Graco Comfy Cruiser Review (Amazing Click Connect Travel System)

graco comfy cruiser review

Graco Comfy Cruiser Review (Amazing Click Connect Travel System)

The Graco Comfy Cruiser is built to keep your child happy throughout the day. If you need to constantly push your child around town, this model is one of the best options on the market due to its durability, stylish design, and full-featured construction.

Graco Comfy Cruiser Click Connect Travel System

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Extremely Comfortable

Especially if you will be using a stroller nearly every day, you need to invest in an extremely comfortable strolling model.

Having a comfortable stroller model will not only keep your child happy, but it will keep them safe from bruises and blisters.

This stroller is one of the most comfortable strollers on the market, and every aspect of its design is meant to keep your child content.

All Essentials Accounted for

When being a super parent, you will know that accessories are extremely important for a stroller. With this in mind, the Stroller comes with all the accessories it needs to provide a stellar experience. Not only does it feature cup holders, parent trays, and storage spaces, but the stroller even has side pockets.

With all of these features, you are sure to be prepared for any situation while pushing your child around town.

Simple to Fold and Store

After a long day of pushing your child around, all you want to do is forget the stroller exist and store it away. Thankfully, the stroller is both easy to fold and store.

Its one-hand folding feature makes it simple to make the product compact, even if you are busy doing something else. Once it is fully folded, this stroller should fit in most storage areas with ease.

Total Secure Design

Everything about the travel system is meant to keep your child secure and safe.

Firstly, it has a five-point harness that keeps your child close to the seat, and prevents them from bobbing up and down in the case that you go over bumps.

AdditionAdditionally, its wheels are made from a high-quality material that prevents the stroller from rolling away, and which helps absorb shocks.

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  • Since the stroller is compatible with all graco car seats and accessories, you can begin to invest in a whole range of useful child transportation products.
  • For those who get bored looking at the same color every day, the stroller features two stylish colors with its reversible design.
  • The travel system only weighs 26 pounds, which keeps it easy to maneuver.


  • Some users have reported this stroller coming with missing parts inside of the package.
  • The release of the Graco Comfy Cruiser  Travel System has been known to jam from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Q. When fully folded, does the Travel System lay completely flat?

Ans. Unfortunately, this travel stroller system lays more at a 20-degree angle than completely flat when folded.

Q. What is the packaging for the stroller like when shipped?

Ans. For your convenience, the Graco Comfy Cruiser Click Connect Travel System is shipped in one large box.

Q. Can the storage latch auto-lock on the travel system stroller?

Ans. Yes, the Travel System’s storage latch comes with an auto-lock.

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Final Words

Overall, any parent will be well-served by the stellar build of the Graco Comfy Cruiser System. Not only does it provide a ton of security to keep your child content and carefree, but it protects parents from fatigue with its comfortable, highly maneuverable design.

If you want a stroller that will last your family for more children in the future, the Stroller has the durability and timeless design that will do just that. Invest in one today if you are ready to start making getting on the go with your child a fun and relaxing experience.