In Step Safari Jogging Stroller Review for 2023

In Step Safari Jogging Stroller Review

A jogging stroller is a valuable item to any parent who likes walking, jogging, or running with their baby to keep fit. The Instep Safari jogging stroller manufactured by Pacific Cycle Group is a magnificent and ergonomic stroller perfect for your daily needs. It comes in various adorable colors, has a three-wheel design, and has plenty of functional features.

The Instep Safari Swivel Jogging Stroller Review

Instep Safari Swivel Jogging Stroller

The all-terrain Instep Safari is a sturdy and durable jogging stroller suitable for daily use. It gets great reviews from happy customers. Let’s look at the features of this stroller that make it worth the money.

Age & Weight Limit

The Instep Safari jogging stroller is suitable for children aged six months and above with a weight limit of 50 pounds. If your baby is hasn’t reached six months, you can attach a car seat to the stroller using the car seat adapters provided.

Design Features


The Safari swivel has a three-wheel design with 12-inch front & 16-inch rear pneumatic tires. The rims are molded to increase performance and enhance style. The swivel front wheel has a locking feature for maintaining stability when running off-road, to keep your baby’s experience as smooth as possible.

A handy swivel wheel eases maneuverability in tight spaces, making the stroller suitable for shopping, strolling across parks, and jogging. The rear wheels are large enough to handle all terrain seamlessly.

The Instep Safari swivel wheel jogger has spring shock absorbers for a comfortable ride. You can effortlessly transfer the locking front wheel from swivel to fixed wheel mode using the provided remote. The stroller also has parking brakes for ease of parking.


The Instep Safari swivel jogging stroller has a padded reclining seat with padded shoulders for more comfort, plus a 5-point harness to keep your baby safely attached. The faux lambskin seat pad keeps your child warm during cold weather and is also removable and machine washable.


To keep your hands from slipping, this stroller includes a comfortable foam grip handle. You can easily adjust the handle bar to suit your height.


The Instep Safari jogging stroller has a steel frame, making it exceptionally sturdy. This steel frame also makes the Instep Safari heavier than aluminum-framed jogging strollers. However, its sturdiness makes it the best jogging stroller for running or jogging with a big child weighing up to 50 pounds. The Safari stroller also has a large storage basket to store all your strolling needs.

Weather Protection

Instep Safari jogging stroller comes with a collapsible canopy for sun protection. There is also a mesh bug screen to keep bugs and mosquitoes away. You can separately purchase a weather shield to protect your child against various weather conditions as you go outdoors.

Convenience Features

Assembly & Folding

The Instep Safari stroller is easy to assemble and fold. With the quick-release wheels feature, the stroller folds into a compact package that fits in your car trunk, closet, or garage.


It is easy to maintain the cleanliness of the Safari stroller; the seat fabric is machine washable, and you can wipe other parts with a damp cloth.

Canopy Features

The stroller has a canopy viewing window through which you can check on your baby as you jog. This canopy also has built-in speakers compatible with most MP3 players so that you can play some soothing music for your child.

Accessory Features

The Safari stroller comes with a dual cup holder parent tray and a child tray with two cup holders for your baby. Spacious under-seat storage is available to hold plenty of items as you stroll.

Safety Features

The Instep Safari jogging stroller is designed with maximum stability to prevent tipping. It has parking brakes to keep it stationary when you stop moving. The stroller also has a safety wrist strap to keep the stroller close as you jog or run.

Instep Safari Swivel Double Jogging Stroller

The Safari double stroller is a high-quality, convenient, and safely designed stroller for two kids. It comes in various colors and at an affordable price.

Instep Grand Safari Swivel Wheel Double Jogger

Age & Weight Limit

The Grand Safari swivel wheel double stroller is suitable for kids aged 20 months and above. It weighs 37 lbs. It has an upper weight limit of 100 lbs (50 lbs per seat) and a height limit of 40 inches.

Design Features


This stroller has 12-inch front & 16-inch rear pneumatic tires. The rims are molded to maximize performance and enhance style. It comes with a remote gadget to transfer the locking front wheel from swivel to fixed wheel mode. Due to its large size, air-filled tires, the double jogger strolls smoothly on all terrain.

The Grand Safari double jogger has an exposed spring suspension for your baby’s comfortable ride. The double jogger also features a dual trigger mechanism that locks the rear wheels when stopping the stroller.

Handle & Frame

The handle is rubberized to prevent slipping but offers a comfortable and firm grip. It is also height adjustable to suit parents of various sizes. The Grand Safari double jogger has a steel frame which makes it sturdy and durable.


The double jogger has reclining seats even though the recline isn’t flat. Each seat has a five-point harness to secure the child on it. The Faux lambskin seat pad on each seat provides warmth and adds comfort.


Each seat has a standard adjustable canopy for wind and sun protection. The canopies have built-in MP3 speakers that you can connect with your phone or MP3 player to entertain your kids.

Convenience Features

Folding & Assembling

The dual trigger folding mechanism enables you to fold the Grand Safari double jogger for storage safely. The stroller has a non-complicated assembling procedure as outlined in the user manual.

Accessory Features

The Grand Safari double jogging stroller has ample storage space to store your kids’ essential items and toys. There are also handy molded parent and child trays with two cup holders each.


The swivel front wheel on this stroller enables you to maneuver through tight spaces and take corners smoothly. The Grand Safari Swivel wheel double jogger is designed for all-terrain use. You can lock the front wheel to increase stability on rough surfaces and keep the stroller in control.

Safety Features

The 5-point safety harness on each seat keeps the kids secure and safe in the stroller. A dual trigger mechanism acting on rear wheels ensures that the stroller doesn’t roll away on its own. Each Instep stroller goes through an independent testing laboratory to verify its safety standards according to the JPMA.

Car Seat Compatibility

The Instep Safari swivel jogging stroller is compatible with infant car seat brands such as Baby Trend, Chicco, and Graco, creating a perfect travel system. However, the Instep Grand Safari double jogging stroller isn’t compatible with car seats.

Note that it is not suitable to jog or run when your jogging stroller is attached to a car seat. Instead, limit your activity to walking until your baby is between six and eight months old and no longer needs to use a car seat on the stroller.

Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 Infant Car Seat

Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 forms a secure attachment to your Instep Safari jogging stroller; it comes with removable newborn inserts for added support and comfort. The car seat has a 5-point harness to secure your baby.

The SnugLock 35 has a weight limit of four pounds up to 35 pounds and a height limit of 32 inches. It has a lightweight car seat, making it an excellent choice for your jogging stroller. It has a rotating canopy for shade and sun protection.

The car seat has undergone numerous testing and stands out as the safest car seat on the market. It is designed to protect your baby against extreme temperatures when used in the car.

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat

Chicco KeyFit 30 readily forms an excellent travel system with your Instep Safari jogging stroller. The car seat has removable newborn inserts to accommodate tiny babies weighing 4 pounds. Chicco effortlessly connects to the stroller with an audible click and is also easy to detach.

Chicco has a 5-point safety harness to secure your baby in the seat; it holds up to 30 pounds weight and a height of 30 inches. The car seat features the EPS energy-absorbing foam for impact protection and a removable canopy for shade provision.

Instep Safari Jogging Stroller Manufacturer

The Pacific Cycle Group is a subsidiary of Dorel Juvenile Group Inc. Its headquarters are in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, but has other locations in the US, UK, and China. Pacific Cycle is the parent company of renowned brands such as Mongoose, Schwinn, Kid Trax, and InStep.

InStep is a top brand of bicycle trailers. This company also manufactures kids’ toys and jogging strollers. InStep’s objective is to produce comfortable, high-performance, and convenient products for parents to enjoy their fitness and healthy lifestyles with their kids.

Safety Measures when Using the Instep Safari Jogging Stroller

  • Avoid jogging or running with a car seat attached to your stroller.
  • Lock the front wheel when jogging on rough or bumpy surfaces.
  • Secure your child correctly with the 5-point harness before setting out.
  • Attach the safety strap to your wrist to avoid losing control of the stroller while running.
  • Engage the parking brakes or dual trigger mechanism to stop the stroller after use.
  • Ensure the tires are inflated before use.

Pros and Cons of the Instep Safari Jogging Stroller



The Instep Safari is made with a steel frame which makes it sturdy, stable, and durable. It is an excellent addition to active parents’ workout routines. For example, many parents say it is the best jogging stroller as it’s hardy for jogging off-road with your baby or kids on board.


The Instep Safari jogging strollers are comfortable for your kids, as the padded seat and shoulder pads add comfort and warmth during cold weather. The height-adjustable handle is comfortable for both tall and short parents. Instep jogging strollers also have accessory features for parents and their kids.

Independence of Seats

The Safari double jogging stroller features independent seats, each with its adjustable canopy and recline functions.


Instep Safari jogging strollers are high-quality strollers that come at a pleasantly affordable price.


Instep Safari jogging strollers are relatively heavy. They are also wide and can’t fit through narrow entrances as a result. The tires may deflate, and you’ll need to pump them up.

How Does it Stack Up Against the Competition?

Another popular option on the market is the BOB Jogging Stroller. So how do these two strollers compare?


  • Both stroller brands are sturdy and easy to maneuver.
  • Both brands are all-terrain with large wheels and great suspension.
  • Both are heavy but easy to push.


  • The Instep comes at an affordable price, but BOB is very expensive.
  • The Instep comes with accessories and a universal car seat adapter, but BOB doesn’t have accessories; you have to buy them and adapters separately at a high price.
  • All Instep strollers have an adjustable handle, but only a few models of BOB strollers have an adjustable handle.
  • Instep single strollers accommodate up to 50 lbs of child weight, but BOB accommodates 75 lbs.

Bottom Line

The Instep Safari jogging stroller is an invaluable item for every jogging parent. You can buy a single stroller for one child or a double jogger for two kids. The single stroller’s car seat compatibility allows you to use it for your newborn.

The durability of Instep strollers gives you long-term usage; they can accommodate children up to age seven. When you need convenience and quality at an affordable price, look no further than the Instep Safari!