Our Owlet vs Snuza Baby Monitor Comparison for 2022

Owlet vs Snuza Baby Monitors

Do you often worry when you leave your baby in their room alone at night? Are you stressed about your little one’s health, including their heart rate and oxygen levels? Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is a concern to many parents, and they welcome any help that will guarantee health and safety for their babies.

Whether you are a new parent or you already have two children or more, you will always worry about your lovely ones – especially when it comes to their health. The perfect way to keep a protective watch over your babies at all times is to get a baby monitor which will allow you to keep tabs on your child 24/7, both day and night.

Owlet Vs Snuza – Which Baby Monitor Should You Choose?

Owlet Baby Monitor Overview

Many parents love the Owlet Baby Monitor because it has lots of useful features. One of them is the alert, which will notify you when your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels drop below normal during the day and night. However, it could give you a false alarm in some instances, including when your baby accidentally pulls the monitor off.

Although a lot of people called Owlet Baby Monitor a “sock”, babies don’t always have to wear this Owlet Smart Baby Sock on their foot. You can wrap the Owlet Baby Socks around their arms to make them comfortable. The strap holds well, so you don’t have to worry about it not working effectively.

Owlet Baby Monitor has been claimed as one of the best baby monitors worldwide for its ability to monitor baby oxygen levels and heart rate accurately. You don’t even have to be in the same room with them, as the monitor connects with your cell phone. It is such a relief for parents who overthink and stress about something unexpected happening to their little one.

Snuza Baby Monitor Overview

Snuza has several baby monitors that you can choose a suitable one for your baby. Their online store has apnea monitors and breathing motion monitors. You can choose Snuza Go, or Snuza Hero SE, or Snuza Pico 2. Snuza monitors are often recommended because they are medically certified and any baby will feel comfortable when wearing the monitor.

The Snuza Hero SE Baby Monitor is a great baby monitor as it sounds an alarm 15 seconds after it senses no breathing activities to wake the baby and sounds an alarm after 20 seconds.

It will alert you when the baby’s oxygen levels drop to 8 breaths per minute or less. It is also easy to clip Snuza Hero SE onto the baby’s nappy to monitor their breathing for the whole night. Snuza Hero SE doesn’t require special bedding set up which means you are sorted when traveling.

Babies will be comfortable when wearing the Snuza Hero SE because it’s made from soft material. The premium rubber ensures this baby monitor stays durable for years. It also has no wires or codes or special sensor pads. It fits the pal of the hands which makes it easy to transport anywhere.

Owlet Vs Snuza Baby Monitor: Product Specification


Forgot to charge your Owlet Baby Monitor at night? No worries – this smart sock features fast wireless charging which only needs 20 minutes to charge for eight hours of use. If you have time to charge it for an hour, you can use the Owlet Smart Sock for 19 hours. The base station comes in a compatible design, so you won’t need a lot of space to charge it.

The Snuza Hero SE is not rechargable, so you’ll need to change the batteries when they run low. The battery last lasts for around 2000 hours. It uses CR2 batteries and has a red light indicator to alert you when its time to change the batteries.

Height and Age Limits

The Owlet Baby Monitor is completely safe for newborns up to five years, both the Owlet Smart Sock 2 and Smart Sock 3. Smart Sock 2 has a larger size than Smart Sock 3; you can clip it onto the baby’s left or right foot without worry, and it’s still able to track your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels.

Babies can use Snuza baby monitors from 0-18 months. It is also safe to use on premature babies. You have to ensure it fits snuggly when you clip it onto a baby’s diaper.

Owlet Baby Monitor age limits

Design Features

baby monitor desing feature

An Owlet Baby Monitor is lightweight, so babies can go about their activities without feeling weighed down. You can easily clip onto babies even when they are already sleeping or when they are actively playing with their toys.

Snuza Hero SE is also a portable baby monitor with a compatible design, which means you can bring it along when you are traveling. The small size makes it easy to place everywhere, whether in your luggage or even on the stroller!

Premium Material

Owlet Smart Sock is made from premium fabrics which make it easy to fasten comfortably and is comfortable for your baby. The main difference between Owlet Smart Sock 2 baby monitor and Smart Sock 3 has to do with the sensors.

The sensor on Smart Sock 3 is attached to the socks, so they won’t fall off baby’s foot even if your child is playing with them. It’s less bulky too, so babies won’t feel that it’s too tight on them.

Keep in mind that you need to clean the Owlet Smart Socks by hand with lukewarm water and soap, as it’s not machine washable.

Snuza baby monitor is made of Medical grade plastic and silicone material. It is phthalate, lead, BPA, and latex-free and is therefore safe for your baby. It has a clipper that makes it easy to clip onto the baby’s diaper.

Useful Phone App

Another benefit of choosing the Owlet Baby Monitor is that you will get all your baby’s information at your fingertips. In the phone app, you will see the battery status, Wi-Fi connection status, and most importantly, your baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels, baby’s sleep(light or deep sleep), and more.

Your cell phone will play a soft lullaby to notify if the sock is loosened, so you can put it back properly and start monitoring your lovely one again.

Owlet Baby Monitor app

One of the main differences between Owlet vs Snuza is that the Snuza baby monitor has no smartphone App but rather features a loud ticking sound that is at par with your baby’s breathing. In case a baby stops breathing, the device will vibrate to prompt the baby to start breathing and sound alarm to alert you. It is a simple sophisticated monitoring device.

Alerts and Alarms

baby monitors alarms

Alerts and alarms are a must when it comes to baby monitors – otherwise, you won’t know if your baby’s breathing or abdominal movement becomes inconsistent. Both the Owlet and Snuza use clinically proven pulse oximetry, which monitors your baby’s oxygen levels using a tiny beam of light.

While each monitor tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level, the way this information is conveyed to you depends on the baby monitor. Owlet baby monitor base alerts you using lights. The green light means your baby is okay and everything is going well.

Yellow light means there’s some change, and it could be that your baby has kicked the sock off. Then blue light means the connection is lost, so you need to fix the connection and keep monitoring your baby.

Owlet sounds an alarm when the oxygen saturation drops, and the base station of your baby monitor will play a soft lullaby and blink the red light. The Owlet Baby Monitor will also alert you on your phone.

Snuza Hero SE has similar features with color codes where it will blink a green light to alert that your baby is okay. It not only tracks heart rate and oxygen levels but also tracks baby’s temperature. The sturdy material makes it easy to clip onto a baby’s feet or even a baby diaper!

Different from the Owlet Smart Sock, many parents said they barely ever get false alarms from the Snuza Hero SE baby monitor. However, some reviews said Snuza Baby Monitor sometimes gives false alarms when babies become too active.


Since baby monitors are getting popular nowadays, parents often struggle to choose between the different models. The Owlet Baby Sock is more expensive than other baby monitors out there, but it guarantees 45 days of peace of mind where you can refund it to them if you are not satisfied with the product.

The main difference between Snuza vs Owlet Baby Monitor is the price. You can get a Snuza Hero monitoring device for less than $100, and it will be durable for years as long as you use it properly.

Snuza Vs Owlet Baby Monitor: Key Similarities

Parents who have used a baby monitor, whether Owlet or Snuza, say that it gives peace of mind, and they get a longer and more peaceful sleep at night.

Although the Snuza Baby Monitor is more traditional than Owlet, both are going to help you track your baby whenever you want. Both will alert you immediately when something changes, so you don’t have to worry about the risk of SIDS anymore.

Both of these baby monitors are made from the best material, so it’s completely safe for your baby to use them every day.

Owlet Vs Snuza Baby Monitor: Key Differences

The main difference between the Owlet Smart Sock and Snuza baby monitor is that the Snuza Hero SE doesn’t feature a video screen, which means you can only monitor their non-visuals. Neither of these monitors can track room temperature, so you need to check manually whether your baby is comfortable.

Although you can’t monitor your baby through a video screen, Snuza Hero SE will gently vibrate your baby after 15 seconds, so you know they are in good hands. The alarms will automatically turn off after 20 seconds, so your baby can go peacefully back to sleep.

Another thing that differentiates Snuza Baby Monitor from Owlet Smart Socks is that Snuza still uses batteries, which means you don’t have to charge it whenever you want to monitor your baby. However, some people are not impressed by this because they think batteries are more complicated and potentially dangerous.

Many parents choose Snuza Baby Monitor instead of Owlet because it clips onto your baby’s diaper, unlike Owlet which the baby has to wear as a sock. Hundreds of reviews said it tracks better than other baby monitors which clip into the mattress. Snuza also senses more baby movement, and it will alert parents immediately when their movement drops into less than eight each minute.

Some parents also claimed that the Snuza Baby Monitor is more effective to prevent SIDS because it automatically vibrates the baby when they stop breathing. It features a ticking mode where you can hear babies breathing from a different room.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found this comparison helpful in deciding between Snuza vs Owlet. If you are a parent who is always worried about your little as they sleep, then, a sleep monitor will help you sleep better. You will have peace of mind which will translate to better sleep.

If you choose to purchase Owlet Baby Monitor, then keep in mind it costs more than Snuza MD. This means it is best for parents who wish to spend more. It features modern technology, and it helps track your baby’s heart and oxygen saturation whether they are sleeping at night or playing during the day.

Remember that even when armed with your baby monitoring device, you still need to do regular physical checks on your baby. Baby monitors don’t prevent sudden and unexplained death, but they do offer reassurance that an alarm will sound if your baby’s breathing movement changes.

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