Joovy Groove Review (Super Ultra Lightweight Travel Umbrella Stroller)

Joovy Groove Review (Super Ultra Lightweight Travel Umbrella Stroller)

Joovy Groove Review (Super Ultra Lightweight Travel Umbrella Stroller)

Have you ever wished you could condense all of your favorite stroller’s features into an umbrella stroller? I needed a lightweight stroller that would give me the best of my full-size strollers and spent lots of time researching – probably too much.

Joovy Groove Ultralight Lightweight Travel Umbrella Stroller

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The Joovy Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller is a great option. Assembling the stroller out of the box takes a matter of minutes.

Extremely Portable Umbrella Stroller

The Joovy Groove Ultralight Travel Umbrella Stroller is just that, weighing in at only 13.9 pounds – four pounds lighter than its predecessor. If you remove all of the accessories, it weighs only 12.5 pounds. 

The seat is supported by an aircraft aluminum frame, which is strong enough to support the weight of your child without compromising structure and safety.

The aluminum is light enough to sling over your shoulder and be ready to go. A strap makes the stroller even easier to carry, as it distributes the weight perpendicularly to your body. 

What I love is that Joovy read the online reviews and comments about the strap on the previous version, and responded by moving it to get the best carrying position.

Sun Safety for Babies

The Joovy Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller canopy stands out from so many others on the market. It’s got a large coverage area; when you extend the sun visor, it covers almost the entire seating area.

For inclement weather days, Joovy has created a rain cover specifically for the Groove Ultralight; it costs a little extra but offers complete protection from bad weather. The window on the top makes it easy to check on your little one.

Confirms Long Term Use

true umbrella stroller is best used for babies at least four to six months old. Because of the design and the deep seat recline that goes to 149 degrees, little ones as young as three months can find a supportive, comfortable seat.

The Joovy Groove Ultralight Lightweight Travel Umbrella Stroller grows with your child; there are two positions for the footrest,

And an unlimited number of recline options to accommodate your child’s size and comfort. The seat can hold a child up to 55 pounds.

Comfort for Parents and Kids

The stroller offers some very parent-friendly accessories that aren’t available on traditional umbrella strollers.

A zippered pocket is conveniently located on the back of the seat and holds keys, your phone, and other needs.

There’s a mesh beverage holder and a spacious and sturdy under-seat storage basket. The built-in suspension system and chunky wheels make pushing and maneuvering this stroller a breeze.

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  • Your little one will love the mesh storage baskets on the sides of the seats. They’re big enough to hold sippy cups, snacks, and small toys.
  • Since snacking is so easy, you’ll also appreciate the easy-to-clean fabric used to make the seat.
  • Joovy has fantastic, responsive customer service. They even made modifications to the stroller’s design based on Internet reviews of the product.


  • This isn’t the easiest stroller to fold and unfold. It would be nice if this stroller had a one-handed design to put set up and take down, especially for those times you can’t put your little one down.
  • The cupholder is really only useful for closed bottles when there’s not a great chance of spills.
  • The foot rest doesn’t stay in place when you fold the stroller. Every time you unfold it, you’ll have to push the foot rest back into place.

Overall, the stroller has some nice features that make up for the minor issues I pointed out:

  • It was an outstanding price – the quality of the stroller and the attention to detail made the Joovy Groove Ultralight stand out from others.
  • The padded hand rests are a nice touch, and they are the ideal placement to work well for all heights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Q. How easy is this stroller to control?

Ans. Like most strollers, the Joovy Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller is much easier when your child is lighter, and you’re on a flat surface than when you’ve got a larger child on an uneven or unpaved surface, but this is an excellent balance of the best of full-size and umbrella strollers.

Q. Can my newborn use the stroller?

Ans. The stroller doesn’t include an adapter for a car seat, and the minimum age is three months.

Q. Is this a good stroller for traveling?

Ans. The lightweight and compact fold design means it fits well in a car or trunk and is small enough to handle big crowds.

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Final Verdict

This stroller is so much more than an umbrella stroller. It offers the design, features and strength of a full-size stroller, and the compact, easy-to-carry benefits of a traditional umbrella stroller. It’s comparable to big-name brands and expensive designer strollers in the components used to make the stroller but is more practical for the price.