Snoo Sleep Sack Review for 2021

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Taking home a new baby is pretty exciting. That’s why we refer to them as our “bundle of joy” – they are our new source of happiness! But one thing is for sure… having a new baby is tough and challenging. In fact, the majority of parents say that the nights in their baby’s first few months are exhausting because of lack of sleep.

Newborn babies don’t yet have their circadian clock aligned, so they need the help of sleep training and building a routine. Most parents would agree that sleep training a baby is not a walk in the park. The good thing is there are a lot of products and ways to help parents lessen their stress and extend their sleep!

Snoo Sleep Sack is the coziest, safest easy-to-use swaddle specially made for the Snoo Bassinet. This sleep sack is very popular among pediatricians and parents, and is also recognized by award-winning bodies like the New York Times and many more.

The Snoo Sleep Sack By Happiest Baby

Snoo Sack By Happiest Baby

Snoo Sack is the top-rated swaddle manufactured by Happiest Baby. The 5-seconds easy-to-use sleep sack is specially designed by the top pediatrician and leading hip-safe swaddling expert who started the Swaddle Revolution – Dr. Harvey Karp.

Weight and Size limit

The Snoo Sleep Sack is suitable for babies up to 25 lbs. It comes in 3 different sizes – small, medium, and large. Below is the chart guide depending on your baby’s weight. The price for all three sizes is the same, but you can buy a 3-pack of sizes at a discounted price of $73.40.

  • Small- 5 – 12 lbs.
  • Medium- 12 – 18 lbs.
  • Large- 18 – 25 lbs.

Design features

100% Organic Cotton

The Snoo Sleep Sack is made with 100% Organic cotton for ultra-softness to guarantee your baby’s comfortable and breathable sleep.

Breathable Mesh

The material at the bottom and top part of the sack is thin, promoting airflow to keep your baby fresh and cool.

Colors and Design

This Snoo Sack features 8 cute colors and designs to suit all babies:

  • Rose Planets in light pink
  • Teal Planets in light green
  • Midnight Planets in dark blue
  • Graphite Planets in light gray
  • Ivory Planets in white
  • Ivory Planets with Black Wings
  • Graphite Stars in light gray
  • Ivory (plain white)

Unsnap Arm Opening

Most swaddles keep baby’s arms by their sides or their chest. While this works for some babies, others prefer to have their arms free. Often this leaves you with no choice but to swaddle under the arms – and risk your little one wriggling free in their sleep!

With the Snoo Sleep Sack, babies that prefer to sleep with their hands out can comfortably rest courtesy of the arm openings – you just have to unsnap the button near the armhole.

Unsnap Arm Opening

Snoo Wings

This part of the Snoo Sack is intended to maintain your baby’s position on their back as they sleep through the night.

Extra Quiet Velcro

This feature makes sure that your sleeping baby will not be awakened or startled in the middle of the night when you are changing their diapers.


The Snoo Sack hip shape is approved by the Hip Dysplasia Institute. They believe that this shape won’t cause any problems to a child’s developing hips.

Inner Arm Bands and Leg Flap

This escape-proof feature maintains the baby’s position and keeps them comfortably swaddled up all night.

Double Zipper

A double zipper opens from top to bottom to make diaper changes in the middle of the night a lot easier.

Convenience features

  • Easy to use, 5-second swaddle
  • Hand and machine washable

Safety Features

This award-winning sleep sack is the safest “escape-proof” swaddle to make sure your little one will be bundled up all night. It promotes extra sleep time and helps babies with sleep regression fall asleep in less than a minute.

Snoo Sleep Sack compatibility to Bassinet

Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet

According to the Happiest Baby website, Snoo Sleep Sack is intended for use in Snoo only. Therefore, it is only compatible with the  Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet.

This Snoo Bassinet is one of the most successful product lines of Dr. Karp as it promises parents a longer and more relaxed sleep. It was awarded the safest and most effective baby sleeper in the world.

The Snoo Bassinet comes with an integrated virtual caregiver Snoo app that provides parents extra help! In fact, this is the only sleeper to meet the standard of AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics).

Snoo Sack Smart Sleeper Bassinet

Babies are cozy in the womb and they love that womb-like feeling from before birth. This is the very reason they cry a lot as newborns, as they are not used to having such a big space!

The Snoo Smart sleeper simulates your baby to sleep by making them feel warm and bundled while the smart technology of the bassinet itself rocks the baby gently to sleep with the rumbly white noise in the background.

This is a game-changer for parents – imagine not having to wake up in the middle of the night when your baby cries! This sleeper is so smart that it can detect that your baby is crying or is unsettled and it automatically increases the movement. However, this will not calm a baby who needs a diaper change or is hungry.

Safety Measures when using Snoo

Just like with any gadget, you need to take safety measures when using the Snoo Bassinet:

  • Keep the Snoo Bassinet on a flat and even surface.
  • Make sure the cable holder on the leg is close to the electric socket to avoid tripping.
  • Do not use other mattresses or leg lifters, except the Snoo Smart Sleeper Leg Lifters. It can safely raise the head of the bassinet and help your baby breathe during mild cold and stuffy noses.
  • Always put away blankets, toys, and other items to prevent suffocation.
  • Only use the Snoo Swaddle and make sure the zipper is fully closed from top-to-bottom.
  • Always check the Swaddle’s wings are safely clipped upon laying down, even if Snoo is off.

The Snoo Sleep Sack Manufacturer

Happiest Baby was founded in 2001. This company believes that parenting is the most challenging yet rewarding phase in life, so their products are made to help parents enjoy it by lessening their stress, fatigue, and exhaustion. Dr. Harvey Karp and Nina Montee Karp, two of the most popular child activists, both dedicated their lives to helping every American family to raise happy and healthy children.

When Snoo Sleep Sack was founded later in 2016, it was recognized to be the safest and most effective baby sleeper in the world.

Why Use the Snoo Sleep Sack?


  1. Snoo Sack helps baby self soothe and sleep through the night.
  2. It maintains the right temperature and does not overheat the baby.
  3. The Snoo Sack is escape-proof for safe sleeping.
  4. It has the right shape for the baby’s hips.


  1. You need to invest in Snoo Smart Sleeper because it is the only compatible bassinet to be used with Snoo Sleep Sacks.
  2. It is expensive considering that you’ll only be able to use the bassinet for 6 months.
  3. Some babies like the Snoo too much – and cannot sleep without the Snoo. Some parents reported that they had trouble weaning their babies off of Snoo Sacks.
  4. Many professionals recommend a more traditional co-sleeping routine. With this smart bed sleeper, they believe that it lessens the bonding of the mother and the baby.

Snoo Sleep Sack vs Sleepea Swaddle Sack

If you’re looking for the benefits that the Snoo Sacks can offer, then you should also check out the Sleepea Swaddle Sack. It is another excellent option for swaddles on the market! This sleep sack is also made by the Happiest Baby, specially designed for practical parents who don’t want to purchase the Snoo Bassinet. Sleepea is the same as the Snoo Sack except that it doesn’t have the clips to be attached to the bassinet.

Best paired with the Snoo white noise lovey, your baby can experience the same comfort they can get from the Snoo Bassinet without spending as much! Plus, it’s travel-friendly so you don’t need to worry about carrying a large bassinet. Just bundle up your baby on Sleapea sack, turn the Snoo Lovey on, rock for a bit, and voila… you and your baby will get a long, peaceful stretch of sleep!

How To Dress Your Baby To Sleep in Snoo Sack

You may be wondering if your baby will be too warm or too cold in the Snoo Sack. In reality, how comfortable your baby will be all depends on the room temperature. Keep in mind that blankets and other accessories are not allowed in the Snoo Bassinet for safety reasons.

When you swaddle your baby in the Snoo Sleep Sack, you can either choose to have additional clothing or leave them without. The goal is to keep your baby comfortably warm. Feel free to adjust the clothing as the temperature changes.

Dress Your Baby To Sleep in Snoo Sac

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How safe are the Snoo Sack and Snoo Bassinet?

The primary concern of any parent when it comes to babies is safety. Parents worry about SIDS, but the good news is that Snoo Bassinets keep babies sleeping on their backs safely secured. You can rest easy knowing that your baby is safe.

Overall Recommendation

Parents love the Snoo Sleep Sack. Paired with a Snoo Bassinet, you will have better rest at night. Your baby will also be more comfortable and will therefore sleep far longer. The breathable shoulder mesh and leg mesh will reduce the chances of overheating your baby.

You can change your baby without waking them up thanks to the extra quiet Velcro material. The double zippers are also perfect for midnight diaper changes. This 5-second swaddle has been great in getting babies to sleep faster and offering parents additional time for themselves.

In Conclusion

This is a worthy investment, highly effective in helping your baby sleep longer. After all, it wouldn’t get all those 5-stars and reviews if it was a waste of money! If you are looking for a safe and comfortable way to get your baby to sleep for longer, the Snoo Sleep Sack is the product for you. Try it out today and have the best sleep you’ve felt in months.

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