New Graco Modes Travel System Stroller Review [Video]

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Graco Modes Travel System Stroller Review

Graco Modes Travel System Stroller Video Review

Glenda: Hello, hello. Welcome back to my channel. I hope you guys are having a fabulous day.

Today, I’m going to be reviewing or I guess showing to you guys our new stroller, the stroller that we’re going to be using for our new baby girl that we’re expecting. There are a lot of things we knew we wanted with this stroller from just having had a child already.

If you’re new to my channel, I have a toddler who is three years old, so he’s definitely on the move. He does not ride in the stroller anymore. He just wants to be on the move.

Today, I’m going to be reviewing I guess our everyday stroller, what we got so that I can use when I’m on myself because the other one is gigantic. The double stroller is like… It’s really heavy. This thing has so many cool features. Things that we learned from our first, from having Mason and our previous stroller, things that we didn’t like, things that we liked from that stroller, that we definitely knew were not negotiables.

The stroller is called the Graco Modes Travel System. It includes the Modes Stroller, SnugLock 35 Infant Car Seat. They make this in a lot of patterns, you guys, like so many cute patterns. They actually have this at Target, which is where we first saw it. We saw it at Target, and I loved the pattern that Target has. Sorry, I’m out of breath. I am now 25-weeks pregnant and have a huge belly. If you hear me out of breath, that’s why. We first saw it at Target, and we fell in love with it. We looked at all the strollers in Target, and this is the one that we loved because of all the reasons that I will tell you in a minute.

We loved the pattern that they had there. However, previously we had a dark stroller, but all of the mesh on the inside was a light color. It was almost white. We learned very quickly that, with kids, you don’t want that kind of combination. You don’t want anything that can get dirty really quickly, and it did. So we looked online, actually on Amazon, to see if they had this stroller in different patterns, and they do. They have tons of patterns. I will have a link to the stroller in the description box below. We bought this with our own money. This is not sponsored. I’m just giving you kind of like a review so that if you like the stroller, you know a little bit more about it and you can go ahead and purchase it.

Yes, you can find it on Amazon, and they have tons of patterns. We went with a really dark pattern. All of the detailing on it is dark because I also learned that, yes, it does look pretty at first, but it does get really dirty really quickly with kids. So you definitely want to avoid having light colors even though it looks super cool. We went with a dark color and the pattern that we chose is actually called Dayton or Dayton. I don’t know how to pronounce. I’ll leave it right here. That’s the one we went with, but again, there are tons of patterns.

Let me show you this thing and just show you why we love it so much and just kind of go step by step and show you everything that comes with it. With this stroller, you have the car seat right here for when they’re little itty bitties. It also comes with the car seat base for the car, and it comes with a big kid seat, which is what I call it, but it also converts into a bassinet, which I will show you in a minute. If you want to bring your little, little one along and ride in that, not necessarily bring this along, you can. Then you have the frame of the stroller, which is definitely my favorite part.

I’m going to put this together and just show you all of the configurations and all of the cool things about it. One of the things that I really loved about this stroller is that you can break it down to its core. Like it’s just a frame. As you can tell, I’m a very short person and I’m very pregnant right now. So I thought it’d be perfect to show you how easy it is to put together. It’d be a great example of how easy it is to put together, how light it is. Those are just two of the things that I loved about the stroller.

Our last stroller was not the heaviest, but it was still super clunky. So when we saw that they… They’ve actually come out with a lot of cool stuff since we had Mason. When we went to the store and we saw that they had these… They’re just a frame. You can break it down to the frame… we were in love, especially for me. On an everyday use, when I’m just running to Target and things like that, this is so easy, so convenient because again, I’m so short that usually a stroller will be bigger than I am or taller than I am. This is really nice that I can handle it easily.

It’s not super heavy and it’s just… It’s amazing. I love that the frame stands up on its own. I think that’s super cool. When you are carrying a bucket… And if you’ve had kids, you know this and you’re putting it into the car and you’re trying to close up the stroller… Our last stroller would stand on its own, but not as well as this. So it would just kind of tumble over, fall on the floor. Then you’re trying to catch a stroller, trying to keep a child by the arm or in a bucket. It’s just a hot mess. So when we saw that this stands on its own, we were super, super excited.

Let me just show you how easy this thing opens. On the side, you have this little lock piece that you just kind of… It’s a little lever. You pull on it and then you pull up here… Just like that, you guys you saw it. It took me one hand. This is the frame of the stroller, and you can probably already tell… The third thing that we really loved about this and that we knew we needed with this stroller… Because, like I said, we are such an on the go family, we knew we needed a bigger basket. With our last stroller, we barely had any storage space, and so that was definitely a must have this time around.

As you can see, this stroller has amazing, amazing storage. I could put a lot of stuff in here. I’m naturally an over packer. I’m that mom. So it’s just nice to know that I have the room if I need it. That is definitely one of the things that we loved. It also moves so, so nicely, this little swivel technology or whatever you call it. I’m doing this with one hand and barely touching it. It just turns so, so nicely, which is awesome.

On this side up here because moms and dads are important too… We think so. This is definitely one of her like high up there must haves. It may sound weird to you if you haven’t had a kid or have been to the parks with little ones, but sometimes moms and dads need a place for their cups too or their drinks or their phones, etc. Having cup holders was definitely a must have for us, and this stroller provides that. It has two cup holders up here, and it has this really nice storage area up here for your phone, snacks, whatever you may need. I think it’s so cool, so nice and it doesn’t look clunky. It’s just very nice and clean, which I appreciate. Then the handles up here are nicely padded, so that’s also awesome.

Now, let’s get into how this whole thing clicks together, which is definitely my favorite part. One of the things that we loved about this is how versatile it is and, again, how compact, how light it is. You take your car seat and you can actually have your car seat in by itself. You saw how easy that was. It’s so, so easy. I liked that you can have your baby facing you or you can also turn this car seat around. There’s a button in the back, it’s super easy. It doesn’t take much. You can flip this around, and if your baby’s at that stage where they want to see it all and they don’t want to miss anything, you can turn it around and just that and have them phase out that way, which I think is so cool. You still have access to your basket through the front and also the back.

Again, you can see the basket is just awesome. It’s so big. I love it. I thought that was really cool because at first you don’t necessarily need to take the big old stroller with you. You don’t need a bassinet. You don’t need a big kid seat because there are so little for so long. I love that you can just bring the car seat with you and not have to carry anything else and just have the frame of the stroller by itself. I think it’s so cool.

Once you have outgrown the bucket… This is what I like to call it, the car seat… you go back to your frame and this is when I guess the toddler or bigger kid carrier comes into play. Again, this is so easy. It just kind of clicks on the sides. You can switch out your car seat over to your toddler seat, which is so easy and so convenient. Not only can you have it face out that way, but again, you can have it face the other way, which I think is so cool. I’ll show you why I liked that option as well, but you saw how easy that that was. It takes no effort. We liked that it has a really, really nice canopy. The shade goes all the way up here for those really sunny days. We live in Florida, so it gets really hot here.

So having shade is definitely a must for us. If you look up here, all of the trim work on the stroller is really dark, like I said. We like that because we know how dirty they can get with toddlers. We really love this pattern. It’s kind of like a dark gray checkered pattern, and it’s super easy to clean. I love the material. Plus you can strip it down and wash it all. It’s all machine washable, which is awesome. Up here, when you open the canopy, you do have a mom or parent peekaboo window. It’s a little mesh and you can kind of see in there, make sure they’re alive and they’re doing good. Then you can Velcro it and close it up again. That is what it looks like with it facing forward.

Something that our old stroller didn’t have that we always wished we did have… And it’s so important to have if you have toddlers or little ones that started nibbling on stuff is you definitely want a snack tray. This you need. This stroller actually comes with a snack tray. All of the accessories come with it, which is something that we also liked because it can get really expensive when you start adding up accessories, when you look at other brands of strollers. We like that it comes with a snack tray. All you do is it comes with two adopters and you click them in here, one there, one here, and then you have your cup holder, your snack tray, and you click it in place just like that. It’s so easy and I love, love that we have a snack tray this time around. I think it’s definitely a must have.

Something else that I really like is that the snack tray comes up. There are two buttons on the bottom, and you can either have it come up this way so that your toddler can… Or I guess once they get a little older, they can kind of just climb out. You don’t have to pick up your child every time, which is really nice. You can do that on either side so you can have it come up this way or the other way, which is really, really nice. You rotate this around and basically you do the same thing, and you just clip it on just like that. It’s so easy and I love that you can have your child face you, but especially this feature is definitely one of my favorites.

If you look at the recline, there’s actually a lever that you pull back here to recline this stroller, and it fully reclines, you guys. It is so awesome. That’s something else that we wanted to have with our next stroller was that, one, it reclined all the way and that, two, it had this kind of mechanism to recline the baby. Our previous stroller had a string that you pulled on, and it just was not convenient whatsoever. The fact that you can adjust the position so easily, was definitely a must have for us, and this stroller has that. Again, you can recline it all the way down, which is really cool.

Once you have it a reclined all the way down like this, this part actually converts into a bassinet, which is so, so cool. Then you can have it convert into a bassinet, so that you can lay your baby down. I think that is such a cool option because with Mason, I always wished I had a stroller that I could put up to face me so that I can see them, especially when they’re younger. Do you want to say hi?

Mason: I want to sit right here.

Glenda: You want to sit right there?

Mason: Yeah.

Glenda: Okay, why don’t you show me how you sit right there? This is how a toddler would get in and out, so there you go, demonstration. Is it nice?

Mason: Yay.

Glenda: Whoa, look at that. There we go.

Mason: Me go bye bye.

Glenda: So you can have either your toddler or your little baby face your. Here, let’s put you up because you are a bigger kid. You’re a big kid, right? Sit down right there. Put your feet down. Here we go. Then you put it up, and you can sit back. You have your three-point harness, and it goes all the way around him. It clips down here, and you can see his little foot rest down here. It’s really nice and just perfect. So there you go. Those are all of the things that we love about the stroller. If you’re really thinking of something that’s going to be light, it’s going to be convenient and versatile, I think for the price and everything that this stroller does, it is the best one on the market right now. We looked at so many strollers.

Mason: That’s where we get our strollers from.

Glenda: Yeah. We looked at so many, and we were so we were sold on this one instantly once we saw all of the features and all of the cool things that it does. So there you go. That is my quick review. As I actually put it to use, once we have our baby girl, I will definitely give you an update and let you know how it’s going. And for those of you that actually have the stroller and have used it, leave me your comments down below. Let me know what you think.

Mason: Mama.

Glenda: Hey. Let’s chat about it. Let me know what other strollers you recommend. Let’s just talk in the comments. I just love the little community that we have going on that we can just help each other out and talk about things like that. There you go. I hope you found this really helpful. If you did, make sure to give this video a big thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. I will see you guys very soon in my next video. Bye guys. Can you say bye bye.

Mason: Bye bye.