Baby Nail Clippers: Best Options For Baby’s Nails in 2021

best baby nail clipper

It is with such great joy that parents welcome their newborn baby, cute and adorable. But clipping the baby’s nails is one of the challenges they worry about. Tiny newborn nails grow fast and require clipping at least twice a week. If left unclipped, the little ones may scratch their faces, hurting their skin and eyes. They may also use those tiny fingernails to scratch you as they try to reach out to you.

Baby nail clipping doesn’t have to be a nightmare anymore. This is because product designers have designed baby nail clippers suitable for your needs. In this article, we look closer at some of the best baby nail clippers in the market.

16 Best Baby Nail Clippers

Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper

This is considered to be the best baby nail clipper according to surveys conducted. It is an electric nail clipper that is very light and easy to use, with an easy-to-grip handle that keeps your hands from slipping. It has a small light that enables you to see what you are doing. It is suitable for all babies and can even be used when they are sleeping. It is durable and affordable. The clipper has curved edges that make it easier for you to reach the corners of the baby’s nails. It also has a mini emery board for smoothing the jagged edges of your baby’s nails. This nail clipper has a slot into which the emery board is kept for storage.

The greatest disadvantage for the electric nail clipper is that its battery isn’t replaceable: once used up, the light goes off and you can only use the clippers without the light.

Fridababy NailFrida The SnipperClipper Set

NailFrida has a little spy hole fitted into the clipper. It helps you to see the position of the clipper over the fingernail. This is crucial as it helps you to avoid nicking the baby’s skin. It also has an s-shaped baby nail file designed to move along the contours of the baby’s fingers while filing out the jagged edges. Its blades are designed to function like scissors, curved and overlapping as you cut. It is easy to use and has an ergonomic shape.

The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier

This nail clipper has a 4x magnifying glass that really helps you see exactly what you are clipping. Its handle is oversized and conveniently shaped for an easier grip when cutting a baby’s fingernails. It is officially licensed by the American Red Cross. It is easy to use and cost-effective but the downside is that it doesn’t come with a nail file.

Safety 1st Clear View Nail Clipper

This clipper offers five times magnification to enable you to have a clear view of your baby’s fingernails as you clip them. The magnifying glass is hinged to directly sit over the baby’s fingernails and folded back when not in use. The clipper has curved edges to ensure that you have trimmed the corners evenly. The handle has ridges to keep your fingers from slipping away when using them. It is easy to use but hard to clean the clipper part.

Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nail Trimmer File with Light

This option is a battery-electric nail file, so you can file your baby’s fingernails instead of cutting them. It is lightweight and compact with two speeds and a rotating head to get the nails easily shortened. It also has an LED light for you to see better when trimming your baby’s fingernails and is so quiet that it won’t startle a sleeping baby. The electric nail file requires two AA batteries that have to be bought separately. It comes with six filing heads, 3 for babies as they progress with age and 3 for adults. The disadvantage of this nail trimmer is that batteries deplete fast.

AARNEW 4-in-1 Baby Grooming Kit

This is a complete baby grooming kit with scissors, tweezers, a file, and clippers. It has a bear case to store everything in and is available in different pastel colors. The grooming kit can be used even when your child is a toddler. The nail clipper and scissors have rounded tips and curved edges to ensure your baby’s safety. The comfy plastic handles provide easy handling keeping your fingers from slipping.

Rhoost Deluxe Baby Nail Clipper

This nail clipper is compact and easy to carry around. The base is made from a piece of bamboo to increase durability and enhance a firm grip. The top is rubberized to allow your thumb to stay in position.

ZoLi BUZZ B Electric Baby Nail Trimmer

The cushion pad at the top of this electric nail trimmer is rotated by a battery-powered motor to file the baby’s nails away. There are no accidental nicks or cuts since it’s just a file with no blades. The cushions are changeable, and the nail trimmer is usually shipped with four cushion pads of varying measures of roughness. It is easy to handle with a good grip and has a case for storage and portability.

Pigeon Nail Scissor

This scissor option has a small blade, perfectly proportioned to cut the baby’s tiny nails. The small tip of the scissors makes nail cutting safe while the handles are contoured to fit an adult’s fingers providing enough grip. The blade is made from high-quality stainless steel while handles are made from ABS resin.

Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors

The advantage of this pair of baby nail scissors is that they have handle loops useable by both right-handed and left-handed users. The tips are rounded for safety measures. They also have a cover for safekeeping when not in use.

Simba Baby Safety Scissors

These are a very safe option to use due to the rounded tips and are less expensive than many of their competitors on the baby nail clippers market. They are recommended for babies aged 3 months and more but can be great on newborns too. They have large finger holes that are comfortable for most adults to use.

Safety 1st Fold-up Nail Clippers

This set of baby nail clippers has an extended soft-grip handle which adds some leverage when trimming baby’s nails and keeps your fingers from slipping. It has a curved edge that mimics the shape of your baby’s fingers which helps to cut sharp edges and also works well for toenails. It is easy to use, has a perfect size, and is inexpensive.

Baby Comfy Care Safety Nail Clipper

This clipper set uses a single blade-style that guarantees you full control when cutting tiny nails. The ledge underneath the blade keeps your baby’s skin out of the line when pressing down the clipper. It is large and easy for adults to hold, and comes in bright colors that can be easily spotted when lost.

Cherish Baby Care Electric Baby Nail File

The file is efficient and easy to use with no risk of injury. It has an ergonomic design with replaceable pads and is suitable for all age groups including newborns. It is purchased together with an AA battery which lasts for a relatively long time before needing replacement.

Yiveko Baby Nail Kit

This is a grooming kit that has it all, equipped with baby nail scissors, tweezers, clippers, and a glass nail file.

Baby Blue Giraffe Baby Nail File

This file is made from high-quality glass and is suitable for the delicate nails of an infant. It files gently and effectively without causing skin damage. It has a suitable size for small fingers and is washable.

What is the Right Age to Clip Baby’s Nails?

You can trim your baby’s nails from the first month of birth. Babies’ nails grow fast and you may need to clip them at least twice per week. It is important to use nail clippers made for infants.

Procedure for Trimming Your Baby’s Nails

  • Until you get used to it, you may want to ask someone to hold your baby as you trim the little nails.
  • Find a good position. If you don’t have help, place your baby on your lap as you sit in a comfortable chair. Ensure that you have good leverage to do a great job. If that set-up doesn’t work well for you, you may place the baby on the changing table instead.
  • Pick the right time. You may choose to trim your baby’s nails after a bath when the baby is relaxed, or you may opt to do the work when he’s sleeping.
  • Have enough light. You need to see everything you are doing. Trimming your baby’s nails in poor light may lead to accidents as you can’t see properly. You may opt to use baby nail clippers that have a built-in light or trim the little nails in broad daylight.
  •  Hold your baby’s hand. Hold the hand and finger you are trimming with one hand and trim using the other. Repeat the procedure on the toes.
  • Use the right equipment. Use baby nail clippers or scissors with blunt ends to avoid accidents. If you are nervous about using these, use an emery board or baby nail file to file the nails away.
  • Be prepared. Have a sterile gauze pad close by in case you accidentally snip the baby’s skin. With the sterile gauze pad, apply pressure to stop bleeding on the finger.
  • Trim often. Baby’s nails grow fast and you may need to trim them twice every week.
  • Avoid biting your baby’s fingernails. The advice that nibbling your baby’s fingernails is safer than clipping them is outdated now that so many good baby nail clippers are available. In fact, biting the nails could cause infections to the baby’s fingers.
  • Remember to trim the toenails. Baby’s toenails don’t grow as fast as their fingernails. You may need to trim them once or twice per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is best for babies; filing, clipping, or cutting with scissors?

All babies are different, but most pediatricians recommend filing a baby’s nails for the first few months. As the baby grows older, you can combine files, clippers, and scissors to trim the nails.

What is the key factor to consider when buying a nail clipper for a baby?

Safety is the key factor. Always choose a clipper that is most comfortable and accurate for you to use, so that it is least likely to cause injury to your baby.

Do you have a safety tip to consider when clipping your baby’s nails?

Always try the clippers out on yourself first. Try new clippers on yourself several times before using them on your baby. That way you get a feel for how they move and how they cut before taking them anywhere near those delicate fingers.

How to Choose a Baby Nail Clipper?

The two big things to look for when buying a nail clipper are:
1.     The right size – the clipper should enable you to clip the nails without chipping the baby’s skin.
2.     Good grip and other features – a good clipper should enhance your grip on it by having large and rubberized handles. Test the clipper’s comfort-ability on your hand before buying it.

How To Clean Baby Nail Clippers?

1. Clean with a brush. Use a standard brush to scrub off debris on the clipper’s head, or wipe with a soft dry cloth.
2. Soak in disinfectant. Use a disinfectant that doesn’t react on metals, such as denatured ethanol, and soak for 5-20 minutes. A nail clipper with wooden parts and rubber shouldn’t be soaked: for these clippers, dip a cotton ball into the disinfectant and clean the metal parts, and then use dry cotton to wipe off excess liquid.
3. Sterilize where possible. A pacifier sterilizer is suitable for all-metal scissors and all-metal clippers. Avoid sterilizing plastic and rubber as they may melt.

Where to Purchase Baby Nail Clippers

You can buy nail clippers in local cosmetic shops or buy online. When ordering online, consider buying items with a warranty or that accept returns, so that you have the option of returning the clippers if they’re not a good fit for you.

Bottom Line

As you try to master the art of trimming your baby’s nails, take one step at a time and you will eventually get the results you need. Unlike most baby gear, when it comes to baby nail clippers the baby’s preferences aren’t really relevant: you need to choose a product that is comfortable and easy to use as a parent.

All the products outlined in this article are easy to use and have clear consideration for the safety of your baby. Most of them are quite affordable and easily available in cosmetic stores or via online purchase. Get the products of your choice and turn your baby’s nail cutting routine into an exciting experience for both of you.