How old is too old for a stroller? A Golden Question for Parents

how old is too old for a stroller

How old is too old for a stroller? A Golden Question for Parents

How old is too old for a stroller is one of the most heated topics among parents. There are those who argue that parents who stroll children of more than five years are the reason for the rise in of the lazy generation of children.

Others find it ordinary to use the strollers as long as the child does not weigh more than the stroller’s set limit. There are those who find it as an efficient way moving along with the kids especially when one has luggage to carry. Though there are no restrictions on the usage of strollers, there are warning signs that a child is too old for a stroller. The signals include;

Stroller’s specifications

Every stroller has manufacturer’s set limit or recommendation of use based on certain features such as weight. Parents should observe babies developmental features and match them with manufacturer’s set limit to ensure the right use of a stroller. I recommend that parents should get rid of strollers when:

  • The baby’s weight exceeds the set limit by the manufacturer.
  • The child outgrows the stroller.
  • They can stay by their parent’s side without wandering off.

However, parents hold their children’s hands to avoid cases accidents or getting lost. I suggest that parents should observe the set guidelines of usage by the manufacturer to minimize instances of overstretching the stroller so that it can serve a bigger task than it is supposed.

Development Stages

The growth and development of babies consist of various stages. Children require strollers with certain features at each of the stages.

1. Newborn to six months of age

When babies are less than six months of age, they do not have strong muscles or strength to change positions. At this stage, it is best to place them on a flat surface for comfort. The best stroller for such babies are the ones that recline fully. Parents should avoid strollers that only recline to sitting positions since they can cause developmental problems and less tummy activity as well.

2. Six to twelve months of age

During this stage, babies often have the strength and the ability to make slight movements. The best stroller for this age should recline to almost a sitting position. Placing the baby in on a flat stroller at all time may result to:

  • Discomfort which can make the baby to cry most of the time.
  • Spine damage as the child tries to stay in a slanting sitting position.
3. Eighteen to twenty-four months of age

From the age of eighteen to twenty-four months, babies have strength in the legs, hands, neck and even the spine. At this stage, they can sit in an upright position comfortably. Strollers for such age should allow babies to sit upright and should also be sturdy minimize cases of breakage or child falling off in case the move around.

4. Three to four years of age

When babies reach toddler’s age, it is crucial for parents get rid of the strollers to allow them to interact and play around with other children. During this stage, they develop features such as talking and moving. It takes less time for a child that walks around to develop talking and walking skills compared to those that are always on the strollers.

When to use the stroller?

Though getting rid of strollers during the toddler stage offers ample benefits, there are exceptional cases when parents should not shy away from using them even if the child is of age. Such situations include:

  • Crowded areas. Such Places have high traffic whereby accidents can happen or a child can get lost.
  • Walking for long distances. Toddlers cannot keep up with the parent’s pace which results in wastage of time. Babies cannot walk for long distances since their energy wears off quite fast.
  • Child’s disability. For children with disability, doing away with the stroller would burden parents by carrying such children around.

Final Words

Considering that there is no set age limit for strolling kids, parents should observe babies keenly as they grow. When they start developing talking or walking skills, parents should initiate the process of eliminating the stroller. There are scenarios when parents should not shy away from using the stroller such as when visiting crowded places, walking for long distances and in case a child is disabled.