Best Stroller Fan Reviews 2018

Top 10 Picks and Ultimate Buying Guide

Is the best stroller fan so important? Yes! but why? because,Toddlers are always heat intolerant. This is usually due to the fact; their bodies aren’t able to regulate temperatures the way adults do. Thereby it’s essential to ensure the temperatures around your toddler is monitored continuously.

Introduction to the Baby Stroller Fan

While taking a stroll in the park or out for a picnic, or shopping with your kid, you probably use the baby stroller to ease movement. A baby stroller is built in the best effort to ensure the baby is shielded from the harsh external environment. Yes, the canopies provide shade but don’t prevent temperatures from building up in the stroller. Ever been inside a tent when it’s hot? You can relate that to how toddlers feel when inside the stroller and its scorching hot.

So to ensure your baby stays cools and temperatures inside the stroller are regulated its best to equip the stroller with a stroller fan- which is designed as a typical fan only slightly smaller. The baby stroller fan comes in handy as an additional accessory for the stroller more so during summer or hot seasons. The igneous accessory will improve the comfortability of your baby by regulating the temperature and reducing the possible hazards of overheating.

How to Choose the Best Stroller Fan

Since a baby stroller has several compositions for its functionality; choosing the best baby stroller fan can prove difficult for any parent or guardian. There are several factors to consider with safety being the top most concern , functionality , speed , durability to mention a few. We have compiled the list below on what to look out for in finding the best clip on stroller fan for your toddler and for yourself too.

Fan Case

Most stroller fans have the blades enclosed in a case. The case in most instances built from plastic. Plastics easily break on a fall or hit, and this can damage the fan case leaving it opened and dysfunctional. In avoiding similar defects, the stroller fan should have the case constructed from hard plastic that is study and resistant- PVC preferred.

The fans cases do come slotted which are the air vents. Baby’s and young children are always curious and may want to touch the fan and accidentally push their fingers through the slots risking injury by the fan's blades which are of plastic or metal. Therefore choose the best baby fan for stroller whose blades are enclosed entirely in the case and whose slots are slim or smaller

Fan Blades

While most fans have blades enclosed in a case, others don’t, and as mention above, they can easily cause injury to a baby finger mainly if constructed from metal or hard cutting plastic. This is a risk we can’t take and so to curb this fault, manufacturers have created foam blades that are safer as they easily bend when touched thereby ensuring safety. Therefore, if you decide to get the best baby stroller fan with open blades, ensure the blades are made with foam or are well enclosed in a case.

Noise level

From the turning of the blades, a fan produces some rumor noise. I personally enjoy listening to it whenever am near a one, and it always gives the feeling of how the fan is cutting through the air, sending clean breath-taking air towards my end. Though listening to the rumors could be fun, ensure while selecting the best stroller clip-on fan for baby, the noise level is almost silent as to avoid distractions that may wake up the baby while asleep or prevent you from concentrating with work or study.

Weight and Grip

The best clip on fan for stroller is always attached to the stroller canopy or handles hence its weight and grip is crucial. As an additional accessory, the fan’s weight should be as lightweight as possible to enable balance on the location it is attached to and for secure storage in one of the stroller’s compartments. It's grip on the handle should be strong and secure to prevent it from falling while the stroller is in motion. Therefore buy a stroller that is lightweight with a firm grip and fits. One you can carry with other baby items (as the best baby walker) when not in use.

Operating mode

Stroller fans are either rechargeable through USB, have batteries or both. So before buying check your preferred method. If you select batteries, confirm they are available locally; thankfully they use standard batteries. For the electrical ones check whether it’s USB rechargeable. This confirmation prepares you on how to handle the fan when it’s out of power. But for the best fan for summer it should have both.

Other consideration

Material for construction; Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)   and Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) are the most suitable for fans including kids’ toys. Ensure the fan-selected is built from the aforementioned materials.

Speed; the speed in which the blades turns should be easily adjustable either higher or lower depending on temperatures on the body or the environment. Higher temperatures will need high speed to keep environment cool.

Recommended Top 10 Best Baby Stroller Fan Reviews

All considerations constant, we have prepared a list of the best seller and efficient stroller fan that will meet your budget and needs, and are available for you to choose.

01) SUNPOLLO Rechargeable Battery Operated Stroller Fan

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

SUNPOLLO Rechargeable Battery Operated Baby Stroller Fan is a 2 in one device that can be clipped on several surfaces and can also stand firmly on a desk making it very suitable for both home and outdoor use.

With the duo power feature, you have options available either recharge it via the USB port which is easily accessible from other devices like your computer or carries spare batteries when on outdoor activities.

You can move around with it as you please without much concerns of powering it when it’s out making it one of the best rechargeable fans to have. In different atmospheres, we might need more or little air pressure.

In the event you need to just a little air circulating your environment, adjust the speed to your suitability and the head too which gives a 360-degree angle or a specified direction improving airflow from all directions. The fan can go unnoticed as the blades turn close to pitch silent making it very suitable for the baby while asleep or awake. As my experience, It's one of the best baby stroller fans.

02) SWZA Portable Clip Baby Stroller Fan

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Ever seen a little thing with powerful capabilities? Well the SWZA fan is just that. As its name describes, this fan is little, super lightweight making it a comfortable carry on. The little blades produce a powerful airflow that you may compare to a normal size fun.

Those adrenaline junkies who most preference is outdoor activities, this is the perfect fan you. It’s the best fan for summer as you can take it hiking, traveling and even camping. Adjust the blade speed accordingly and you good to go.

Its 2pcs 2200mAh high-quality batteries run for long working hours, and it is USB rechargeable which comes as an alternative to the batteries.

It also has a low noise rumor, and the head rotates in all directions. Make sure you don’t forget it on the ground due to its size and silence. You need not worry about it gripping as it never drops once clipped well.

03) Gazeled Battery Operated Clip-on Desk Stroller Fan

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Perfect for those looking for adorable multifunctional tools, the Gazeled fan strikes as a fashionable, quiet and portable clip fan that is quite powerful in its operation mode.

The stress that comes with shut down notifications on your phone while using its only USB rechargeable yet and you are out is something you do not experience with this fan. 

On full charge the 4 AA batteries that power the fan can run for 2 – 6 hours almost a whole daytime depending on the speed making it stand as one of the best battery operated clip on fan. It also has USB chargeable port, in-case the day doesn’t end. The rustless, stable electric motor is durable and facilitates a high air flow from the fan slots.

 The clip feature is robust and stays put when clipped more so on a moving baby stroller. It cuts across as both a personal and baby stroller fan, hence can be used anywhere. 

04) SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip-on Baby Stroller Fan

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Featuring a clip on style and a small portable size and a sleek look, SkyGenius fan is the best clip on fan for strollers as it is easy to move with and operate. You can carry it wherever you go and clip it on any surface available when in use. 

The clips are sturdy and have a firm grip. Best suitable when out strolling as it will hold on the baby stroller handle and not deter.

The small blades enclosed inside the case command a steepless speed regulation giving high air flow through the slots and with low noise rumors.

The case and clip are constructed from hard plastic giving high quality, durable and adorable fun to work with. You can charge it via the USB port using other devices like laptop or power bank and also has batteries for efficient power supply for long hours.

05) Airsspu Battery Operated Powerful Clip Fan

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Airsspu has a convenient design that enables you to clip it on any item or place it on a surface. The design of the fan chassis is leveled for easy placement on a desk, or flat surface and the clip is constructed with a strong clamp for steady grip and does not scratch the cover it’s placed on. 

You need not worry about any health issues that may come about like allergies since the outer is constructed from a quality ABS material that guarantees durability, it's strong and most importantly environmentally friendly.

Convenient design and the quality building are complemented by the 2600mAh high-quality batteries that operate the fun by powering  on the  motor giving it a max wind speed of 8.2 ft/s. You can recharge or replace the batteries easily.   

This powerful and a sturdy fan has a compact size and its lightweight for easy carry-on. The blade rumour may go unnoticed and its budget friendly. All qualities by the Airsspu not only makes it one of the best baby fan but also the best stroller fan for Disney world tours as it provides services all round.

06) HJIAN 5-inch Portable Clamp Clip Baby Stroller Fan

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

HJIAN 5 inch fun is not your ordinary baby stroller fan. It is highly innovated with a steeples speed technology that facilitates increase or reduction of air volume as per your requirements while in use.

In providing consistent air flow all rounds, it has a 360-degree turning capability in either vertical or horizontal direction when rotated to angle up or downwards.

When charging, it only needs about 2-hour max either via the USB outlet which enables one mode or a rechargeable battery that allow several modes of adjustments.

It also has a clip-on design with a sturdy clamp suitable for the best baby stroller, table, car and other surfaces.  You are assured of a capable multifunctional fan that is budgetary conscious.

07) Glovion Micro USB Rechargeable Cooling Fan

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

As much as we need a functional tool, its appearance should matter too. Knowing that Glovion Micro USB stroller fan combines the two above and giving you an appealing capable fun for your toddler.

Kids love bright colors, and this fan gives just that. Available in various colors including pink, purple, blue, green and black, this little adorable fan is a clip design with a protective frame that accommodates both outdoor and indoor events.

Serving duo purpose is made possible through its lithium rechargeable batteries that last long hours hence outdoor and a 6.5 ft length USB cable for charging from a power source like the computer for indoor desk use.

All the features and capabilities make Glovion fan to be referred to as a mini desktop fan and one of the best clip on fan for strollers with a flexible neck bowing in all directions and angles. Wind speed is also adjustable either up or down depending on how much air flow you need.

08) ETONG Portable 5-inch Rechargeable Clamp Fan

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

If you are looking for a fan with the serious impression, the Etong Portable Clip fan is that fan.  Here you give yourself a convenient, heavy duty fan for both extreme outdoor events and for cooling down air on the travel stroller while on the move.

From the design , the chassis is level and can stand firm or a level area and the clip’s clamp is sturdy and steady hence doesn’t fall out when attached to a surface.

Despite its 5 inch size, its one of the best rechargeable fan for stroller as it supports both USB and batteries for powering it. The head swivels up or down at 360 degrees all directions and it an easy carry on. You can attach to various surfaces including bag, chair, desk and many more surfaces.

09) ESGOALS USB Mini Fan Portable Rechargeable Fan

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

The most unique features of ESGOALS mini fan is that it’s multifunctional, has foldable handles, its high quality, a powerful and quiet fan that performs and functions more than expected.

Multifunctional in that, it can be used as a handheld, outdoor or desktop fan; high quality as its built with premium 6pp blades and an ABS back ensuring safety when in used and guarantees long performance.

Powerful as on a full charge, its 2000mA lithium-ion battery gives you service more than 4 hours, same to when its USB powered.  You rotate it at 180 degrees in all directions and position as preferred.

Fold the handles when not in use and keep away; facilitates its compact design makes it handy and easy carry-on. Expect a fresh, clean breeze for your toddler or desktop use.

10) VersionTech Personal Mini Portable Desk Fan

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Version Tech Personal Mini Desk fan offers various modes of use in that it hangs when clipped or placed on a surface and it stays put. With a variety of applications including hanging on the lightweight stroller, on a chair or a table, it’s important that the grip is firm and its lightweight.

It’s crucial that when charging, use a power source that is more than 1.0A for effective power charge and efficient use. High voltage is used for powering the motor which turns the blades producing a high conducive air flow.

You can adjust wind speed and twist the head to face any directions up or down. All capabilities constant the fan is one of the best battery operated clip on fans and is shockingly affordable with a cost range of 12 -15 USD. This is something you would like to have.


The baby stroller fan was initially designed for toddlers, but it’s clear that it also cuts across as a desk fan, a hanging fan that can is applicable for both indoors and outdoors. It can be used it in the home, at work, while hiking, relaxing on the beach and in any other environment that requires cooling while at it. The baby stroller system stands are the surest affordable way of ensuring your baby stroller system temperature environment is well regulated.

There are several models and designs available in the market to choose from so don’t let heat torture you while in your activities by getting yourself a multipurpose baby stroller fan.