9 Best Stroller Boards for 2022 Reviewed

Best Stroller Board Reviews

Stroller boards are an amazing way to move around with your baby or toddler, and an older child. We’ve reviewed the best universal boards to make your next outing much less stressful.

Straight To The Point. Here Are The Best Stroller Boards!

Twin/ double strollers may not be sufficiently accommodative of all your three children, however, with the board addition, the real solution comes. You will be able to accommodate all your three children more comfortable. They may not be of the same age as twins or triplets; however, they should not be weighing more than 45 pounds.

If you have a double stroller, you can have the youngest two in the double stroller and the older/ elder one on the attached board. In such an away you will have a more convenient method of maneuvering with your children across busy streets and corridors with lots of ease.

What’s a stroller board?

For many who have used strollers before, a stroller board seems a little more familiar to them. A stroller board is an extension that forms part of the main stroller and offers more carriage space for more children. Like the name suggests, it is a special board made from quality material and design that has a unique and special attachment feature which holds on to main strollers – such that when you whenever you steer the main stroller, the board follows in the same direction.

Stroller boards come in varied designs, color, and sizes which make it a choice for any willing buyer. There are those designed with special seats, resembling those of a bicycle’s main seat, others only come as a plain board platform with wheels whereby a child stands. Lots of parents prefer this choice of buying another stroller as it is more convenient and need only to be steered by one parent.

Why do you need a stroller board?

Previous or current users of this product may not seek an answer to this question since they already have it. Stroller boards can be of great value to outgoing parents who spend some time of their daily life, jogging, shopping in large malls, and visiting busy and crowded parks or simply love walking across streets and love or wish to have their children in the company.

Here are key reasons as to why you need a stroller board;

  • Additional carriage space: Normal strollers, single or double, only offers a two space seat for your children. Thus, if you have three children, you may not hack it all. However, a stroller board offers a convenient solution. It will offer more space within the very same stroller so that you ferry your children as a unit.
  • Convenience: Yes, your budget may allow buying a second single or double stroller but, the trouble may come when it’s only one parent available to use them. You see? Ferrying your children may not be possible. Therefore, an additional seat to the main stroller yields much convenience for you.
  • Saves your money: Buying another stroller may be very expensive on your side. Instead, buying just one and adding a stroller board, will be much cheaper and economical.

From its customized design and features, it is more reliable and expedient for users. Most of them are compatible with all single or double strollers of various models thus adding more to its convenience.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Perfect Stroller Board

The following factors are deeply researched and verified to be very key when it comes to securing a functional effective stroller. Considering every single them will help you buy the right stroller board you need.

The board is fitted with your stroller

In general, most board strollers are very compatible with most single/ double strollers. However, assuming this fact may bring you lots of inconveniences. Not all of them would fit in with your stroller.

Hence when making a choice, always go through the product’s specifications and find out whether they are compatible with your stroller. You can as well seek confirmation from either your friends who have used it before or your suppliers so that you only but that which is appropriate.

Remember if your board does not fit in well with your stroller, it will then mean that nothing of significance will work out. You may either destroy some parts of the stroller or the board itself trying to force things up.

Universal or Non-universal

About 99% of board strollers are compatible strollers these include examples like Buggy Board Maxi with the three-wheeled plastic ride ideal for kids of ages five and six with weight not exceeding 66 lbs. The universal boards are designed with a special connective adapter which brings about quick, easy and secure installation and removal. Non-universal board stroller does not have a universal adapter – thus are selective in their attachment to strollers.

It is always advisable that you go for the universal stroller boards for more convenience. In such a way you will not be required to keep on buying new and same model strollers in case the present one spoils. You will be able to change the model yet still use the very same board.

The board is fit for your baby

Stroller boards come in unique and varied designs, which ensures your child sticks to a more comfortable position while on the board. Due to their varied designs, some boards are designed to allow your child to stand on the others like BabyZen Yoyo have to saddle like seat design, which allows them to seat in their preferred comfortable positions.

Hence, when shopping for the best stroller, always have a clear description of the best design that would fit your baby as you wish. Do not be deceived by the beauty of the structure and go for the one with creepy features not suitable for your child as small area space to step on.

Height & weight

Height and weight are equally key factors to be considered when shopping for a suitable stroller board. The Height in this concept refers to the board’s elevation level from the ground. Raised boards with smoothly rotating wheels are known to offer comfort in all terrains. They are always efficient when passing over bumpy paths – the child feels less of the bumpiness.

In terms of weight, a better stroller board are the light-weight, for instance, the Pocket Lightweight Stroller which is easier to steer. Heavy ones will always slow you down.

Safety of Your child

Safety of your child must always be paramount when considering shopping for any child gear. The gear must not be an item that would bring them discomfort or expose them to high risk of being injured from falls or scratches from sections of the product.

The best stroller board will offer great comfort and remain sturdy in all terrains. They should firmly connective adapter to the main stroller to avoid any event of abrupt disconnection which may result in injuries.

How easy to install

As much as stroller board needs to customize in its design, it should never be too much complicated to be operated. It should never require you to employ some level of rocket science in its installation process let alone its operation mode. Instead, it should be more user-friendly with features which are easy to understand their functioning.

If you need a more basic stroller board, there is no need to go for a more complicated one. You may start experiencing difficulty in operating it right from the installation process. Easy to install stroller board will always save you time to do other useful things in waiting.

Foldable or Non-foldable

Price dictates whether or not you are going to buy a particular product. Often, we go for those products fitting within our budget. Like every product in the market, stroller boards offer different prices. This mainly depends on varied features they are constructed with or designs they are made in.

In most cases, reliable and convenient stroller board brands go for much higher prices in comparison to the rest. Therefore, when shopping for any model or brand, ensure you go for the best that measures your budget.

Size of the board

Comfort in using a stroller board is contributed by the space of the area of the board. If it’s a standing stroller board like the Lascal BuggyBoard Mini Ride-On Stroller Board, Baby Jogger Glider Board, Black and many other, standing can be very uncomfortable and tire if the board size is less. Even if it is a sitting-stroller board like the Englacha 2-in-1 Cozy 4-Wheel Rider, if you miss a spacious board size, sitting will never be comfortable.

Board size is a key element worth considering. A larger board offers more comfort in their standing or sitting positions.

Anti-slip surfaces

Slipping from a stroller board can be very dangerous to your child as it may result in serious injuries. They may get bruises, dislocation of bones or even born breakage in serious cases. A safe design is that with an anti-slip surface to eliminate any slip possibilities to your children on board.

The anti-slip surface may either be formed of rough rubber or metallic plate design. Different models have different designs for it.

In addition to the anti-slip surface of the board, you can also ensure your children put on high traction foot wares. For those who might have used the product for so long, you might notice that anti-slip surfaces of most stroller boards may start smoothening after a long time of their use. When such conditions begin to show up, it is highly advisable that you get a new board to avoid any risks.

Here are the Top 9 Best Stroller Boards Full Reviews

It was a painful work to research and find out “what stroller board is the best?” but we completed that task and create a great list from the current market. And just for you, we have wrote a specific review for every pick. As our wish, Our honest review will help you to get one of the bests and you’ll win… So what are we waiting for? Lets go…


Peg Perego Ride With Me Board

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

Peg Perego Book Board is one children gear item you should never miss to have. The high-tech designed sleek ridding board effectively acts as travel system that allows one of your children to stand on it while you the parent, pushes the main stroller.

The stroller is compatible with both the single and the double strollers and in such a way offers more space to your original stroller. The Book Board comes with exquisite features among them an adjustable handle which offers riders ambient ridding space.

The Book Board also offers an easy to fold and unfold procedure which makes it convenient when it is needed to create space in your car or at home. This product is supreme if you intend to make better your strollers at home.


  • Unlike the single and the double strollers, the stroller boards accommodate three children of which among them can be an elder sister or brother.
  • Compatible with vast stroller models including; Book Pop Up, Book Cross, Book for Two and Booklet
  • It has an extendable handle that allows steering parents enough space for their feet
  • The main strollers can still be folded easily without uninstalling the board


  • May develop technical breakdowns after a long time of use
  • Shipping may not be done to all countries


UPPAbaby CRUZ PiggyBack Ride

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

Now that you can tag along with your toddler in the ride, UPPAbaby CRUZ PiggyBack Ride-Along Board now introduces to you a unique travel system that will conveniently involve your elder child.

The design here is that the elder sister or brother will be standing on the board at the back of the Cruz stroller facing the younger one who would be comfortably sited in the stroller car seat.

This travel system comes with an easy to install method which involves simply snapping the connecting adapter.The connection is usually an on and off attachment which as well allows ease of folding and unfolding of the main stroller. 

PiggyBack attached is very unique and special stroller board as it is made from natural, eco-friendly wooden material. It has an anti-skidding surface which prevents possible slipping when rolling over varied terrains.


  • Has an on and off snap attachment procedure
  • When not in use, can conveniently be lifted out of the way
  • Compatible with all CRUZ models
  • The stroller can still fold with PiggyBack attached
  • Non-skid surface prevents slipping
  • Made from natural, eco-friendly wooden material
  • Comes with one year warranty and full support


  • Repairs may be required in case there are any breakages or faults in their operational mode
  • They are relatively expensive


Vee Bee - EZ Rider - Stroller

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

Vee Bee – EZ Rider – Stroller Ride On Board Connector with Toddler Seat Attachment is where quality, convenience, and safety all meet.

It is an excellent product that comes handy with top quality features escalates the high level of its operational effectiveness.

Through its extension/ carrier-space maximization intention, this versatile product offers a more convenient to many parents who have formed going out, their hobby.

Depending on the ages of the children, you can always find the best way to go about who sits in the stroller’s car seat and who sits on the extra seat on the stroller’s board.

The sitting and standing modes in the strollers are well defined by how the two toddlers should position themselves on it. When the toddler seat is in use, a seatbelt and easy-grip T bar enhance the child’s security.

A Comfortable Ride: Provided your children are over 15 months old and not more than 55lbs heavy, can continue enjoying the sleek ride offered by the board. Also, this product has received certification from the US CPSIA act of 2008 who carried out a compliance test on it.


  • Twin suspension and a molded seat make for a smooth ride
  • Has an anti-slip surface
  • Its seat comes with a suitable seatbelt
  • Has an easy-grip handlebar to enhance security
  • Sit or Stand Safely


  • Not compatible with all strollers like the Yoyo strollers
  • May need clear guidelines before use if you are new to its functioning


Englacha Easy Rider Trailer

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

Englacha easy rider plus for children is a unique stroller board which does not come with a universal adapter.

The ‘standing only’ stroller offers compatibility with about 80% to 90% of all other stroller models.

The product utilizes a special kind of adapter which gets attached to an axle/ horizontal tube at the rear ends of the main strollers’ structure. Ideally, the Englacha Easy Rider Plus Trailer is designed to accommodate children from 15 years of age with weight not exceeding 45 lbs.

It offers that amazingly sleek ride in all terrains and it is sufficiently easy to operate. The product is practical and offers great comfort to your children – no more worries on how to manage your children while on a little walk with them in busy pathways, car parks, and shopping centers as well.

It’s Compatible with almost all stroller models, 80 % to 90 % of the stroller models available and Has a quick connection method – involving on and off connection mode and it can be adjusted in terms of height and width.


  • The rider comes with a convenient storage strap spacious enough to hold it when not in use
  • Englacha Cozy Stroll Handle Extension Bar increase additional 12~15 cm sold distinctly
  • Has attached coupling straps adapter which tightens on the stroller letting the rider experience the smoothest ride.


  • It is not compatible with all stroller models
  • May not function properly when damaged


Lascal BuggyBoard Mini Universal Stroller Board

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

If you are looking for a perfect combination hustle free travel system best for your outings? Well, the Lascal BuggyBoard Mini Ride-On Stroller Board offers it all.

The versatile product comes with a proper adapter that perfectly attaches it to your pram or buggy thus providing safe and real-world transport for exhausted toddlers.

Buggy Board grants ease of maneuvering along busy pathways and door openings. Making your ways through busy car parks and shopping the malls will never be that hectic again with the Buggy Board. 

There are two types of this product which you can always choose from; the Lascal Maxi BuggyBoard or the Mini Buggy Board. Both use the pushchair add-on technology in their operation only that featuring a small difference in its ease to fit and hook up and its usability.


  • Large ground clearance, easy to walk behind
  • Board leveling system
  • Large anti-slip surface
  • Easy to connect and disconnect


  • Not compatible with all strollers
  • Might be challenging to operate if you are a new to it


Baby Jogger Glider Board

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

If you are that parent who prefers a great way to hitching a ride, then you just landed on the right page. Baby Jogger Glider Board is a world-class baby travel system that which offers great comfort and convenience in your outings.

The Board has a special attachment means which involves your stroller’s a rear axle which forms a strong bond between the two.

Whether you intend to go shopping across the busy streets or shopping malls, Baby Jogger Glider Board is a great choice to consider when you have to tag along with your children.

It’s Compatible with a good number of stroller models including City Mini GT, City Elite, City Select, City Mini, City Versa, and FIT Jogger.


  • Has an anti-slip board area that offers sufficient friction on your feet to avoid any slips
  • It is made of high-quality plastic that which offers great durability
  • Telescoping brackets can be adjusted in terms of height
  • Glider board can remain stowed against the stroller frame when not in use


  • The product may develop technical problems which may require repair or replacement – this will require you to spend more money on it.
  • Not compatible with all strollers


Englacha X Rider Stroller Board

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

If you’ve used the englacha 2-in-1 junior x rider before, then this new product quickly rings a bell in your mind.  Englacha 2-in-1 Cozy X Rider is an absolute improvement of the initial model which never had the executive comfort features found in the new one.

To begin with, it uses a universal adapter which brings about a firm attachment to the main stroller structure. This connection can either be done on the frame or tube in the stroller’s rear structural part.

The ‘standing’ and ‘sitting’ rider, offers an anti-slip platform which offers more safety to your toddlers. By observing the maximum weight limit, 55lbs and other operational instruction, the product will always give you a sleek ride in all terrains.


  • Unlike the single and the double strollers, the stroller boards accommodate three children of which among them can be an elder sister or brother.
  • Compatible with vast stroller models including; Book Pop Up, Book Cross, Book for Two and Booklet
  • It has an extendable handle that allows steering parents enough space for their feet
  • The main strollers can still be folded easily without uninstalling the board


  • May develop technical breakdowns after a long time of use
  • Shipping may not be done to all countries


guzzie+Guss Hitch Full Suspension Ride-On Stroller Board

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

Finding a reliable and sleek travel system that would comfortably and suitably accommodate your children is sometimes tricky and difficult.

Guzzie+Guss Hitch Ride-On Stroller Board is that professionally designed stroller board that adds more space to your push stroller.

The hitching board only allows for your elder son or daughter stand on its anti-slip area as you steer the stroller. It has universal connectivity design that compatibly fits all other strollers.

For parents who have already embraced this product, they may not have to buy a stroller just of the same models to match their boards – compatibility will always granted.

This board is accommodate children of ages between 2 to 5 years. If need be, you can contact your manufacturer to find out more about this. It has an extendable handle that allows steering parents enough space for their feet


  • Fits most of the jogger, umbrella stroller, pram, and stroller
  • Fits 99% of strollers.
  • Easy to install
  • Full Suspension and does not require any adapter
  • Rides smoothly in all terrains
  • Comes with a one year warranty that comes with full support for the entire period


  • Does not accommodate children above 5 years
  • May need repairs or replacement of some of its structures after a long time into its use


Britax Stroller Ride On Board

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

If you are in the search for the king of stability stroller, here is a great one for you. Designed with three wheels independently suspended, the Britax Stroller Board is a unique and special travel system that adds not only beauty but much convenience to your outdoor errands.

The board offers an anti-slip platform where your child will stand on holding on to the steering frame.

The product works compatibly with vast stroller models you might have come across. Its installation and uninstallation process is easy and very direct. 

Its usability is much of convenience as it can carry toddlers of weight up to 50 pounds. In case your child is tall, do not worry, the height of the stroller can be adjusted to fit your son’s or daughter’s height.

It’s Compatible with most strollers including B-Ready (without Second Seat or Lower Infant Car Seat Adapter attached), Britax Affinity, Single B-Agile, B-Scene, BOB Motion, B-Nimble, Stroller Strides (Single and Duallie) Strollers, Sport Utility Stroller (Single and Duallie), B-Blink, and Chaperone Strollers, Revolution SE (Single and Duallie), Revolution CE, and IRONMAN (Single and Duallie)


  • Is designed with three independent wheels which offer more stability
  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Can carry toddlers of weight not exceeding fifty pounds


  • Makes some noises when rolling on cobblestones or going across train tracks
  • Children weighing close to 50 pounds are little heavier to push

Final thoughts

Stroller boards are one unique and special designs of toddler’s gear many outgoing parents do go for. A well-functioning stroller board is that which offers your children great comfort in all terrains. They should always be sturdy and must have an anti-slip standing area which in general offers absolute comfort to your children.

Different manufacturers have different designs. Most of them come with a universal adapter that makes them suitably compatible with most stroller models. Getting one of such provides more convenience as you will never have to buy the very same stroller model to match your board. Otherwise, you can go for the alternative which only requires one or just a few compatible models.