Pockit Stroller Review – A Favorite Lightweight Stroller

Pockit Stroller Review

The Pockit stroller is most famous for its compact size. Parents have talked about how easy it is to use and carry anywhere. 

If you’re looking to buy a compact premium stroller, this is a stroller you might want to consider. I’ll be telling you what makes it a fantastic choice, along with a couple of things you might want to look out for. Let’s dive in! 

Pockit Stroller Details

Does it Need Assembly?

The answer is no! The stroller comes in its compact size inside the box. All you have to do is simply take it out and read the instructions on how to unfold it. 

It’s suggested by the manufacturing company though, that you wash the stroller’s fabric before the first use.

The Dimensions, Storage, and Folding

Pockit Stroller Review

We’re not kidding when we say this stroller is small! People who’ve bought it said that it was so easy to maneuver that they took it to restaurants, and it went through tables with ease. 

The stroller is made with an aluminum frame, that’s why it’s  light and easy to carry. You can easily carry the stroller when you’re going up the stairs without being burdened. It weighs under 12lbs. 

The dimensions of the stroller when it’s folded are 11.8”x7”x13.8”. This size makes it fit perfectly inside suitcases and some handbags. 

For those of you who are always traveling, you don’t have to worry about storing it with the rest of the luggage. The stroller fits easily in the overhead bin compartments. 

Thanks to the lightweight of the stroller, you could even use it on public transportation.

The stroller comes with a few step folding process that’s so easy anyone can do it! 

Because of its size, you can store the stroller anywhere in your home.

The Seat

The Pockit stroller is designed for children 6 months and up. It can also withstand up to 55 lbs, which is probably a 5-year-old child. There are some people that actually use it for their 3 and 4-year-olds believe it or not! 

Unfortunately, the seat doesn’t recline. It tends to be a bit uncomfortable for toddlers who like to doze off in the middle of walks. The reclining feature was changed in the following model The Pockit+.

It also doesn’t have a straight back, if your child likes to sit up straight then we might have a slight problem! 

The best thing about the seat is that it comes with removable fabric. You can simply remove the fabric and toss it into the washing machine. Just like that, good as new! 

The Storage Basket

The basket is one of the not so good points that the stroller offers. It’s super small! But again, that’s a small price to pay for the stroller to be compacted.

Although it’s small size, it can carry items up to 11lbs.

Despite the fact that you can go shopping with it since it goes through narrow places, you can also wouldn’t have to worry about the hassle of carrying your child while you shop. You won’t be able to keep many things in the storage basket.

So, if you’re planning a quick walk to the supermarket, make sure you’ll be able to carry those bags back home. 


I always hate wearing my seatbelt because of how uncomfortable the polyester felt. 

The Pockit comes with a 5 point padded harness. It’s perfect when it comes to securing your child’s safety. This is something that makes this stroller different from other brands. 

The harness is also adjustable, so it’d fit your child as they grow. 

The Sun Shade

Remember back in the day when you’d see people walking around with blankets covering the strollers? Some people still do that!

We do it to protect our precious ones from sunburns or any negative impact the sun might have on their skin.

Sadly, you might still do the same with this stroller. 

The sunshade on this stroller is really small. The sun’s UV rays will most definitely get to your child. 

Pockit Stroller Review

If this is an issue for you, I recommend investing some money on some stroller sunshades. You should keep in mind that this stroller was designed to make traveling easier, so their main focus was the weight and size.

The Handles

This part is for those of us who get to push the stroller. With no surprise, the handles are padded, which makes it comfortable to push around.

Sometimes we might get a phone call or something that would require us to use one of our hands. The Pockit’s handles were designed in a way that it can be pushed and steered with just one hand. One-hand steering makes it easier to do something else while you’re pushing your little one.

Although one hand push is a great thing, it’s not the case with taller parents. Those who are 6ft or taller might feel that the handles were just too short for them. Unluckily the handles aren’t adjustable. 

​The Wheels

Pockit Stroller Review

Despite their small size (4.5”), the wheels are so durable. The front wheels have a 360° rotation, which makes it easy to move around.

It also comes with a front-wheel lock that gives the stroller better stability on uneven grounds like grass. 

It doesn’t have a suspension system though, so it doesn’t handle shocks very well.

It was designed for flat surface, although using it on terrain or cracked sidewalks, for example, will give it a bit of a bounce. 

The Brake System

The brakes are found on the back wheels; they’re small in size though. Some people complained that it’s hard sometimes to set and release them, especially with flip flops.

Some even said that they use their hands to set them! 

Color Options

The Pockit stroller first came out in 6 colors. In 2018, Pockit added 5 more colors to choose from.

  • Lizard Khaki
  • Dragonfire red
  • Capri Blue
  • Monument Back
  • Port Blue
  • Posh Pink
  • Sapphire Blue
  • Lagoona Blue
  • Fox Grey
  • Satin Black
  • Cherry Red

Those same colors are also available for the Pockit+!


There are only a few accessories that are offered for the GB Pockit stroller. They could be helpful during your travels!

The GB Pockit Travel Bag

This is a bag that’s designed for your Pockit stroller.

It’s the perfect fit, it protects the stroller against damage, and makes it easy to carry it around. 

gb Pockit and Pockit Plus Travel Bag

The GB Pockit Changing Bag

This bag is designed to carry your baby’s essentials inside. It features a wet compartment, this way any wet items you place inside won’t leak through and damage other things in the bag.

There’s also a bottle compartment to carry your baby’s bottle so you can conveniently reach out for them anytime.

The GB Pockit Footmuff

If you’re worried about chilly days, the footmuff will keep your little one warm.

It’s made with soft material that’ll provide comfort for your child. 

gb Gold Footmuff


The Pockit is actually JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) approved. This is the association that says whether products are safe for children and infants or not.

Is It Suitable for all Weather Conditions?

Unfortunately, it won’t do any good in the rain. You’d need to buy a separate rain cover. But this is pretty normal with most strollers. Also

What are the Best Features?

  • It’s practical for travelers
  • It’s easy to maneuver through narrow aisles
  • It’s lightweight and sturdy
  • The adjustable harness makes it comfortable for the child
  • The removable fabric is easy to clean
  • It can easily be operated with one hand
  • It folds with a press of a button

Features That Need Improvement

  • The sunshade doesn’t give enough protection
  • The seat doesn’t recline
  • The seat doesn’t sit up to 90°
  • It’s not suitable for babies under 6 months
  • It’s a bit pricey compared to other travel strollers

Is It Worth It?

The answer is most definitely yes, if you’re the kind of family that always travels!

If you’re going for a quick stroll in the park or running a small errand, this stroller would be suitable for you.

The Pockit stroller would also be a fantastic option for those who like to use public transportation. You can easily store it under your seat, while you sit comfortably.

If you don’t have much storage space at home, you can conveniently store this stroller anywhere! Even for those of us who have small cars, with this stroller size, it’s guaranteed it’ll fit in any car.

We all hate carrying around too much weight and in the world of strollers, the Pockit is as light as a feather!

If you’re looking for a conventional stroller and you don’t have any issues with storage space, traveling, and public transportation, then you might want to consider another stroller with more convenient options.