11 Best Stroller Travel Bag Reviews 2020 + An Airplane Travel Guide

Best Stroller Travel Bag Reviews

Handling your child’s stroller or car seat at the airport does not have to nerve-wracking anymore. Here are 11 of the best stroller travel bags on the market, and some detailed information on everything you should know about them.

7 Best Stroller Travel Bags – Comparison

Top 11 Best Gate Check Stroller Bag Full Reviews

Bububee ‘Elua XL Double Stroller Gate Check Travel Bag

Bubulee Elua XL Double Stroller bag

The Bububee ‘Elua XL Double Stroller Bag is a cut above the rest when it comes to convenience. It is big enough to fit a double stroller; whether side by side or tandem. This, therefore, comes with the added advantage of extra space, when you use it for a single stroller.

This gate check bag is a product of the best Oxford nylon, which is tough and water-resistant. It can, therefore, withstand congestion in the cargo bins, and keeps the stroller dry and dust-free.

The Bububee folds neatly to fit into the stylish carrying pouch included on the inside. It also has backpack straps at the back, a pair of straps on the side, and a single strap at the front. This means you can carry it whichever way you feel comfortable.

The bag has a four-way closure system which requires that you pull the drawstrings, lock them, tie a single knot and flip the Velcro cap over the opening. This ensures that the bag stays closed throughout.


  • It can fit a double bob with wheels, car seats and joggers


  • It is quite costly but definitely worth the cost.

Gate Check PRO Car Seat Travel Bag, All-In-One Convertible Models

gate check stroller bag

The Gate Check Pro Extra Large is ideal for double strollers and joggers alike. It will be quite bulky if you use it for a single stroller, but you will enjoy the advantage of extra storage.

This premium ballistic nylon travel bag is sturdy and can endure the rigors of airplane or railroad travel. It works efficiently to keep out germs, grime, and water.

The bag has padded and adjustable straps, for comfort and convenience. Therefore, you can attend to your children, now that your hands are free. It also folds neatly into a travel bag which can fit into any of your other bags.

It has a drawstring and clamp closure, and a small flap to go over the top. To our eyes, It’s one of the best stroller gate check bags.


  • The 100% lifetime money back guarantee is an assurance of good quality.


  • The drawstring clamp does not hold the strings firmly in place.

Britax B-Agile Stroller Travel Bag

britax stroller travel bag

The Britax B-Agile gate check bag is big enough to fit most strollers. All you need to do is fold the stroller and fit it into the bag, even with the wheels.

The bag offers effective protection from dust, rain and other harmful elements. It is made from durable nylon to best suit this purpose

You can very comfortably carry the Britax B-Agile stroller bag, thanks to the attached backpack straps. The straps are removable and padded for extra comfort.

This gate check bag offers the best-known protection from contamination in the cargo bins

The material is not sturdy enough, so it easily cracks under airport cargo pressure.

COMPONO Stroller Travel Bag for Airplane (Single Stroller Gate Check Bag)

compono stroller travel bag

The COMPONO fits most brands of single strollers and umbrella strollers alike. The catch, however, is that you should fold the stroller in prescribed dimensions it to fit perfectly inside the bag.

The bag is a blend of a polyester hybrid and sturdy nylon, which offer guaranteed protection from rain, especially. It has an extra layer of water-resistant material to reinforce protection. 

The COMPONO has two handles on the side, to make it easy to lift carry. It also has a padded shoulder string and another strap at the pack, which you can use at your best convenience. The straps are double-stitched to enhance durability. 

This bag is much like the Bububee in terms of closure its closure system. It consists of a string, clamp and Velcro cover flap, to keep out dirt.


  • COMPONO assures all their customers a 100% money back guarantee if they are not completely satisfied with their product.
  • The extra lining of water-resistant material is a plus during rainy conditions.


  • Does not fit large strollers, hence the need to buy their Double Stroller Bag.

Bob Single Stroller Travel Bag Black

Bob single Troller travel bag

This single stroller bag fits most branded and generic strollers. It, however, does have enough room for double side by side or tandem strollers. For a perfect fit, you should fold the stroller.

The Bob Stroller Bag is one of a kind; it has several strap provisions inside to hold the stroller in place as the bag moves. There is a strap for the front wheel, and one to go around the stroller.

This particular stroller bag is much unlike the rest, mostly because of its physical appearance.

It is in the shape of a travel suitcase, and hence it has a set of wheels for smooth movement. It also has a heavy-duty handle for an excellent grip.


  • In this bag, the stroller is less prone to bent axles or general damage, because of the support straps.
  • It comes with an easy-to-follow instructions manual.


  • It is quite bulky
  • It requires that you remove the wheels for a perfect fit.

goSMART XL Stroller Travel Bag NEW DESIGN for Double Strollers, Jogging Stroller and Travel Systems

gosmart xl stroller travel bag

As its name suggest, this bag is big enough for most strollers, joggers, and other duals.  If you use it for a single stroller, you will have enough space to put some diapers and other excess baby gear.

The goSMART XL travel bag mimics high-grade military material which is water resistant. It is thick, yet lightweight and does an excellent job at keeping your stroller clean, dry and germ-free.

The bag has padded straps in a backpack style. The stitching around the straps is adequate, to secure them in place. The bag also folds neatly into an attached travel bag, which makes it easier to store or carry around when not in use.

You can carefully secure your stroller in the bag, by cinching the drawstrings and locking them with the attached clamp. Tie a knot right next to the clamp for extra security.


  • There is a white ID box right under the logo, for a more personalized bag.


  • The material is not durable enough for constant travel; it shreds easily.
  • The closure system does not include a Velcro flap; hence it does not provide 100% coverage.

VolkGo DURABLE Car Seat Travel Bag with BONUS e-BOOK

Volkgo Durable Car Seat Travel Bag

The VolkGo Durable Car Seat Travel Bag is ideally for use with infant car seats. It can fit different sizes of car seats and small-sized strollers.

This nylon bag is ideal for dusty airport terminals. It can withstand the rough handling of gate-checked luggage. It is hygienic and robust enough to resist scratches and punctures. Also, It is waterproof.

This car seat bag has backpack-style straps at the back, a single handle at the front, and two straps on the size. You can carry it on either side. It also collapsible and folds into a small pouch.

The closure system consists of a pair of drawstrings, a string clamp, and a Velcro flap cover. This helps secure the car seat in place and keep germs, dust, and water out.


  • Once you order a VolkGo travel bag, you receive a bonus bedtime story e-book via e-mail.
  • VolkGo provides a one year warranty


  • The straps are not adequately padded; this may result in an uncomfortable experience and may cause back, neck and shoulder pains in case of long-term use. 

LUVDBABY Premium Umbrella Stroller Bag for Airplane Gate Check In

luvdbaby umbrella troller bag

The Luvdbaby Premium umbrella stroller bag is a product of high-grade polyester. It is relatively large, but most people have trouble trying to fit double strollers. It is ideal for a folded single umbrella stroller, and leave room for extra storage.

The bag is excellent for gate checks, mainly because it can withstand the pressure in the cargo hold. It does not tear easily and does a great job at keeping the stroller clean, dry and germ-free.

Two straps provide support for this bag; with one on each side. The straps are adequately padded for extra comfort. This travel bag is also entirely collapsible and comes with a detached mesh bag for storage. 

Two zippers run from one bottom corner, over the bag, then down to the other edge, on either side. The zippers are durable and do not break easily even as the bag expands.


  • It is multifunctional. It can be used as a travel bag, a picnic mat or a liner for your car’s boot. You can also lay it out as a play mat for your children as you wait to board. 
  • Saves time at the carousel because its rugged denim color is easy to identify.
  • It is quite affordable


  • It might not keep out water for long on a rainy day.
  • The zipper is easy to tamper with.

Glogex The Stroller Bag for Airplane – Convenient Stroller Cover for Gate Check

Glogex The Stroller Bag for Airplane Opt

The Glogex is mostly a car seat bag. It is big enough to hold both a car seat and a car seat booster, with some extra room to spare.

It is robust and resistant to wear and tear. The bag has two layers of padding at the bottom for extra protection. It is 100% water resistant and efficient as an anti-dust and germs bag. It is excellent for gate check since it can withstand most rough conditions.

You can easily navigate around the airport with this bag, your luggage cart and active children in tow. It has backpack straps and a padded handle at the side, for comfortable and convenient carrying.

A long string runs around the top of the bag and flows out from both ends. You can draw the strings and secure them with a strap. The string clamp gives a very loose grip; thus it leaves a sizeable opening at the top of the bag.


  • The bag is brightly colored hence it is quite easy to identify 


  • The closure system does not include a Velcro flap


angel baby stroller travel bag

This Angel Baby bag is universal since it fits most mainstream umbrella strollers. You may have a problem fitting your Graco Breeze Umbrella stroller, but it does the tricks for most strollers.

The Angel Baby Stroller bag was born out of a frustrated mom’s need. It is a product of high-quality, durable polyester which locks water, dirt, and grime out.

It comes with an adjustable and fully padded polyester shoulder strap, and a sturdy carrying handle.

This makes it easy to carry, together with the fact that you can fold it neatly and store it in a pouch.

The bag has a draw-string and clamp closure but without the Velcro cover.


  • The lifetime guarantee is an assurance of good quality.
  • It has a striking bright red color for easy identification
  • It has an ID tag for identification as well.


  • The lack of a Velcro cover exposes the stroller to dust and damage.

Emmzoe Premium Umbrella Stroller Airport Gate Check Travel Storage Bag

emmzoe umbrella stroller bag

The Emmzoe travel bag is specially designed for use with single umbrella strollers.

The ripstop nylon bag provides excellent protection from water, dust, and germs. Its durable material is made to last as it does not puncture easily.

The double straps sewn on the bag offer the convenience of choice. You can carry the bag on your shoulder or in your hand; whatever feels most comfortable. It also comes with a storage pouch.

The drawstring closure makes it easy to open and close the bag as needed and it is accompanied by a clamp, to grip the strings in a tight position.


  • It has an ID box where you can write your name for easy identification
  • It is brightly colored for convenient identification as well


  • It is bound to tear easily.

What Is A Stroller Bag?

A stroller bag is a functional travel bag that is specifically designed to store strollers, car seats and even pushchairs, during airplane travel. They are durable and waterproof to protect the seats and strollers from dust, rain, and snow before and during travel. You can choose to carry yours without the bag but at your own risk, because most companies will not assume liability for any damage. There is a variety of these bags on the market, but the main ones are;

  • Universal Stroller and car seat; they are lightweight, cost friendly and fit most car seat and strollers. The two main types are the single stroller and car seat bags, and double stroller and car seat bags.
  • Custom made stroller bags; explicitly designed for a particular model. They are bulky, padded and quite costly.

Why do you need a bag to carry a stroller?

Here are a few outstanding reasons why you should have a stroller bag;

A. To keep your stroller clean

When you store your child’s stroller and car seat in a travel bag, it is improbable that it will interact with any sort of dust. The cargo bins or the cargo hold inside the plane are not necessarily the cleanest places; therefore you are sure of a decent place to place your baby when you land. This will prevent them from catching flues and dust allergies.

B. To keep your stroller dry

In those few minutes before the airport staff begins to load the luggage on to the cargo hold, your stroller or car seat will be out in the open. If you did not place it in a stroller bag, chances are the rain or snow will come pouring down and leave you with a damaged item.

C. To protect your strollers and seats

Baby gear is as delicate as it is expensive. You certainly want to keep them functional for long to avoid incurring extra replacement expenses. A stroller bag keeps your baby gear free from damage during travel. This allows you to utilize your seats and strollers over an extended period, such that you can use them as hand-me-downs for your other children.

D. Gate Check

When you gate-check your stroller, you leave it exposed to so many risks in the cargo hold. A stroller that goes into the hold without any form of protection is more likely to get its straps and handles caught up in other luggage. In such a situation, there is no telling what might happen to your stroller.

E. Extra space

A good stroller bag will give you more room to fit in other baby essentials. You can carry extra clothes, diapers, and toys in the bag. Though you might not immediately notice this, diapers and clothing provide extra padding for the stroller. Apart from extra storage, you can lay out the bag on a clean surface and allow your child to play, as you wait to board your flight.

Benefits of using a stroller bag

A stroller bag is a must-have accessory stroller accessory, especially when you want to travel. Here are a few amazing benefits of owning one;

⇒ Durability

Stroller bags, especially the custom-made variety, are made of a durable yet light material such as ballistic nylon. They withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow or even harsh sunrays.  They are also very tough, such that they endure the conditions at the cargo bins and cargo bin. Without that, They do not tear or burst easily. Since they are durable, you do not have to keep replacing them every so often, unlike those who opt to use plastic trash bags to store their strollers and seats.

⇒ Extra Storage

Large stroller bags come with the advantage of extra space. If you use it for your car seat, you can easily slide in the car seat booster as well, and you are good to go. A spacious bag can also hold diaper bags and other baby toys. If you have extra luggage like souvenirs from your trip, then the stroller bag is the best place to store them.

⇒ Keeps your baby gear intact

Car seats and strollers are quite an investment, and every parent is careful to keep them as new and functional as they can. You definitely do not want to keep replacing baby gear especially if you are on a tight budget. Stroller bags help to keep the strollers and seats in good condition during travel. You will not have to deal with wet, dusty and broken gear afterward.

⇒ Time-saving

Stroller bags with distinctively bright colors are incredibly time-saving. Once you get off your flight, it is easier to identify your bag at the carousel. This will save you the hassle of looking through thousands of bags.

⇒ Free customs pass

If you have a stroller bag, chances are you will have an easy time at the customs department. Most airlines provide an extra baggage allowance for car seats and strollers. Take advantage of this and pack a few more baby essentials in your stroller bag. This will go through the oversize luggage check, and you will enjoy more floor space for free.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Stroller Bag

For a fantastic traveling experience, you should pick a bag that is functional and is compatible with your stroller. Several factors come to play when it comes to choosing the best stroller travel bag. Here are a few of the main things to look out for.

01. Compatibility

If yours is a double stroller bag, don’t go for a bag that is clearly meant for a single stroller. This will lead to unnecessary frustrations. If your stroller company also makes bags, it best to get one from them. If not, take some time to research online or in retail stores for your best pick. This will save you time and money.

02. Straps and Handles

Go for a bag that has several strap provisions attached to it. Most stroller bags have a pair of backpack style straps at the back, another set on the side, and a single handle out front. Such variety enables you to carry the bag however way you feel comfortable. Also, check if the straps have adequate padding, to reduce the pressure they exert on your back, shoulders, and hands.

03. Closure system

The main point of having a stroller bag is to keep your stroller safe from damage and contamination. If your stroller bag has a flimsy zipper or loose-grip drawstring, you should consider replacing it. Go for a bag that has a strong and durable zipper, or a clamp that offers a firm grip on the drawstrings. It should also have a Velcro flap to reinforce the drawstring closure. The adequate closure will keep the stroller free from water and grime.

04. Material

Steer clear from stroller bags that appear a bit too light in thickness. These are mostly low-quality nylon bags which will crack under pressure the minute your train or flight takes off. Such generic bags tend to tear and puncture very easily. Instead, you should go for high-grade polyester and other sturdy materials. A stiff fabric directly translates to long-serving functionality. You will leave the airport with an intact stroller and stroller bag which you can use for more travel.

05. Storage Pouch

The last thing anyone needs during their trip is extra and avoidable baggage. You shouldn’t have to worry about where to store your stroller bag when you are not using it. To avoid such an unwelcome nuisance, look for a stroller bags that has an inbuilt storage pouch. There are also other bags that come with a detached pouch. Whichever you choose, you will enjoy the convenience of a neatly folded and tucked away bag which you can carry in your hand or fit in the diaper bag.

06. Stitching

You want a bag that will stay together regardless of the rough tossing and turning while in the cargo hold. Solid and precise stitching keeps the bag intact, hence durable. The stitching-work around the straps and handles should also be intact so that your bag doesn’t suddenly fall off your shoulder or back. Carefully inspect the bag before you buy it.

07. Pr​​​​ice

While it is true that cheap is expensive, you do not want to blow all your money on a stroller bag just because you saw a celebrity use it. The primary mechanism used to design most stroller bags is the same, but the extra features draw the price lines. Those with extra straps, padding or wheels might be a bit costly. It doesn’t really matter how much it costs; the real test comes in whether or not it is functional. If the bag costs $20 and is fully functional, then you should go for it. If you have an extra buck to spare, you can go for the costly ones, as they promise excellent protection.

Final thoughts

Whether you choose to travel by air or take the train, a stroller travel bag is a necessary addition to your baby gear pack. It helps keep the grime and water away from your car seat and stroller investments, and hence they last longer. The best stroller bag, above all else, should be functional to keep the stroller clean and dry. It should also be of universal fit, good closure system and with a pocket pouch provision. Go for a bag that works for you and is compatible with your stroller, for a fantastic traveling experience.