7 Most Expensive Strollers (That People Actually Buy) in 2024

Most Expensive Strollers Reviewed

We have made a lot of advances with regards to transporting babies. If you’ve been searching for a baby stroller, you chose the right time to have a little one.

Baby strollers come in a variety of designs. The most expensive strollers offer parents a stylish way to transport babies to different places, leaving other parents in great envy. They come with cutting edge technology as well as a lavish appearance. Baby strollers also offer parents a superb way to work out as they have the choice to exercise with an onboard child.

We know that getting the best stroller is a tough task. We are also aware that you want only the best stroller for your child. For that reason, we’ve put together a list of the most expensive strollers in 2024.

7 Most Expensive Strollers Comparison Chart

7 Most Expensive Strollers Reviewed

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller-Bryce

Settling on a particular stroller is a huge task – there are many on the market to choose from and you need to think about how you plan to use the stroller.

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller makes an attractive option since it’s very adaptable. You can use it from the time your child is born through to the birth of your subsequent child, mostly thanks to the many configurations that it comes with.

It features a bassinet that you can use right from when your baby is born, and then transition into a comfortable stroller for your toddler. 

In case you choose to have a second child, you only need to buy a standing board or rumble seat so that both kids can use the stroller at the same time.

You can rotate the seats so that they face you or away, and they can also be elevated to attain the desired height. In fact, you can easily use the Vista if you have twins. This stroller is a great choice for parents who are looking for something stylish and flexible.

We love this stroller because it comes with many configurations to suit a family’s changing needs. If you opt to have a second child, UPPAbaby add-on features mean you won’t have to buy another baby stroller.

It can also carry two bassinets or car baby seats, which is extremely important when you need to transfer a sleeping child. The baby seat also features an adjustable recliner, footrest as well as a tall canopy that is comfortable for taller toddlers. We also like the fact that it’s durable, offers a smooth ride, and a spacious storage basket.


  • Plenty of flexibility for a growing family
  • Stylish appearance
  • Many adjustment options to keep your baby comfortable
  • Features a bassinet
  • It offers a smooth ride


  • Can be tricky to maneuver through a tight space
  • Height and weight restrictions can limit most configurations if you have two kids
  • Not as affordable as other strollers on the market

UPPAbaby Full-Size Vista Infant Baby Stroller

UPPAbaby Full-Size Vista Infant Baby Stroller

UPPAbaby Full-Size Vista Infant Baby Stroller is quite popular. Many dads and moms rave about this product online. It’s a convertible baby stroller that comes with a child’s seat.

You have the option to accessorize it with an infant car seat or bassinet to turn it into a travel system or pram.

In other words, you won’t have to purchase another stroller, as your child grows older. In addition, you won’t have to buy a separate stroller when you get another baby as it has enough space for two.

The stroller features a standard seat that your child can use from the age of three months, or when your baby is old enough to support their neck and head. The seat is reversible, which makes it very easy for you to keep an eye on your child.

The UPPAbaby Full-Size Vista Infant Baby Stroller also comes with an oversized canopy that is ideal for a stroller of this kind. Other than its size, the canopy can be extended to offer extra cover and shade to the baby. It also features a sun visor with a material that provides protection against UV rays from the sun.

The canopy’s design is such that you can still monitor your child, thanks to a mesh window that was featured at the back. Opening and closing the window won’t disturb the baby and the fact that it comes with a mesh ensures that there’s a free flow of air. You can also adjust its height to accommodate your child’s size.

This stroller includes a bassinet that can support the baby’s weight up to 20 lbs. A feature of the bassinet that you are guaranteed to like is its breathability. It comes with mesh windows that allow the free flow of air.

With this stroller, you also get a car seat dubbed the MESA. Once the seat is attached to the stroller, it becomes a comfortable travel system. What we like about the MESA is that it doesn’t require an adapter. This stroller is also compatible with most newborn car seats including the Maxi Cosi and Chicco KeyFit.

This product gives a smooth ride, thanks to a suspension system and tires that breezily roll over most ground conditions as well as unbeaten paths. Thus, you can push it one-handed, and slowing it down is easy with its foot-operated brakes.


  • Multiple seating arrangements
  • Premium quality, comfortable and spacious bassinet
  • Seat can be reclined
  • Features an oversized canopy
  • Large storage basket with a huge weight capacity
  • Rolls over the ground quite easily


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Quite difficult to maneuver when carrying two kids
  • Challenging to lift upstairs

Bugaboo Fox Complete Full-Size Stroller

Bugaboo Fox Complete Full-Size Stroller

With the stroller, you get all that Buffalo has to offer, plus some great improvements. It also comes with some of the features you find on strollers like Bee, Cameleon as well as Donkey for the most enjoyable and comfortable ride.

The Bugaboo Fox Complete Full-Size Stroller is ideal for babies with head and neck control. It can support weight up to 48.5 lbs. 

It’s 10.2 inches deep and 14 inches wide. The stroller is also comfortable and roomy even for 3 year olds.

Like other Bugaboo strollers, this one comes has a large canopy featuring three panels. The third panel opens with the help of a zipper. When fully extended, it will touch the bottom of the seat.

The stroller features a bassinet, meaning you can use it right from birth. Mounting a bassinet to the framing is easy. You simply take out the seat and click in a carrycot, which takes a few seconds. You can also use this stroller as a travel system. Just attach an infant car seat onto the frame, rather than a regular bassinet or seat.

With this stroller, you get a height-adjustable handlebar. The handlebar can telescope up and down. It features height setting range between 34.6 and 42.5 inches, meaning tall and short parents can find their comfort zones.

Its wheel and suspension system features forever-air tires, the kind that are also mounted on models like Cameleon and Donkey2. These are great because they are able to handle bumpy terrain. They do not need to be inflated, so you won’t need to worry about tire pressure. Front wheels swivel and measure 8.5 inches, making it easy for you to maneuver the stroller.

There is a parking brake system for locking the rear wheels. The brake pedals are large, so you won’t have difficulty reaching them. To disengage the brake, you don’t need to lift your foot, but press it in again. The stroller also features a storage basket with a 22 lbs. capacity. It is spacious enough to accommodate a huge diaper bag. It’s foldable, but it takes some practice to get it right.


  • Suitable from birth, thanks to accompanying bassinet
  • Comes with reversible seat with one-hand recline
  • Large, extendable canopy
  • Adjustable, telescoping handlebar to accommodate short and tall parents
  • Maneuverable and agile


  • Folding takes a lot of practice
  • Accessories come separately
  • Folded stroller still takes up space with wheels and seat on

Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus Complete Stroller

Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus Complete Stroller

There are things that never go out of fashion. Like a beautiful black dress that you can always rely on.

Then, enter the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus- comes from a renowned brand well-loved by many parents around the world for the last 15 years.

The current version of the classic baby stroller comes with the same Dutch design as well as all the bells and whistles that parents have come to know.

The Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus Complete Stroller comes with a fairly large canopy featuring a zipped panel. The canopy runs all the way down past the stroller’s bumper bar. With the stroller also comes a reversible telescoping handlebar.

This feature is great for tall and short parents. To drive over rough terrain, you have the option to reverse the handle so that the rear wheels can shift to the front. That way, it’s easier for you to stroll through tough grass, gravel or mulch.

The stroller also comes with a run-away strap. The strap is fixed to the handlebar and it helps to prevent your stroller from running off. It also features a hand brake. The previous model had a hand brake that made multiple clicking sounds. In this model, it only makes a single click.

With the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus Complete Stroller, you also get a reversible roomy seat. It’s 13 inches wide and 23 inches high from the top of the canopy to the back of the seat. It has a depth of 11 inches and can comfortably support up to 37.5 lbs.

There’s plenty of room for the feet. The stroller’s footrest comes with a 9-inch drop, offering plenty of space for a growing baby. The stroller also comes with a detachable bumper bar covered in vegan leather.

Thanks to a few upgrades here and there, the stroller now features a 5 point harness that has a center release buckle. It can slide up and down without the need for re-threading.

The stroller has a large easy-access basket that can carry a lot of things. It’s fixed to the main frame with straps rather than Velcro. The stroller rolls on four all-terrain wheels, with the 6-inch type at the front and 12-inch pair at the back. To detach the wheels, you simply push a button and they will pop off. The front wheels can swivel, but you can also lock them in place for added stability.

You can also remove the front wheels and reconfigure the stroller for two-wheel mode. In the two-wheel mode, you can drive through anything, including sand and snow. The stroller’s fold has been updated to make it easy for you to fold it up. You only need to press the two white buttons on the frame and the stroller will collapse into a smaller configuration. 


  • Features a huge canopy
  • Comes with a reversible telescoping handle
  • Includes a runaway strap
  • Single click hand brake
  • Reversible seat


  • Does not feature peekaboo window
  • Feels a little bulky
  • Footrest is not adjustable
  • No additional storage apart from the basket
  • Low weight capacity
  • Two-handed recliner

Thule Sleek City Stroller

Thule Sleek City Stroller

If you are on the lookout for a top of the range baby stroller, look no further than this product. It’s the most versatile in 2020. From expandable options to reclining seats, everything you need in a baby stroller is featured in the Thule Sleek Stroller.

When you unpack the stroller, you won’t find an instruction manual to help you put it together.

But, its overall design is, in many ways, made for ease of use and simplicity, so putting it together won’t be a problem.

Driving the stroller is a breeze even on rough surfaces, thanks to a sophisticated suspension. It’s designed like a jeep, so taking it on the trails or the highway will not change how it rolls. Wheels at the front spin a full circle, but you can lock them in place with a simple push-button.

Wheels at the back come with a suspension system. Its brake is also a simple push-button affair. In addition, the wheels are foam-filled, which basically means they are puncture-proof. They also light up for enhanced visibility in the dark.

Folding down this stroller involves pressing a button on the frame. If that does not feel tight enough, you can take off the bumper and seats so that it can fit in your closet or trunk.
Another incredible feature of the stroller is its auto-lock mechanism that stops your stroller from popping back up and knocking you senseless. The wheels can also be detached completely if you have very little storage space to spare.

Although its storage doesn’t have an in-built cup holder for you or the baby, one of its selling points is its modular design. Plus, you can buy everything else you need separately. You can find an organizer or cup holder with enough space for two cups. There is a large storage compartment below the seat. This model uses magnets to create an expandable and versatile storage space.

Plus, its cargo basket comes with a zipper that keeps your things dry. But, you shouldn’t overload it as it can only hold 11 lbs.

The stroller also features a plush harness with padding on all sides. With up to three unique growth positions, you will find that switching to a larger size is a breeze, thanks to a set of smart latches.

The Thule’s canopy is also a work of art; a masterpiece, if you like, for a number of reasons. For starters, it can be adjusted to achieve a higher or lower position based on the sun’s position. In addition, you can easily zip out the part of your canopy you do not need. Moreover, both canopy modes have a peekaboo window to check in on your baby without making eye contact. 


  • Steering the stroller is easy
  • Comes with a sleek beautiful design
  • Adaptable and flexible
  • Easy to fold down
  • Easy to add on parts


  • Stroller should have been more compact
  • Seat tends to wobble if not secured in place properly
  • Tends to be a little bulky
  • Expansions can be quite expensive – the whole stroller is quite pricey

Thule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller

Thule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller

If there was a way to sum up this baby stroller, it would be that it’s incredibly smart. Every aspect of the stroller has been thoroughly thought through.

The Thule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller has plenty of space for a 2-year-old and is cozy enough for a 5-year-old. The greatest challenge for a tall child would be its legroom. A taller child would need to bend the knees.

It comes with a supportive bench-style seat that can recline a whole 7 inches without too much hassle. In addition, the seat is well padded with a soft dark grey cushion that should be air-dried once in a while.

The assembly comes with a 5 point harness that easily buckles and adjusts, and its pads stay put protecting your little one’s neck. It also comes with storage space with an elastic cover that folds off when not being used.

Riding this stroller is a smooth affair, thanks to an elaborate suspension that’s also simple to adjust based on weight. You only need to slide the suspension latch back and forth. The stroller also features double stroller swivel wheels that lock onto the guards in a matter of seconds. The frame is quite easy to maneuver because it’s not as bulky as it looks.

Front wheels are solid plastic, meaning there would be no need for you to worry about punctures, although you may have flats in the rear wheels.

The stroller features pedal parking brakes that smoothly engage brakes at both tires. There’s also a handy green/red indicator that tells you when the brakes are engaged.

This product comes with a fully padded and contoured handlebar that adjusts between 36 and 44 inches from the ground. The handlebar adjusts very easily, and you can do so by pushing a blue button positioned on either side of the frame.

Another cool feature of this stroller is the infant string. If you would love to carry a baby in the stroller, there isn’t anything better than the infant sling. Most parents admit that the sling is a sanity and post-pregnancy saver.

In theory, folding this stroller is a walk in the park: simply push the blue buttons used to adjust the handlebar, and push the frame forward. However, in practice, you will find that the buttons feel a little stiff, and it might be a little tricky to hold both buttons in as you push forward on the frame. A green/red button tells you when the frame is properly locked and ready to be folded. 


  • Meets ASTM standards
  • Very comfortable
  • Seat reclines a long way
  • Suspension system is adjustable
  • Trailer is convertible to suit various uses
  • Comes with plenty of extra storage space


  • Quite expensive
  • A little heavy
  • Doesn’t feature as much ventilation as you would find in other trailers

BOB Gear Revolution Pro Duallie Jogging Stroller

BOB Gear Revolution Pro Duallie Jogging Stroller

Want to keep up your workout routine with your two children? Or are you looking to get back into shape after giving birth to twins?

Well, there isn’t an easier way than jogging about with a BOB Gear Revolution Pro Duallie Jogging Stroller.

The stroller’s front wheels swivel and can be locked, making its suspension one of the best currently on the market. You can use this stroller for hiking, running, light jogging, strolling or roller-skating.

The wheels under this stroller are all polymer pneumatic tires designed to absorb most of the shock that comes with traversing rough terrain. Front wheels are smaller- about 12.5 inches, while the ones at the back are larger – 16 inches. The tires are inflated with air, so they need regular maintenance in order to sustain their shock absorption characteristics.

The front wheels can also swivel, which makes this stroller easy to turn and maneuver. The front wheel can be locked forward, which is a huge help when riding over a rough environment.

Thanks to a splendid suspension system, your kids will enjoy a smooth ride irrespective of the terrain. You can easily jog over beach sand, bumpy grass or uneven paths. The stroller will handle almost anything you throw at it.

The suspension comes with two configurations, one for heavy passengers and another one for a lighter load. It can easily be adjusted to suit the terrain you plan to operate on.

Most strollers come with a single parking brake that secures a stopped position. However, the BOB Gear Revolution Pro Duallie Jogging Stroller is equipped with a braking system that offers you greater control over its speed as well.

This is a beneficial feature for people who love to jog in a hilly environment. Its parking brake is the flip flop friendly type, and you can push it with your bare feet.

The handlebar in this model is generously padded and comes with nine different positions. So parents of all heights can use this stroller. The manufacturer also cares greatly about the safety of the parent and child. For that reason, the model features a safety wrist strap. The strap goes around your wrist so that your stroller won’t dash off on its own.

The seats are richly padded for optimal comfort. Each one can support up to 50 lbs. and they can recline separately up to 70 degrees. There’s also a canopy with a huge, extendable sunshade. It can be adjusted to fit 5 different locations allowing your infant up to 125 degrees of cover.

The stroller has a huge basket right below the seats. There are 2 back pockets at the back of each seat and 4 mesh pockets inside each seat.

This stroller is quite heavy,- 36 lbs, making it quite difficult to lift onto a car trunk. However, it has other nice features that compensate for this shortcoming. For instance, you can fold it up in just 2 steps. After folding, you need to lock it manually as it does not feature an automatic locking system. The wheels also come off in case you want it to be completely compact during storage.


  • Air-filled wheels and an excellent weight suspension system
  • Lockable swivel front wheels
  • Handbrake and parking wheels to allow you to factor in terrain
  • Handlebar is adjustable to accommodate different heights
  • Numerous safety features: wrist strap, two brakes, 5-point harness


  • Manual locking mechanism
  • Heavy and quite large
  • Might not fit in a tiny trunk
  • Does not come with accessories
  • Quite difficult to fit in crowded places and narrow alleys

Wrap Up

In our view, these strollers, as expensive as they might be, are worth every penny considering the safety features and the comfort they offer. You really can’t put a price tag on your child’s safety.

They are also great choices for parents who love to work out or those who reside in a rural setting. If you enjoy jogging along with your kids in tow, look through this list for something that is right up your alley.