Why do you use a bassinet stroller for newborns? Here are 7 reasons

A bassinet is a small baby bed with high sides that comfortably contains a young infant. They’re often used with newborns. A bassinet stroller is based on the baby bed of the same name but portable. Why would you buy a bassinet stroller? Here are 7 reasons why you may want to use a bassinet stroller. 

Reason 01: It is the superior choice when you want babies to fall asleep on walks. 

A bassinet stroller is the best choice if you’re taking the child for a walk with the hope they’ll finally go to sleep. The bassinet may give them exposure to sunlight or you can give them shade.

However, they can’t get distracted by cars, dogs and people walking by, though they can see the person pushing them. 

This minimization of distractions makes bassinet strollers ideal for getting children to sleep. Whether you let them sleep in the stroller or move them to their crib is your decision. 

Reason 02: If your child falls asleep, they’ll be able to stay asleep. 

While it is hard to get some babies to go to sleep, the nightmare scenario is when they’re prematurely awoken. This is another advantaged of bassinet strollers.

Your child will almost certainly be left alone when you park the stroller by you while you’re talking to a friend, especially if the sun shade is drawn down.

They won’t be disturbed by toddlers who poke them or dogs that may sniff them out of curiosity, either.

Reason 03: It is more supportive for newborns. 

Bassinet strollers provide far more support for newborns and infants that don’t have the muscle tone to sit upright for an extended period of time. This means you can simply lay them down and push them around without having to use pillows to prop them up or hold them in place.

Now they can’t accidentally fall forward and hurt their neck. They can’t slide down in the seat into the storage area of the stroller, either.

Know that if your child has poor muscle tone, the bassinet stroller provides the support your child needs as long as they need it. 

Reason 04: It is more convenient for long walks. 

A bassinet stroller is much less bulky than a travel system. This makes it almost as good as a jogging stroller for long walks. It obviously can’t go off-road, but you can walk three miles with it. And both you and your child will be comfortable all the way. 

Reason 05: It is simple to use. 

One of the biggest benefits of a bassinet stroller is simplicity. You don’t have to deal with a lot of straps, attachments, snaps and levers in order to fold it into storage and unfold it and get it together to go for a walk.

Yet these strollers can fold up for storage in the closet or the trunk of your car. You don’t have to choose between a bassinet stroller and travel-ability.

But you do get rid of the complex game of disconnecting a baby carrier from the car seat base and then connecting it to the stroller. 

Reason 06: You can get extended use out of it. 

While bassinet strollers are aimed at babies too young to sit up in a stroller, an eight or ten month old child could lay in it and fall asleep during the long walk. And the stroller may be usable after the child is a year old. You can find a stroller with both a bassinet attachment and traditional seat. 

This means you can use the bassinet stroller as long as your child fits in it and then switch to an upright bassinet stroller. 

Reason 07: Shopping while pushing it is convenient. 

There is more than one movie scene where the driver hits a bassinet stroller and then gets told it just held cans because the person was using it as a personal grocery cart. And this has an element of truth to it.

A bassinet stroller provides a natural place to stow other items. You could put your purse in the bassinet with the baby, leaving your hands free. You could put small purchases in the storage area under most bassinet strollers.

Conversely, that space could be used to carry the diaper bag, too. In every case, it means you don’t have to juggle your load in addition to the stroller. 


Bassinet strollers have a number of benefits in their favor including simplicity, convenience and comfort for both the child and the parent pushing the stroller.

They’re ideal for taking a child for a walk until they go to sleep and then letting them stay asleep until they’re ready to wake up.