9 Best Stroller Liner Reviews 2021 – Top Picks and Buying Guide

Best Stroller Liner

Just as a mattress is to a bed frame, the best stroller liner is the cushioning to the stroller. It offer a comfortable surface for your baby while riding on the stroller. They come in different shapes and sizes utilizing a variety of materials. The different designs available to take care of all toddlers of all ranges of weight and ages.

A great choice of a stroller liner should be able to conveniently cover other needs of your baby and make it easier for you to clean the stroller. Therefore, besides comfort, there is a lot of factors that you have to look into while shopping for the right stroller liner.

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Here are the Top 9 Best Baby Stroller Liner Specific Reviews

Reversible Pure Cotton Universal Baby Seat Liner for Stroller, Car Seat, Jogger, Bouncer

Reversible Pure Cotton Universal Baby Seat Liner

This type of stroller liner has straps at every corner to keep it in place, no need to keep re-adjusting it every time the kid gets off the stroller.

It made of high quality 100% cotton material, the material is easy to clean and is machine washable.

This liner is an all-purpose cushion in that it provides cool air from moisture wicking, thick cushion for comfort and the much needed support.  It’s also very easy to install and remove after washing. 

The liner is versatile in that they can be used In car seats, regular strollers and jogging strollers too. It is unisex hence can be used by both boys and girls regardless of the pattern.


  • Easy to install.
  • It is machine washable.
  • It is universal hence can easily fit in all strollers.


  • Even though it has a moisture wicking effect, in cases of really hot weather conditions the mesh might not work as well as expected and the baby would be found to be sweating a lot without cooling.

Baby Breathable 3-Dimensional Air Mesh Organic Cotton Seat Pad Liner for Stroller & Car Seat

3-Dimensional Air Mesh Organic Cotton

WelLifes Baby Support for Car Seats and Strollers provides the ideal support for baby’s back and head, adjusting upward as baby grows.

It is a breathable structure with a 3 dimensional air mesh make that helps in keeping in cool air during hot seasons i.e. summer and retain warm air during winter or chilly days.

Has got extra soft cushions for comfort of the baby and remarkably regains its original shape on its own.

It is made of 100% cotton 3D material which makes it highly durable. It returns to its original form after wash.

This stroller liner is of Universal Size 12.59 Inches by 31.49 inches compatible with most popular stroller brands. Such as britax, city select, bugaboo bee, and many more.

Its construction helps prevent growth of pathogenic microbes hence promote hygiene. Organic cotton is used for the front and 3D air mesh for the back so it can be used practically all year around thus help in saving.


  • Easy to install and remove at will
  • It is light weight therefore easy to carry around
  • The 3D material makes it highly durable
  • It is machine washable hence easy to maintain.


  • It is not universal and might not fit in some strollers.

Universal Baby Stroller Seat Liner Infant Car Seat Cushion, 100% Cotton Padded Cushion (White) Material

stroller liner

It is a pad made of pure cotton. It is comfortable and breathable with reversible seat liner, one side is colour printed while the other is all white.

There are 11 slip holes & 4 slots for belts and buckles, stroller harness fits through it, keeping the liner secure and make the baby more comfortable.

The liner is machine washable and it doesn’t shrink, wrinkle or fade. It can be dried in a dryer or hang away from direct sunlight.

It fits a good number of strollers such as, City Jogger, City min, Nuna Mixx Stroller, Britax b-agile, Bumbleride twin, Chicco single, making it compatible with most stroller harness systems or safety seat or chair

Its seat liner is reversible, that is, one side is color print and the other is white hence can be used for a longer period before a wash.


  • Its’ make and stitching makes it more durable and hence reducing the cost of purchasing more.
  • It is easy to take in and out of the stroller.
  • Its breathable cotton pad also allows it to be used both in summer and winter.
  • Its material allows it to be washed as many times as possible without shrinking.


  • Its’ one major disadvantage is that it moves around too much, consumers may sometimes need to use clips to hold it in place to avoid unwanted baby movement.

Skip Hop On-The-Go Cool Touch Stroller Liner

Skip Hop On-The-Go Cool Touch

The Skip Hop is a stroller liner that has three ways to cool; the top layer wicks the air away, the mesh layer allows air to flow and quilted channels move warm air away.

It also has got multiple probes that fit most strollers thus is more or less “universal’. This liner Can be installed and removed in very little time.

The Skip Hop is machine washable and quickly regains its original size and shape after a wash.

It Protects the stroller from spillages i.e. in an event where the baby vomits or spills a drink while on the stroller, the liner absorbs it and retains the fluid keeping the stroller clean and dry.


  • Its fabric construction enables air flow keeping the baby comfortable all year long.
  • Its non-slip backing keeps the liner in place


  • It is a bit small compared to other liners
  • Its cooling effect can sometimes not be felt or its benefits realized.

Summer Infant Snuzzler Infant Support for Car Seats and Strollers

Summer Infant Snuzzler Infant Support

The Summer Infant Snuzzler provides complete head and body support for the baby. Its length can be adjusted to fit the growing toddler.

The Snuzzler is reversible hence can be able to provide cooling and warmth effects with two distinct style options. It is also made of soft material to ensure extra comfort.

The liner has been successfully crash tested. Its unique contours and padding that are located on the sides rather than the back making it possible for the stroller to take a slight hit without affecting the baby.

The liner is not machine washable hereby requiring hand washing.


  • It provides the baby with total support i.e. head and back. It is also adjustable for when the baby grows hence no new liner is needed to be
  • Comfortable as it is made from soft materials that give the stroller or car seat a cozy comfortable feeling.
  • The location of the padding ensures head, neck and body stability maximizing safety.


  • Sometimes the material is rough, in some cases, it may scratch the baby’s skin.
  • Its material is sometimes difficult to wash and may deform the liner if care is not taken during the wash.

Lambskin Stroller Liner/Seat Cover/Naturally Breathable for Year

sheepskin liner

It has a soft and soothing lambskin material for keeping the toddler comfortable while on the move. The wool is silky and breathable hence keeps them warm during the winter and cool during the summer.

It is machine washable with mild liquid soap and relatively cool water, however, one should stretch while dump to shape it.

The material of the liner is lambskin which is specially tanned and sanitized for the safety of the baby and peace of mind of the parents.

These lambskin stroller liners are costly in comparison to the others. The skin is specially tanned and sanitized for the safety of the baby and peace of mind of the parents.


  • It is machine washable.
  • It is also extra padded for comfort.
  • Naturally breathable for variation in climate change.
  • The lambskin is soft and soothing for the infant to enjoy.
  • Its universal fit for most strollers and easy to install and remove.


  • The only notable downside is its price. The liner is quite pricey compared to others of the same size and purpose although the materials differ.

Bebenuvo Premium 3D Air Mesh Cool Seat Pad/Cushion/Liner for Stroller and Car Seat

Bebenuvo Premium 3D Air Mesh Cool Seat Pad

The liner is 100% polyester. It consists is a 3D mesh that retains warm air in the winter and cool air in the winter. This mesh provides the perfect fabrication for the liner or the pad.

Since it is made of polyester the material does not wrinkle, shrink or fade making it more durable.

It has a neck and head support for the fragile baby preventing unnecessary movements.

The liner is made in such a way that it reduces the probability of bacterial harboring in the liner. It is made in such a way that it reduces the probability of bacterial harboring in the liner, this is especially helpful in the baby’s health.

The Bebenuvo has a very stable head and neck support to prevent wobbling of the baby’s head which could be dangerous especially to newborns. This liner is relatively of a lighter weight compared to others due to the material.


  • This liner easily fits in all stroller sizes.
  • It’s breathable which means can adapt to different climate changes.
  • It is highly durable.


  • The product is made of Polyester. This comes as a disadvantage because polyester is synthetic therefore it is not as warm as cotton.

Baby Breathable 3D Air Mesh Seat Pad/Cushion/Liner for Infant Stroller and Car Seat

Baby Breathable 3D Air Mesh Seat Pad

The product contains a breathable air mesh that allows retention of air cool or warm according to the climatic condition. It consists of a soft cushion for extra comfort, and has a remarkable self-recovery to its shape.

The liner has a premium material which enhances its durability. This type of liner is quite easy to install and remove.It is relatively light-weight making it easily portable.

The Baby Breathable has a butterfly-shaped neck cushion which prevents the fragile neck and head of the baby from uncontrolled movement.

It has a perfectly ventilated cool air fabric which complimentary when the baby gets a lot of heat or sheds a lot of sweat. Not only is it used with strollers but also with cars seats if the inner components of the seat are removed.


  • It is machine washable.
  • It’s got a structure that discourages pathogenic microbes from growing.
  • It has an adjustable separate head to accommodate the growing baby.


  • It’s not SIDS approved despite all the great advantages.

UPPAbaby Infant SnugSeat

UPPAbaby Infant SnugSeat

It consists of a wedge insert incorporated with a seat liner to provide extra support and stability.

The liner is a perfect fit for Vista and Cruz brands so if you have a different brand of stroller its wise not to buy the liner.

The UPPAbaby Infant Snugseat is quite expensive compared to the rest of the stroller liners.

The combination of material used reverses to wicking mesh to provide a cooling effect suitable for hot weather conditions.  The liner material is also Lead-free.

It has got a material that reverses to wicking mesh to provide a cooling effect suitable for hot weather conditions. This liner can support up to 21 pounds therefore can still be used even as the baby still grows or for heavy toddlers.


  • Its wedge insert provides the extra support and stability needed.
  • It is unisex and can be used comfortably with babies of either gender.
  • Easy to clean and install.
  • It has a great neck and back support.


  • It is not machine washable thus can be cumbersome to clean.
  • It is a little bit pricy compared to other liners.

What is a stroller liner?

It simply is a cover that protects the stroller by keeping it looking new and from unexpected accidents like diaper blowouts, snack stains when the baby eats Oreos or any spillage. The liner has comfortable cushions to keep the baby cozy. Stroller liners are adjustable with the height changes as the baby grows. These liners are machine washable so don’t put much thought to it just throw it in the wash.

Stroller liners are removable and require no technical knowledge to put on. They can be custom made to your reference. Most liners in the market are reversible hence making it easier to switch sides to your liking. Purchasing quality stroller liners gets the baby ridding in style, elegance and comfort.

A liner of the stroller and car seat is the solution to many moms dilemma. It will help save time and give great results. Well we can all agree that a baby stroller is where the baby gets to spend most time not forgetting feeding and play. If you are currently using a stroller without stroller liners, below are reasons that might just change your mind and life;

The reason 01:

If you are all about saving some coin or reusing stuff then you can buy the baby stroller liners for the old stroller you used with old kids. This will give the stroller a new look and definitely save you the need to buy another stroller.

The reason 02:

Some strollers have removable fabric but most don’t giving mothers a tough time in cases of spillage or a diaper blowout, well the best stroller liner can save the day because you can just remove, clean and put then back.

The reason 03:

The color of the stroller you have for your baby may not be stylish as you would like stroller liners is what you need. Buy them in colors you like or those that compliments the baby eyes or hair and your diaper bag.

The reason 04:

During winter or incases of bad weather stroller liners act as heat insulators keeping the baby warm. The stroller liner can be used in summer too to act as a coolant by shielding the baby from the sunlight.

The reason 05:

Babies tend to be allergic, itchy and their skin swells up when they are in contact with some fabric. Stroller liner can solve that, get liners that the baby is comfortable with and has no reaction with the skin whatsoever.

What to Consider to Choose the Right Liner?

#1 Comfort

Comfort is key when choosing liners in that it has to be made from soft, cozy material giving the stroller some warmth. Some stroller liners come with an extra padding at the bottom to enhance the baby’s comfortability on the stroller ride and it easily returns to its original shape.

The baby can easy fall asleep because of the smooth feel of the perfect stroller liner. Select liners that keep the baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter thus the baby is extra comfy all year.

The safety

The safety of the stroller liner is judged by the location of contours and paddings as to enhance protection of the baby’s bottom, back, head and neck. A safe stroller liner should offer perfect head and neck movement. The liners are available in double pads on the head region to avoid any head injuries during play or naps.

In addition buy a stroller liner that fits the stroller perfectly and doesn’t keep on sliding. They come with comfortable elastic straps that can be adjusted to the baby’s comfort and the keep him/her well supported.

Pediatricians advise

Pediatricians advise that strollers should have enough head and body support to avoid injuries or pains inflicted on the baby during walks. Infants tend to have very weak neck muscles hence cannot on their own support their heads. A well-padded neck support stroller liner is perfect for an infant. Body support is also essential to reduce body movements.

Unwanted or exaggerated body movements are experienced during bumpy stroller rides or when negotiating a corner. Enough body support also prevents back aches and accommodates the toddlers’ weight thereby allowing proper growth and development.

Type of material

Type of material used to make the fabric used in the stroller liner is either polyester or cotton. Polyester liners are more durable; they don’t shrink or wrinkle after wash, and tends to retain the original color. Cotton liners on the other hand are made from natural material and animal skin making them warmer, breathable, soft and more absorbent.

Pick a liner that fits your type of stroller

If it is relatively larger than the stroller the strap loops will not concede with the location of the straps making it an imperfect fit for the baby. When it is too small it keeps sliding down wards in case of movement giving you the task of pulling it upwards. Instead of undergoing all the above simply choose the best baby stroller liner that fits your stroller perfectly and most liners in the market do.

How easy to install?

Stroller liners are absolutely easy to install and there are plenty of online videos with tutorials on how to fix liners onto the strollers. This is unlike the removable covers that come with the strollers that are absolutely tedious to reinstall. Removal of the liners is a piece of cake which makes it necessary for every mother to buy one of the best liners for stroller and car seat.

Machine washable or Not

Most of the stroller liners are machine washable with gentle cycle or just dry clean it. Make a point of using lukewarm water and a mild washing detergent; this will reduce the chances of shrinking, wrinkling and fading. Avoid use of any bleaches or enzymes. They can then be dyed in the dryer or just simple hanged outside away from direct sunlight and heat which may take a while. Some moms would prefer to hand wash the liners which is also encouraged.

Is the Liner portable?

Portable liners are advantageous in that it can be transferred to the car seat when travelling. The portable stroller liners can be used in push chairs too. A number of liners are not portable once installed in the stroller they can’t be transferred to other places if need be. It is more practical to purchase the right stroller liner that can come in handy if other need arises.

Consider your finances

When on try to buy a stroller liner consider your finances. Some strollers require a double or triple liner depend on the number of children you have. Most liners are packed as singles so get your finances in order as you will need to purchase triple lines. The material of the liner also affects it price in that the cotton once are affordable compared lambskin and sheep skin liners.

Final thoughts

To sum it all, purchasing your very own stroller liner is what every single parent needs. The liners are a huge time saver. They are easy to clean, removable and very easy to install and the best part is that they are reversible. They are available in different shapes, sizes, colors, quality, and brands depending on your preference all one can do is just but choose. Comfort is key as the baby feels cozy, supported and snuggled. If you don’t own stroller liners it is due time you get yourself one. This way the baby’s stroller rides are stylish, classy and elegant.