Review Top Lightweight Strollers with Trays for 2022

Top Lightweight Strollers with Trays

Being able to go outdoors hassle-free with your child is one of the things parents would love. This means having a reliable travel system that could not only support your child and guarantee their safety but also give you peace of mind as well.

Two of the most important features of a stroller are the weight (after all, you’re going to be pushing this thing around all day!) and that your kid enjoys being in it. The solution to these is a lightweight stroller with a tray that lets your child explore a favorite toy, snack, or drink while you’re out and about. So what are the best lightweight strollers with trays in the market today? What do they have to offer you and your baby? Read on to find out!

Top 4 Best Lightweight Strollers with Trays – Comparison

Best Lightweight Strollers with Trays

Chicco Mini Bravo Plus

The Chicco Mini Bravo Plus is a lightweight stroller that weighs 19.6 lbs. It can carry 4 lbs up to 30 lbs of weight so that you can use it as early as infancy up to toddler years. Chicco, a well-loved brand for more than 50 years, not only in Europe but worldwide, designed the Mini Bravo Plus to support users and give complete convenience to parents. It features an adjustable, extendable canopy made of mesh for better ventilation; a detachable snack tray; and an easy-grip handle that allows standing quick one-handed fold. Chicco Mini Bravo also features a parent tray with cup holders, zippered storage, and a large basket at the bottom to store your baby’s essentials. For maximum use of other Chicco products, the Mini Bravo Plus also accepts all KeyFit infant car seats on the stroller frame.  So not only do you get the maximum use out of other Chicco products, but you also get to carry your car seat to the park in just one click!

COSCO Simple Fold Travel System

COSCO started 70 years ago in Indiana with the vision to provide families with fun products that would make life easier.  This is precisely seen in the COSCO Simple Fold travel system today. At 28 lbs, this lightweight stroller is designed to carry children up to a maximum of 50 lbs! With each purchase, you get the lightweight stroller with parent tray and snack tray with cup holder, the infant car seat, and the car seat base. This allows you to use the car seat until such time your little one can prop their head up and use the stroller seat until the weight limit of 50 lbs, all without purchasing another stroller. In addition, with machine-washable fabric, retractable canopy with the peekaboo panel, and lift-to-fold feature, you can be assured your travel will be a breeze!

Graco Modes Click Connect

Graco Modes Click Connect stroller is one of the strollers made by a 60-year old brand popular to parents because of their quality material. Modes Click Connect is a stroller with 3 functions: an infant car seat stroller, an infant stroller, and a toddler stroller up to 50 lbs. With its rear and front-facing handle feature, you can use the Click Connect for up to 10 different types of rides. It also has a 3-point adjustable leg rest that you can modify depending on your kid’s size. It also has a parent tray and a snack tray with two cup holders, and a large storage basket at the bottom. Although the infant car seat option only caters to a separate car seat purchase, the Click Connect stroller frame has a one-handed fold while standing by an automatic storage latch for your convenience.

Joovy Kooper

The Joovy Kooper is the only US compact stroller that comes with a child tray and folds together with the rest of its iron-made frame. Kooper stroller comes with a tray with two cup holders deep enough to hold safe your kids’ drinks, especially on rough roads, plus the tray is detachable and washable for parents’ convenience. It also has a built-in parent zippered storage up to 15 lbs, a large basket below your sleeping baby, a 5 point harness, an easy-to-use parking brake that is already good for both back wheels, and a UPF 50 extendable canopy. However, it would help if you bought a newborn car seat adapter to use the stroller for your infants since the Joovy Kooper only supports 3 months and up. However, it does make up for the minimum age recommendation, with its maximum weight covering up to 55 lbs. Now that’s heavy duty!

Joovy Scooter X2

If you loved the Joovy Kooper single compact stroller, you’d definitely love this double stroller that’s perfect for growing families. You could easily put your two kids or twins on each of the seats to enjoy yourself, and your children can enjoy themselves while on the go. Need to pick up groceries? The Joovy Scooter has a standard width that lets you push through doors and entrances without the need to fold and has the biggest storage basket below the seats in the market today. With the same technology as the Joovy Kooper, this double stroller allows you to fold and store while keeping the trays intact, the same linked parking brake, and extendable canopies. And because Joovy wants to ensure both kids’ safety and comfort, each seat can carry up to 45 lbs of weight, has a mesh pocket, a sippy cup holder on the tray, and a footrest. Plus, if your children want to go out, no more messy climbing or waiting for the tray to be detached – each tray can be swung sideways for your advantage. Perfect for families who love strolling outdoors!

Kolcraft Cloud Plus

One of the most budget-friendly lightweight strollers on the list, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus is also an Amazon’s Choice for lightweight baby strollers today. Kolcraft, a well-loved family-owned brand for 70 years, has created the Kolcraft Cloud Plus, with a thin stroller weight: 11.8 lbs. Kolcraft Cloud Plus is complete with the same features as a full-size stroller less the weight like an extendable sun canopy, one-hand fold system, 5-point harness, roomy storage basket below, parent tray with two cup holders, multi-position reclining seat, and a maximum weight capacity of 50 lbs. However, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus is not compatible with an infant car seat, so the child must sit on their own before using this 11.8 lbs product.

Mountain Buggy Nano

Moving on with one of the expensive lightweight strollers on the list, the New Zealand-based, 25-year-old brand Mountain Buggy has created Nano.  This umbrella stroller is an Amazon’s Choice and Red Dot Designs awardee. Because of its narrow width, deep-recline option, shoulder strap, and travel bag inclusions, the Mountain Buggy Nano has become popular with both the parent and child. There are many additional options for add-ons to ensure your infant will be snug inside.  These add-ons include a detachable snack tray, a buggy pouch storage bag, a bottle holder, a rain-cover set, a sleeping bag, and a newborn cocoon. The maximum weight limit is only 44 lbs, a little lower than the rest of the lightweight strollers recommended.  Still, it makes up for it with its infant car seat-ready frame that saves you money and time from purchasing various adapters.

Summer Infant 3Dpac CS Lite

Summer Infant has been developing baby items both parent and child will surely love for over 30 years, and the Infant 3Dpac CS Lite has become one of their most popular lightweight strollers. Unlike their 3D Lite, this one has a snack tray in front, a large storage basket, an extendable sun canopy, and a multi-position recline for your child’s maximum comfort. You will also love the parent storage at the back and the parent bottle holder at the side for your on-the-go essentials. Although this product is compatible with only a handful of car seats, its maximum weight limit is up to 50 lbs, so you can enjoy using it from infancy to your child’s toddler years.  Plus, the Summer Infant 3Dpac stroller comes with a one-handed fold to ensure your convenience!

What is a Lightweight Stroller?

A lightweight stroller is a stroller that typically weighs less than 20 lbs. It is also called an ‘umbrella stroller’ or a ‘travel stroller’ because of its purpose, foldability, and compact nature. It is one of the many types of strollers that you can choose from depending on your need, as well as your child’s comfort. Unfortunately, these strollers are barely featured, with most frames cut in dimension and shape. Their wheels size is also less maneuverable than full-size strollers needed to maintain their compact folded shape.

A lightweight stroller with a tray is a type of umbrella stroller that has a feature for kids’ convenient snacking. Most of the trays included have an area for placing their food and bottles; some have flat trays with cup holders only. Others also offer another tray for the parent placed near the handle grip at the back. But are there benefits of using a lightweight stroller with a tray?

Why Use a Lightweight Stroller with Tray?

Lightweight Stroller with Tray

There are many benefits of using a lightweight stroller, especially if you have young children and planning to go on a trip. A stroller is a huge help, so you spare yourself from carrying your child at all times. When carried on hot days, your child will also be uneasy, so having a stroller saves the day.

Having a tray included in the travel stroller for parents with young kids will also be practical and may aid in your child’s development as they learn to feed on their own. While traveling, letting them sleep or eat in the stroller will give you more time to stay outdoors. Finally, having free arms means being able to enjoy your trip as much as giving comfort to your child sitting inside the stroller too.

Factors to Look for when Finding Best Lightweight Strollers

Here are some of the factors you need to look out for when finding the best lightweight stroller. We also enumerated some points in choosing HERE.


A 5 point safety harness is better than 3 point harnesses, so be sure to consider getting one with most harnesses to keep your child in place. A lightweight stroller usually offers five-point harnesses to secure your child on its seat. Double-check on the wheel locks and how accessible these are to you as you maneuver the stroller on the road. Don’t forget to look out for product recalls ensuring your child’s safety even after buying the stroller.

Safety Features of stroller

Price and Features

Does it come with a large canopy for sun protection? What about a rain cover for rainy days? Are there any special features that will help you while using it in the snow? These are only some questions to ponder when buying a lightweight stroller. If you will be using it mostly for travel purposes, it is essential that you know if it will be usable once you’re at your destination. You can also check which features are only add-ons and are sold separately in helping you decide on the perfect lightweight stroller for you and your child.

Infant car seat compatibility

A lightweight stroller often offers car seat adapters if not fully-car seat ready. This enables you to use your existing car seat, if not purchased within a travel system, and be able to stretch your stroller’s usage from infancy to toddler years. Other lightweight strollers include the car seat adapters upon purchase, while others are sold separately as add-ons. Avoid using beyond the weight limits to ensure your child’s safety while using the stroller.

Infants car seat compatibility


Will you be using it for your first kid only, or are you expecting to use it until your last child? What material is it made? Although lightweight, an umbrella stroller is sometimes fashioned with iron material, so you can be assured that it is durable and withstand time. Others are made for rough roads, so they have bigger wheels which are also great for easy maneuverability. While some lightweight strollers are barely featured, their frames can hold more than 40 lbs of weight, not including the contents of the storage basket below.

Storage and maintenance

Most lightweight strollers with trays are used for traveling and come in compact sizes. However, be sure to check with the manufacturer if the product can remain in folded form for a long time when stored. This may reduce its lifespan and usability. Also, be on the lookout for water-repellant fabrics, easy to maintain and, if possible, machine washable to avoid permanent stains.

Final Thoughts

Having a lightweight stroller is the best option when traveling because of its compact size. Ensure the handlebar height complements the parents’ height so the arms won’t feel tense and tired after a long day’s walk. Always check your child’s feet are placed in the footrest to ensure their feet are not dragged while traveling – and to reduce the chance of losing a shoe! Traveling with a kid (or more) will never be perfect, but choosing the best stroller with the right features you and your kid loves, will always be.