Lollipop Baby Monitor Review for 2021

Lollipop Baby Monitor Review

Whether you’re a first-time mom, or it’s your second, or even third time around, we know being able to monitor your precious ones is of paramount importance to you. For this reason, we reviewed the Lollipop baby camera and compared its audio and video qualities, as well as the price, against monitors of similar quality.

The Lollipop monitor is a magnificent Wi-Fi-enabled baby monitor with many functional features. It is a product of Masterwork Aiotek Tech Corp Ltd (Taiwan). The Lollipop smart baby monitor uses new technology to help you check on your baby when you’re away from them.

Lollipop smart baby monitor has a modern and flexible design so that you can mount it in various positions. It is a simple baby camera that is easy to set up and has a clear night view and crying detection abilities.

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The Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor Package

The Lollipop baby monitor comes with a camera, a wall plate, and a wall-mounting kit resembling a tree branch. Other items include cord guards, a power adapter, and a power cord.

Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor Review

Lollipop Baby Monitor with True Crying Detection

The Lollipop smart baby monitor is a stylish device with a flexible structure and fancy colors. You can connect the Lollipop monitor to your phone to have a video and audio monitor. Connection to your phone requires a Lollipop app that enables you to control features like infrared night vision, two-way talkback, and lullabies.

The Lollipop app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. To get connected, download the free app from your Google Play or Apple App Store and sign up. Alternatively, you can sign up on the company’s website.                

Design Features


Lollipop smart baby monitor has a sleek appearance, a patented design, and comes in pastel colors. Its design is different from other baby monitors, which resemble security cameras. It’s made of non-toxic silicone, and its three colors are Turquoise, Pistachio, and Cotton Candy. 


The Lollipop baby camera has five mounting options. Using the bendable leg, you can mount it to a crib rail. Mounting it on the crib rail can also be done using cord guards. You can also stand it on a lollipop wall mount (provided with the camera).

You can easily have a surface mount by curling the bendable leg (stem). For a roll mount, wrap the bendable leg around a separately bought floor stand. A wall mount is most suitable for newborns since they won’t reach for the camera or covers. The surface mount enables you to mount the baby camera in various positions or wrap it around different items.

A roll mount will give you a bird’s eye view and keep the cord at a safe distance away from the crib to prevent your baby from pulling it.

The Lollipop App

The app is a feature that enables you to control detection settings like temperature, humidity, air quality, and noise. In addition, the lollipop camera has a built-in speaker that plays soothing sounds such as white noise and lullabies available on the app.

Lollipop App

Audio & Video Quality

The Lollipop baby camera gives you a high-definition audio and video quality of 720p. Even if your phone is of a previous version, the picture quality will still be excellent on your screen. All you need for a seamless streaming experience is a stable wifi connection.


Although the remote pan and tilt feature isn’t available on the Lollipop baby camera, you can pinch and zoom the pictures on your phone instead.

Two-Way Talk

You can press the microphone button on the mobile app to access the two-way talk feature. Next, select the camera you’d like to use to avoid waking up another baby in a different room. Sound travels through to the camera’s speaker, and your baby can hear you.


The Lollipop is loaded with about six classical music songs and various sounds to soothe your baby. The sounds include sea waves, water, womb, vacuum, white noise, and hairdryer.

Safety Features

To stream video and audio signals, the Lollipop camera uses your available Wi-Fi network. Thus, electromagnetic exposure to your baby is minimized.

Unfortunately, many other wifi baby monitors emit radio signals in addition to the Wi-Fi connection, harmfully exposing your baby to the electromagnetic field.

To limit EMF exposure, you should always place the Lollipop camera more than 1.8 meters away from your baby’s crib.

Security Features

The Lollipop camera has a privacy option where you can exclusively stream your baby’s video and audio signal via your local Wi-Fi connection.

Once you decide to maintain the video signal locally, all external video streaming is blocked, reducing the risk of hacking. But as the owner, you can still stream the videos when you’re outside your network.

However, when using the Lollipop monitor locally, various advanced features are inaccessible.

Free Storage

As an added bonus, Lollipop also uses Amazon’s cloud services to record your baby’s videos. This means you don’t have to worry about running out of storage, and can review all the data to check for notable incidents such as unusual noise and crying.

Convenience Features


The Lollipop monitor supports multiple cameras in your home. Multi-streaming is most useful for monitoring more than one baby. When you use multiple cameras, you can see two videos simultaneously on dual-screen using the Lollipop app. In addition, you can scroll through the cameras for a clear view of all of them.

The cameras can be mounted in different rooms where each baby sleeps. The feature also allows streaming from various mobile gadgets concurrently. 

Multi-Streaming Mode of Lollipop

Audio Mode

The Lollipop baby monitor has an audio option that you can switch on as you retire to bed. You can also turn it on as you cook, clean the house, or launder your clothes. In that mode, you’ll receive an audio update for your baby’s room despite your phone screen being switched off. In addition, you can tap the camera app open to activate the video recording feature.


Due to its compactness, the Lollipop monitor is convenient for traveling across various distances. At your new location, attach the Lollipop camera and link it to your restricted Wi-Fi connection since it’s already paired with the Lollipop app on your phone.

Crossing and Crying Detection

The Lollipop app efficiently detects baby cries, loud noises, and when your baby tries to climb out of the crib. The Lollipop distinguishes between your baby’s cries and background noise at a minimum accuracy rate of 96%. It also sends you notifications when your baby attempts to climb on the crib or when they cry.

Advanced Night Vision  

The Lollipop baby monitor uses infrared night vision to give you a clear view of your child despite their room being dark. The baby camera uses LED 940nm IR and  LED 850nm IR light for short and long-distance monitors.

Sleep Tracking

The Lollipop baby camera tracks your baby’s sleep patterns to keep you updated whenever you need to implement healthy sleep changes. It also helps you determine the number of hours your baby sleeps every day.

Product Compatible with the Lollipop Baby Monitor

Lollipop Sensor for Lollipop Baby Monitor

Since the baby monitor won’t allow you to track temperature, humidity, and air quality stats, you’ll need to buy a Lollipop sensor. The sensor easily connects to the app via Bluetooth, even if you move it to different positions. The sensor is effective in detecting temperature, humidity, and air quality in your baby’s room.

The sensor stores its records in a daily or weekly data chart which you can access via the camera app. The sensor comes in a grey color that matches any color of your baby monitor.

Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor’s Manufacturer

Masterwork Aoitek Tech Corp Ltd is a private technological company headquartered in Taipei City, Taiwan. The company has been manufacturing the Lollipop baby camera since 2014. The Lollipop monitor has won awards from various platforms, including the Made For Mums (2020), Verywell, and Baby Gear Essentials.

The company’s staff have diverse backgrounds and skillsets. The company specializes in the production of maternal and baby products, services, and software.

Lollipop Baby Monitor Safety Review

The Lollipop monitor has a minimum risk of electromagnetic field exposure as it uses a wifi connection for streaming. However, it is best to place the camera away from your baby by 1.8 meters or more.

Since the use of Wi-Fi exposes your network to hacking, the lollipop provides an option to localize your streaming to prevent hackers from accessing your system. Hacking is a safety threat as the hackers can keep scaring your baby via the talkback feature.

Benefits of the Lollipop Baby Monitor

The Lollipop smart baby monitor offers plenty of functional features as compared to other baby monitors. The sleek modern design complements your baby’s room. Its compactness and ease of mounting make it a good choice for traveling. The Lollipop baby camera is easy to set up, saving you time.

Sleep Tracking

The sleep tracking feature allows you to know your baby’s sleeping patterns and determine whether they are having a healthy sleep. The white noise and other soothing sounds help to calm your baby. Finally, the two-way talk feature enables you to talk with your baby when away from them, enabling a further connection with your baby.  


The multi-streaming feature allows you to use multiple cameras to monitor different children in various rooms within your house. It can also allow streaming from more than one phone at once. The crying detection feature is the lollipop camera’s outstanding feature as it distinguishes between crying and background noises in the room.

Audio Recording

The audio mode gives you peace of mind since it records and sends you alarms when unusual events occur. The Lollipop camera also captures additional room data that can help you know what triggered your baby to cry. The clear night vision allows you to monitor your baby even without lights in their room.


The Lollipop camera has a lower price compared to other monitors with similar features. Its mobile app is subscription-free and simple to use. This helps make Lollipop a popular brand for many parents.


The Wi-Fi connection gives you an excellent view of your entire house and an option to keep your connection private and secure. It also gives you high-quality video despite your phone’s version. In addition, the company gives you free monthly cloud storage when you buy.

Demerits of the Lollipop Baby Monitor

To access advanced features such as temperature, humidity, and air quality assessment, you’ll need to buy a sensor that is an extra cost to you. You’ll also need a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection for seamless streaming.

The surface mount is not sturdy enough, and the Lollipop camera doesn’t tilt. Instead, it remains fixed once mounted.

Lollipop Baby Monitor’s Competition

Lollipop Baby Monitor Versus Nanit Plus  Baby Monitor Review

  • The Lollipop comes at an affordable price, while Nanit is expensive.
  • Both baby monitors provide a wall mount option, but the Lollipop has more options than the Nanit.
  • Although the Nanit has a higher sound and image quality of 1080p, the Lollipop’s image quality of 720p is sufficient for most users.

Lollipop Baby Monitor Versus Eufy SpaceView Review

Lollipop streams video and audio signals using available wifi to your mobile phone. However, Eufy transmits sound and video signals from the camera to a portable monitor.

Both monitors are simple to use and produce superb sound and video quality. However, the Lollipop allows you to stream video even when you’re miles away. In contrast, Eufy’s signal can only be used within your house or apartment.

The Lollipop baby monitor is fairly priced, but Eufy is cheaper. The Lollipop camera allows you to zoom the pictures, but Eufy lacks the zoom button.

The Lollipop has well-regulated volumes, whereas the Eufy plays lullabies at a very high volume despite setting it at its lowest level.

Safety First

When using the Lollipop monitor, always remember to opt for local streaming on the privacy settings to prevent access by hackers. In addition, it is essential to place all electronic gadgets safely away from your baby to minimize EMF exposure and prevent your baby from pulling at the cords.

Bottom Line

The Lollipop baby monitor is a convenient gadget that gives you peace of mind when you’re away from your baby. It helps you track your baby’s activity from your phone. It is a simple baby monitor with numerous features at an affordable price. You can invest in the sensor at an added cost to access advanced features. 

If you have twins or multiple children to look after, the Lollipop monitor becomes your best option. It allows you to install several cameras in your children’s room or different rooms and record data for all of them from one phone. It also supports multiple gadgets, so your partner or babysitter can help you stream the videos.

We hope our review and buyer’s guide have helped you choose the best video monitor for your baby.  Whether you’re at home, working or relaxing, or enjoying an evening out, the Lollipop baby monitor will give you peace of mind.