The Best Stroller Accessories To Make Your Life Easier in 2022

Best Stroller's Accessories

If you’ve ever struggled juggling multiple items whilst pushing your child in a stroller, you aren’t alone. What you need are some useful accessories, some to make your life easier and some to make your child’s ride more enjoyable. With the best stroller accessories, you and your baby will be happy because both of your needs are being met.

Top 4 Best Stroller Accessories – Comparison

12 Best Stroller Accessories

guzzie+Guss Universal Cup Holder

Feeling thirsty whilst pushing your child but no hand available to carry your coffee? This universal cup holder from guzzie+Gus is just what you need. Not only does it fit any stroller, but it is also large enough to accommodate most drinks, bottles, or cups in various sizes. Made of durable materials it is also non-slip and can be adjusted to most angles. Since it is universal it can be used after your child has outgrown a stroller: you could attach it to a bike or even a garden chair!

Houselog Clip-On Mini Fan with Aromatherapy

This product is designed to keep your baby fresh and cool during hot walks with you or other family members. You can place this fan anywhere a cool breeze is needed as it clips conveniently onto the stroller bar. It features four cooling speeds, and has an aromatherapy tank built-in so that you can keep your little one (and yourself!) calm the natural way! The fan is enclosed so it is completely safe for little fingers. The runtime depends on the fan speed, but can be up to 8 hours on the slowest speed. The fan is charged by USB, so you can charge it from a power bank if needed while you are out and about.

Prince Lionheart Stroller Connectors

If you have two children and two single strollers it can be difficult to steer and control both strollers at the same time. This is where stroller connectors will save the day. A stroller connector allows for one person to control both strollers simultaneously. Although they fit most strollers, the connectors work best on two identical strollers, and with round or square tubing.

The flexibility the stroller connectors allow is great, and this accessory is the perfect addition to a family vacation or trip to a theme park, without the added expense of a double stroller.

Summer Infant Rayshade Stroller Cover

Protecting your baby from the sun whilst in their stroller is something every parent worries about during summer. The Summer Infant stroller cover works with most strollers and has an SPF50 to protect your child’s delicate skin from UVA and UVB.

The material whilst protective from the sun and water-repellant allows your child to see out and comes with two large pockets which are useful for your phone or snacks. It is removable and easy to clean, a useful addition to your stroller.

Ethan & Emma Universal Baby Stroller Organizer

No space in your bag for a bottle? No worries! You can use this stroller organizer. It features two insulated deep cup holders that ensure the baby’s bottle remains at the perfect temperature and that your coffee does too. It also has a large roll-up mesh stroller bag for extra storage space and keeps the baby’s essentials are more organized.

The collapsible bag design makes it easier to install and uninstall when you need to. Plus, it has silent magnetic closure in the bag’s main pocket that avoids any noise when your little one is sleeping. Don’t forget about the detachable pouch, which you could use to store your wallet, and easily detach anytime you are away from the stroller.

JJ Cole Original Bundleme Canopy Style Bunting Bag

Forget the blanket – a sleeping bag in your stroller would definitely keep your kid warm during the cold weather. Your little one will enjoy their stay in the stroller because the JJ Cole Original Bundleme canopy-style bunting bag is made from soft faux shearling fur. The product is designed to allow safety straps directly through the bag and onto your child, and the removable back panel means they can be comfy and warm without having their feet covered. It could be used for infants from birth, up to when your toddler turns three. Moreover, it has fully machine washable comes in a range of colors to suit any style.

Funbliss Stroller Hooks

Funbliss created the ultimate “Mommy Hook” that takes the humble carabiner to a whole new level. This accessory makes carrying extra bags while pushing your stroller a lot easier. The hooks attach easily to the stroller handlebar, while the clips can be operated one-handed for added convenience. Made from premium material, these large stroller hooks are durable and can hold anything up to 30 kg. The heavy-duty aluminum and the foam grip keep anything from sliding around from diaper bag to shopping bags.

NeatoTek Baby Hanging Rattle Toys

Made from natural plush cotton, NeatoTek’s hanging rattle toys are in the shape of a super bunny and bear. Parents can attach this portable toy to any stroller or crib and the rattles and squeaks will entertain your baby whilst developing the baby’s natural tactile senses and hand-eye coordination. It is safe for all ages with embroidered features on the bear and the bunny. It is also free from any chemicals and flame retardants.

JL Childress Padded Stroller Travel Bag

When you think of stroller accessories, you probably focus on things that attach to the stroller’s handlebar or seat. But if you plan to travel with your stroller, there’s one more accessory you need. This airline-certified stroller bag is a handy must-have to make traveling with your stroller a breeze. It is made from heavy-duty fabric which is water-resistant and easy to clean and padded ends ensure that the wheels of your stroller are protected in transit. It fits most foldable strollers, but do check that yours is compatible. The shoulder strap also adjustable so can be used by either parent and allows for hands-free travel.

Enovoe Mosquito Net for Strollers

Getting bitten by mosquitos or insects isn’t fun for anyone, especially babies. This is why you need to add a stroller mosquito net, like this one from Enovoe. This non-toxic, durable, and breathable net is made of 100% polyester mesh. It’s universal for any stroller model, can even be used on a bassinet, playpen, or car seat. Plus, it also easy to clean because it’s machine washable – which means you can simply wash it along with another laundry.

Munchkin Brica Deluxe Snack Pod

Limited space for snacks and drinks? Then it’s the perfect time to use snack pods from Munchkin. With one snack catcher and a self-adjusting drink holder, which accommodates many sizes of drink, your child need never be without their snacks. The pod tray easily detaches, so you can clean it anytime in the dishwasher. The quick attach clip on the tray has a secure grip and makes it suitable for any shape of child seat. Plus, it’s BPA and phthalate-free so it is safe for infants under 12 months.

Things to Look For When Choosing Stroller Accessories

When you are choosing which stroller accessories, there are several things to bear in mind.

Seasons Change

In the summer, sun or insect protection is likely to be high on your list. You’ll want to keep your baby cool and comfortable as they travel in the stroller. In winter, you’ll want your baby to be snuggled up and warm. Maybe a rain cover or footmuff would be more appropriate. Some items are appropriate year-round. An umbrella can protect you from the rain and the sun.

Compatibility Is Key

Double-check if the stroller accessories are compatible with your specific stroller brand and model. Some accessories only work with the same brand, and other accessories fit well in any brand. There are many universal accessories out there too which will fit any stroller and may be more cost-effective than their bigger branded alternatives.

A Stroller Organizer Is Your New Best Friend

Space on your stroller is not unlimited, so space-saving practical accessories are likely to be at the top of every parent’s list – after the baby essentials, that is!

Don’t Skip The Cup Holder!

Both you and your baby will likely get hungry and thirsty whilst you are out. Not only that, but outings with a baby or toddler can have their stressful moments! Keep your coffee close to hand, and make sure you have enough storage for an emergency toddler snack.

Final Thoughts

Strollers are a parent’s best friend when it comes to getting small kids out and about. Adding accessories that make your life as a parent more organized and allow you to concentrate on your baby fully will make outings much more enjoyable for everyone. The best accessories for you will depend on your location, your lifestyle, and your child — so browse the options and pick the ones that make your life easier.

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