Shoes For Toddlers With Wide Feet: Our Guide To The Best

Best Shoes For Toddlers

Wrong-fitting shoes are a pain to walk in, and no one wants their baby to experience that pain firsthand! The early months and years of your toddler’s life should be fun – and that can’t happen without gifting your child the best fitting shoes.

Finding the right shoes for average feet is fairly easy, but what are the best shoes for wide feet? You shouldn’t pick a shoe that fits the length of your toddler’s foot without considering their foot’s width. If your little one has wide feet, and they often complain about discomfort, it’s best to get them shoes for wide feet toddlers.

Shoe manufacturers around the world understand the need to create shoes to fit all sizes, and fortunately, they also have shoes that can fit children with wide feet. No! your toddler will not have to make do will ill-fitting shoes. We have compiled a list of the best shoes for toddlers with wide feet to help you find the perfect shoes for your treasured toddler.

Top 4 Best Toddler Shoes – Comparison

Best Toddler Shoes for Wide Feet

Adituo Toddler/Little Kid Athletic Running Sports Shoes in Hook and Loop

The #1 Best Seller on Amazon, this running shoe is sure to be your kids’ new favorite. The material is made of premium mesh fabric which makes it breathable for kids with wide feet, and it’s also fully washable – worry no more about odor. Casual and sporty at the same time, your child can wear these shoes for any occasion.

The shoes also have a flexible rubber sole and high-elastic EVA insoles for a more comfortable walk and run. A non-slip rubber sole will give your child a maximum amount of movement and give them stability as they run around even on smooth surfaces.

Adituo Toddler Shoes for wide feet come in 5 color combinations – Black, Blue, Grey, Purple and Pink. The shoes are very easy to put on thanks to the hook and loop closure, so your kid can now independently wear and remove them on their own. You can never go wrong with these no-tie shoes, easily adjustable to accommodate wide and extra-wide feet.

New Balance 888 v2 Running Shoes

These running shoes are a crowd favorite! With appealing color combinations, your kids will love to show their new kicks off to their playmates. Very unique and versatile in style, this shoe is made with ABZORB midsole cushioning and impact absorption to guarantee all-day comfort.

If your toddler is active and wears through their soles quickly, worry no more. These New Balance running shoes are made of premium quality durable rubber for the outsole, and the upper is made of 100% suede and mesh to ensure breathability and comfort.

The hook and loop closure ensures that these shoes are easy to put on and your toddlers’ wide feet will be accommodated. Try these out today for a comfortable and reliable footwear choice.

Nike Downshifter 10 (TDV)

There’s no doubt that this flagship brand has perfectly designed these shoes for your little one. The wide toe box design allows plenty of room for wider feet. Each shoe is padded around the ankle and has a soft foam cushion to promote comfort for uninterrupted play.

The design features a modern professional athletic look with a combination of lace and hook loop for extra security. It supports a strong grip so your kid’s movement won’t be limited at all. With its breathable mesh, your child will enjoy walking and running for hours on end without growing uncomfortable.

These toddler shoes are available in three color combinations of grey and orange, hyper pink, and particle light grey.

FANSITE Nishiguang Toddler/Little Kids Shoes

This classic athletic-style shoe is made of knit and mesh upper breathable material for comfort all day long. Unlike other sneakers, these toddler shoes are crafted from a quick-drying material to effectively combat odor and perspiration.

Flexible and durable at the same time, these shoes will last through hours of active play. The midsole is cushioned so your toddler’s feet will be comfortable while walking and playing. This shoe’s design includes a combination of laces and hook and loop to make sure that your child’s foot won’t wriggle around unsafely.

OAISNIT Baby boys and girls Sneakers Anti-slip

This shoe has been designed with anti-skid, ideal for toddlers who are just learning to walk. Made with a soft non-marking rubber sole, these toddler shoes are very lightweight for ease of movement and play. Your child’s little feet are ensured safety with the anti-collision toe cap.

Unlike other shoes for wide feet toddlers, this shoe has an adjustable closure so it is easy for your child to independently put on and remove. They will also not trip from any hanging laces as they learn to walk. This is a stylish and unique shoe choice for walking, running and playing.

RIBONGZ Toddler boys and girls Tennis Shoes

These kids shoes are perfect for active kids with a wide toe. The athletic sneaker style has a shock-absorbing technology that reduces the impact on muscles and bones to prevent injuries. It also has a padded collar and tongue, plus a soft insole to provide long-lasting comfort for your child’s little feet.

Unlike other shoes with hook and loop closure, this design claims that it has been tested a ‘thousand times’ for durability. After active play, you can wash it in a washing machine without worrying about damage or shape deformation, thanks to its premium quality mesh.

Stride Rite Baby and Toddler Boys-Adrian Athletic Sneakers

This Stride Rite shoe is uniquely made of a 100% synthetic rubber sole. The flexible rounded sole is made especially for wide toes to promote movement. Your toddler will love this great shoe, as it has been designed with a memory foam footbed for extra added comfort during play.

Featuring bright fun color combinations in silver, navy, red, pink, and grey, these shoes are eye-catching and stylish.  The Stride Rite shoes use hook and loop for ease of wear and adjustable fit.

Stride Rite 360 Unisex-child-Ethan- Sneaker

These modern classy kids shoes in Black and Tan are ideal for wide-footed boys and girls. They are great for walking and can support a maximum range of movement in active children. With their comfort and style, these shoes will give your kid confidence on any occasion!

Made in the USA for guaranteed quality, the sole is 100% rubber, and the entire shoe is machine washable with anti-odor linings. The insides are made with memory foam to provide comfort while walking and playing. The rounded edges are trip-resistant, perfect for toddlers who are just learning to walk.

These shoes for toddlers use hook and loop closure for an adjustable fit to ensure that it can comfortably accommodate wider feet.

TOEDNNQI Boys and Girls

This toddler shoe features a classic athletic unisex style. The materials are lightweight and incredibly durable, easily able to withstand your child’s active movement. A non-slip sole ensures this breathable mesh sneaker is safe for walking, running and playing.

With a shock-absorbing design to prevent injuries from strong impact, these sturdy shoes support the knees, ankles, and spine. This design also offers no-tie hook and loop straps.

These shoes are sleek and stylish, featuring six different bold color combinations in black, blue, grey, pink, red, and multicolored. These are some of the best shoes for toddlers with wide feet – your child will love showing them off!

Tombik Toddler Shoes

This toddler shoe is highly durable, with a strong rubber outsole that grips to withstand your toddlers’ movement without slipping. The upper is made of lightweight fabric to allow airflow for all-day comfort. The design also promotes speed, perfect for walking, jogging, and many other activities.

This shoe features fashionable, neutral tones and bright color combinations that your child will love! Its design is sleek and simple with no tie-up laces, meaning the fit is adjustable and easy to take on and off.

How to choose the best shoes for toddlers with wide feet: The ultimate buying guide

When it’s time to find shoes for your toddler, the wide width is not the only thing to consider.


Allowing your child to wear ill-fitting shoes will cause them enormous discomfort, as kids love to run around carefree. Tight shoes will create blisters on their feet and their toes will likely get squished into the front of their footwear. For this reason, it’s important to choose a style and size your child feels incredibly comfortable in.

Hook and loop closure

When buying shoes for kids, look for shoes that they can put them on without too much hassle! This will foster independence and allow them to get playing quicker. Many children’s shoes come with hook and loop closure, making them easy to slip on and fasten up. Wide toddler feet are especially well suited to these shoes, as they can control how tight they do up the shoes. It also gives you some wiggle room as your child’s feet grow!

Shoe Construction

show construction

When purchasing new footwear for your child, you want shoes that are going to hold up. Make sure you check the stitching and look for reinforced toes and heels on your toddler’s shoes.

If they have a larger foot, make sure the strap is long enough to fit over their chubby little ankles – otherwise, you will end up buying them a new pair of shoes every month!


Always make sure that what you are buying doesn’t have irritants or toxic chemicals. If your child already has allergies or sensitive skin, this is especially important. Check the materials each shoe is made of, also checking to see how durable and long-lasting the shoes will be. It’s a good idea to check whether the shoes are easily washable, as toddler shoes can get sweaty and dirty very easily.


It is important for toddler shoes to be able to bend easily. Running shoes for toddlers need this flexibility so your toddler’s toes can move without being stuck in the front of their shoe.

Flexibility will also contribute to how comfortable your toddler feels whilst wearing their shoes.

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When it comes to width, you need to make sure you are buying the correct size. If your toddler has wide feet and you buy a shoe that fits too tightly or loosely, your kid will hate wearing them. Consider measuring your child’s feet before shopping for shoes so you know exactly what size to buy. Toddlers with wide feet will notice a world of difference when they are fitted with a shoe that accommodates for their width!

In Conclusion

Babies grow very fast and you should make it your priority to offer your child comfortable shoes designed for their wide feet.  It is important that you consider your child’s comfort when buying toddler shoes, as their footwear will influence how much carefree fun they can have whilst playing with siblings or friends. This will encourage your child to explore the environment and make them happy. We hope this article will be helpful in choosing the best shoes for wide feet toddlers!