UppaBaby G Luxe Review (The Modern Umbrella Travel Stroller)

UPPAbaby G Luxe Stroller Review

UppaBaby G Luxe Review (The Modern Travel Umbrella Stroller)

Is there anything you wouldn’t do for your child? All parents want the best for their children, and it starts with keeping them safe, especially when traveling.

Strollers have become a staple baby gear since they were introduced in the market decades ago, and they continue to evolve with new features and safety measures in place.

For most parents, there is no limit to what they would spend if it means providing comfort and security for your children.

UPPAbaby G Luxe Travel Stroller Review

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But how do you choose from among the myriad of products in the market? There are hundreds of different strollers in stores and online, each of them with their own set of features.

The UPPAbaby G Luxe Stroller is one product that deserves a closer look. If you are in the market for something that is intended for travel and completely decked out with the essentials and more, this is a product to put on the shortlist.

Modern Design and Ergonomic

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the UPPAbaby G Luxe Travel Stroller is its lightweight frame, which makes the product less hefty than most other strollers in the market. 

At 15 pounds, which includes the canopy as well as basket, it offers a manageable travel solution for parents.

Yes, If you want to protect the stroller from weather damage you have to purchase the best stroller weather cover. The UppaBaby has own made rain cover for this stroller what you can try.

UPPAbaby G Luxe Review Travel Stroller

The aluminum frame is sturdy, and while it has a slim profile, it can handle the child’s weight as well as the extra things you may want to put in the undercarriage basket.

The front wheels do swivel and offer a smooth ride, even when going over small rocks and uneven pavements. The front wheels can also be locked for security when you need it to be stationary for a while.

Easy Pushing and Riding

The mark of a great travel stroller is how well it rides and how easy it is to push around. The G-Luxe can be used for all kinds of surfaces, including wood, cement/concrete, tiles, and grass.

When pushing, it is best to use both handle bars, since one-handed operation can be tricky. The great upside is that the handle bar height can accommodate short as well as tall parents comfortably.

The easy and comfortable ride is made possible by the four-wheel suspension. This means not a lot of jarring, which can be dizzying to the child.

A stable and smooth ride is important, especially for long strolls at the mall or in parks and public playgrounds

UPPAbaby G Luxe Travel Stroller

In addition, the comfortable seat padding is more than enough to keep the child cushioned, but not too thick to cause sweating, especially outdoors. The recline feature of the stroller comes in three different angles, depending on the child’s need

A sleeping baby would require full recline, while one that is active would want to be in the upright position. The three recline positions allow for adequate adjustment while on the go.

Measures Full Safety

The front-wheel locking mechanism in this umbrella stroller gives parents the peace of mind, knowing the stroller will stay put with one click of the switch. 

The rear brakes are also easily accessible, which is ideal for long distances and tackling challenging surfaces. Braking is very easy and smooth, even when strolling at full speed.

The canopy provides protection against the punishing heat of the sun. Going outdoors, especially between the hours of 10 am and 4pm would require an effective shield for your child’s eyes and skin. 

The canopy is made of the resilient but lightweight material that ensures your child is not exposed to too much UV rays. 

UPPAbaby G Luxe Travel Stroller

The five-point harness keeps the child in place while riding and keeps the jostling to a minimum.

Storage and Convenience

With one push of the two triggers located on both ends of the frame, you can fold this lightweight stroller and keep it upright while not in use This is especially helpful for parents who get their hands full when traveling with the little ones.

To carry the UPPAbaby G Luxe Stroller, there is a single shoulder strap that is conveniently placed on the side.

Since the stroller is a mere 15 pounds, it is easy to carry, even for long distances. For storage, the stroller can be placed behind a door or under the bed since it requires very little space.

UPPAbaby G Luxe Umbrella Stroller

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  • The UPPAbaby G Luxe Stroller is extremely light weight and easy to carry around (even with complete accessories)
  • It has Sleek metal frame and This Stroller Folds and stores easily
  • Comfortable ride for baby and Easy steering
  • Front wheel lock System and good to use an extra stroller organizer
  • Convenience cup holder included in the stroller
  • Easy to remove/clean fabric and padding
  • Rigid suspension on all four wheels and Effective harness (five-point)


  • No padding on the harness- This can be a tad uncomfortable if your child is strapped on a bit too tightly or if he/she is wearing thin clothes.
  • No peekaboo-type or see-through window on the top portion of the canopy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Q. Can I use this stroller on any surface?

Ans. Yes. The strong suspension on all four wheels allows the stroller to run smoothly even on gravel.

Q. Is it hard to clean this stroller?

Ans. No Clean-up is made a lot easier because the fabric cover and the seat padding can be removed for washing.

Q. Is this one of the expensive gears in the market?

That depends on how much you are willing to spend on the best travel stroller. It costs around $269, sometimes less depending on which site you purchase from. 

It is not the cheapest in the market, but there are much more expensive strollers that do not have the same impressive features.

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Final Verdict

For its price, this makes for an excellent purchase if you want something light butt reliable and easy to use It holds great against wear and tear, which is more than you can say for many well-known brands in the market.

The G-Luxe is a great mix of essential features, and ease of usage, which many parents look for these days. In all, it is a smart pick for parents who like to keep their child safe, happy, and active while on the road without the hassle of bringing bulky gear.