American Airlines Stroller Policy (Know Before Flying with the Baby)

American Airlines Stroller Policy

American Airlines Stroller Policy (Know Before Flying with the Baby)

As previous reports, parents don’t think about the American Airlines Stroller Policy before flying with a stroller. Just for unknowing the policy, they face a bad experience in the Airport.

Because some airlines don’t allow a baby stroller for free but They charge an amount to carry this product, even the stroller is smallest and lightest. Also, some strollers are heavy and need a big space. 

We saw these happiness before and decided to guide them, especially new parents. In this article you’ll get a well explained Information and an honest guideline.

What is the airline policy?

An airline policy is the system of principles that are deliberately set to guide decisions and achieve outcomes. These are statements of intent, which are implemented as protocols or procedures by that specific airline. They range from various departments and also the various items to take with you in the plane.

For example, no pets on board, luggage weight limits, how to board, time to board. Policies are elaborated for clear understanding by both the airline employees and clients.

They stipulated clearly actions to be taken in case any of the policy is not followed. For example, excess weight beyond the limit will be charged. Here are the American Airlines Policies below_

Policy 01: Each ticket customer is allowed 1 stroller and 1 car seat to be checked free of charge.

Each ticket customer is allowed 1 stroller and 1 car seat to be checked free of charge.  This means if you have more than that, you will be charged extra for checking the extra bag or car seat. This is a little bit expensive and hard, especially for parents travelling with more than one baby.

Policy 02: If you have a stroller and a car seat only 1 can be checked at the gate.

The rest you will have to leave or carry them to be checked past the gate. This is cumbersome for parents travelling without someone to assist them. Sometimes they will have to pay extra for someone to help with the luggage.

Policy 03: Strollers over 20lbs/9 kgs must be checked at the ticket counter.

Several check points are tiring and worrisome. The airline might add extra charges for the extra kilos which is additional costs that you had not planned for. The waiting on the queues is tiring as well.

Policy 04: Play pens, cribs, “pack and play” and wagons count as regular baggage.

These means you do not have to pay an extra penny for these baby play items. This ensures your baby stays entertained throughout the journey. On top of that you do not have to worry about any extra costs for it.

Policy 05: If any of the additional baby accessories exceed the regular carry-on limits, they’ll be checked and charged.

This policy states that even if you are allowed to carry baby play accessories, they have a set weight limit. Once you check in the airport, the baby accessories items will be weighed. If by any chance they go beyond the weight limit, you will pay some additional charges. The charge will depend on the extra weight.

5 Things to Consider before Flying with a Stroller

For any family with kids and are planning to use air as their means of transport, they will obviously need a stroller for the little one(s). To avoid unnecessary weight and luggage issues at the airport and while on transit, here are the things you need to keenly put into consideration prior to your trip.

01. Choose a smaller stroller

When flying with a baby and you have to use a stroller, carry the smallest stroller you can get. Buy a stroller that can easily be folded and put under the seat in front of you in a plane or in the overhead bin.

Small strollers also helps you avoid gate check worries, luggage weight issues and also airline stroller restrictions as compared to a large stroller.

02. Bring a baby carrier

Always carry with you a compact baby carrier when flying with a toddler or baby. You can’t tell exactly when it will be necessary and useful in cases of emergency. A carrier will come in handy when the stroller gets damaged or lost.  

In instances when you do not have an extra seat, you can use a baby carrier to rock and sooth your baby to sleep. That works much better than trying to come up with a bed on the airline tray.

03. Avoid any large stroller

Airlines like American Airlines would not be a recommendation for you if you really need to travel with a double stroller or a larger stroller.

It is also the only domestic airline with restricted gate checked strollers to ones under 20 pounds. So, to avoid all these issues it would be advisable you avoid large strollers by all means possible.

04. Fly with the Best Airline

There are several domestic and international airlines in America that vary in their baby stroller policies. Find out the best that suits you and your baby needs before booking your ticket with any airline.

Some airlines allow you to stroll the baby up to the plane, other airlines help with luggage if you have a stroller and some airlines have stroller weight restrictions while others don’t. Some like Hawaiian airlines, Air France, KLM to mention a few allow strollers on-board.

05. Continue with research every time

It is always good as parents, to do enough and thorough research on various airline policies concerning use of strollers, recommended weight and size among other restrictions.

This is because different airline have different policies and rules that might or might not favor you and your baby. For example, Southwest airline requires a birth certificate for every lap baby. 

Other airlines allow pre-boarding for parents with young children while others don’t. Do this research to avoid unwanted travel day surprises.

Recommended Top 5 Best American Airlines

Currently, airlines have become a travelling mode with more issues to parents with babies. But, on a positive note, some airlines are still trying to be accommodating to those frequent travelling parents with young babies.

Most offer free drinks and unlimited entertainment for the babies. They also allow play accessories on board. It is good to keep in mind that, the airline won’t offer unlimited free drinks (mostly one glass), so carry some extra snacks for the baby.

01: Alaska Airlines

This airline allows free checking for stroller and a car seat. The parents travelling with kids below age two, are allowed for pre-boarding. Free advance seat selection is also allowed giving parents a better view seat selection. For lap infants, diaper bag is counted as carry-on allowance for the accompanying parent.

02: Virgin America Airlines

Free advance seat selection is allowed in Virgin America Airline. Pre-boarding is allowed for families travelling with their children.

They also allow 1 complimentary carry-on. For lap infants, diaper bag is counted as carry-on allowance for the accompanying parent. Car seat and stroller are allowed and are checked without any charges.

03: Jet Blue Airlines

This airline allows for free advance seat selection. Pre-boarding is also available for those families that are travelling with their little ones (below 2 years). 1 carry-on and first checked bag free of charge.

Infants accompanying parents are allowed a diaper bag in addition to their free carry-on. In addition, stroller and car seat are checked for free.

04: Southwest Airlines

No seat selection, instead they use zones (A, B and C). Parents travelling with kids below 4 years may board between zones A & B thus chances of better seats. 1 free carry-on and 2 free checked bags per customer (economy).

A diaper bag for lap infants is allowed as carry-on allowance for the parent. Stroller and car seat are checked without charges.

05: Frontier Airlines

Pre-boarding in zones 1&2 is allowed for families travelling with kids below 3 years. Diaper bag for lap babies is allowed as carry-on allowance for accompanying parents.

Stroller and car seat are checked at no cost. One carry-on is free while the 1st and 2nd checked bags are charged $20 each.

Recommended Top 5 Airline Passed Strollers

Strollers are a source of frustration and at the same time a life-saver especially for travelling parents. If you are travelling with a baby and toddlers, strollers become a necessity. But, they can be very bulky and can end up being lost, prohibited or damaged by airlines.

You need to choose a stroller that is comfortable, light, easy to store and affordable in order to avoid issues with the airlines. Below are some of the small and nice strollers you might consider for your air travels.

01. ZOE XL1 Deluxe Travel stroller

Ultimate compact stroller for everyday use_

  • It is lightweight weighing 11lbs which is 50% lighter than most strollers.
  • Quick one hand fold and easy to carry with dimensions of 23.5 x 15.5 x 6.5 inches when closed.
  • Age recommendations are 3 months or older and has snack cup and cup holder included.

02. Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

This 3D lite stroller is _

  • Durable, stylish lightweight frame (13lbs) with large seat area and 5 points safety harness.
  • Adjustable and removable canopy and 4 recline positions.
  • Anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels.
  • Easy to fold with auto lock and carry strap.
  • Includes cup holder and rear storage pocket.

03. Graco Breeze Click Connect Stroller

  • Lightweight (17.75 lbs), sturdy frame for maximum portability and strong to hold a child of up to 50lbs.
  • measures 40 x 27.5 x 20 inches making and is convertible 3- or 5- point harness grows with your baby.
  • Auto fold lock & carry strap for easy and safe transport. Extra-large storage basket

04. GB Pockit Stroller

This is the smallest foldable stroller ever sold_

  • It is lightweight weighing 9.5 pounds thus can be easily carried with one hand with its storage basket included.
  • Its dimensions when folded are 11.8 x 7 x 13.8 inches making it easy to store easily on the airplane.
  • can carry kids of age range 6 months to approx.5 years with weight of up to 55 pounds comfortably.

05. The Mountain Buggy Nano

  • Lightweight and compact weighing at less than 13lb and measuring just 21 x 12 x 20 inches when folded.
  • Soft-shelled newborn carrycot with protective zip lid.
  • 2-stepped closing button and has a custom made carrier bag.
  • In-built rear wheel suspension and an easy to use color defined breaks for extra safety.

Final Words

In conclusion, it is very important for parents to ensure their kids necessities are in place before travelling. Research on the most favorable airline in respect to your baby. Check for the airline that doesn’t have many little extra charges for baby stroller as well as play accessories.

Pre-boarding and advance seat selection for parents travelling with their young kids, should be a point of focus. Whatever the case, the 5 essentials discussed above are a must have when travelling via air with a baby.

A stroller will help ease movement baby movement on arrival at destination which a baby carrier will serve various purposes in plane and upon landing. A comfortable journey for the baby and the parent is key.