Our 2021 Radio Flyer Wagon With Canopy Review

Our 2021 Radio Flyer Wagon with Canopy Review

Wagons are four-wheeled vehicles used to transport goods. However, wagons are not only for goods and can be very versatile. They can also be used to carry your kids as they can be a great alternative to strollers. If you have multiple kids that you need to fit in one ride or kids who cannot just stay put in a stroller, a wagon is a great option to consider.

Top 4 Best Radio Flyer Wagon – Comparison

Which to Choose: Stroller vs Wagon

One of the challenges parents have when traveling even short distances is carrying a baby. This challenge can be even greater when you have two or more. Hence, a little ride where you can put your baby (or babies) while walking, running, or going from one place to another can be really helpful. One of the options you have in the market is a wagon, aside from the famous stroller.

Strollers are great when you are on a road trip as they are very portable and can fit in your trunk. When you have two kids or more, bringing two strollers or a double stroller can be too much, making a wagon a great choice. In addition to improved capacity, wagons can carry more weight and are more durable than strollers.

Wagons With Canopies

Some wagons do not have any covers on top – these can be very uncomfortable for your baby on a hot day. Alternatively, wagons with overhead covers make riding a wagon a great experience for your kids.

Radio Flyer currently has multiple versions of wagons with canopies to choose from. We are going to review each type here to help you choose which one works best for you.

Modern Plastic Wagon

This unique Modern Plastic Radio Flyer Wagon has a 5-way flip and fold seat feature that allows you to use it as a child seat, activity table, covered storage, storage and ride, and flatbed storage. It also has 4 cup holders in total- 2 for your kids and 2 for you. This wagon is ideal for safe riding with 2 seat belts for your kids. It has a weight capacity of 150 lbs if you choose the classic tires and 200 lbs if you choose the air tires.

Kid & Cargo Wagon with Canopy

This Radio Flyer ride has extra tall sides for child seating and a fold-away seat style for maximum storage. It has a maximum capacity of 150 lbs for your toddlers and kids ages 1 and a half years and up.

3-in-1 Wagons

Radio Flyer 3-in-1 wagons are very versatile since they have three ways to use that you can choose from: for a child riding to have a less-tiring stroll, for bench seating for your children during a mini-stop while you eat food, or just enjoy the view, or for flatbed storage where you can store all your things to carry all your cargo in one go with you.

3-in-1 EZ Fold Wagon with Canopy

This is a 1 hand easy-fold wagon that has a fully-foldable UV protection canopy to protect your babies from the sun. It is also perfect for strolling with its 2 cup holders in front.

3-in-1 Tailgater Wagon with Canopy

This 3-in-1 Radio Flyer wagon can hold 30 lbs more cargo through its stow away cooler caddy which is perfect for a picnic or when watching a game on a hot day.

3-in-1 Off-Road EZ Fold Wagon with Canopy

This Radio Flyer wagon is great for an adventure with its off-road tires for a smooth and easy ride. It is the perfect ride for your babies 1 and a half years and up as it has a weight capacity that can hold up to 150 lbs.

Deluxe Grandstand Wagon 3-in-1

This awesome 3 wagons in 1 sidewalk to sidelines ride has quiet red tires for a quiet and smooth ride. Although seat pads are not compatible with this wagon, it has seat belts for added safety.

Dual Canopy Family Wagon

The Dual Canopy Family Wagon is a full-sized Radio Flyer wagon with two adjustable canopies with UV protection canopy to keep your kids safe from the sun and can be folded compactly with one hand.


There are two ways to use this Radio Flyer wagon: you can either use the traditional wagon pull handle to pull or use the push handle to use as a stroller. It is also very convenient when traveling as it can be folded for compact storing and it has built-in internal storage and cup holders.

Safety-wise, it passed both the Toy and Stroller Safety standards with seat belts for your younger kids and it can carry up to 120 lbs.

Convertible Stroller Wagon

Push & Pull Double Stroller Wagon

The Push & Pull Double Stroller Wagon is a Radio Flyer wagon that you can use as a stroller with its 12 inch easy push rear wheels and as a wagon with its front caster wheels for nimble steering, perfect for your babies, toddlers, and kids ages 1 year and above. It has push and pull handles that make it easy for you the mode you want.

Discovery Stroller Wagon with Canopies

The Discovery® Stroller Wagon With Canopies is like a combination of the Build-A-Stroller-Wagon and Dual Canopy Family Wagon comprising of two removal UV protection canopies and push and pull handles that you can use when you want to use it as a stroller or as a wagon, respectively, that you can keep using one-hand fold.

Beach & Boardwalk Wagon

If your family is fond of going to the beach, the Beach Boardwalk Wagon is a great choice of Radio Flyer wagon because of its extra-wide beach tires and linked steering for your kid’s smooth ride on the sand. It also has one-hand fold-away functionality for easy storage, making it the best wagon you can use when your family is on a beach trip.

Build-A-Wagon Folding

Your family is going to love this wagon with an easy one-hand fold Radio Flyer wagon holding 2 cup holders can run smoothly on any terrain with its all-terrain air tires. It is customizable and you can choose from three different designs on their website.

Radio Flyer Wagons: Product Specifications

Most of the Radio Flyer wagons have cup holders and easy one-hand fold capability, perfect when you are traveling with your kids. Let’s run through the Radio Flyer wagons specifics to help you choose which one works best for you and your family.

Weight Limits

The Radio Flyer wagons have 3 different weight capacities: 120 lbs, 150 lbs, and 200 lbs depending on the size, style, and type of tire used for the wagon:

  • 120 lbs: Build-A-Stroller-Wagon TM Discovery, Stroller Wagon With Canopies, and Convertible Stroller Wagon
  • 150 lbs: Dual Canopy Family Wagon, Beach & Boardwalk Wagon™, 3-in-1 EZ Fold Wagon, Build-A-Wagon Folding, 3-In-1 Tailgater Wagon With Canopy, Kid & Cargo Wagon With Canopy, and 3-In-1 Off-Road EZ Fold Wagon
  • 200 lbs: Modern Plastic Wagon with air tires, Iconic Steel & Wood Wagon with air tires, and Deluxe Grandstand Wagon 3-in-1
  • The Modern Plastic Wagon and Iconic Steel & Wood Wagon can both carry 150 lbs and 200 lbs with classic tires and air tires, respectively.

Age Limits

Each Radio Flyer wagon has a different age limit that it can carry depending on its design, style, and added safety features. The wagons from the Radio Flyer can either carry 1+ years and 1.5+ years.

  • 1 year old and above: Build-A-Stroller-Wagon TM, Discovery Stroller Wagon With Canopies, and Convertible Stroller Wagon
  • 1.5 year old and above: Dual Canopy Family Wagon, Beach & Boardwalk Wagon, 3-in-1 EZ Fold Wagon with canopy, Modern Plastic Wagon, Iconic Steel & Wood Wagon, Build-A-Wagon Folding, 3-In-1 Tailgater Wagon, Kid & Cargo Wagon With Canopy, 3-In-1 Off-Road EZ Fold Wagon, Deluxe Grandstand Wagon 3-in-1

Safety Features

Radio Flyer has always assured that style is not prioritized over safety. The wagons by Radio Flyer have safety features including seat belts, shoulder pads, and seat pads to safeguard your kid while on your trip or even when just on a quick stroll.

Additional safety features you will find are:

  • The Dual Canopy Family Wagon, Discovery Stroller Wagon With Canopies, Modern Plastic Wagon, Build-A-Wagon Folding, 3-In-1 Tailgater Wagon, and Convertible Stroller Wagon all have seatbelts.
  • The Build-A-Stroller-Wagon have shoulder pads added to the seat belts to keep your babies safe during a bumpy ride.
  • High seat backs and thickly padded seats on top of the seatbelts are the added safety features to the 3-in-1 EZ Fold Wagon and 3-In-1 Off-Road EZ Fold Wagon.

Convenience Features

All of the wagons with UV protection canopy are all very easy to fold with one hand folding for easy storage on top of that, they are very user-friendly with the 3 modes including bench seating, rider seating, and hauling which is like having 3 different products in one!

On top of that there are additional convenience features:

  • Beach & Boardwalk Wagon, Kid & Cargo Wagon, Discovery Stroller Wagon, Deluxe Grandstand Wagon 3-in-1, 3-in-1 EZ Fold Wagon, 3-In-1 Off-Road EZ Fold Wagon, and Dual Canopy Family Wagon all have 2 cup holders.
  • Built-in storage is added to the Build-A-Wagon Folding, 3-In-1 Tailgater Wagon, and Convertible Stroller Wagon.
  • Built-in storage and 4 cup holders, on the other hand, are in the Build-A-Stroller-Wagon and Modern Plastic Wagon.

Price Point

All great products come with a price. You can buy the Radio Flyer wagons with canopy starting at $109 up to $219 depending on which style and features you’d like to have which is a lot cheaper than their stroller counterparts in the market.

Canopy Wagon Pros and Cons

Wagons are very useful for those who have two kids or more because you won’t have to buy two strollers or even the big double strollers which may be too bulky for you.

On top of that, having a wagon from Radio Flyer is very convenient as you can use it in three ways: bench, stroller or wagon, or container. However, not all wagons from Radio Flyer have seat belts.

Radio Flyer Wagons Product Specification

About the Company

Radio Flyer, formerly Liberty Coaster Line, has been producing wagons since 1920 aiming to provide better lives for their children during the tough times in the ’20s. Metal-stamping technology was used in making steel wagons. In 1930, the company was already the world’s largest manufacturer of toy wagons and its name was changed to Radio Steel & Manufacturing with Radio Flyer as the name of the first steel wagon which came from the owner’s fascination with radio and flight.

Since then, the company was widely known as Radio Flyer which prompted them to change their name to Radio Flyer in 1987. In the present times, the company has multiple innovative products including the Tesla Model S for kids which is a customizable ride-on car for kids.

Overall Recommendations

Overall, we love the wagon options at Radio Flyer. If you are living near the beach or are mostly traveling to the beach, the beach and boardwalk wagon should work fine since it has wheels that work on beach sand. If you also are torn between having a stroller and wagon, you can definitely put Build-a-Stroller and Convertible Wagon on your list of choices.

There are tons of options for wagons with canopies, depending on your needs – each guaranteed to make travels with your little ones more fun!

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