Kolcraft Light Weight Umbrella Travel Stroller Review [Video]

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Kolcraft Light Weight Umbrella Travel Stroller Review

Kolcraft Cloud Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

Hi guys. Welcome back to my YouTube channel. Coffee with [inaudible 00:00:04]. Today I have a special guest Jackson. This stroller is from Kolcraft. It’s a lightweight stroller. It’s only 12 pounds. Yes, it’s 12 pounds, right? So I’m a mom from New York. I like to take the train to take Jackson different places. So it was so important for me to find a lightweight stroller and this thing, I took it to the city two days ago and blew my mind. So I had to do this review. Let’s jump right in.

We need to open it. Yes. So this is the stroller closed. It’s so thin. It’s really lightweight. And now we’re going to open it. Jackson’s been dying to open it, so let’s open it up and show them.

This is the stroller. Completely open. One of the main things that I needed to have in my stroller was for the summer time. I need it for the canopy to come down far. Most umbrella strollers only come like to this. So I was so obsessed that it has two positions he can ride like this. And this piece even comes down. So that was on my must haves list and I’m so excited about this. Another thing that I needed to have was a little tray and cup holder for Jackson. I was actually looking at Marshall’s to find one that could just snap on for the umbrella stroller that I already had, but I was so happy that it already came with it. So this is the little cup and tray holder.

I really love that it has this little foot rest on it. Super cute. Even more impressive. Mama has a little tray for herself. I’m excited that this is heavy duty and I could have my coffee here, my water here, my keys and my phone here. I really, really love that it has a tray for myself. And as you can see it has these little peekaboo pockets, which is great for the summer time. So Jackson can get a breeze, he’s not completely just boxed in. And another must have for me was a big basket. A lot of the times I walk to Stop and Shop just to get groceries. And so I really needed to make sure that I had a basket that could fit things. A pretty decent amount of things in it and this definitely does the trick. My diaper bag actually can fit, it slips directly in an under and I would still have room in here to pile some more things up, so I could fit a stuffed animal and a bunch of things.

I’m so in love with the size of his basket. They did a great job with this. I’m also super obsessed with these wheels. My last stroller had these itty bitty wheels that would get me stuck all the time. I have gone through the sand with these perfectly fine. So I’m super excited about this and it has some suspension, which is really important too. And the last thing that was super important to me was a stroller that is easy to close. So they have made this in an amazing way. Where all you have to do to close it is, push this button forward, and at the same time, squeeze this button down. And it literally just closes up and falls and you’re ready to go. So if you are looking for a lightweight, easy stroller that can close up and store a lot of things and protect your baby from the sun, I would 120% recommend this stroller for you. Thanks for tuning in guys. I’ll see you in our next video. Bye. Say bye to the camera. Bye, bye.