Here’s Our Guide to The Best Compact Strollers for 2021

Best Compact Stroller Review

There are many types of strollers, but not all can suit your specific lifestyle. If you have limited space, live in an apartment, or frequently travel with your baby, a compact stroller may be most suitable for you. Most compact strollers are lightweight and fold to occupy less space.

Although lightweight, compact strollers have all the functional features of traditional strollers. You can get the best out of your compact stroller, then fold it to store or put it into your car’s boot as you go. Most of the compact strollers are airplane-approved to fit into the overhead compartment. The strollers are also perfect when using public vehicles or a train.

There are many options out there for lightweight strollers – so how do you know which is best for you? Let’s take a look at some of the best compact strollers to suit your family’s needs.

Top 4 Best Lightweight Strollers – Comparison

6 Best Lightweight Strollers

Babyzen Yoyo 2 Stroller


Babyzen Yoyo 2 comes with a comfortable seat cushion to keep your child cozy throughout the ride. It features a multi-position reclining seat that is perfect for your baby’s naptime. The stroller’s anti-UV fabric UPF 50+ canopy offers adequate shade, and its four-wheel suspension is excellent for shock absorption.

Weight Limit

Although the stroller is ultra-lightweight at 13.6 to 14.5 pounds, it can accommodate a baby weighing up to 40 pounds.

Car Seat Compatibility

You can clip various car seat brands onto this stroller’s frame using adapters. You can also use newborn inserts to make the stroller suitable for your newborn.


The stroller is stable, and the 4-wheel suspension system provides resilience and excellent shock absorption. It also has a 5 point harness to keep your baby safe and secure in the seat. The stroller handlebar is made of faux leather, so the stroller won’t slip off your hand.


The stroller has a canopy window for constant checks on your baby. You can store your essentials in the back pocket and bulky items in the storage basket. The storage basket accommodates up to 11 pounds, and you can access it from the front or back.

Babyzen Yoyo is a lightweight, compact stroller that you can carry on a plane and store in an overhead bin. It is a one-hand push stroller that you can easily unfold or fold into a single element using one hand. Once folded, you can carry the stroller like a bag using its padded shoulder strap.

The stroller is easy to keep clean since all its fabrics are washable. It also comes in nine trendy colors and plenty of accessories such as a Yoyo cup holder, bag, leg rest, footmuff, board, travel bag, parasol, and a mosquito net. If you have two kids, the younger one can sit in the stroller while the older one can sit or stand on the board as you stroll.

The stroller grows with your child, and you can customize it according to your needs; this is what makes Babyzen Yoyo one of the best lightweight strollers on the market.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2

Stroller Weight and Suitability

This iron frame stroller is ultra light-weight at only 14 pounds. Despite its lightness, the stroller is suitable for your child from infancy up to two years. It is sturdy and ideal for urban strolling but not off-road travel.


Baby Jogger City Tour is a compact and lightweight stroller designed with easy maneuverability. You can easily condense it into a compact fold using one hand. The stroller has an auto-lock to ease storage and transportation, plus a carry bag to protect it against dirt and abrasions as you travel.

Its padded seat offers a multi-position recline with a near-flat angle and adjustable calf support to maximize your baby’s comfort. The stroller also has a UV 50+ canopy to protect your child against direct sunlight and a peek-a-boo window for quick checks on your baby.

Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller Design


Baby Jogger City Tour is one of the best travel strollers available. Its lightweight and on-step fold make it convenient to carry wherever you go. The stroller’s durable and lightweight tires offer a smooth ride for your baby, and you can easily lock the front swivel wheels whenever you need to stop.

The storage basket on this stroller holds up to 15 pounds, allowing you to store plenty of baby essentials. Many add-on accessories are available to customize your stroller for added convenience and comfort. However, the accessories are sold separately. The stroller is available in various colors to suit your tastes.

Car Seat Compatibility

This lovely travel stroller is compatible with all Baby Jogger infant car seats using separately-sold adapters to make a perfect travel system.

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller

Stroller Weight and Capacity

Mountain Buggy Nano is a light stroller weighing 13 pounds, with a weight limit of 44 pounds. You can carry your newborn in the stroller until they are four years old, so you won’t need to constantly upgrade your stroller every time your child grows.


This stroller is narrow and compact with slim wheels. It comes with a solid flip-out visor, 30% deep recline, sun mesh extension, and a winter coverage fabric overlay. It also has a large extendable sun hood with three panels for additional weather protection.

The stroller folds in two easy steps to fit in an overhead compartment of a plane. It distributes weight evenly, resulting in optimized performance. It also lets you prop up the front wheels for a smoother ride.


Mountain Buggy Nano features in the list of the best travel strollers with its first-class safety innovations. It has a five-point harness to keep your child secure, plus excellent stability and sturdiness to carry your child’s weight. The stroller’s seat is full-size with adequate ventilation at the back when in recline.

Car Seat Compatibility

This stroller has a built-in universal car seat adapter compatible with many popular infant car seat brands, so you don’t need to purchase extra adapters. In addition, the stroller can accommodate newborns using a cocoon carrycot. The separately sold carrycot enables your newborn to lie flat in the stroller.


Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller Feature

You can condense the stroller into a compact fold, put it in its custom-fit travel bag and carry it on your back using the provided shoulder strap. This compact stroller is suitable for air travel as it fits nicely in an overhead bin in a plane.

You don’t need screws to connect this stroller’s canopy to a car seat, so you can easily replace the hood when necessary. The front-wheel swivel and the narrow width make the stroller convenient in tight spaces or city streets.

Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller


Summer Infant 3D Lite is made of a durable aluminum frame and comes with a large seat. The stroller’s front wheels have anti-shock properties, while the rear wheels are lockable. The canopy is adjustable and removable with a flip-out sun visor for sun protection.


The stroller collapses into a compact fold that you can carry on your back using the provided carry strap. The lightweight umbrella stroller has an auto-lock for simple storage.

The stroller has a storage basket that holds up to 10 pounds. It also comes with a cup holder and a rear storage pocket giving you plenty of space to store your essentials.

Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller Design

Summer Infant 3D Lite is a perfect lightweight umbrella stroller for daily use and travel. At 13 pounds, you can easily lift or carry the 3Dlite stroller. The stroller grows with your child until they are 50 pounds, so it is fit to serve you and your family for a long time.

Safety & Seat Recline

This stroller keeps your child safe and comfortable with a five-point harness and four-position recline.

The stroller’s seat reclines to a nearly flat position, ideal for napping and diaper changes. The five-point harness adjusts to three height positions as your baby grows, and the extra padding keeps them comfortable throughout the ride.

Cybex Libelle Stroller, Ultra Light Weight Stroller

Weight Limit

Cybex Libelle is a lightweight stroller weighing 13.7 pounds. It is a sturdy travel stroller with a weight limit of 50 pounds.


Cybex Libelle has a lean frame that folds into a compact package to fit an overhead bin, car trunk, or train seat. The stroller is super easy to fold with one hand, and condenses into an ultra-compact standing fold for ease of storage wherever you are. In addition, the folded stroller is accepted as hand luggage on most airlines.

The front-wheel suspension on this stroller offers a smooth ride for your child and stable handling for you. The stroller has an integrated XL UPF 50+ canopy to provide ample shade for your little one. The seat reclines in a one-hand motion to a near-flat position suitable for napping.

You can customize the stroller’s adjustable leg rest, sitting and lying positions with one hand for your child’s maximum comfort.


Best Compact Stroller

Cybex Libelle is one of the best travel strollers for all your daily adventures. The stroller is fun to use and easy to lift and carry, and you can store it as a standing fold to save on space.

You can travel anywhere with this lightweight stroller using any means of transport since it’s very compact when folded.

For added comfort, you can conveniently recline the seat using one hand, and the stroller comes with various accessories such as a bumper bag, a rain cover, and a travel bag.

Car Seat Compatibility

Cybex Libelle is compatible with all Cybex infant car seats using car seat adapters to form a perfect 2-in-1 travel system. Although the stroller doesn’t include a carrycot, you can use car seats to make it suitable for your newborn.


This stroller doesn’t compromise your child’s safety. It is sturdy and stable to avoid toppling, and it also has a five-point safety harness to keep your child secure in the seat.

Gb Pockit+ All-City, Ultra-Compact Lightweight Stroller

Stroller Weight

Gb Pockit is the best lightweight stroller as recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. Gb Pockit manufactures ultra-compact lightweight strollers; All-City is the heaviest of the four models (weight 13 pounds).

Weight Limit

Although lightweight, the Pockit accommodates a child from birth up to 55 pounds; the stroller is with you for the long-haul! Such a wide weight limit ensures that you get the ultimate long-term usage of the stroller.


The Pockit condenses into a one-handed fold that fits in overhead bins in planes, train compartments, and your car trunk. It has a UPF50+ sun canopy for increased sun protection, and the adjustable seatback has multiple recline positions to maximize your baby’s comfort.


Pockit is the most compact of all the lightweight strollers, making it one of the best travel strollers available. You can carry the folded stroller on your shoulder like a handbag from one point to another.

The Pockit is easy to clean since its fabrics are machine washable at 30 degrees. It has a large storage basket with a weight capacity of 11 pounds, and you can choose your favorite color.

Car Seat Compatibility

The Pockit stroller is compatible with Cybex infant car seats using provided adapters.

Pros and Cons of a Lightweight Stroller


  • Most lightweight strollers are less expensive than traditional strollers.
  • A lightweight stroller can maneuver through tight spaces.
  • Compact strollers are more convenient for travel and daily use.


  • The stroller handle can be short.
  • Many lightweight strollers lack accessory features and ample storage.

Factors to Consider in Choosing A Compact Stroller


Although most lightweight strollers are affordable, it is best to purchase a stroller that will give you value for your money. Compare different brand prices before buying so that you are getting the best deal for the price point.


Your child’s age is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a stroller. For instance, you’ll require a car seat compatible stroller if your child is below six months.


It is good to consider your available space before selecting a specific size. For example, you’ll need the smallest size if your car trunk is small or if you frequently travel on airplanes.

Take a look at what your stroller weighs too, as this will affect how easily you can use this stroller for travel.

Size of stroller

Reclining Positions

Depending on your child’s age, you can choose a stroller with a multi-position reclining seat for your baby’s comfort and napping.

Final Thoughts

Lightweight strollers can come in the form of travel strollers or umbrella strollers. They are the most convenient everyday stroller for your daily strolls and travel, as they are highly portable and easy to maneuver. We hope that the list above will help you in making the best selection to suit your family’s needs!