The Best Crib Sheets Reviewed for 2021

Best Crib Sheets

You may have thought that choosing a crib was the end of the big decisions about your little one’s sleeping arrangements. Think again! The sheets you put on your crib mattress are important too, from protecting your baby’s skin from irritation, to keeping the mattress in good shape. In this article, we give a run-down of the main features of crib sheets, and help you choose the best crib sheet for your new baby.

Top 4 Best Crib Sheets – Comparison

What To Look For In The Best Crib Sheets

With so many crib sheets on the market, it can be hard to choose which will suit your family best. Thinking about specific features that are important to you, such as material, size, and safety features, can help narrow down your search.

Keep safety in mind


We often hear that you shouldn’t put loose blankets or stuffed animals inside baby’s crib, as they pose a risk of suffocation. Infants cannot push something away from their face or remove something tangled around their body. The same is true of ill-fitting crib sheets: a sheet that is too large and loose, or a sheet that is too small and dislodges from one corner when baby moves, can pose risks. Ensure that the sheets you choose fo your crib are a perfect, secure fit for the mattress.


Babies’ little bodies often get hot while they are sleeping, as they cannot control or regulate their temperature yet. Babies sweat a lot and it can cause them to become uncomfortable and distressed. To avoid this, choose sheets which are breathable and will keep your infant cool most of the time.


Infant products that are labeled hypoallergenic do not mean the absence of any allergens (substances that cause allergies). It means the product contains fewer allergens than regular products. It may not be possible to completely eliminate the risk of a baby having an allergic reaction, but using hypoallergenic products can help keep the risk to a minimum. Keep in mind that your little one will be lying on their mattress for hours so their safety and protection against harmful allergens is a priority when buying the perfect crib sheets.

Choose your material


Cotton is the most popular material when it comes to babies. It is breathable, durable, and hypoallergenic, meaning that you can use it throughout the year. Your child will be kept cool during summer and warm in winter. Cotton can be stiff at first but the material will soften over time. Organic cotton crib sheets are particularly popular.

Jersey knit

Jersey is a single-knit type of cotton that is stretchy and soft, making it ideal for babies. It is naturally elastic so the bedding gets less wrinkled especially after your baby’s naptime or overnight sleep.


Flannel crib sheets are a soft fabric perfect for winter. They can keep your little one warm during the colder seasons and make for a very comfortable infant bed. Flannel crib sheets are also popular with parents because of their unshrinkable material and budget-friendly price.


Polyester, like flannel, is the go-to of parents during the colder seasons. This warm fabric provides a soft and less wrinkly texture. It is not as expensive as cotton, but not as breathable. It is also unshrinkable and is machine washable.


Sheets made with waterproof fabric are worth investing your money in. New waterproof sheets are hypoallergenic, breathable, soft, and machine washable. They are long-lasting whilst also protective of both baby’s skin and the baby’s mattress. Waterproof fabrics contain zinc in their fibers, lessening the odor of the mattress during leaks and avoid skin irritation.

Match for size

Cribs vary in size, therefore mattresses also have different dimensions. Purchasing the perfect sized bedding will help achieve a secure fit. These are the most common sizes in the market.


The regular or standard crib size mattress usually measures 28 Inches Wide x 52 Inches Long. The standard size is the same as a toddler bed, which provides a smoother transition from a crib to their very own bed in the future. Selecting a fitted crib sheet that is the standard size is easy, as you will have a variety of colors, prints, and fabrics to choose from.


A mini crib or portable crib mattress typically measures 24 Inches Wide x 38 Inches Long. These mini cribs are great for small spaces and can offer a cozy area for infants. It may be folded or packed away and stored in a corner. These cribs are also more affordable but can be outgrown quickly by the infant. Selecting a fitted crib sheet for a mini crib mattress can also be more limited.


Custom or uniquely shaped cribs are becoming popular nowadays. Circular mattresses may be the trend, but may also require customized covers because of their uniqueness. Finding a fitted sheet to fit is not the only problem: they can also be tricky to put on and maintain as your infant may rotate 360 degrees during their nap or overnight.


Crib sheets come in different patterns, colors, sizes, and materials. You may want to pick crib sheets to adhere to the nursery’s theme, or pick something different and fun to bring everything in the room to life.

Best Baby Crib Sheets On The Market

Aden + Anais Classic Crib Sheets

Aden + Anais is one of the staple brands for gifting at baby showers, and their classic beddings are no exception when it comes to quality. They have super breathable sheets for cribs with the same material as their popular muslin swaddles. They come in many different colors and prints too.

Babyletto Crib Sheets

Babyletto’s sheets are durable and lightweight, made of poplin fabric. This type of material has a ribbed texture and closely-knit weave made from super soft 100 percent cotton. Additionally, the bold colors and prints will never fade even after multiple washes because of its unique colorfast ink.

Brooklinen Brooklittles Crib Sheet Set

Brooklinen is an online retail brand that is starting to get popular votes these days. Parents and caregivers swear by their super soft bedding, including their baby crib sheets. They offer mini and standard crib sizes in various colors and prints. These fitted sheets also boast a whopping 300-thread count cotton, and their satin weave fabric means the material creases less and keeps infants cozy too.

Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Cotton Crib Sheets

The elasticity of the well-loved Burt’s Bees brand sheets makes this fitted bedding more secure and snug when placed in your infant mattress. Made of 100 percent organic cotton jersey knit, these sheets are sure to get softer and smoother with every wash.

Cloud Island Crib Sheets

This breathable, cotton, super soft crib sheet will surely give your child peaceful slumber by night, and lots of fun time by day. Cloud Island’s beautiful patterns – including the popular floral – are a definite must-have to keep your mattress protected and to keep that nursery looking stylish. They also come in their soft muslin fabric too.

Copper Pearl Premium Bamboo Crib Sheets

These fitted crib sheets are unique when it comes to the massive range of designs. Not to mention their soft and breathable texture that will get softer with every wash. Copper Pearl is famous for quality products and great value for money. The bedding’s ultra-soft material will be well-loved by your little ones.

Little Stars Organic Crib Sheets

You only want the best crib sheets to touch your baby’s delicate skin. That’s why these budget-friendly, Walmart-exclusive sheets are perfect. Made from 100 percent organic cotton weave, they were produced without using toxic materials and harmful chemicals that could harm your baby’s sensitive skin. These sheet sets also have cute prints that can be matched with your nursery’s changing pad, towels, and swaddles, and they are all available at a great low price.

Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Crib Sheets

A lot of washing could dull the patterns or roughen the texture of your crib sheets, but the Little Unicorn muslin bedding simply gets cozier each time you wash them! Parents and caregivers adore their cute prints, and the ultra-soft 100 percent organic cotton muslin gives crib mattresses a snug and fitted crib sheet every time.

Loulou Lollipop Cotton & Bamboo Crib Sheets

Designed to fit standard crib sizes, these soft sheets are made up of bamboo rayon. Their fun and quirky patterns include gardens and butterflies, polar bears, carnivals, and even dinosaurs. They even have food prints from sushi and ramen to avocadoes! Plus, they come in a reusable string bag for on-the-go families and easier storage.

Magnolia Organics Fitted Interlock Crib Sheets

Magnolia Organics Fitted Crib Sheet was awarded Best of baby awards in 2018 by The Bump. It is made from 100 percent, no-pilling organic cotton that is soft and super stretchy. Magnolia Organics uses all-natural eco-friendly dyes and can be purchased both in plain and neutral patterns. Its breathable interlock weave provides a cozy surface for your infant to sleep soundly on.

Solly Baby Crib Sheets

Solly Baby is produced in Austria and is made up of plant-based fibers that are biodegradable and compostable and known as Lenzing modal fabric. Being machine washable and from sustainable materials makes these sheets a popular choice. Soft, lightweight, and friendly to the environment, these sheets come in a range of different natural colors. This natural color range is the signature for Solly Baby products.

How To Use Your Chosen Crib Sheets

  • Avoid using flat sheets and blankets in your infant’s crib. With nothing but your baby and the fitted sheet on the mattress, you help ensure baby’s safety from the risks of suffocation and strangulation.
  • Wondering how many sheets you should purchase? Experts recommend at least 4 to 7 sheets. That way, you always have a spare if you need to change a soiled sheet while the others are in the laundry.
  • Washing of sheets should be done at least once a week. Some say sheets should be replaced bi-weekly, but for safety and sanitation concerns for the baby and their sensitive skin prone to irritation, there’s nothing wrong with putting them in the laundry basket every week.

Bottom Line

Your child spends a lot of time in the crib – it can be one of their earliest comfort zones and fosters a safe spot for them that will create a sense of security to later encourage their independence. Keep an eye out for organic products and consider other options mentioned above including the fabric’s elasticity, material that is perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin, and a snug fit to avoid any untoward incidents. With the right crib sheets, you can ensure a good night’s sleep for the whole family!