Silver Cross Coast Stroller Review [Video]

Silver Cross Coast Stroller Review

The Coast is the second single to double stroller from Silver Cross, the British company that made the very first baby carriage in 1877. Silver Cross also makes the Wave, one of the highest quality convertible strollers on the market.

The Coast is a lower-priced, more compact stroller that still looks and feels luxurious, and still expands to a double stroller with the addition of a second seat. Like the Wave, the Coast comes with a bassinet that’s approved for overnight sleeping and it’s compatible with infant car seats from several different brands.

Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX Stroller Comparison [Video]

Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX Stroller Comparison

The Nuna TRIV has similar features to the bestselling Nuna MIXXX at a fraction of the size. Both strollers have features like a reversible seat, ample storage space, and are easy to turn into a travel system using Nuna’s ring adapter. But the TRIV is the lightest and most compact Nuna stroller and it folds using only one hand. Meanwhile, the MIXX has more seating options and it has larger, sturdier wheels that give it a smoother ride over rough terrain. Let’s go over the differences.

Nuna TRIV Stroller Review [Video]

Nuna TRIV Stroller Review

Nuna Triv is lighter and folds significantly smaller than any other Nuna stroller without sacrificing features parents are looking for. Like larger strollers, the Triv has a reversible seat, a roomy storage basket and easy car seat compatibility using Nuna’s innovative ring adapter, but the Triv weighs less than 20 pounds or just 14 1/2 pounds for the frame.

Jeep Unlimited Jogger Stroller Honest Review [Video]

Unlimited Jogger Stroller HONEST Review

Today, I will be filming an honest review about the Jeep Unlimited Range Jogger Stroller from Delta Children. This is the overall view of the stroller. I can’t wait to go into details about how much I love this stroller and how much it’s changed my life, and made things so much easier for getting things done for being a mom on the go. It is so worth it. You guys have to check out this stroller if you don’t have one. You need this in your life.

Bumbleride Era vs. Indie Stroller Comparison [Video]

Bumbleride Era Stroller Review

If you’re looking for a stroller to tackle the challenges of both rough terrain and everyday life the Bumbleride Indie and bubble ride Era are top choices. The Indie is a three-wheel jogging stroller that’s popular even among non-runners. It has durable air-filled tires, but because they’re smaller and less bulky than those on most jogging strollers, the Indie is easier to get into the car and around town.

Bugaboo Lynx Stroller Review [Video]

Bugaboo Lynx Stroller Review

The Lynx offers the quality, maneuverability, and style that Bugaboo is known for without the high-end price that Bugaboo’s also known for. The starting price of the Lynx is $899, which is $300 less than the Bugaboo Fox. The Lynx has a lot in common with the Fox, like premium but lightweight materials, a big storage basket, a reversible seat that fully reclines, and a one piece standing fold,

UPPAbaby VISTA V2 (2020) Review [Video]

UPPAbaby VISTA V2 (2020) Review

The UPPAbaby VISTA gets a little easier to use and a little more stylish every year. For 2020, the stroller has a new name, the VISTA V2, and it has several redesigned features like a larger toddler seat, a new sun canopy, upgraded wheels and new colors. But the V2 model still has all the same great features and functionality of the 2019 model and there are no changes to the stroller’s weight, dimensions, configurations, or fold.

Foundations LX4 Quad Stroller Review [Video]

Foundations LX4 Quad Stroller Review

I am doing a review on the Foundations LX4 Quad Stroller. This is not sponsored. This is just purely me doing a review because we have been eyeballing this stroller for about two years and going on YouTube trying to find reviews on it, there just weren’t any, so public service. Here you guys go for all of you mamas of lots of littles or anybody running a daycare center.

Kolcraft Light Weight Umbrella Travel Stroller Review [Video]

Light Weight Umbrella Travel Stroller Video Review

This stroller is from Kolcraft. It’s a lightweight stroller. It’s only 12 pounds. Yes, it’s 12 pounds, right? So I’m a mom from New York. I like to take the train to take Jackson different places. So it was so important for me to find a lightweight stroller and this thing, I took it to the city two days ago and blew my mind. So I had to do this review. Let’s jump right in.