Best Double Strollers for Twins 2021 + Car Seat Combos

best double stroller

Today, we’ll be reviewing the best double strollers aka twin stroller or tandem stroller. So read on for a list of the top 12 double strollers as well as a detailed buying guide to land a perfect purchase. And if you need a double stroller with car seat don’t worry, we’ve reviewed several of those as well!

12 Best Double Strollers Comparison Chart

12 Best Double Strollers Reviewed

Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller

delta tandem umbrella stroller

Kicking off our list, the Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller is designed around the idea of making a reliable and high-quality product to facilitate traveling with two children, earning thousands of positive reviews in the process.

This double stroller is a side by side style where both your kids sit facing the world. The frame is constructed out of sturdy metal, yet it weighs less than 19 pounds, so it’s easier for you to pick up and handle the stroller while loading into the car or storing it away.

The LX stroller features multiple aspects to boost safety and comfort, starting from the large European style canopies that provide ample protection for your babies against weather elements. There’s also a five-point harness to ensure a secure grip on your kids, with padded shoulder straps for added softness.

Pushing the LX stroller is a rather smooth ride thanks to the front wheels that efficiently absorb shocks when gliding over bumpy roads. The seats offer multiple levels of reclining so you can adjust them according to your kids’ needs.

For added convenience, this double stroller is equipped with two hanging storage bags so you can carry a lot of baby items or personal gear, there’s also a cup holder for your drinks with a weight limit of 3 pounds.

The LX stroller isn’t very bulky for a side by side design, it can swiftly fit through a 30-inch wide door allowing you better exploration and maneuverability. As for the maximum weight capacity, this stroller is recommended to handle up to 35 pounds.

This Delta Children stroller meets ASTM standards as well as the applicable CPSC criteria. It’s JPMA certified and available in 4 attractive color options. This stroller is on the affordable side, so it’s a nice choice for parents on a budget.


  • Adjustable recline position
  • 5-point harness
  • Affordable
  • 2 large storage pockets
  • Lightweight travel-friendly


  • Can get wobbly
  • Weight capacity can be challenging when kids get older

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

From the popular kids’ brand Joovy, the Scooter X2 Double Stroller promises to give you all the handy features of a side by side stroller, along with good looks and premium quality materials.

The folks at Joovy wanted to first address the typical size issue of the side by side model of strollers, consequently, their Scooter X2 adopts a narrow design that allows you to fit the stroller through 30-inch wide doorways without having to fold down the frame.

Speaking of which, the body of the Scooter X2 stroller is made of durable graphite to last you many years of use. The 7-inch front wheels are actually a unique double unit design on each side, which boosts stability and grounding during strolls. These, as well as the 9.5-inch back wheels, have built-in seals to enhance the overall steering and maneuverability of the stroller.

The seats of the Scooter X2 offer great adjustability since you can independently recline each one in any position all the way to a near flat configuration when it’s time to take a nap. Each seat can carry up to 45 pounds, for a total weight capacity of 90 pounds.

The seats feature a five-point harness for safety, supported by a removable front bumper to keep your twins secured. You can also find an oversized rugged 600D nylon canopy covering both seats to fully protect your babies from rain and sun exposure, with a peek-a-boo window to check on them at a glance.

For your convenience, the Scooter X2 stroller features a spacious storage underside basket to hold lots of essentials and accessories. Additionally, there are two zippered mesh pockets that you can use for toys, food, or drinks.

The Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller is available in 5 stylish colors including red, orange, and green. It’s a bit pricey, but the features are well worth the money for many parents.


  • Narrow design
  • 90-pound weight capacity
  • One-hand fold makes it easy to store
  • Durable fabric
  • Good stability
  • Multiple pockets for storage


  • Expensive
  • On the heavy side

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller is a wonderful candidate when it comes to tandem style strollers for twins, showing off hundreds of soaring reviews and offering a lot of features for safer trips as well as smoother rides.

In this stroller, there are a few different seating options which come in really handy for your kids as they continue to grow.

We have the conventional front and back seating configuration where one baby is sitting behind the other, you can install two car seats (which are sold separately) for when your twins are infants, and you can also remove the back seat and clear up room for one child to stand or sit on a rear platform while the other sits upfront.

Each seat can support a kid up to 40 pounds heavy, for a total weight capacity of 80 pounds. Additionally, both seats feature child trays with cup holders that you can detach when not in use, and you also get a covered parent tray with 2 spots to hold your drinks as you’re strolling around.

Equipped with a five-point safety harness, this Sit N Stand Double stroller will securely hold your twins in place so you can go about your trip without any worry. The canopies resting above each seat provide adequate protection from sun rays and raindrops. The stroller also includes a rear brake that you can activate with your foot for quick stopping.

The steel frame of this double stroller is sturdy, but it weighs just under 33 pounds making it a bit tricky to lift and handle. On the plus side, you can fold the stroller using one hand only by pressing a designated button for easier storage.

The large storage basket gives you enough space to carry several baby essentials or toys, and the double front wheels make for a stable ride.


  • Versatile seating options
  • Steel construction
  • Removable child trays
  • Parent tray is covered and has 2 cup holders
  • Foot-activated rear brakes


  • Tricky to assemble
  • The canopies are a bit too short

Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller

Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller

Built with over 60 years of experience in the business, the Graco DuoGlider Double stroller is all about innovation in safety, longevity, and convenience.

This double stroller allows for a tandem style of seating with one kid in front of the other, thus saving up on the width for better access through most doorways.

You also get the option of attaching two Graco SnugRide Click Connect infant car seats to make for a more versatile experience. Making this one of the best double strollers with a car seat. 

The DuoGlider Double Stroller includes a number of features to boost the comfort of your twins, starting from both seats being individually reclining to accommodate the needs of each baby.

There’s a canopy hovering over each seat to provide protection from the sun and weather, also, both seats are equipped with removable child trays, each containing two cup holders.

For moms and dads, the DuoGlider offers a parent’s tray with a locking compartment to keep your phone, keys, and essentials, as well as two deep cup holders to prevent your drinks from spilling out.

The multi-tier seating function lets you set the double stroller into a stadium-style configuration by raising the back seat a little higher than the front seat so that both your twins have a wide view of the world. 

Additionally, you can fully recline the rear seat to create a cozy bassinet for nap time. Each seat can support a child’s weight up to 40 pounds, for a total capacity of 80 pounds. 

The Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller adopts front swivel wheels featuring a locking mechanism with integrated suspension, delivering improved maneuverability on the road. Also, it includes a large storage basket to carry your essentials and comes with a one-hand fold technique to save your time and free up the other hand for a baby.


  • Accepts infant car seats
  • Child and parent trays hold 2 cups each
  • Locking front swivel wheels
  • Allows stadium-style seating
  • Easy to assemble


  • Bulky design
  • Accepts only specific models of car seats

Baby Trend Universal Double Snap-N-Go Stroller Frame

Baby Trend Universal Double Stroller

With thousands of happy parents backing it up, the Universal Double Snap-N-Go Stroller from Baby Trend is a fantastic solution for those looking to maximize the use of their twins’ infant car seats with a reliable yet affordable stroller.

The frame of this stroller is made of durable metal and plastic, making for a sturdy construction that’s lightweight as well, measuring at only 18 pounds. This means you won’t only get a long service time, but you’ll also be able to handle the stroller quite easily.

The Baby Trend Universal Double Stroller Frame accommodates two infant car seats with a maximum total weight capacity of 90 pounds. The stroller accepts all car seats manufactured by Baby Trend, as well as infant car seats made by most popular brands such as Graco, Evenflo, Chicco, and Safety 1st.

This stroller features a parent tray with a covered section for your phone and keys as well as two cup holders to safely carry your drinks. There’s an extra-large built-in storage basket at the bottom, allowing you to pack some toys and baby essentials for added convenience.

The front swivel wheel design promotes smoother rides and the foot-activated parking brakes help you achieve stability by quickly stopping the stroller at any given time.


  • Very affordable
  • Accommodates infant car seats from most major brands
  • Large storage space
  • Lightweight frame
  • Assembles easily


  • Doesn’t do very well on bumpy terrain
  • Not for older twins

Delta Children Jeep Scout Double Stroller

Delta Children Jeep Scout Double Stroller

Aiming to give parents and their kids the freedom to go out on adventures as safely and comfortably as possible, the Jeep Scout Double Stroller offers a lot of handy features to get you where you need to go with minimal hassle.

This side by side double stroller is equipped with two extendable European style canopies to protect each baby from various weather elements, and they include sun visors for extra sun blocking.

The seats on the Jeep Scout adopt a five-point harness system to safely hold your kids in place. The shoulder straps are padded to avoid hurting them, with reflective piping to make you stand out at night. Moreover, there are leg and footrests to provide your little ones with extra comfort during longer strolls.

Each seat can support a child weighing up to 35 pounds, for a combined capacity of about 70 pounds. You can individually adjust each seat through multiple reclining positions to better suit the needs of its current passenger.

The Jeep Scout Double Stroller features a lightweight construction for simple handling and its narrow design allows you to pass through standard 30-inch wide doors without any problems.

The top part of the stroller includes a cup holder for parents to keep their drinks accessible, in addition to dual canopy pouches at the back to provide extra space for baby essentials.

The Jeep Scout Double Stroller is JPMA certified, and it adheres to standards regulated by ASTM and CPSC


  • Easy to lift and maneuver
  • Impressive wheels
  • Parent cup holder
  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable handles


  • Doesn’t support trays
  • Reclining function needs some work

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller

Another great choice for parents searching for a dependable side by side double stroller that’s easy to work with but doesn’t break the bank is the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller.

This double stroller was built bearing traveling in mind, so you’ll find it to be quite a breeze to handle and move.

It weighs just a little bit under 23 pounds, which is not too light that it becomes wobbly nor too heavy that you’re basically dealing with a brick!

The size of the Kolcraft Cloud Plus allows you to push it through 31-inch doors with ease, and it folds down to dimensions 20″L × 31″W × 33.5″ H, probably will be able to fit inside your can. Also, the folding mechanism is a simple self-standing task that you can complete quickly on your own without help.

As for the seats, they’re placed side by side with a full view of the world. Each one has a large three-tier canopy that extends to protect your twins from harmful sun rays as well as other weather elements. There’s also a peek-a-boo window to let keep an eye on the kids as you’re strolling with them.

The seats don’t recline totally flat, which may be a setback for some parents. However, it does offer a decent degree of reclining that’s enough to keep kids comfortable. Additionally, they’re equipped with a five-point harness system for extra safety while outside.

The Kolcraft Cloud Double Stroller includes a parent tray with two cup holders, as well as two child trays that you can remove when your kids don’t need them. The two storage basket adds extra convenience as you can carry toys and baby necessities.

This stroller is JPMA certified with a maximum weight capacity of 80 pounds. The Kolcraft Cloud Double Stroller is backed up by a 1-year warranty in case you’re having any issues.


  • Excellent budget option
  • Good for travels
  • Two separated storage baskets to let you better organize
  • Lightweight for its size
  • 1-year warranty


  • Child cup holders aren’t very deep
  • Seats don’t fully recline

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller

If you’re an active parent who wants to stick to their daily jogs but you don’t know what to do with your twins, the Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger may be just what you need!

The design of this jogger double stroller features two oversized 16-inch wheels at the back and a 12-inch front swivel wheel. These wheels deliver smooth performance gliding over all sorts of terrain and you can lock the front wheel to maintain a straight direction during your jogs.

If you want to take your kids for a regular stroll, you’ll simply need to unlock the front swivel for better maneuverability and smoother steering. The pneumatic bicycle tires do a great job of resisting bumps and tears, while the integrated rear brake system can be swiftly activated with your foot for quick control over the stroller.

Folding is also made simple by Baby Trend as you can transform it into a compact package for easier transport. Each seat can support a child up to 50 pounds heavy, equipped with a five-point harness for improved safety.

Both seats are covered by one ratcheting canopy to provide shade on sunny days. You can adjust the angle of recline individually for each seat to let your twins be more comfortable. As for your own convenience, the Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger offers a tray for parents with a covered compartment and 2 cup holders.

There’s also plenty of storage room at the underside of the seats so you can carry all the baby essentials you need. The Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger is available in a couple of color options, at a price that’s quite affordable compared to many other brands of double jogger strollers.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Rugged tires for smooth rides
  • Comfy seats
  • Easy to push with one hand
  • Decent price


  • Too wide for standards doors
  • Straps can be too rough

Evenflo Minno Twin Double Stroller

Evenflo Minno Twin Double Stroller

Spending almost 100 years in the children’s care industry, Evenflo promises parents the utmost safety, comfort, as well as reliability with their strollers, and this Minno Twin Double Stroller is no exception to the standard.

A particularly neat feature you can notice in the Evenflo Minno Twin Double Stroller is the truly compact design, offering a width of just 27 inches, which is one of the narrowest measurements for side by side strollers available on the market.

The unique one-fold mechanism lets you pack away the stroller on your own, folding down to dimensions: 15.75″W × 16.75″D × 41.5″H. It also bears a lightweight construction, weighing less than 26 pounds to provide easy handling as well as a grounded performance.

Each seat can carry a child weighing up to 45 pounds, for a combined capacity of 90 pounds. You can adjust each seat on its own into one of two recline positions to make your babies as comfy as possible, while the oversized canopies provide shade from the sun with extended visors for extra protection.

As for steering, the Evenflo Minno offers a smooth ride for you as well as your kids, thanks to the front wheel suspension system with swivel lock function.

Moreover, the stroller includes a parent cup holder, a spacious storage basket, as well as padded and angled handlebars to boost convenience and comfort.


  • Fits through 27″ wide doors
  • 90-pound weight capacity
  • Quick folding and unfolding
  • Angled handlebars
  • Smooth to maneuver


  • Not compatible with child trays
  • No extra pockets or pouches

Delta Children City Street Side by Side Stroller

Delta Children City Street Side by Side Stroller

One again from Delta Children, the City Street Side by Side Stroller is a solid option for parents seeking a lightweight double stroller for twins that offers lots of value while being easy to use.

This travel-friendly double stroller adopts a durable yet lightweight frame weighing less than 18 pounds to let you move it and store it with minimal hassle.

It sports an impressive narrow design, swiftly passing through standard 80″ wide doorways, and it gets even more compact thanks to the umbrella fold which makes it rather portable.

The Delta Children City Street Double Stroller features 3 sets of shock-absorbing wheels which enable the stroller to smoothly glide over bumpy and unpaved terrain for a more supported ride with your babies. Moreover, the front wheels are a 360-degree swivel type that adapts to all sorts of turns when unlocked and boosts stability when locked.

Each seat has a retractable canopy to provide some protection from sun rays and keep your kids cool, however, they’re not very big perhaps since the stroller is more designed for trips. The seats are also equipped with a 3-point harness for safety, which isn’t ideal but it can be enough to ensure a safe stroll.

The City Street Side by Side Stroller offers two bags that hang on the back of the seats where you get to carry some items and toys for the kids, but you may need an extra bag since there’s no extra space at the bottom. Also, the stroller comes with a parent cup holder as well as two attachment points to give you a convenient choice of placement.

Made of durable fabric, the City Street Double Stroller is JPMA certified and it’s manufactured in compliance with ASTM and CPSC applicable standards.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Very suitable for traveling
  • The parent cup holder has 2 points of attachment
  • Uses durable fabric
  • The wheels allow for easy maneuvering


  • The seats don’t recline
  • Storage space is a bit limited

Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect LX Stroller

Graco Ready2Grow LX Stroller

Next up is a highly versatile double stroller with hundreds of positive reviews swearing by its wide range of use, the Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect LX Stroller is built to make venturing outdoors with your twins a breeze.

The Ready2Grow stroller features a front seat, bench seat, rear seat, as well as a standing platform, allowing it to offer 12 different sitting options for your kids!

That’s the highest number of riding configurations provided by any of the double strollers on our list, and probably even the whole market!

The front seat supports a child weighing up to 50 pounds and you can adjust it into one of the multiple recline positions to make your kid as comfortable as possible, you can even recline it flat for when your kid needs a nap. The bench seat and the standing platform also hold a maximum weight of 50 pounds each, while the rear seat takes a child up to 40 pounds heavy.

A neat feature of the Graco Ready2Grow stroller is that you can interact more with your kid who’s sitting on the rear seat, thanks to the Face Time function where the kid gets to face the parent while sitting. You can also remove the rear seat completely and gain access to the bench seat or the standing platform.

The fabric used in manufacturing the stroller is made of 80% polyester and 20% cotton, it’s very durable yet fairly gentle on your kids’ skin. The stroller also folds up rather simply, with a one-hand technique that helps you pack it up in no time.

The Ready2Grow stroller includes three as well as five-point harnesses to ensure the safety of your young ones during outings. It also features a parent tray with a cup holder, two detachable kid’s trays, and a generous storage basket, all to boost your convenience and make your life easier.


  • High-quality construction
  • 12 different seating options
  • Face Time feature
  • Suits multiple ages
  • Comes with a front bar
  • Quick fold


  • Can get too heavy to handle

Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller

Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Toddler

Last but definitely not least, the Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller is one for parenting seeking a premium-quality stroller that’s loaded with tweaks for safety and convenience.

This tandem style stroller offers 7 different seating options to give you a highly versatile experience. You can adjust the reversible seats with lift-assist mounts to have your twins sit face-to-face, back-to-back, both facing the world, both facing you, and more.

The frame and seat bars are made of light-weight aluminum to deliver durable performance for many years. 

However, the stroller is actually heavier than most candidates on our list, weighing at 34 pounds, which makes it a bit tricky to lift for petite parents. The folks at Contours do try and make up for it with a super simple fold mechanism that also auto-locks with both seats installed.

This stroller accepts numerous brands of infant car seats, but you’ll have to purchase their universal adapter first. The front and back wheels are equipped with a dynamic suspension system to make for a smoother ride. The rear wheel has an integrated sandal-friendly brake for easy activation, it also offers quick disconnect feature to facilitate assembly.

The Contours Elite Tandem Double Stroller has stylish oversized canopies for protection from the elements, pockets in the seats, as well as a large basket for storage with access from the back and the side via a zipper.

The canopies feature mesh panels and peek-a-boo windows to keep an eye on your babies while strolling. The added five-point safety harness makes for an extra safe ride, while the padded shoulder straps and adjustable footrests offer a very comfy experience.


  • 7 seating options
  • Premium construction materials
  • Aluminum frame
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to assemble wheels
  • Contoured handle
  • Safety bars


  • Very Expensive
  • Heavier than most candidates

What is a Double Stroller?

A lot of parents think of a stroller as an essential item when it comes to baby equipment. It’s the most convenient way to take your baby outside during walks, jogs, shopping trips, just about any place you want to visit.

When you’re expecting twins, a stroller becomes indispensable to help you manage going out with two babies, but obviously, unless you want to juggle carrying one kid and pushing the other, a single-seat stroller just won’t do!

That’s where a double stroller comes in, offering more space and safety for your twins by adding an extra seat so you’re pushing one unit with both babies sitting in it.

Double strollers come in various shapes and sizes with different applications and benefits, all of which we’ll be discussing later on.

Why Should you Buy a Double Stroller for Twins?

Baby gear can get pretty expensive, that’s no surprise, which is why some parents become hesitant when they face a decision regarding strollers for their twins.

Some parents are tempted to buy two single strollers, while others are worried about the money.

So if you’re still thinking about it, here are a few reasons why investing in a double stroller for twins is a good idea:

Why Should you Buy a Double Stroller

Money-Saving Option

Since money can be the biggest issue for many upcoming parents who are getting one more baby than they bargained for, the fact that double strollers can actually save you some cash is rather great news.

For starters, buying one double stroller will cost you less money than purchasing two single strollers, meaning you can use the extra bucks for other important items. Not to mention, double strollers rarely require fixing so you’ll hardly be spending any money on maintenance.

Highly Durable

One of the best aspects of double strollers is how highly durable they can be compared to single strollers. Double strollers for twins are typically built with sturdy frames and heavy-duty quality fabric to ensure they can support the weight of two kids as well as provide maximum comfort and serve you for a long time.

Some strollers offer a weight capacity as high as 100 pounds, which should be enough to safely hold your twins until they outgrow their stroller phase.

Extra Storage Space

A particularly handy feature on almost every double stroller out there is that they carry several pockets and compartments to provide parents with additional storage space, which is always welcomed when you’re dealing with kids.

Using the much-needed space, you can pack all sorts of essentials such as diapers, feeding and water bottles, as well as objects of your own like shopping bags or groceries.

More Convenience

Let’s face it, pushing around one stroller with both your kids sitting nice and tight is much more convenient than trying to maneuver two single strollers or worse; attempting to somehow carry them without having any accidents for more than five minutes!

double stroller for twins allows you to spend quality time with your babies and lets them share your fun times. You can take a stroll, do some shopping, or even go on morning jogs. 

What are the Types of Double Strollers for Twins?

As we already mentioned, strollers for twins come in numerous shapes and sizes. So it’s important that you know the different types of double strollers to be able to make a well-informed purchase.

In general, there are five major types of double strollers for twins: Side by Side, Tandem, Convertible, Jogger and All-Terrain, each with certain advantages and disadvantages that we’ll be discussing next.

Side by Side Double Strollers

First up, we got side by side double strollers which are pretty much how most people picture strollers for twins when such words are mentioned.

A side by side double stroller is basically when we join two single strollers together from the sides.

In this type of twin strollers, both seats are facing forward and your kids will be sitting next to each other. This is particularly great for twins because the seats offer an equal amount of room, ideal for kids of similar size.

Buy a Double Stroller for Twins

With side by side strollers, your twins won’t be fighting about the best spot since both seats provide the same full view of the surrounding area. Each seat can usually be adjusted on its own to comfortably fit the child sitting in it. They can also recline completely for separate or simultaneous nap time.

The length of a side by side stroller is about the same as a single stroller, however, the biggest difference is in the width. A side by side double stroller is obviously wider and bulkier, which can be an issue when you’re trying to enter through standard doors. It’s also not very easy to maneuver on busy streets.

Tandem Double Strollers

Tandem strollers are another popular type of stroller for twins, also called in-line strollers. Here, the seats are placed one behind the other in a row-like pattern.

Using a tandem double stroller, you can choose between a couple of seating options where your kids could be facing you, facing the world, or facing one another. However, you should be aware that the child sitting in the back seat will have a more obstructed view than the one seated at the front.

But to make up for it, tandem double strollers sometimes offer a stadium-style configuration where the back seat is adjusted to be at a level a bit higher than the front seat, giving the twin at the back a wider view of the surroundings.

The good thing about tandem double strollers is that they offer the same width as a typical single stroller, and so, you can easily fit one through regular doorways.

That being said, tandem strollers are approximately twice as long as single strollers, which makes them somewhat tricky to turn around tight corners. Also, due to the seat arrangement, the front seat is never allowed to fully recline.

Convertible Double Strollers

This type of stroller is one that you can transform into a single or double stroller, hence the name convertible.

The way this is made possible is by attaching an extra car seat or stroller seat to the frame of the stroller, so it becomes a double-seated unit that accommodates two babies instead of just one.

A neat feature in convertible double strollers is that you can use even when one of your kids doesn’t need or want to be pushed around. It’s a highly versatile type of stroller and a good choice for multiple deliveries as your family grows.

Jogger Double Strollers

Next up is a type of twin strollers that hits the sweet spot for parents who are athletes or mothers just looking to lose the extra pregnancy pounds and get back in shape.

The design of a jogger double stroller is practically a simplified version of side by side strollers, meaning that a jogger stroller adopts two seats placed next to each other with a view facing the world.

A jogger stroller typically has two large rear wheels that are highly resistant to punctures, as well as one wheel at the front acting as a pivot for smooth performance.

However, you won’t find any of the extra safety features included, just the basics that’ll keep your babies secure without overdoing it. This is done to maximize maneuverability and achieve weight as light as possible to help you jog easily while pushing two kids.

Also, a jogger double stroller doesn’t offer much when it comes to storage space, so don’t expect to see many pockets or racks to carry baby items. These strollers are built for going on jogs and brief trips around the neighborhood.

All-Terrain Double Strollers

All-terrain double strollers are similar to jogger strollers in that they also feature one swivel wheel at the front to enhance stability and maneuverability over all sorts of surfaces, making it suitable for seemingly any terrain.

Such strollers are usually made of heavy-duty metal and sturdy fabrics to ensure durability against wear and tear conditions. They also have sturdy rear wheels to smoothly handle rough terrain while being as comfortable as possible for your twins.

What to Consider Before Buying a Double Stroller for Twins?

When shopping for the best stroller for twins, there are several points you need to take into account before making a purchase so you can be sure you’re investing in the right choice for your specific needs:

Consider Buy a Double Stroller for Twins


If you want to choose the right stroller type out of the ones we discussed above, then you should ask yourself what kind of use or application you plan to put the stroller through.

Are you looking for something simple to stroll around the neighborhood or are you on the active side and would like a stroller that doesn’t slow you down?

In such cases, you’d buy a side by side model or a jogger style stroller, so your decision should be in light of your usage plan.

Age of Your Twins

There’s no doubt that the age of your twins has a major say in your decision. For example, if your kids are newborns or still in their baby phase, you’ll want a double stroller that fully reclines.

On the other hand, if your kids are toddlers or older, then you’ll a stroller offering enough room for their bodies, preferably with footrests to protect their legs from injuries and let them sit comfortably.

ASafety Features

Because nothing is more important than the safety of your children, double strollers are often full of features added to serve this exact purpose.

You want your stroller to include a five-point harness to ensure a secure hold on your kids in place as long as you’re outside. This means looking for a stroller with two straps for shoulders and one strap for the waist. A crotch strap is also a nice touch for extra stability.

It’s also a good idea to consider having a front bar to maximize both the safety and comfort of your twins.

Size of the Stroller

An aspect you surely don’t want to overlook is the size of your double stroller. This mainly contributes to how easy it would be for you to maneuver, handle, and store away the stroller.

Always pick a double stroller that you can swiftly fit inside your car to make packing and unpacking a simple task, especially if you’re going to be doing it on a regular basis.

Also, make sure that you’re aware of the consequences of the type of stroller you’re planning to buy. For example, side by side double strollers will give you a hard time entering through standard doorways, while tandem double strollers are stubborn around tight corners.


Lastly, you want to pay attention to the wheels on your twin stroller. Big wheels are best suited for the countryside and they’re also excellent in dealing with rough terrains as well as moving up and down staircases.

Swivel wheels, on the other hand, are great if you live in the city and urban areas. These wheels are generally easy to maneuver, just make sure they can be locked straight for a smoother ride.

Our Top Choices – Best of The Best

Choosing the best stroller for twins can be a pretty confusing task, especially if you’re a first-time parent or if it’s your first time having twins! (Hang in there, champ!)

While there are plenty of styles and features for you to pick from, the most important thing is to determine what exactly you need the stroller for after looking at our guide for types of double strollers. Then, you can refer to our considerations to find the perfect match out of our top 12 list.

That being said, if you’re on the hunt for a highly reliable side by side double stroller offering lots of safety features, then the Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller should be right up your alley!

However, if you’re searching for a stroller that’s a tandem style, durable, and doesn’t put a dent in your wallet, then be sure to check out the Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller.