Maclaren Twin Triumph Review (A Lightweight Stylish Umbrella Stroller)

Maclaren Twin Triumph Review (A Lightweight Stylish Umbrella Stroller)

Maclaren Twin Triumph Review (A Lightweight Stylish Umbrella Stroller)

When my wife found out we were pregnant, we were thrilled. We got excited and started buying baby stuff right away. However, soon after we got the big shocker: we were having twins! 

Suddenly, instead of having to buy enough for one baby, we had to basically double-down on all the supplies and accessories. While we weren’t exactly prepared to handle two kids, we knew we could make it work. 

Maclaren Twin Triumph stroller

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Now, the biggest issue is taking the twins anywhere. Two car seats are already enough, and we didn’t want to have to get two strollers, so instead we got the Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller, which is a dual stroller so we can take both babies together.

Today I’ll be showing you the benefits of the Maclaren, as well as give you an idea of what to look for in a stroller so you can get the right one for your baby (or babies).

What to Look for in a Baby Stroller?

Even if you don’t have twins, there are still some fundamental things to consider when choosing a stroller for child or children. Here are the most important aspects.


for those times that you aren’t walking or pushing the stroller, you need to be able to lock the wheels so it doesn’t roll away from you, especially if your child is still inside.


security and safety are important aspects of any children’s equipment, and a stroller is no different. Make sure that your stroller has a harness that can keep your child secure at all times. For babies and young toddlers, get a model with a five-point harness for extra protection and comfort for your child.


if you bring along a lot of accessories (wipes, diapers, etc.) and need to store them, a stroller can be a perfect place for everything, provided it has enough storage space. Look into what options you have to make your stroller much more versatile.


since babies and toddlers make messes wherever they go, it can be important to get a stroller with removable fabric for easy cleaning and washing of dirty material.

It has a Good Adjustable Seat

Just because both of your children are in one stroller shouldn’t mean that they both have to sit the same way.

Sometimes you may have one child sleeping and the other wide awake, so you want a stroller that can accommodate both

Fortunately, the Maclaren has fully adjustable seats, so no matter what your child’s preference, the stroller can adapt to meet your needs

So Easy to Use

Having twins is a literal handful, so you want a stroller that is easy to set up and take down. Even though it seats two babies, the Maclaren is just as easy to use as a single stroller

When fussing with two children, the easier it is to set up your stroller, the better, and Maclaren works like a dream.

The Stroller is Ready for Cleaning

Messes happen, it’s just a way of life. Especially with twins, since they seem to love to put food and dirt on each other.

Thankfully, the Maclaren has removable seats, so when the inevitable happens, you can clean up and wash the material, so you aren’t left with ugly stains or smells.

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  • Maclaren Twin Triumph is an extremely lightweight stroller.
  • It’s Suitable for babies (after six months) and toddlers.
  • The Stroller Can adjust each side individually
  • Narrow enough to fit through most doorways
  • Comes with lots of storage space for supplies and accessories
  • It has a rain cover what’s is UV rated to help block sunlight
  • Seats move independently from each other for easy cleaning


  • Sides do not separate from each other
  • Not ideal for rough terrain or gravel
  • In some cases, it can be difficult to collapse
  • Not recommended for newborns

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Q. What is the weight limit on this stroller?

Ans. Up to about 110 pounds, so 55 pounds per seat.

Q. How tall is this stroller?

Ans. The measurement is 41.5 inches high, which is about 3 ¼ feet. Should fit someone up to 6 ½ feet tall.

Q. How far back do the seats recline?

Ans. To about 45 degrees, so it’s not an entirely flat surface. The seats can also go fully upright, to 90 degrees.

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Final Verdict

Since we got the Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller, my wife and I have been extremely satisfied. The opening and closing take a little practice, but now it’s second nature.

I love the storage space, since we have to bring a lot of extra stuff for our babies, and I love that each seat can move independently from the other

There are times when one child is sleeping, and the other is awake, so it’s nice that we can adapt the stroller to meet both of them. Overall, we are very happy with the Maclaren and have had no major issues