Types of Stroller – What Stroller Is The Best For Your Baby?

Types of Stroller - The Biggest List on The Web

Types of Stroller – What Stroller Is The Best For Your Baby?

Young ones spend quite a short time in the strollers. That’s precisely what makes this particular stage special. As a parent, you’d want to ensure that you enjoy it to the maximum while it lasts, right? You’d not want to be the kind that’s constantly cursing under their breath about the stroller’s rickety wheels.

Such are things which will make you miss out on the joy you ought to be having. You’d want something that’s worth your time. Similarly, it ought to be worth your money. You’d want the exact perfect stroller for your baby.

There are abundant options to select from. In fact, it can prove overwhelming to try narrowing down the options. Sticking to the basics can enable you to select the right option. Quality strollers will last you for years.

For starters, there are 8 main types of stroller available on the market today. We’ll discuss a little about each one of them. It’ll give you a better idea of what you ought to be seeking, based on your specific preferences.

Types of Strollers

1. Standard Stroller

Standard strollers are the most common kind available on the market. They offer maneuverable wheels, comfortable seats, and ample storage. Often, their weight ranges between 16 and 37 lbs. Most standard strollers come included with car seat adapters. But, very few feature sufficiently flat, fully-reclined seats, which serve as an alternative to bassinets. Yes, bassinets recline, too. But, most of them end up at an angle that’s too steep for safe baby sleeping.

2. Lightweight Stroller

They’re remarkably suitable for travel. Sometimes, they’re referred to as all umbrella’ strollers, mostly because of their compact, folded shape. Lightweight strollers are relatively lighter and more compact when compared to other kinds.

Often, their weight ranges between 8 and 17 lbs. But, when compared to standard strollers, the lightweight ones tend to cut some corners. For instance, they barely feature car-seat adapters. As such, you can’t use them until your infant is 6 months old. Also, they make use of smaller wheels, making them less maneuverable. You’ll find it difficult to push them on rough surfaces but A best lightweight stroller can give you a smooth traveling experience.

3. Jogging Stroller

You’ll come across two different types of stroller for joggers. Some feature swivel front wheels while others have stationary ones. I’d recommend the latter, if possible. Yes, they’re less maneuverable. But, they’re unlikely to catch every dip and bump, especially when moving fast. That also implies they’re relatively unlikely to flip. Jogging strollers come outfitted with shock absorbers and large, air-filled tires. Often, joggers weigh anywhere between 23 and 31 lbs.

4. Double Stroller

Double strollers feature two seats, which are either in tandem orientation or side-by-side. They’re especially perfect for twins. As well, they’re suitable for two kids; say an infant and an older baby. Fortunately, doubles don’t weigh much. Most weigh between 21 and 36 lbs. They’re also so narrow that they’ll fit through most doorways. I’d recommend double strollers as a worthwhile option in case you’re expecting twins.

5. Travel System Stroller

Often, travel system strollers come along with separate infant seats. You can easily snap these seats into the stroller’s frame. They’re just a package which combines a strolling product with a car seat. But, I’d wish to point out a major problem with travel systems. Often, their standard isn’t top-quality. For that reason, they’re usually attractively-priced. It’s a good option from types of stroller when you travel with baby.

6. Umbrella Stroller

Generally, these strollers featureless seat support and structure. I’d recommend umbrella strollers for older babies who’re strong enough to sit without being assisted. They’re perfectly ideal for parents who’re always on the go.

An umbrella stroller is perfect for vacations and quick outings. They’ll fold up compactly, hence allowing for easy storage almost anywhere. But, bear in mind that umbrella strollers aren’t designed for newborns. Most of them barely recline enough to provide the support infants require. It’s another good option from types of stroller for traveling with baby.

7. Compact Stroller

Check out the aisles of stores which sell child safety seats. You’ll come across some compact designs. These strollers are also ideal for traveling. This kind of stroller will fit easily in your car’s trunk. Most of the compact models can fold flat.

Also, they’re so small that you can carry them on board. In turn, that will save you time spent checking and retrieving luggage. Besides, they’re relatively less pricey when compared to most other kinds of strollers.

8. Toddler Stroller

In addition to featuring less padding, toddler strollers aren’t very modifiable. But, they’re typically more economical, especially when compared to stroller designs which have got extra features. They’re ideal for toddlers or older babies who’ve just started learning how to walk.

Toddler strollers are ideal as backup buggies whenever you’re out and about. Remember, these models aren’t suitable for babies who’re not yet one year old. That’s because they’ve got little head support. As well, they’re not designed to recline completely.