Chicco VIARO Travel System Review

Chicco VIARO Travel System review

About the Company

Chicco was found in 1958 by Pietro Catelli, an inventor of pharmaceutical devices. After the birth of his son, he expanded his innovations to the world of baby products, trying to find solutions for parents and make better quality products for babies. Since then, Chicco has become a global brand, spreading across 120 countries and offering several kinds of baby products. Based in Milan, the fashion capital of the world, Chicco is proud of its Italian heritage including its rich legacy of quality, innovation, and ‘chic’ sense of style.

The Happiness Lab

The company is committed to providing style partnered with functionality when it comes to baby gear. The Osservatorio Chicco, or Chicco Observatory, plays a key role in the effort of revolutionizing parenting by collaborating with pediatricians, ergonomists, parents, and most especially babies, to learn how they grow and interact with the world around them. The Observatory, affectionately labeled The Happiness Lab, is where baby products are engineered for safety and comfort, designed to accommodate babies and reassure parents throughout their entire childhood journey.

Giving Back

The company also extends support and encourages families beyond baby products by partnering with several organizations like Mission Bambini, Delivering Good, CJ First Candle, GOOD+ Foundation, Jackson in Action Foundation, Jim & Tabitha Furyk Foundation, and Operation Shower. Together, Chicco and these organizations help protect children and make them feel safe, comfortable, and happy.

Child Safety Guidelines

Chicco prioritizes children’s safety. For this reason, they offer guidelines to maximize the protection and comfort given by the travel system.

  • Tighten the harness – when you have connected the harness buckle and chest clip, you need to check whether there is any slack in the webbing. Place your hand behind the clip, and tighten the harness until your hand is touching the child. This ensures that the harness is comfortable and secure, without being too tight.
  • Test with a pinch – if the harness webbing can be pinched between the fingers even a little bit, then the harness is too loose. When the fingers slide off, then the harness is properly tightened.
  • Ensure proper chest clip height – the chest clip plays an important safety role: it keeps the harness straps in contact with the child’s chest in the event of a crash. For it to do this, positioning is important. Each time you secure the chest clip, make sure it lines up with the top of the child’s armpits.
  • Winter coats can interfere with a child’s harness – avoid buckling up the children with winter coats on since the bulky fabric could prevent a tight harness fit. Instead, buckle and tighten the harness without a coat, then put the coat on backward or use a blanket.
  • Use the booster correctly – the vehicle lap must lie flat across the child’s upper thighs and not across the child’s abdomen. The shoulder belt should cross over the middle of the shoulder and across the center of the chest.

Why Invest in a Travel System?

From the moment you start preparing for parenthood, it can seem as though the purchases are endless and are often duplicated. Any product that can do the tasks of more than one device can save you money, time and hassle. Purchasing a travel system for your child will not only reduce error in compatibility between your stroller and car seat, but also give you the benefits of not having to wake up the baby during each transfer. The Chicco VIARO travel system eliminates parents’ frustration over having three or more different products for a stroller and a car seat.

Product Specifications

The Chicco VIARO Travel System is designed for families living in the city, featuring products that are slimmer and lighter than its other product, Chicco BRAVO. The Chicco VIARO Travel System also comes in different color choices – cranberry, teak (grey), and coastal (blue/grey).

Weight and Height Limits

The Chicco VIARO Car seat weighs 9.6 lbs. while the base weighs 7 lbs. and has a mid-range weight compared to other offerings in the market. It can carry 4 to 11 lbs. with newborn pillow insert, and 11 to 30 lbs. without the newborn pillow insert. The car seat should not be used onc eyour child exceeds the 30 pounds weight capacity or the 30 inch height limit. The Chicco VIARO Stroller on the other hand weighs 18 lbs. with weight limits range between 30 to 50 lbs.

The Chicco VIARO stroller weight is similar to the Chicco BRAVO, but the Chicco BRAVO is 4-wheeled and with the car seat, weighs about 23 lbs. compared to the Chicco VIARO stroller weight 18 lbs.

Convenience to Parents

The Chicco VIARO stroller has a padded push-handle, parent tray and child tray with 2 cup holders, and a large storage basket that is easily accessible from the front and back of the stroller. A swiveling front wheel, treaded tires and suspension help maintain a smooth ride. Easy to use toe-tap rear brakes make sure the stroller stays put when parked.

Chicco VIARO stroller has a lightweight aluminum frame and a sleek 3-wheel design. One of its key features is the Chicco VIARO quick fold system, which is a one-hand fold technique allowing parents to secure the stroller whilst holding a baby in their other arm. With the Chicco VIARO, it is easy to install all KeyFit and Fit2 infant car seats with just a click-in attachment. An easy-to-use pull-strap and button are conveniently tucked under the seat and easy to activate simultaneously for a compact one-hand free-standing fold. The Chicco VIARO stroller is even easier to open again after closing.

Safety Features

Aside from conforming to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, there are a lot of elements in the Chicco VIARO Travel System that make it the top choice of most parents and caregivers. Other than the quality products Chicco has established, the Chicco VIARO Travel System KeyFit 30 car seat was rated the Number 1 Infant Car Seat in America.

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat

The top-rated KeyFit 30 Infant car seat is engineered with innovative features that make it the easiest car seat to install simply, accurately, and securely every time. It features ReclineSure, an infant car seat feature that uses a spring-loaded leveling system bring the car base to the proper angle easily. The infant car seat also has two RideRight indicators, a system of bubble level indicators found on either side of the infant car seat that help verify that the infant car seat is at the proper angle.

The Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat has an excellent safety record: it ranked top 5 for crash testing against comparable brands and for head and body injury protection, and the Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat actually tested higher than federal safety standards.

Chicco VIARO Car Seat Base

The Chicco VIARO Travel System car seat base is equipped with premium LATCH connectors. LATCH or Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children is an installation method for car seats in which the vehicle seat belt is not used. Instead, it uses connectors that attach to the lower anchors found in the seat bight – the intersection of the vehicle seat back and bottom cushions – of the vehicle itself. It also has a smooth underside to help protect the vehicle seat while installed.

The Chicco VIARO system also has a SuperCinch latch tightener, that uses force-multiplying technology to tighten the connection between the car seat and the vehicle LATCH hooks to reduce overall car seat movement. For alternate installation with the vehicle car seat belt, clear belt routing and integrated lock-offs make it easy to position, tighten and lock the belt into place. This ensures a secure fit with minimal effort, to provide both safety and comfort.

Chicco VIARO Car Seat Harness and Handle

The carrier’s harness is equipped with a 5-point system, allowing accommodation of newborn babies as small as 4 lbs. It has a one-pull tightening support which helps keep the baby secure.

The Chicco VIARO carry handle has an easy-to-use two-position setting, with comfortable grip to provide parents and caregivers convenience in carrying their little one. It secures the base to the stroller and back to the vehicle correctly with a reassuring audible click. The one-hand release of the Chicco VIARO car seat handle also makes it easy to release and remove from Chicco compatible strollers.

Other Accessories

The Chicco VIARO also features an adjustable canopy that is removable for parents’ convenience and babies’ protection and shade against the sun. The Chicco VIARO stroller also has a removable child tray with two cup holders and a counterpart parent tray as well. For some, this may make the system seem bulky when folded but is a great feature otherwise.

The travel system also features a large storage basket. This storage basket is partitioned in the Chicco stroller and makes sure that the parents can travel conveniently with their little one. The large storage basket is also accessible both from the back and front for easy access. The multi-position backrest also offers additional comfort and safety for the baby, suitable for every stage.

Protective material

The Chicco VIARO Carrier shell is lined with EPS energy-absorbing foam for improved impact protection. The expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam insulation is a lightweight, rigid closed-cell insulation used in several compressive strengths to withstand load and back-fill forces, especially during a crash. This thick foam provides lots of head and body support which makes the car seat suitable even for newborn babies. The EPS foam also provides minimal water absorption and low vapor permanence, making the car seat as breathable and as comfortable as ever.

Fabric Care and Maintenance

The car seat fabrics can be machine washed separately in cold water on a delicate cycle. Avoid using bleach, drip dry the fabrics, and do not machine wash the harness. To clean the Chicco VIARO harness, sponge clean using warm water and mild soap, then air dry. Plastics and hardware may be sponge cleaned using warm water and mild soap, and then towel dried.

For the Chicco VIARO stroller, hand wash fabrics in cold water, avoid using bleach, and drip them dry. Occasionally wipe plastic or metal parts clean with a soft damp cloth and then towel dry.

When to transition to the next seat

Graduating from a booster seat, children are usually ready to move directly into the vehicle seat anywhere between the age of 8 to 12 years old. To see if the child is ready, buckle the child into the vehicle seat and make sure the back and the bottom of the child are pushed all the way against the backrest. If the knees of the child bend naturally at the edge of the seat, the vehicle lap belt fits across her upper thighs or low on the hips, and the shoulder belt fits across the child’s shoulder and chest, then the child no longer needs a booster.

However, there is no reason to rush transition from rear-facing to forward-facing, or from a 5 point harness to a belt-positioning booster. Keep the little one in the current car seat if possible until they reach the maximum weight or height allowance from the manufacturer, whichever comes first. Always remember that the child’s maturity and age are as important as their height and weight. Since belt-positioning boosters rely on the vehicle seat belt for restraint, the child must be able to sit relatively still and keep the seat belt kept properly positioned on the body throughout every car ride.

Overall Recommendation

The Chicco VIARO Travel System is an all-in-one combo of the top-rated Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat and the Chicco VIARO travel system stroller that can be used from newborn to toddler with its wide-range weight limits. With its slim, sporty, three-wheel design, toe-tap rear brakes, one-hand release, adjustable canopy and bubble level indicators, built with excellent safety features by a brand dedicated to quality, it’s easy to see why the Chicco VIARO quick fold Travel System is popular with parents, caregivers, and appreciated highly by busy families. This moderately priced system is still cheaper compared to other Chicco travel systems while lasting a long time. An ultimately good investment, the Chicco VIARO Travel System is an easy favorite for parents and caregivers.