UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 (2020) Review [Video]

UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 (2020) Review

2020 UPPAbaby CRUZ V2

Hi, I’m Amy, owner of Strolleria. In this video, we’ll compare the 2020 Uppababy Cruz V2 with the 2019 Cruz. The 2020 version is coming to strolleria.com in February, 2020. If you have questions about the Cruz, email us at customercare@strolleria.com or leave a comment below. The Uppababy Cruz is getting a major make-over for 2020. It has a new name, the Cruz V2, as well as larger and smoother wheels, a bigger toddler seat, a new sun canopy, and a more compact fold. But one advantage of the 2019 Cruz is that it’s four pounds lighter, an important factor for parents lifting the stroller into the car or carrying it through the city. And for 2020, the starting price of the cruise is $100 more, or 649 to 679.

For a detailed look on what’s new for 2020, watch our review on the Uppababy Cruz V2. Now let’s take a look at the differences. The 2020 Cruz has larger wheels and improved suspension, which makes the stroller easier to maneuver over uneven terrain like grass, gravel and snow. The Cruz V2 now has suspension in all four wheels, with springs that function independently to provide the smoothest ride. The 2019 Cruz doesn’t handle as well because it has smaller wheels, eight and a half inches in the rear instead of 10 inches, and the suspension is only in the front wheels. Good news for parents of tall kids. The 2020 Cruz has a bigger seat for a growing child. The seat back and the leg rest are two inches longer and the foot rest is a half inch deeper. The canopy also slides up to create more headspace as your child grows. Plus the seat harness is now no rethread, so you can simply slide the harness up and down for easier height adjustments.

The 2019 Cruz harness requires more time and effort for adjustments as you’ll need to detach and rethread the harness through its slots. The Cruz V2 saves three inches in space when folded, making it easier to carry or store in your trunk. However, it’s four pounds heavier, 25 and a half pounds instead of 21 and a half because of its larger wheels and larger toddler seat. The V2 stroller has a redesigned canopy with additional fabric that zips out for a peekaboo window and complete sung carpet. You can open a second flap at the front of the canopy for even more ventilation. By comparison, the 2019 Cruz has a silver sunshade that can be pulled out of the canopy for additional coverage. It also has one ventilated window instead of two, and you’ll need to roll and secure a fabric flap to open the window.

Also new for 2020, the canopy has a small leather tab with the Uppababy logo, while most of the 2019 colors have the logo in large lettering. The 2020 Cruz also has a new basket with more streamlined design and even more storage space. 30 pounds instead of 25 pounds. That’s it for our comparison on the 2020 Uppababy Cruz V two and the 2019 Cruz. If you have questions about the cruise or need help finding the stroller that’s right for you. Email us at customercare@strolleria.com or leave a comment below. Thanks for watching.