Nanit vs Owlet: The Ultimate Review for 2021

Ultimate Review Nanit vs Owlet

Welcoming a newborn is a great delight for an expectant parent. But to some parents, the joy is overshadowed by anxiety about sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Nanit and Owlet Baby Care companies innovated smart baby monitors with the ultra-advanced utility to give parents peace of mind and overcome this anxiety.  

Nanit and Owlet baby monitors are efficient in tracking your baby’s condition and activities while you are not in the room. This article will enlighten you comprehensively about both monitors to help you make an informed choice.

Nanit Baby Monitor

Nanit has two models of baby monitors; Nanit Plus and Nanit Pro. Nanit Plus is version 2, while Nanit Pro is the third iteration. The two baby monitors differ in video quality, add-on accessories, and app upgrades. So let’s review each independently.

Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor


Nanit Plus eliminates worries about your baby since it gives you a clear-cut HD ‘birds eye’ view on your mobile device. Nanit Plus has a two-way audio system that allows you to hear and talk to your baby. The background audio ensures that you can still hear your baby even when your screen is off or running other apps.

The Nanit Plus also produces nature sounds and white noise to entertain your baby.

Temperature and Humidity

Nanit Plus allows you to monitor the nursery’s temperature and humidity for your baby’s comfort. The Nanit baby monitor also sends you sound and motion notifications in real-time.

Sleep Tracking

The Nanit Plus tracks your baby’s sleep patterns and gives you the stats every morning. It also gives you a time-lapse highlight reel so that you can replay the night’s recordings within seconds.

The Nanit app gives you personalized science-based sleep recommendations from top global sleep experts to improve your baby’s sleep quality.

Nanit Baby Breathing Monitoring

To get your baby’s sleep analysis, mount the monitor straight above your baby’s crib to have a ‘birds eye’ view. Mounting the monitor straight above your baby’s crib ensures that the Nanit Plus camera captures the entire crib without leaving any blind spots.

Breathing Monitoring

Your Nanit Plus also acts as a sensor-free breathing motion monitor using separately sold Nanit breathing wear. When you place the breathing wear around your baby’s chest, the Nanit monitor can monitor their breathing in real-time by reading the fabric’s customized patterns. The Nanit sends alerts on your app and Nanit Plus camera in case of any irregularities in baby’s breathing.


The Nanit Plus monitor has 256-bit encryption to keep your data safe and two-factor authentication to keep your account secure. You invite only those you want to access your Nanit plus camera and control what they see or do.

Mounting the Nanit Plus

There are three ways to install the Nanit Plus; you can use the wall mount, floor stand, or multi-stand. The monitor comes with either the floor stand or wall mounting kit, but the multi-stand is sold separately.

HSA/FSA Eligible and Warrant

You can use your HSA or FSA account to buy Nanit. Nanit Plus comes with Nanit Insights sleep tracking for one year, including video history. It also comes with a limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor

Nanit Camera

At a resolution of 1080p, the Nanit Pro camera gives you an incredible ‘birds eye’ view of your child, whether day or night, irrespective of wherever you are. It is compatible with your android, iOS, Echo Show device, or Kindle Fire.


You can mount the Nanit Pro in three ways: wall mount, floor stand, or multi-stand. The Nanit camera comes with either the floor stand or wall mount, but a multi-stand is sold separately. You can lean the floor stand on the wall next to the crib or position it freely with the other attachable leg provided. The floor stand has a safe-cable management system to prevent your child from pulling.

The multi-stand doesn’t give you a ‘birds eye’ view but is essential for travel or when you need to see the whole room since it has a wide-angle view. You can also use the Nanit Pro as a Nanny cam.

Sleep Tracking

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor

The Nanit Pro will track your baby’s sleep and give you stats every morning. Additionally, you can replay the time-lapse highlight reel of your baby’s sleep included with the Nanit.  The Nanit app provides you with customized science-based sleep recommendations from top global pediatric sleep experts. You can then use the sleep tips given to improve your baby’s sleep quality.

Apart from tracking your baby’s sleep trends, the Nanit also shows you the number of times you visited their nursery each night.

Two-Way Audio

The Nanit baby monitor provides flawless two-way audio where you can listen and speak to your baby. The background audio enables you to listen to your baby when running other apps on your phone or when its screen is off.


The Nanit Pro uses 256-bit encryption to keep your data safe and secures your account by its two-factor authentication. Thus, you can use your adjustable user permissions to invite other family members to access your Nanit camera.

The Nanit gives you peace of mind by monitoring the nursery’s temperature and humidity to ensure they are safe and comfortable for your baby. The Nanit also sends you sound and motion notifications in real-time, keeping you updated on the conditions in the nursery.

Breathing Monitoring

The Nanit uses a sensor-free breathing monitoring system to track your baby’s breathing motion. Your Nanit Pro comes with a breathing band to tie around your baby’s chest. The Nanit tracks the customized patterns on the Nanit breathing wear to detect baby breathing motions in any direction.

Nanit baby breathing monitoring system doesn’t involve wires, batteries, or electronics. Besides, breathing motion monitoring is in real-time, and Nanit will send you alerts if need be.


Your Nanit app includes Nanit memories. The Nanit camera automatically captures your little one’s most memorable instances and growth milestones. It then stores them in the Nanit app so that you can celebrate anytime and share them with family and friends.

Complete Monitoring System

You can purchase the Nanit complete baby monitoring system package. The package comes with a Nanit Pro camera, Nanit breathing wear band, travel multi-stand, and Nanit Smart Crib Sheets. The Nanit complete monitoring system enables you to track your baby’s sleep patterns, breathing motion, room temperature and humidity, and growth. You can use the Nanit Smart Crib Sheets made of 100% cotton to work out your baby’s height. Then use the measuring tools on your app to measure and record your child’s growth.


The Nanit Pro comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty of one year and Nanit Insights worth one year too.

Owlet Baby Monitor

Owlet is a smart baby monitor with plenty of features. The company keeps advancing the features, so it now has three available models to choose from; the Owlet Smart Sock 2, Owlet Smart Sock 3, and Owlet Monitor Duo. Owlet Monitor Duo is the most upgraded version of the three, and it comprises the Owlet Smart Sock 3 and the Owlet Cam.

Owlet Smart Sock 2

Heart Rate and Oxygen Levels

Owlet Smart Sock 2 uses pulse oximetry technology to monitor your child’s heart rate and oxygen levels as they sleep. This means it assesses baby’s oxygen saturation, and will notify you when all is not well.

Smartphone App

You can view your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels using the Owlet app. The Owlet app is free and compatible with your iOS or Android phone.

The new history tab gives you historical trends for your child’s heart rate and oxygen amounts. The monitor is also efficient in sleep tracking, showing you how well your baby slept and the length of their sleep.

Owlet Camera - Video Baby Monitor app


The Owlet smart sock comes with three washable socks to wrap around your baby’s foot with a wireless connection to a base station located at most 100ft away. The socks are suitable for ages 0-18 months or a weight range of 6-25 pounds. It would be best to wash the socks regularly and alternate wrapping the right and the left foot each night.

Age Limit of the Owlet Smart Sock

Owlet monitor is ideal for children between 0-18 months with a 5-30 pounds weight range. You can trust the Owlet sock to give you peace of mind like it has given other parents.

When you connect the Owlet smart sock, and everything is fine, its base glows green. However, when the heart rate and oxygen levels are outside of the safe parameters, the Owlet alerts you through lights, sounds, and app notifications.


Keep the cord and the base station more than three feet away from the crib to avoid strangulation. The Owlet is BPA-free, lead-free, and latex-free.

You can get a full refund if you return it within 30 days.

The Owlet smart sock is an information collection device to assist you in tracking your baby’s well-being. It is best not to use the Owlet as a medical device to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Instead, follow pediatricians’ guidelines on safe sleep practices.

Let’s Compare: Nanit vs Owlet

Design Features

Nanit monitors your baby’s breathing through Nanit breathing wear, while Owlet uses pulse oximetry technology to monitor heart rate and oxygen levels. Additionally, Nanit is suitable if you want to know your baby’s sleeping patterns. Owlet is ideal for babies with health issues that affect oxygen levels.


Nanit uses 256-bit encryption, making it impossible to be hacked, while Owlet uses 128 encryption is not complicated for hackers.


Mount the Nanit

You can place Owlet on a dresser or nightstand close to your baby’s crib since it has a flat bottom. It has a magnet, making it attachable to any metal surface or use a wall mount.

On the other hand, you can use a wall mount, floor stand, or multi-stand to mount the Nanit.


Both Nanit and Owlet baby monitors are easy to use. They are compatible with your smartphone app, whether iOS or Android versions. In addition, both baby monitors allow you to link more than one device as a parent unit, so you can invite other family members to access your camera.

Sleep Tracking

Nanit tracks and records your child’s sleeping patterns, helping you understand whether they sleep well or not. Nanit also gives you sleep recommendations to improve your baby’s sleep quality.

Owlet shows you when your baby is awake, has a light or deep sleep. Although its information is not as detailed as for Nanit, it comes without cost.

Nanit pro Sleep Tracking

Nanit vs Owlet Similarities

Both are smart video baby monitors using a phone app on iOS and android.

Both Nanit and Owlet baby monitors provide two-way audio and video. They both have night vision and track room temperature.

Both Nanit and Owlet allow you to monitor your baby’s sleep quality and duration.

Owlet vs Nanit Differences

Nanit monitors breathing motion and sleep trends while Owlet monitors oxygen levels and heart rate.

The Nanit complete monitoring system consists of a Nanit camera, travel multi-stand, breathing wear, and free Nanit Insights for one year. On the other hand, Owlet Monitor Duo consists of the smart sock, Owlet app, and Owlet cam.

How to Choose Between Nanit and Owlet

Choose Between Nanit and Owlet

Owlet smart sock is suitable for babies up to 18 months, but the extension pack is ideal for up to five-year-olds. You don’t need a camera to monitor your child’s vital progress, making the Owlet suitable for traveling with.

With its unique breathing wear, Nanit is the best option for long-term use, but at an extra cost for swaddles to fit your growing child. Nanit monitors breathing patterns even in older kids who have outgrown the Owlet smart sock system.

Nanit is free for the first year, but you’ll need yearly subscriptions after that. Owlet is free for lifetime usage.

Final Thoughts

Both Nanit and Owlet baby monitors are excellent devices for your use., and your choice of which monitor is best will ultimately depend on your personal preferences. Although they are both expensive baby monitors, their functions are worth the cost. Besides, it is never too costly to invest in a device that monitors your child’s well-being.