What to Look For In A Well Designed Diaper Bag

diaper bag

A diaper bag is one of the essential pieces of baby gear that every parent needs. A well-designed diaper bag can take the stress out of those trips out of the house: knowing you have everything you need for any occasion gives great peace of mind!

There are a lot of diaper bags on the market, so you can be very selective when finding the right one for you. Since there are so many on the market there will also be a perfect diaper bag for every budget. Knowing what to look for in a diaper bag will make the purchasing process a lot quicker.

In most families, parents share the same bag, so many are designed to be gender-neutral. They are also adjustable allowing for more than one user and come in a range of sizes and styles to suit your families lifestyle. Most importantly you’ll need to know what types of diaper bags there are out there.

Top 4 Best Diaper Bag – Comparison

Types of Diaper Bags

Backpack diaper bags

The best thing about the backpack diaper bag is that it is usually large and allows the wearer to have their hands free. Most contain insulated pockets, for keeping bottles warm or cool and have various easy-to-access pockets to keep diapers and wipes separate from things like cell phones.

Backpack style has become parent’s favorite because it is easy to use, and looks like a regular backpack bag that you would use for travelling. Remember to choose a diaper bag with strong durable handles so it will be able to be used for years to come.

A backpack bag is the best choice for city parents who like to use a stroller and need their hands-free daily. You can try Dikaslon Diaper Backpack with large space and impressive 18 separate pockets. The extra-wide opening makes it easy to access everything, even with one hand.

This diaper bag is crafted from lightweight waterproof polyester fabric, so no worries about leaking bottles or rain. The ergonomic design won’t hurt your back and it’s easy to carry everywhere. You can use this diaper nappy bag as a backpack style, handbag, or even a purse!

Shoulder Diaper Bags

Shoulder style is a traditional diaper bag, which features an adjustable shoulder strap and short handles. Most of the shoulder bag features a zippered main compartment, insulated pockets, and a back pocket that holds a changing pad.

Made from multilayered fabrics, SoHo Grand Central Station Diaper Bag is a complete diaper bag that includes: changing pad, insulated bottle bag, stroller straps, and even an accessories bag. The surface is easy to clean, and it’s also machine washable for more serious dirt.

The main compartment is large enough to keep bottles, wipes, breast pumps, and extra diapers. You can use the small pockets to organize everything, and it’s usable for baby gear. This is the best shoulder diaper bag so far since you can hang it neatly on the stroller.

Diaper Clutch

Although a diaper clutch isn’t popular as another diaper bag, this style is great for those who want a small bag. A diaper clutch is a mini version of a diaper bag, yet it’s big enough to hold everything your little one needs: some diaper cream, diaper wipes, and a couple of diapers.

Recently, some diaper clutches come with a long strap so they can be worn like a cross-body purse, and it’s great when you don’t want to carry too much. They are also machine washable.

BabyBumco Diaper Clutch is the perfect diaper clutch for parents since it comes with a classic stripes design. It’s made from 100% polyester, easy to clean, and make it durable for the next few years. More importantly, the material is also water-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about leaked bottle any longer.

Even it looks small, you still can keep baby wipes, diapers wipes, and other belongings that you will need when going out. Much better, the gold hook allows you to wrap this clutch into a stroller and car seat.

Messenger Diaper Bags

For those who want a simple yet versatile diaper bag, then messenger bags are the answer. The simple design is complete with an adjustable strap that useable to be slung over your chest or shoulder. The messenger style is perfect for you who want a comfortable bag capable of carrying lots of baby gear.

Even better, this messenger style is also available in a large size which even fits a laptop. No wonder professionals often use this bag when going out with their little ones.

For dads who are not confident to bring a diaper bag to park with them, Columbia Outfitter Messenger Diaper Bag is a perfect choice. This diaper bag features an expandable main compartment and lots of conveniences that you can use for additional exterior storage. The padded changing mat is ready to help you to change baby diapers within seconds.

Not only that, the insulated bottle pocket features a Therma-Fllect radiant barrier that 100% keeps baby’s milk fresh. The anti-slip pad on the shoulder pad makes you become more comfortable to bring this diaper bag anytime.

Convertible Diaper Bags

Why choose one style when you can have two in one? The convertible diaper bag is a perfect bag for you if you want the flexibility of two styles. Most commonly, the bag will be able to be used as a messenger and backpack.

Can be worn in 3 ways, Eddie Bauer Diaper Backpack perfect for parents who want to bring a couple of bottles in one bag. It features 2 interior insulated bottle pockets and 2 exterior bottle pockets, yet it easy to clean whether with hand or a machine. This neutral bag also comes with 7 pockets that help you to organise everything.

The large compartment is useful to quickly access any personal belonging. Plus, you can use the side back zipper to access anything that you have put inside the bag. The changing pad also removable and helpful to change your baby’s diaper anytime.

Stroller Handlebar Diaper Bag Attachment

Different from previous diaper bags, this one is perfect if you mostly go out with your baby in a stroller. This style of diaper bag is designed with a strap and can be hung securely from the handlebars of your stroller, you don’t need to carry it at all.

However, you need to check that your stroller is strong enough to carry this diaper bag. But no worries because you can trust the Momcozy Stroller Organizer Bag that fit most stroller bars and handles. This diaper bag features two insulated cup holders and designed to keep liquids at the desired temperature.

For installation, you only need to adhere the adjustable Velcro straps and take it off whenever you need them. You also can use the organizer straps to make it a handbag handle without the stroller!

What to Look For In Diaper Bags

Lots of pockets

One of the benefits of using a diaper bag is the amount of storage space for holding everything, whether it’s your baby stuff or your stuff. Separate pockets mean smaller items are less likely to get lost in a big bag. Insulated pockets which feature in most diaper bags, help keep bottles of liquids warm and cool for extended periods of time.

A range of inside and outside pockets makes easy access for certain items on the go, a wallet, cell phone, burp cloth, or your child’s favorite toy. You want a diaper bag with large storage space when travelling, if you enjoy spending time outside, or if you have more than one child.


It’s always a good idea to consider the weight of your baby’s diaper empty before bringing it home. If your bag is heavy even when it’s empty, imagine what it will be like when it’s full of gear!

There are plenty of lightweight diaper bag options available and many different carrying options too. Whether you choose one which is small like a purse, a back pack style or even a tote bag is completely up to you. When it comes to comfort, there is no one-size-fits-all: The style which works best for your lifestyle and family is the best diaper bag for you.

Wipe Clean

Material is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a diaper bag. From natural fabrics to coated, you should choose the best bag for your budget. It never goes wrong to choose an interior fabric like microfiber or nylon that is easy to clean and durable for some years.


Diaper bags come in a huge range of colors and patterns. It is easy for parents to choose one that suits their own personal style. Some designs feature bright patterns and illustrations which tend to look more like a diaper bag, but others are more neutral and simply appear to be a regular bag or backpack. Your diaper bag style is your choice.

Changing Pad

Most diaper bags come with an integrated changing pad, saving parents from having to find one while you are out. Changing pads in diaper bags tend to be located in a separate pocket for hygienic reasons and should be regularly sanitized.


As well as the material, you also need to take a look at the diaper bag’s construction. A diaper bag with reinforced seams tends to last for years as your baby grows. Keep in mind bags with magnetic closures can come open easily when overstuffed. Flap covers and zippered closures provide more protection and security. Look out for reinforced stitches and rivets around shoulder straps and handles as those are the areas that are most likely to feel the strains of use first.


You can get expensive and cheap diaper bags, a lot of the cost is dependent on the materials used. Some good bags are under $100, but there are also bad bags over $200. An expensive bag doesn’t always mean they are a better bag than the cheaper ones.

Choosing a trusted brand will allow you the security of their years of experience but in the end, your diaper bag has to be suitable for your lifestyle because you are the one using it every day.


Diaper bags are available both in small and large sizes, choose the one to suit your needs. If your bag is too big, then it could be hard to find essential baby gear. However, if the bag is too small then you only can only carry a small amount of gear and that’s not useful for longer outings.

Waterproof Lining

Besides features a storage space that is large enough to keep everything you need in a diaper bag, you need to know the bag is also waterproof. Baby bottles often leak and spills inevitably happen, so there’s peace of mind knowing those accidents won’t ruin the whole bag.

Straps and Handle

It may sound unimportant but straps and handles affect the usability and comfort of your diaper bag. A strap that is too long, or a handle that is too short would make the bag uncomfortable and unwieldy.

This true for many diaper bags, not just a backpack diaper bag. Comfort is key when the diaper bag will be spending a lot of time by your side. Adjustable straps are important, especially if moms, dads and other caregivers will be using the bag.

Final Thoughts

Diaper bags are incredibly useful for parents because it helps you store any baby kit you need when you are away from your home. Most diaper bags feature multiple pockets and those are useful for keeping bottles, diapers wipes, clothes, and diapers organized, separate, and easy to access.

Most diaper bags come with an integrated changing pad, some even have a changing station, so you don’t have to find a bathroom to change your baby’s diaper. Diaper bags are also a solution for busy parents because it allows them to be hands-free when attached to your stroller.

Whether you elect to go for one diaper bag or choose a few to suit different occasions, always look for ones that suit your lifestyle, come from a trusted manufacturer, and have good reviews.