11 Best Infant Car Seat Cover Reviews 2019 with Ultimate Buying Guideline

Best Infant Car Seat Cover Reviews

The Best Infant Car Seat Covers in 2019 ( Comparison + Ultimate Guide + Specific Reviews )

Every mother’s primary concern is the safety and well-being of her baby. When it comes to traveling or even moving about the neighborhood for fresh air, it is imperative that every mother takes a keen interest in their infant’s general security. Several environmental factors may take a toll on your child’s health, depending on how much you expose them while in their stroller, carrier or car seat. Infant car seat covers minimize the risks accompanied by such exposure, and are a socially acceptable way to point out that the baby is in their safe space and need not be disturbed.

Top 7 of the Best Car Seat Covers – Comparison

So what exactly is a car seat cover?

An infant car seat cover is a canopy that rests over your infant’s car seat, portable carrier or stroller, that protects them from harsh environmental elements and temperature fluctuations. These covers are of a distinctively soft fabric, which is favorable to the sensitivity of infant skin.

The infant covers are cozy enough to keep the baby warm and comfortable so that you can worry about other things. The best infant car seat covers have a five strap provision for each thigh, shoulder and between the baby’s legs. The different variety is the T-strap cover, which does not provide enough stability in a mobile car.

Why is it essential to have a car seat cover?

A car seat cover acts as a solid barrier between your child and the sometimes unforgiving environment. It is a merger of both fashion and functionality. The best infant car seat covers serve to keep your child warm, comfortable and stable in a moving vehicle. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every baby’s needs.

A multi-functional cover

Apart from their intended purpose to keep the baby warm and safe, car seat covers offer a myriad of other uses which any parent will find convenient is their day to day activities. Here are some of the alternative applications of an infant car seat cover.

Baby Blanket

Infant car seat covers are an excellent source of warmth and comfort for infants, especially during the heavy throws of winter. They are exceptionally soft, which is not only safe for the baby’s skin, but also dense enough to retain heat. Some covers are thermally insulated, so you do not have to worry about your baby catching a cold, in the occasion that you forget their actual blanket at home.

Baby Stroller cover

If you decide to take your baby out for some sunshine, consider carrying their car seat cover along with you. This way, your child will comfortably relish the vital nutrients from the morning sun, without exposing them to harsh sun rays and dust. The cover also keeps pesky strangers with coughs and flues, a safe distance away from your baby.

Breastfeeding cover

Breastfeeding in public is still openly frowned upon by many people the world over; but with an infant car seat cover, you can conveniently go about feeding your child without the fear of piercing gazes. The covers are wide enough to cover your baby and your chest area as well.

Car Seat Canopy

These covers were designed primarily for this purpose; to keep your baby safe and stable as you travel. They secure the baby in position, even as you drive over bumpy roads. This little canopy muffles out loud sound and harsh light, and your baby will be asleep within the first few hours of your journey.

Diaper changing mat

Many public facilities now provide a baby powder room with benches, for mothers to change their babies’ diapers. This is obviously a very welcome respite, but which is not entirely safe. For extra protection against germs, you can spread the infant car seat cover on the surface, lay your baby over it and groom them as required.

Infinity Scarf

You can use the infant car seat cover as an infinity scarf, from where you can comfortably nurse your baby. Some covers are in the shape of an infinity scarf; so if it is not too bulky, you can use it as a fashionable accessory or a functional tool from which to breastfeed your baby.

High Chair cover

You can place the car seat cover on your baby’s high chair during mealtimes for extra comfort so that there’s one less reason for them to cry. The child will adjust themselves without much hassle, and mealtimes will get shorter with time.

Shopping Cart Cover

The car seat cover also doubles as a great shopping cart cover when you’re out shopping with your little one. Simply place the cover on the baby’s compartment in the trolley, and they will sit comfortably as you go about your shopping.

How does an infant car seat cover keep the baby secure?

The best Infant car seat covers are an excellent source of protection for your baby, and they keep them well and kicking regardless of weather conditions and other environmental factors. You can never be too careful when it comes to the well-being of your little one. An infant car seat is warm, secure, will give you a little more piece of mind so that you can focus on your other non-parenting business. Here are a few factors against which these covers offer protection.

Nosy Strangers

We all want to share the joy and warmth that a beautiful infant brings, but are more often than not, unsuspecting of the dangers to which we expose them. We unknowingly allow people with mild coughs and dirty and sweaty palms to handle our babies, and this makes them susceptible to illnesses. An infant car seat cover allows us, people, to share their affection through a simple wave of the hand.


Germs are everywhere; some are healthy, while some are detrimental to children’s growth. It is therefore in your child’s best interest to keep them under the protection of a car seat cover. This will keep them safe from most common germs, while still allowing them room to be playful in their seat.


Some car seat covers serve the same purpose as a raincoat, hence the name rain covers. They provide guaranteed protection from rain and are adequately perforated to improve air circulation. In as much as you should not have your little one out during the rain, a good car seat cover is a good investment for emergencies.


Keep your child safe from mosquitoes and other pesky insects with the help of an infant car seat cover. The cover creates a little safe canopy for your child to sit comfortably in and keeps the bugs out. With little to no irritation from the sound of buzzing insects, your child can quickly fall into deep slumber.

Sunshine or bright lights

Harsh lighting and continues exposure to sunshine can adversely affect your child’s skin and health on a general scale. You can buy a car seat cover that offers shade, with a netted opening for ventilation and protection from insects. With such a cover, you will not have to worry about the risks of taking your child out on a sunny day.

Heat & Cold

While infant car seat covers make for good blankets, they also have a mechanism that protects the child from an over-heated environment, especially during the summer. The best covers are breathable and reduce the risk of suffocation and other mild complications like a heat rash.

The best infant car seat covers are thermo-insulated, and they provide a particularly warm environment for your child in very low temperatures.  This rules out the need to stuff your baby in several layers of clothing, as this may sometimes cause a heat rash. The cover keeps out the wind and facilitates a warm snugly space for your child.

Mild wind

Whether you are driving with your child in the car or taking them out for a morning stroll, interaction with wind is almost always inevitable. An infant car seat cover is a tried and tested solution to avert such situations, and keeps your baby in a calm and warm environment.

Airborne dirt

We are constantly exposed to unseen airborne dirt such as chemicals from perfumes, car exhaust fumes, hair product among other sources. These chemicals expose infants to severe respiratory complications and problems in brain cell development. A good car seat cover filters out any hazardous chemicals to ensure that the baby takes in clean and purified air.

Sand & Dust

With a good quality cover, you can easily keep away sand particles from your child. Your child can easily be exposed to sand particles, especially as you drive because the sand-logged wind may blow in through your car window. What a disaster it would be if some of it got into your child’s eyes. You can easily avert such an occurrence by installing a good cover on your baby’s car seat.

Dust is a major cause of allergic reaction and irritations, especially for infants. They will have your child sneezing or breathing with much difficulty. Infant car seat covers offer an excellent shielding from fine dust particles, as they allow in only clean and uncontaminated air.

What to look for in an infant car seat cover

Infant car seat covers are a necessary tool to create a healthy environment for your child, especially as you travel. It is therefore vital that you choose not just any other cover, but one that is best suited for your baby’s needs. Here are a few things to look out for, when selecting the best infant car seat cover for your little one.

Adjustable Opening

You will want to go for a cover that allows you quick and easy access to the baby. With an adjustable opening, it is easier to gently take the baby out of the car seat and put them back as easily. Covers with a fixed opening will have you squeezing the baby through, and they will not look forward to going back into their seat. This will guarantee you convenience, and a happy baby.

Large Zippable

The best Infant car seat covers come with a large zipper provision, which like the adjustable opening, offers easy access to the baby. You can take the baby in and out of the car seat without having to remove the cover. The adjusting the zipper allows you to maneuver the cover to block out harsh light, insects, and dust. The zipper also provides excellent access to the safety straps, so you can adjust them as required.

Neat Fold

When you need to carry a cover out to the park or even store it, one with a neat fold will be just the thing you need. Storing your baby’s car seat cover will increase its longevity, as they will be less prone to pricks and tears. It is also more convenient to carry around without it looking too obvious. Such covers come in handy when you want to nurse your baby in public or change their diapers.

Concealed Stretch

An infant car seat cover should offer stretch or elasticity to a particular standard. With a good stretch, it can fit any size of the car seat without tearing in the process. It also allows you to add on a nice warm blanket or toys for your child as needed. They are comfortable for the baby to kick and play in their car seat without feeling too squeezed. You can use the stretchy car seat cover over time, and you will not have to incur the cost of replacing or repairing it.

Safety/ Protection

An infant car seat cover should allow you to easily adjust the safety harness to secure the baby in their seat. The Harness straps should have an instant on and off reflexes, such that is easier to take the child out of their seat in case of any emergencies. The cover should also be of a soft but strong material, to act as a shock absorber as you drive through rough and potholed roads.

Insect free

To protect your child from pesky insects and bugs, you should choose a cover that guarantees insect protection. Such covers come with a stretchable anti-insect mesh that keeps insects away from the baby and also creates a barrier for dropping leaves. The mesh is breathable, so it facilitates adequate circulation in and out of the cover and also gives room for sufficient sunlight, without letting in too much of it.

Universal fit/ easy install

The best infant car seat cover should fit easily around any size and shape car seat. This will allow you to use it over time, regardless of how many times you change the car seat. They should be easy to install as well, preferably with the help of easy to follow manufacturer guidelines. The cover should stay well in position even as you drive through rugged roads, and even easier to remove when you want to clean it.

Space saver pouch

When you’re selecting a cover for your child’s car seat, opt for one with a space saver pouch. The cover will fold neatly into a rectangular (or other predefined shapes), which will fold into the head flap pouch. Once you zip it, you can carry it in your diaper bag, handbag or wear the attached loop around your wrist. The space saver pouch ensures that you can take the cover anywhere you go, and you can store it efficiently, free from dust.

Patented Stylish

An exceptional cover will offer fashion and functionality in equal proportion. It comes in a specific shape and design, with a variety of features which all work together to keep your baby warm and safely secured in their seat. A good cover will allow you to conceal the parts of the car seat that you find unattractive, and expose the parts that are more appealing.

Nursing in Public

You can now very easily breastfeed your baby in public with no shame. The best infant car seat cover can double up as a nursing cover or scarf. You can wrap your baby in the cover and still have more material to cover over your chest. It should be stretchable to offer excellent coverage such that both you and your baby are comfortable. This way, you can attend to your child without worrying about the criticizing stares.


While an infant car seat covers offer guaranteed protection to your child, it is not recommended to leave them completely unattended. The car seat should allow you room to steal a quick glance of your baby as you drive, to make sure they are still ok. The cover is also not an excuse to keep your baby completely hidden from the world. A good cover should allow your baby to take in some fresh air and sunlight.


Recent studies show that if you do not secure your child comfortably in their seat, they are more prone to fatigue. An infant car seat cover ensures that your child is comfortable regardless of the external conditions present. A good cover should be padded to act as a shock absorber as you drive through bumpy roads and should be warm and cozy enough for your baby to fall asleep.


You can very easily have it all, with just one infant car seat cover. A cover that is multifunctional is very convenient for everyday use, such that its use is not strictly limited to the car seat. Choose one that you can use while nursing, changing the baby’s diaper or as a beautiful warm blanket. It should also allow room to adjust most of the crucial features, to suit your child’s need. The cover should also fold easily and neatly for you to carry around.

Money back guaranteed

Most infant car seat covers are quite costly, so you should go for the one that lives up to its reputation. Check the features mentioned, and decide which one covers the scope of most, if not all, your requirements. If the cover is adapted to keep your baby safe from dust, drastic temperature changes, and is adjustable and warm, it is a good pick. You can even use it as a hand-me-down to your next child, so you do not need to buy a new one.

360° Coverage

Look for a cover that covers over the car seat. It should go over through the back of the car seat and the front as well. The only spaces you should allow are those incorporated in the cover such as the zip and the anti-insect netting. Full coverage means that the baby will be warm and protected from dust and other germs. It will also ensure that the cover sits in place.


Infant car seat covers come in a variety of colors and patterns to suit any mother’s taste. Go for a brand that offers the range that is not limited to one or just a few colors.  You can choose blue or green covers for your little boy or rosy hues like pink and lavender for your princess. The unisex covers are mostly available in black and white stripes or dotted patterns.

Here are t​he Top 11 Best Stroller Car Seat Cover Full Reviews

There are a few brands have managed to make a name for themselves over the years, and they are trusted for the best quality covers. Here are the recommended top 11 best infant car seat covers and some of their amazing features.

01) Stretchy Baby Car Seat Covers For Boys Girls Infant Car Canopy Spring Autumn Winter – AMAZELIN

Stretchy Baby Car Seat Covers

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

The AMAZELIN infant car seat cover offers a comfortable stretch, which makes it quite easy to install.  The material is soft and snugly, to keep your baby warm regardless of the weather.

The material is breathable and still compact enough to keep the rain and wind out. It comes with an adjustable window which allows you to take a quick look at your child as you drive, and which you can also cover as needed.

The flexible mesh stretches from the top of the cover all the way down, to protect the baby from the nuisance of buzzing insects and leaves.

The AMAZELIN baby cover has a black and white stripe patented design which is perfect for both boys and girls.

02) 2 in 1 Carseat Canopy and Nursing Cover Up with Peekaboo Opening, Arrow Pattern with Grey Minky – Kids N’ Such

Kids N’ Such Peekaboo Baby Car Seat Cover

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

If you’re looking for a two in one accessory, then the Kids N’ Such infant car seat cover is just the thing you need. It doubles as both a car seat and nursing cover.

This multifunctional use is all thanks to its Peekaboo opening™, which is not canopied like most car seats. The flaps at the Peekaboo flaps at the front allow you to steal a quick glance at your baby without waking them up.

This cover is a fantastic and thoughtful baby shower gift for breastfeeding mother. This is because they can wear it as a bib around their neck to cover both the baby and their chest and breastfeed comfortably in public. It comes in an arrow pattern with grey mink.

03) Reversible All Season Baby Car Seat and Nursing Cover Canopy , 100% Cotton and Unisex  Baby Gift – Sho Cute

Sho Cute -Carseat Canopy

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

The Sho Cute ‘Cute cocoon’ is 100% high-grade cotton, which is warm and suitable for all seasons.  It has a unique reversible design which allows you to enjoy different colors and patterns without buying a new one.

It is a great nursing cover and has unique toy loops inside to keep your baby entertained. 

The Sho Cute cover has a Peekaboo window at the top-center, to allow you to check on your baby and gives them an opportunity to enjoy the world.

The cover is unisex, thanks to its Grey Honeycomb and Yellow Chevron patent pending design.

04) 5-in-1 Carseat Canopy & Nursing Cover, Stretchy & Ultra Soft Breastfeeding, Car seat & Stroller – Matimati Baby

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller Review

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

The Matimati is a baby car seat canopy and a nursing cover which is ultra soft and breathable and is comfortable for both mother and child.

The cover is stretchy and fits perfectly around any infant car seat and also stretches adequately around the mother and child for private and comfortable nursing.

It is multifunctional as it can be used as a shopping cart and stroller cover as well. Matimati baby covers keep your baby safe from dust, insects, drastic temperature change and mild winds.

It comes in classic unisex black and white stripes and is a perfect gift for any nursing mom.

05) Brica Infant Comfort Canopy Car Seat Cover by Brica

Brica Infant Comfort

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

The Brica Infant Car Seat Comfort Canopy is one of a kind. It has a mesh panel which primarily protects your baby from insects, leaves, germs and nosy strangers.

The mesh is very breathable and allows adequate air circulation, privacy, and visibility. It has a larger zipper opening to facilitate quick access to the child, especially during feeding time.

The Brica cover also comes with a retractable sun canopy which protects the baby from harmful UV rays and rain.

It folds easily into a zippered case for convenient portability and has a reflective safety strip for clear visibility at night.

06) JJ Cole Urban Bundleme

JJ Cole Urban Bundleme, Ice, Infant

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

The Urban Bundleme by JJ Cole is a cut above most infant car seat covers. The polyester cover is warm and cozy and has a unique universal fit; it can be used on car seats, strollers, and joggers.  

It has a removable top, for better temperature control. You can cover your baby adequately in cold weather, and adjust the cover as needs, as the weather gets warm.

This top cover saves you the hassle of carrying a separate blanket. 

The Urban Bundleme comes in both infant and toddler sizes and is available in a range of fashionable colors to best suit your taste.

07) Nursing Breastfeeding Cover Scarf by Busy Monkey-Multi-use Baby & Infant Breastfeeding

Nursing Breastfeeding Cover Scarf

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

Busy monkey provides a soft-to-the-touch fabric that is quite friendly to your baby’s skin. The car seat cover is multifunctional and can is used as a nursing scarf, shopping cart cover, a car seat stroller canopy and a highchair cover during mealtimes.

The stretchy cover is a clean surface for you to change your baby’s diaper or to play without coming into contact with germs.

It has an attractive giraffe and elephant design which is suitable for both boys and girls. It is warm, as well as easy to install and clean.

08) Baby Car Seat Cover Canopy and Nursing Cover Multi-Use Stretchy 5 in 1 Gift “The Classic” by Copper Pearl

Baby Car Seat Cover

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

The Classic by Copper Pearl is a comfortable cover, with a wide range of uses. You can use it as a car seat cover, a nursing cover, shopping cart cover, highchair cover or wear it as an infinity scarf.

The all-season cover folds neatly for better storage. It is a soft blend of rayon, which does not irritate the baby’s skin. It keeps the baby warm and away from germs and other the nuisance of bugs and insects.

Its stretchy material allows you to breastfeed your baby in public comfortably. The Classic is a beautiful baby shower gift for young parents.

09) Nursing Cover, Car Seat Canopy, Shopping Cart, High Chair, Stroller and Carseat Covers for Boys or Girls – Kids N’ Such

Kids N' Such Infant Car seat Cover

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

The Jomolly Infant car seat canopy is large and effortlessly stretches over most infant car seats. It is purely muslin cotton, which is breathable and lightweight for easy temperature control.

The cover has adjustable Velcro straps which allow you to set the cover as needed. It creates room for a firm grip on the car seat handle, reducing the risk of dropping the cart due to sliding.

The cover comes with a bonus storage bag for safekeeping when you are not using it. You can use it as a blanket and nursing cover. It is an amazing cover for both boys and girls.

10) Baby Car Seat Cover, Unisex Large Lightweight Breathable Cotton Muslin Canopy by Jomolly

Baby Car Seat Cover, Unisex

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

The Jomolly Infant car seat canopy is large and effortlessly stretches over most infant car seats. It is purely muslin cotton, which is breathable and lightweight for easy temperature control.

The cover has adjustable Velcro straps which allow you to set the cover as needed. It creates room for a firm grip on the car seat handle, reducing the risk of dropping the cart due to sliding.

The cover comes with a bonus storage bag for safekeeping when you are not using it. You can use it as a blanket and nursing cover. It is an amazing cover for both boys and girls.

11) Jolly Jumper Sneak-A-Peek – Black

Jolly Jumper Sneak-A-Peek - Black

Editor Rating​​​​: 4.5/5

Price: Check on Amazon

The fleece-lined car seat cover provides extra warmth to your child, without overheating the environment under the canopy. It has a small window right about where you can see the baby’s face.

This sneak a peek cover gives the baby an opportunity to enjoy the environment, without letting in too much light. The Black Jolly jumper is water resistant, to keep the baby warm and dry in the rain on in a moist environment.

It keeps out bugs, germs and unwanted contact from strangers. The cover is best suited for infant car seats and has a unisex design.

Final Thoughts

When scouting the market for the best infant car seat, be sure not to settle for anything substandard. Some generic covers may be harmful to your baby, mainly because of the risk of possible suffocation. Look up reviews online and talk to other nursing mothers to share their experiences with you. This way, you will choose a cover that will protect your little angel from germs and harsh weather conditions. A good cover should be durable, functional, easy to install and fashionable.  With a proper cover, your child will be happy, healthy and playful.