaker empowerment, innovation, and Stamme or community. The brand creates products that intend to deepen the bond between parents and their children, all the while inspiring adventures in the family.

The Lillebaby Brand focuses on the family itself, and that’s why parents trust them.

The Lillebaby Baby Carrier

Now that you know what makes Lillebaby one of the trusted brands for parents, let’s compare the many different products they offer.

Lillebaby Complete Original

This is Lilebaby’s flagship carrier. The Lillebaby Complete Original has six ergonomic carry positions which ensure your baby’s comfort and support.

You can also adjust the carrier with its adjustable straps (in two different ways) and extendable back panel. What’s more, the carrier has an oversized cargo pocket for storage.

Lillebaby Complete All Seasons

As the name suggests, the Lillebaby Complete All Seasons is perfect to use in all weather conditions.

It has the support and comfort of the Lillebaby Complete, plus a zip-down front panel for your baby’s temperature control. The Lillebaby Complete All Seasons has soft and breathable mesh for that breezy comfort your baby needs during warm days.

Lillebaby Complete Airflow

It gets hot for both you and your baby when wearing a baby carrier! Lillebaby has a solution for this problem: the Lillebaby Complete Airflow.

This carrier has a full-body breathable mesh design perfect for summer days. Stay supported, cool, and comfortable in your adventures with the Lillebaby Airflow carrier.

Lillebaby CarryOn

You may not think of it, but your toddler or older kids may also be carried in a baby carrier. With the Lillebaby CarryOn, you can enjoy more adventures together!

The carrier can support children weighing up to sixty pounds and has a wider seat and taller back for total comfort. The breathable mesh fabric for temperature control and adjustable straps mean you can have fun with your toddler anytime.

Lillebaby SeatMe

If you want a dual-purpose carrier for your child, the Lillebaby SeatMe is the perfect choice for you.

The SeatMe transforms from a soft-structured seat to a solid hip seat for your growing child. This carrier has a well-padded shelf seat that eases your baby’s hip position and provides support for you as well. Plus, it has a zippered pocket, perfect for storing your baby essentials.

Lillebaby Pursuit

Going on an adventure? Why not take your baby with you using the Lillebaby Pursuit?

This carrier has it all: adjustable straps, extendable back panel, lower back support, and easy-to-adjust seats to ensure an ergonomic fit for your baby and your comfort and support. It also has a mesh panel for temperature control and a water-resistant shell to keep your baby protected from the weather. What’s more, it has seven pockets, including Lillebaby’s new tech touch pocket.

Lillebaby Serenity

Innovative, breathable, comfortable. These perfectly describe the Lillebaby Serenity.

This baby carrier has everything other Lillebaby carriers have, plus some innovative technology. The Lillebaby Serenity has three seat settings for your baby. You can choose from narrow seat, medium seat, or wide seat settings to suit your baby’s hips. These are also adjustable with straps in the front and belt adjusters.

What Makes A Lillebaby Carrier A Great Choice?

First, let’s find out what makes the Lillebaby Carrier trusted among parents. After all, it’s a brand that gets 5-star reviews, with many parents commenting that it’s worth the price.

Lillebaby has carriers for every stage of your baby’s life, from as early as newborns, weighing around seven pounds to even toddlers weighing forty-five pounds. The brand also has carriers for every parenting style and body type.

You can also choose the fabric for your baby carrier. You can go green with the eco-friendly material, or go for hemp or organic cotton. If you’re aiming for maximum comfort, you can choose a breathable or lightweight material. Or, you can go for its mesh material or the extra safe light-reflective one. If you’re in a place with a warmer climate, Lillebaby Carrier also has material specially made for your climate conditions.

Here’s more of what makes Lillebaby Carrier one of the best baby carriers in the market.

Climate considerate

Parents often hesitate to buy slings for their babies because of the climate. Some carriers have materials that are not ideal for warmer or even colder climates. This makes it uncomfortable for both the parent and the baby to use.

However, Lillebaby uses materials and fabric that heavily consider the climate the babies and parents are experiencing. The brand has baby carriers for all types of climate to keep you and your baby comfortable. For example, the Lillebaby Airflow is perfect for places with warmer climates. It has a full-body mesh design that makes it very breathable and comfortable for your baby. Its design also makes it comfortable for you to wear.

You can also go for the Lillebaby All Seasons which guarantees to provide maximum comfort in all seasons, as its name suggests. The carrier has a temperature control mesh panel and water-resistant shell to allow you and your baby to do everything you need to, in all weather conditions.

Multiple carrying positions

When choosing your baby carrier, you also have to consider the carrying position the carrier allows. It is important that your choice of carrier allows for healthy positioning of the hips and legs, to reduce the risk of developmental dysplasia of the hips of your baby.

You also want to think about the long-term. While your newborn will love being snuggled into your chest, by the time six months pass they may well get restless, wanting to be forward-facing and see what’s going on.

Lillebaby carriers allow you to use multiple carrying positions for different occasions. You can use up to six carry positions ergonomically. Carrying positions in Lillebaby carriers include forward-facing (outward-facing), inward-facing, hip carry, back carry, and inward-facing for toddlers. Some of the carriers work with three carry positions, while others allow all six carry positions, including a hip and/or back carry position.

No matter the position you use, these carriers provide support for your baby and you as well as comfort for your infant or toddler.

Lillebaby The Complete Airflow 360°

No infant insert needed

With some types of sling or carrier, the standard system is only suitable for babies from 6 months upwards. If you want to use it with a newborn, you sometimes find you need to use an insert to keep baby safe inside the carrier.

One thing to remember in Lillebaby carriers is that you do not have to use an infant insert for your newborn baby. The brand’s carriers are infant-ready and can support your child from seven pounds up to forty-five pounds.

Support for your shoulders and waist

Carrying the weight of your baby for a long time can be very tiresome and may cause pain to your shoulders and waist. Lillebaby carriers ensure that you will stay comfortable when worn for long periods of time with their well-padded shoulder straps and belt.

The shoulder straps are also very easily adjustable, so both you and your partner can use the carrier, regardless of whether you are of different sizes.

Trusted lumbar support

Babywearing, while lovely, often leads to back pain, especially if you are not maintaining a proper posture while carrying your little one.

You could avoid this problem and maintain proper posture by having a baby carrier with full support for your lumbar region. Good thing that Lillebaby carriers have a lumbar support system! This system promotes proper posture while carrying your baby, and provides you with full support for your lower back.

Neck and head support for your baby

Your baby carrier should also be able to support your tiny one’s body, especially their fragile neck and head. Lillebaby carriers have head and neck support for your baby so that their tiny heads could stay protected while you are carrying them.

These carriers also have a removable hood for sun protection. The hood is easy to attach and easy to remove. Just tuck the hood into the outside pocket when it isn’t needed. The headrest is also adjustable, so your baby can stay supported, safe and comfortable while growing.

Wait, there’s more!

Lillebaby also offers accessories to supplement your baby-wearing. You can use these accessories for increased support and comfort for your child.

For example, Lillebaby’s infant pillow helps you position your baby in the ideal placement and supports your baby’s natural position.

The brand also has an Organic Chest Bib and Teething Pad Set that prevents drool from wetting your baby carrier and clothes. The teething pad also prevents your baby from chewing the carrier straps and gives them a soft safe place to chew.

These accessories make your babywearing a lot easier. Be sure to check them out!

Bottom Line

Babywearing comes with a lot of choices for parents and all those choices can make finding the right product stressful.  There are a lot of brands that swear on their support and comfort for both the wearer and the baby, but only end up in disappointment.

This is not the case for Lillebaby carriers, though. With the brand’s ergonomic fit and support system, babywearing will always be a joy for both you and your child. You’ll take on many new adventures (or simple errands) with your baby, and deepen your connection with your precious little one.