Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller Review and Buying Guide

Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller Review

Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller Review

A truly unique stroller, the Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller is perfect for parents who want the most variety out of their baby stroller. No matter what you find yourself doing, this amazing model should help you travel with your child in style.

Contours Options Elite

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7 Potential Seating Configurations:

With the Stroller, you get seven different seating configurations that your child and you will love. They can face forward, face each other, both face you, both look out, have one car seat attached, have two car seats attached (if you buy an extra attachment), or you can turn it into a model with one single shopping seat.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, the Contours Elite Tandem Stroller is bound to handle it with one of these seven useful seating modes!

Highly Comfortable Design:

Do you want your child to last through stroller sessions that go on for more than an hour at a time? If so, the Contours Tandem Stroller is the perfect option, as it has one of the most comfortable seats on the baby stroller market. Since it is made from soft materials, and features shock absorption technology, your child can easily take a nap while you are shopping.

Additionally, the large canopies of the Contours Elite Tandem Stroller make it simple to keep the child from waking your child up mid-nap.

Compatible with 20+ Car Seat Models:

No matter what car seat model you have, you are likely to fit it into the Contours Tandem Stroller. Since it has a universal car seat adapter built into its body, almost every popular, well-made car seat model fits onto the stroller. If you hate having to spend extra money, and adjusting your child to a new car seat just because you buy a new stroller, the Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller is here to help.

Extra-Large Storage Basket:

Keeping toys, diapers, snacks, and other stuff nearby is essential when taking a kid around town. Thankfully, the Contours Options Stroller makes this easy, with its extra-large storage basket, located right under your children’s seats.

In fact, this model features more storage space than almost any other double stroller on the market right now. If you never want to leave home again without you and your child’s favorite things, the Contours Tandem Stroller has you covered.

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  • Are you expecting twins, or do you have two small children? If so, the Tandem Stroller is perfect!
  • The various color options available with the Contours Tandem Stroller make it easy to match the stroller with your outfits.
  • Since the Contours Tandem Stroller features a straightforward wheel design, there is not difficult learning curve to experience.
  • The Stroller is Compatible with 20+ Car Seat Models


  • Although it can be taken apart for easier storage, the extra time required to do this makes the Elite Tandem Stroller inconvenient at times.
  • Some users have reported the Contours Tandem Stroller’s canopies as being less durable than the rest of the stroller.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Q. The Contours Elite Tandem Stroller looks large, will it fit into most vehicles’ trunks?

Ans. Despite its size, the Contours Options Stroller can be taken apart and put together with ease, making it simple to store!

Q. When the Contours Stroller’s handlebar is raised to its full height, how tall does the stroller stand?

Ans. At full height, the Contours Options Stroller stands at a full 5’2”.

Q. What are the 4 different color options available with the Contours Options Stroller?

Ans. To keep you stylish, the Stroller comes in the following colors

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Final Verdict

Overall, the Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller is easily the best double stroller model on the market. Since it has a varied operation, sleek look, and an easy to navigate wheel/handlebar system, it is perfect for busy parents on-the-go. Invest in this amazing product if you want a comfortable, easy to use baby stroller experience.