Graco Breaze Review (Super Light Click Connect Umbrella Stroller)

Graco Breaze Review (Super Light Click Connect Umbrella Stroller)

Graco Breaze Review (Super Click Connect Umbrella Stroller)

We can all agree that searching for a reliable umbrella stroller isn’t an easy feat. That fact can be attributed to the abundance of different models and brands available on the market.

It becomes a battle of numerous, different claims, as each promises the best value. Among the available choices, we’d advise that you take into account the Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller.

Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller

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Below, we wrote a great “graco breaze review”, determining its upsides and downsides. Also, we’ll take a closer look at the features that it offers. By the end of this review, you’ll be able to define whether or not this stroller is worth your cash.

Awesome Lightweight Design

Most people who’ve used this stroller highly recommend it for first-time parents, particularly due to its remarkable weight. It won’t be a burden to carry the unit, thanks to its light weight.

The frame has been designed to be extremely light. But, that doesn’t compromise on the stroller’s durability at all.

In fact, the Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller has been proven to exceed quality control measures. That assures you that you’ll get numerous years of service from this particular unit.

Decent-Sized Canopy

It’s among the most commendable features of the Breaze Click-Connect. Although the canopy isn’t very big, it’s decently sized. It offers exceptional protection against the harsh winds and hot sun.

Also, there’s a peekaboo window. You’ll thus be able to see your baby from above. Besides that, this feature provides sufficient ventilation. In turn, that will keep your baby comfortable, even during hot days.

5 Harness Enhanced Safety

Different strollers are designed differently. You’ll come across some models which are inferior when it comes to design, only to compensate the baby’s safety. But, the Breaze Click-Connect is an outstanding model. It neither falls short concerning safety nor design.

For example, the integration of front-wheel suspension helps improve security and stability. You’re guaranteed of a smooth ride, even when riding on bumpy surfaces

Super Easy to Fold

Among the most crucial factors worth consideration when seeking a good umbrella stroller is its ease of folding. The stroller shouldn’t just be good for the baby. But, it should also be convenient for you to use.

The Graco Breaze Click-Connect features a simple one-hand folding mechanism. As such, you’ll be able to fold the unit quickly and stow it in your car’s compartment. As a matter of fact, most users rate this stroller highly as an incredibly easy-to-use umbrella stroller.

An issue faced by virtually every parent is storage. A stroller isn’t a small thing which you can hide in some corner of your house. It’s like a mini-car that ought to be stored properly. The Graco Breaze is easily storage-able and transportable, credit to its unique folding mechanism.

Design for Recline and Relax

This stroller’s comfort comes from several angles; not just from its material. The Recline-and-Relax is a vital function which will enhance your child’s comfort. This model’s seat, to be concise, reclines way better when compared to most other strollers in the same category.

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  • It’s incredibly easy to carry and stow
  • You’ll find it quite effortless to maneuver with this stroller
  • You can wash the frame with warm water and household soap only
  • The multiple reclining seat positions are a bonus
  • The seat is extremely comfortable for your little one
  • The stroller will ride smoothly even on surfaces that are uneven
  • It offers abundant storage capacity
  • The 39-inch high handlebar is suitable for both short and tall parents


  • The footrest is seemingly very close to the stroller’s sea

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Q. Does this stroller’s seat recline flat?

Ans. While most umbrella strollers don’t recline fully, the Graco Breaze Click-Connect reclines flat. Your little one will nap comfortably in this stroller. The disadvantage is that you won’t be able to access the basket when the seat is fully reclined.

Q. From when can you carry a baby with the Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller?

Ans. You can use start using this stroller for your baby once you’re sure that they’ve got good head control. The seat lays down flat and becomes an excellent bassinet-type bed. But, you can still put in an insert and lay your one-month-old baby

Q. How’s this model different from the Verb Click-Connect Stroller?

Ans. The two strollers are much different. The Breaze version is an umbrella model. The fold mechanisms also differ. Additionally, the Breaze stroller is a lot lighter.

Q. Which car seats are compatible with this unit?

Ans. The Breaze Click-Connect Stroller will only work with Graco’s Click-Connect Car Seats. A different brand car seats are highly unlikely to click in properly.

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Final Words

The Click-Connect won’t just be comfortable for your child. But, it’ll also be extremely convenient for you. It’s an excellent option due to its lightweight nature. In turn, that allows for maximum portability.

In fact, the few concerns raised by users are pretty acceptable. Those issues are none when compared to the many advantages offered by this stroller.

Indeed, the Breaze Click-Connect is a feature-packed stroller which boasts a reasonable, yet affordable price tag. Right from your convenience to the baby’s comfort, this stroller will exceed your expectations. It’s undoubtedly worth every buck!